Top Ten Worst Tanks from World of Tanks

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1 AMX 38

This tier 3 tank is nothing useful! You will see tier 5 battles all the time, armor isn't useful and u will miss whole battle becuase your slow! Skip it on AMX 40 which I like but many people hate it, so probably will you.

2 ARL V39

Less potent than the Churchill Gun Carrier. Both are difficult to make use of, but the ARL has less to offer when it can be used.

Considered to be worst TD alongside Churchill GC

3 Churchill GC

In real life is the worst tank too!

Crap sold it used free xp to get at 7 much better tank

4 M3 Lee

The M3 lee is not bad people just complain about it not having a working turret

Many people say it is the worst tank in wot, in fact it isn't! Ots pretty decent though

5 Type 91

Gun is only good thing about it. Everything else is crap

Worst heavy ever

6 Medium III

Gun and mibility are only good thing this tank has. Otherwise its paper and sees tier 5.Also huge target for arties

7 Renault Otsu

A japanese copy of allready terrible FT, only good thing it has is gun depression. Otherwise it's a trash

8 Bob Semple Tank

Why is this listed this tank is not in the game

New Zealand only idea of a tank

yep it sucks [maybe fu#ks]

9 A-20

It's a tank made of paper and the gun is very weak

10 T28 Prototype

For tier 8 is 225/170 dmg/pen gun useless, low armor (typic for TDs), but is very very slow. For exping is veeery frustrating to do at the beginning.

After 12 rounds a 10% winrate

The Contenders
11 AMX 40
12 FV4202
13 Tiger(P)

Difficult to control and very slow beyond the slow tower

Expensive and run out of fuel

14 VK 36.01 H (stock)
15 Medium 1

Ugly,slow,paper.No good thing about it

16 Pz.1

Paper, terrible gun selection, not really good mobility

17 Chi-Ni
18 SAu 40

This tier 4 tank destroyer is the slow snail in France my battles have no kills and when I backwards that tank is a garden snail (but I liked it lol )

19 M56 Scorpion

1mm of armor is sure enough for even guns with lowest pen to do max danage on this tank even with HE

20 M4 Sherman

Now I agree with this if its stock, however, when you mount derp and everything top, it becomes killing machine of doom

21 Panther 8,8

Altough I have it for a year now I can't see it useful even against other tier 8 mediums. Its slow, gun is usseles against heavily armed tanks like IS 3 for example, and armor is only effective if angled at high angle

22 T-28

The Russian tier 4 medium tank that is a big target with no armour. It is my least liked tank in the game

23 ST. vz. 39

Czech t4 medium tank is truly painful to grind. Just use free exp. if the higher tier Czech tanks are worth it 4 u

24 Defender
25 Grant Tank
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