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1 He made fun of a disabled news reporter

And he calls it "fake news", even though he was CLEARLY seen mocking that man. This guy is a joke & a disgrace to America. Man, I miss Obama

I'm not big on Trump, but this list needs better reasons. - nintendofan126

This is NOT okay

2 He could start World War III
3 He wants to bang his daughter

He literally said that his daughter had a nice body! He really is a pedophile! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A pretty stupid and untrue accusation, probably made by some 13 year old whose balls just dropped, and is a raging hormone factory.

That is the worst case of incestuous pedophilia ever. - HeavyDonkeyKong

...Who thought of this..?

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4 He wants to ban Muslims from the US

No,he wants to control them, having a file of their life and a following of every movement they make. This is against the privacy law and is because of that worse than banning them. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. How would you feel if you are under government control because of your spiritual free choise? This crazy maniac is a racist, plain and simple! Just look how he don't like latino people either. After that it will be Asian people, black people etc... In other words, NAZI propaganda!

Muslims have a right to live in the US - Dragontree102

He should have DIED a long time ago! - Dragontree102

Not true, try reading what he said for a change.

5 His hair looks like a bird's nest

I understand that some of the things said about him aren't true, but his HAIR! Just think of a poster of all of the presidents and at the end is HIM! Ugh... - Miniman1676

Looks don't matter about a candidate. It's there policy's that matter. - nintendofan126

If we get to make fun of a candidate's looks, that is cool- now, about Hillary Clinton.

6 He fired the director of the FBI in the middle of an investigation
7 His Twitter is horrid

Name one president other than Trump that has written absurdly blatant and absolutely ridiculous stuff on social media. Carter? Clinton? Bush? Obama? Hmm... don't remember any of those four doing the same thing as Trump. Seriously, how am I supposed to take Trump seriously as a president of my fellow nation if he can't seriously keep himself from acting like a Caillou and bash on everyone that criticizes him 24/7 all day and every day? How am I as an American citizen supposed to be fond of his speeches when I can't even be fond of what he says on social media? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And worst of all is that he concider his social media tweets as the real thing. Whatever he is tweeting it's the real news, the rest is fake news. And all stupid Americans and those with an average IQ ( the majority that voted for him ) believes him.

8 He thinks he has the solution to every problem

Biggest one for me and my family - Stazemar000

So does every politician, just ask them.
Usually their solutions involve increasing taxes, and taking money from people who earned it, and giving it to people who didn't.

9 He thinks China invented global warming

It's kinda true. But never trust the guy with the weird hair.

10 He's a hypocrite

Why did they even let him become president?! He's just too much for me and I feel bad - Stazemar000

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11 Trumpcare

Hey, Obama haters! Didn't like Obamacare? Well, get ready for something even worse! Trumpcare! AKA, the even worsened healthcare system that's even more flawed than Obamacare and more detrimental to people who need healthcare the most! Thank you all so much for endangering the lives of our American citizens by voting for this careless prick! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 He's worse than Obama
13 He is a pedophile

Pretty strong charge. Do you even know what the word means? If so, have you any evidence?

Didn't he say he would want to marry his daughter is they weren't related. That seems like a pedophile to me. - NicholasYellow

14 He went bankrupt 4 times

If this is true, just shows how determined he is to make things work out time and time again. - icthruu

Not him, his company did. - SamuiNeko

I wonder when he will be announcing that America is bankrupt?

15 He wants to build a wall

Oh, god. I know Trump wants to build a wall around Mexico, because he's trying to keep the illegal ones out, but come on - Stazemar000

16 He signed a bill undoing Obama's bill promising to keep waterways safe
17 He threatened to pull emergency services out of Puerto Rico

He is truly heartless. - railfan99

18 He's racist

Hate the racist jerk he swears and he is all ways making fun of people he's a B I T C H

19 He is a bigot

So true in my opinion - Stazemar000

20 He doesn't know anything about politics
21 His foot size is bigger than his IQ

He has actually a high IQ. The thing is that he uses his intelligence to manipulate, to corrupt etc... A criminal IQ.


22 He tried to ban Muslims
23 His plan for guarding the wall
24 We can't impeach him
25 He hired Ajit Pai as FCC chairman
26 He endorsed PETA and the Westboro Baptist Church
27 He hates Mexicans He hates Mexicans

When are people going to stop saying Trump hates Mexicans? He doesn't! He only hates the illegals. If you want to immigrate to a country you have to do it legally. The same rules apply to other countries other than the USA.

I have a friend who speaks Spanish and is part of the Mexican culture. Trump needs to DIE DIE DIE! - Stazemar000

28 He wants to cut Amtrak’s funding

If that happened, 220 cities would lose Amtrak train service, thanks to the worst president ever. - railfan99

29 He has funny hair

If he had better hair than there would be less reasons why people hate him - FerrariDude64

30 He is fat

This is very true, so he and all other fat people should be forcibly starved until they are the approved weight for their height.

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31 He is stupid
32 He's cocky
33 He gave trillions of dollars in tax revenue to the rich
34 He called other countries “s***hole countries”

This man has no sense of human decency towards other countries internationally and I'm still appalled as to how people still think Trump isn't a racist. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

35 He supported the repeal of Net Neutrality
36 He cut funding for historically black colleges
37 He cut funding for childhood cancer research
38 He is a dumb blonde
39 He is ugly
40 His idea of import tariff

Import tariff is one of the fastest way to crash an economy. - SamuiNeko

41 Endorsement from David Duke and the KKK
42 All girls hate him
43 He speaks his mind

But most of the time its not good stuff

44 He is sexist
45 He's greedy
46 He can't take criticism
47 He can't take on the world's problems
48 He's a bully

I absolutely hate/despise Trump. He's nothing, but a troublemaker. He's greedy, sexist, racist, etc.

He disrespects poor innocent people for stupid reasons and he thinks that he has the solution to every problem... NOT REALLY!

Next, he bans Muslims from entering the US. What the heck is wrong with this guy?!

He builds a wall to keep Mexican people from entering the US! I feel bad for those poor people. Trump is the worst president ever! I HATE him! - Stazemar000

I have a friend at my high school, so I asked her if she liked Trump, but her answer was "Hell, no! "

When I asked why, she said that Trump is nothing, but a bully to everyone. He disrespects Muslims, Mexicans, etc.

My Dad HATES Trump with a passion! In fact, my whole entire family hates him. He also makes fun of disabled people, which made me want to give him the middle finger 🖕

49 He disrespect poor people
50 He said that vaccines cause Autism
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1. He fired the director of the FBI in the middle of an investigation
2. He could start World War III
3. Trumpcare
1. He could start World War III
2. His Twitter is horrid
3. He wants to build a wall
1. He is a bigot
2. He is sexist
3. He's racist

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