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21 They Didn't Even Want to Be a Band, They Just Got Lucky

What do you mean they'll never be famous again? They're already famous they can't get famous again because they already are

They definitely never planned to be a band, but they wanted to be a SINGER. They got their dreams. But if you're saying that they got it by being lucky, then you PARTLY correct. They had the courage to go through the auditions. The made it through all those rounds in the X factor. You really think that they just HAPPENED to be number one on the top chart?

How'd they manage to win over Simon "I'm barely impressed by anything and like to be snarky" Cowell? That guy seriously is hard to impress.

This is very true.

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22 They Are an Embarrassment to Good British Bands

Famous British bands, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, One Direction... Wait... One Direction?! What?!

Totally agree. Most British bands are actually goodd but one direction just ruins British musicians image.

They are an affront to one of the loudest and proudest nations in the modern era

They became even bigger then them. Those groups are all in the past.

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23 Zayn Does Drugs

(I'm not a directioner by the way) I'm going to make a point most famous people do drugs. I love the Beatles and I don't really mind that John Lennon did drugs I also like Panic! At the disco they did drugs. Okay so it's a bad influence but I don't think any one I wouldn't smoke of do drugs just because a band member did it or in this cause 'forced together boy group' - hkred100

No, he does not! Get your facts right!

Yes he does, and there's a video of him smoking marijuana. This IS a fact, and you can't accept that your hero does such a thing.

That is so inaccurate. He only used to smoke cigarettes but he stopped because of the fans

There's a video of him smoking marijuana, to be honest it's hilarious, I love the fact that they would record a video like that

I'm not a Directioner but let me just say this.

Yes, he did, but he stopped for his fans. This showed he cares about them, and I think that's very kind and considerate of him. He should at least be appreciated for that, becuase most people wouldn't really do that. I'm not a Directioner and I don't like 1D, but I think this needed to be said.

And also, he's old and mature enough. Even John Lennon did drugs, and he's from The Beatles, one of the best bands in my opinion. - TwilightKitsune

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24 They Know Nothing About Music

Sadly 1D put little thought into harmony and melody. Some of the songs they write could actually be half decent if they paid a little attention to musical detail...for example, they explore little beyond major triads, they use boring bass riffs, and they really don't know how to use heiola!

I hate them but would like to point out that some points are wrong, they clearly know about music as they are famous for it.

Yeah and you know all about music do you?

They're a daft band!

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25 They Insult All Gays

Since when did they ever do that?

Since when did they do that or say that! Please stop writing these senseless reasons! Don't think that if you write rubbish people would agree with you because your not worth it! And stop insulting other bands.. ( I mean 1D)

They never do that... They respect everyone. you don't even know them

How self-deprecating of themselves!

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26 Larry Stylinson

Just another example of how disturbed directioners are. I've given up on Wattpad because of Larry Stylinson fanfics. - samee

This is why I don't ship. Apparently shipping is such a thing that voicing your opinion will be met with controversy. TheTopTens should make a shipping category ( not! ) - MusicalPony

I like One Direction but I hate it when larry shippers goes over the top about "larry stylinson" bull and they know its not true. but why hate One Direction?

Because apparently they're "famous for their looks", "have no talents" and are just stupid dogs. It makes me laugh at how low people are willing to go to make themselves feel better about people who could actually reach their dreams. - DinoIsBlue

This is about the fans not the band don't blame them for something they can't control.

What do u mean u silly bitch or dog can't 2 friend be having one name is it wrong

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27 Directioners Hate Taylor Swift

Hello? Taylor wasn't even referring to Harry... Get your facts right. The song, I knew you were trouble came out BEFORE they even dated. And directioners think that "harry dated taylor so she's stealing my boy away, lets hate on her! ' What kind of thinking is that?! And I'm actually ok with 1D, its REALLY the fans. They piss me off so much. Some people just say ONE thing that they hate about 1D and all the fans start cursing, using vulgarities, like what?! Its worse than Beliebers. Now Taylor gets so much hate just because she dated Harry. So do all of you directioners want the boys to be single for the rest of their lives?! If you go hating on EVERY SINGLE girlfriend they have, they are going to be single. I'm sure of it.

