Top Ten Worst Things About Kidz Bop

We all know that Kidz Bop gets on our nerves, so I created this Top 10 worst things about Kidz Bop.
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1 They ruin perfectly good songs

I think the UK version will be a Kidz Flop sure they did some summer tour CBBC Summer Social with other famous groups. Their last album was Kidz Bop Summer '18 23/3/2018. It also came out unexpectedly in UK. | don't know how old Ashton, Max, Twinkle and Lois (UK Kidz Bop) kids are but I think soon it will be goodbye Kidz Bop UK.

They sung "All about that bass". I don't think they ruin good songs, they make bad songs even worse, take out the profanity, and try to pass it off.

They take all of the good song and bring in some stupid little kids to make their own remixes just to destroy what was just perfectly good!

What if when Now 100 comes out and what if Now stops making albums and then stuck with Kidz Bop.

2 Their voices are totally awful

Honestly it's all auto tune.

3 They can't write their own songs

I think Kidz Bop is copying other musical artists songs and I have no clue why they can't write their own songs if they were stealing good songs and ruin them and then going to jail.

4 The lyric changes

They cleaned up "fire a gun" from lean on, "skin was showing" from call me maybe, and "I could have another(I guess they were scared that it might suggest drinking alchohol)" from honey I'm good. I can't believe they actually think kids aren't mature enough to hear that stuff

It's so stupid, they ruin EVERY SINGLE LYRIC from all of their edited songs. Plus, these edits aren't even necessary to the songs. They change things such as "midnight" to "late night". FYI, midnight is basically late night.

This should be number one! They ruined Starships and Timber!

I don't understand why they change lyrics that aren't innapropiate.

5 Their commercials come on constantly
6 The Kidz Bop Kids are not in school

Who cares, Baby Boomers and Gen X's say everyone born after them are going to be useless and will destroy the planet.

One did go back to school on Good Morning Britain they said Lois Ellington went back to school.

Tell that to any child who is making an album.

Brats can even pick up a book for once.

7 The Kids on Kidz Bop are spoiled brats

Disney Channel literally runs Kidz Bop. They just take perfectly good songs and make their own corny remixes. They also go on tours nobody even buy tickets to attend.

I'd have to agree with this one.

8 Their managers can't write songs for them
9 Their fans are just little kids

Their fans are kids whose parents are likely really religious and think that kids singing songs is automatically appropriate

10 Kids get on there to become famous
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11 They go on tours
12 They are untalented

They are not good, they sang old town road and it was awful, I listen to the regular one and I am 12! First, booty is not a bad word, they have one, you have one, I have one. Second, Bladder isn't bad either, I don't know why people think that bladder and booty is a bad word. they are not good at all. untalented, not good at all, they are for 3 to 5 year olds. I have no idea why there are so popular

13 They're a band for babies

My 9 year old cousin is a kidz bop FAN and I would say that I hate kidz bop but I never wanted to hurt her feelings.

14 They change lyrics even if they are clean

Gangam Style "Hey Hey Lady"

"Story Of My Life" by One Direction
Original lyric: "She told me in the morning/She don't feel the same about us in her bones." Kidz Bop lyric: "She told me in the hallway/She don't feel the same about us in her bones."

John Legend's All of Me

Original Lyrics: "Love your curves and all your edges/ all your perfect imperfections"

Edited Lyrics: "Love your words and all your edges/ all your perfect imperfections"

15 They sang "Thrift Shop"

YES and they ruined it it was an awesome song but kidz bop once again ruined it

16 They sing songs that are not supposed to be for kids

Say that to the UK 80s kids show and albums called Mini Pops children of any age dressing as singers in adult clothing and singing songs that are inappropriate. They where one of the most inappropriate kids things back then.

True. They sang "Love me Harder" by Ariana Grande which is a song about sex. Just because she used to be on a kid's show doesn't mean all of her songs are appropriate for children.

They even take ones that are not innapropiate at all and made a kids versions of it!

17 They use Autotune every time

YEEES! They actually sound pretty good- because it's more autotune and digital singing than actual singing.. and they're still no comparison to their victims: the Beatles!

18 They change songs that are perfectly okay
19 They have no life

You mean youngsters who just want to have a little bit of fame, I have no idea why the people who made Kidz Bop wanted to make child friendly songs, if they wanted to do that then they should've sang theme songs from children's cartoons, nursery rhymes.

20 They cover songs without permission

I heard Billie Joe Armstrong sued them twice for covering Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake me Up When September Ends.

21 They sing Beatles songs

They sang everything except for Yellow Submarine...If the guys who own Kidz Bop would get them to sing Beatles songs that should be the first song, it's a kids song even the movie is kinda like a kids film.

22 They sing songs they don't know the meaning of

I agree w this one. They may not know what it's actually about, but sing it anyway

23 They are protected by teenage girls
24 They put Kidz Bop in the lyrics if the lyric is inappropriate
25 They censor the word "girl"
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