I don't get why you can't like Taylor swift and one direction their both good singers in my opinion just saying - natalijah123

Just for some silly reason Harry broke up with her and now the whole band hates her. What has she done to the others for them to hate her?

Excuse me? Who gave you that genius of an idea I would love to know cause the band doesn't hate her you ass! - Icyblossom

... Uh Kayne does that that's who

Do you expect harry to stay with taylor if he's not interested? do you want harry to live the rest of his life with someone that isn't right for him? I agree with the fact that my fellow directioners are way over the top with the hate, but seriously. if taylor's not the one for him, it was better that they broke up. but to be relevant, all I'm saying is the band doesn't hate taylor. harry even acknowledged her and her talent with writing songs AFTER tjey broke up.

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28 They Try Too Hard to Be "Funny"

I mean, have you seen their video diaries? One if my friends who is a Directioner showed me one and went "See, this is how the boys really are. Just a bunch if goofballs! " But all they did was do really weird unfunny things like pour a bunch of sugar in a hat an wear it. They really try too hard with almost everything they do.

Did it ever cross your mind that they do that so that other people who hate on them, like them.

They were just doing fun things and hanging out while being filmeD. And what they did actually did make me laugh.

They don't try. They're dead inside.

They are at least being original not like you

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29 Best Song Ever ripped off Baba O'Riley

I Know! The opening is literally the exact same.

One Direction just made it better stop being such haters.

30 They Haven't Split Up Yet

Theyve signed another contract to be together until 2016:/ kill me now

They are not staying together for the fans, they just want the money.

There are people saying how they are practically swimming in money... Why the hell would they need more? To pay for there great-great-granddaughter's college fund? They have enough money for them to live the rest of their lives without money problems, not to mention their kids will probably spend half their life using the money 1D made. And why wouldn't they stay for the very people who gave them the life they have now? I mean it's not like they have a legitimate reason to stay. Zayn is even engaged! He could go, get married, and leave the band, but he hasn't. What does that tell you?

So terrible of them to have a sense of loyalty!

They look homeless. I wonder where all the money goes. Charity maybe?

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31 Directioners Keep Saying That We're Just Jealous of Them Even When We're Not

I agree... Haters are most upset and angry how little they did to get to the place they are in. We worship stuff like Maroon 5, Cold play, Elton John, and even Beatles because they WORK and write. - okcnaline

I dare you to go to X Factor, do those little things that they are doing and get more famous than One Direction... Hope you would be able to at least enter the place where the next audition will be held

We hate music artists not because we're jealous. Especially because a "music artist" gets a lot of girls. We don't give a flying foxhole about that. We hate them because they don't have talent, or they judge because of looks and not the talent and the music, which is why they have their career in the first place. And we have gathered reasons to hate One Direction in which the directioners can't even have valid justifications of at least 30% of the reasons stated.

YES YES EXACTLY! Directioners, there's people who hate EVERY band. You're basically saying that ANYONE who hates 1D is jealous. So let me get this straight... Hate=jealous?
No. You're basically saying that if we hate fish then we're jealous of it. But no, if we hate it it does NOT mean we are jealous. You don't control our opinions. We can hate whatever we want and you have no say in it.

That's something that gets you mad? Dude, every fandom says the exact same, not just fandoms. You hate on them because they're successful... that's kinda it. How else can you hate them? They're good people at heart.

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32 They Stole the Lucker Stomp and Called It the Style Stomp

Mitch Lucker is my idol and I do not appreciate a stupid twat trying to copy him. ONE DIRECTION HAS LESS TALENT THAN A BRICK!

Very true a brick can be used for many things. All 1d can do is break mirrors

What! That's Mitch's thing. Mitch is one of the biggest inspirations I know. I like 1D but I Love Mitch please don't take what belongs to Mitch

I agree that's pretty disrespectful. The title 'Lucker Stomp' sounds better than the 'Style Stomp'.

One direction should go to prison for stealing the lucker stomp in the first place

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33 They Referred to Pokemon As "Pets" In an Advert of Black and White

They ruined Pokemon for me. I literally haven't touched that game since they sponsored Pokemon.

Pets? PETS?!?! HOW DARE YOU, 1D!

Who is so ignorant that they call Pokemon PETS. My friend would flip out if he finds out about this.. - MusicalPony

Like seriously? Pets? Thanks for ruining my entire Pokemon journey>:(

Are you people for real now? if you hate them so much, how would you even know they said that? you hate them because of their different use of words.

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34 Their Fans Made Fun of Mitch Lucker's Death

Mitch was a legend. Harry Styles can NOT steal the Lucker Stomp. HAHA, no. They are a bunch of cute guys hopping around, singing on a stage, making little girls fantasize about them. Mitch Lucker saved lives, him and his band volunteered for Toys for Tots, (not sure if that's the actual organization. It was to help underprivileged children) and he made songs from the heart. He died with not even a fully matured child who has to grow up and be raised without her actual father. And directioners have the NERVE to copy what he is known for, and make fun of him?!

Mitch was an extremely talented guy and they made fun of the fact that he was killed in a car crash. Then they stole the Lucker Stomp and that's disgusting.

Rip Mitch Lucker... Directioners are very immature...
They even mocked his family and told his 5 year old daughter to die... I don't hate One D... But the fans obligate me to

Listen, the real fans are not like that. It's just the fact fans okay?

Rip Mitch... 1D fans (few) made me stop believing in humanity a bit more now. How could they even ask his poor daughter who misses her father so badly to kill herself?

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35 They Can't Dance

So what a lot if people can't dance

Justin Bieber can. Is he a good singer? Hell no! Kidz Bop is required to know how to dance. Are they good singers? Hell no! Are the cast of dancing with the Stars ALWAYS great singers? Hell no! Big Time Rush! They can dance, are they good singers? Hell no! Ross Lynch can dance. Is he the best singer ever? Hell no!
Point proven.

Not a lot of people can dance. you shouldn't look at a boyband and immediately think that they're SUPPOSED to know how to dance. they themselves know that they can't dance. they dance for the sake of the fans' entertainment, because they know the fans find them quite dorky and the fans end up laughing at them. what's wrong with that? Jesus.

Nothing is wrong about it. Not all people are good at dancing and the boys accepted it. This makes them honest and unique.

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36 All Their Songs Are About Girls

What? Do you want them to be about boys? I don't think so...

I think I'm gonna retch if I hear more of this soppy, unrealistic fairy-tale love to girls niff-naff. People need to understand that a real relationship is nothing like the ones you hear in their songs or in Hollywood movies. Why listen to that fake stuff when there's plenty of more relevant stuff to sing about that a lot of us can actually relate to? Like inspiration, day-to-day struggles in life, politics, war, values and beliefs, bereavement... so many other things to sing about.

Listen to Clouds, Act my Age, Midnight Memories, Don't Forget Where You Belong, Up All Night... Etc. Not all about girls

All their songs are made so girls think it's about them and feel good about themselves... Well guess what! They're not about you, they didn't even write the songs and probably don't care about the fans anyway!

What do you want them to be about? About shoes!? About shampoo bye

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37 Stupid Girls Are Fans

Stupid girls are fans? Really? I was reading at a 12th grade level before I was in middle school. In 6th grade I was taking Algebra 1. I go to the high school every week to go to an advanced science program. I also go to a gifted and talented program called 'Encore' every week. At the end of last year I had the highest state testing scores in my grade. Also, by the end of the eighth grade I will have at least 2 high school credits. So, are you still sure that Directioners are stupid girls?

Are you sure because I am a one direction fan and I am a straight A honor roll 4.0 average girl so speak for yourself not every girl who intends to like and favor this band is stupid speak for yourself! - blondegirl123

Very offensive and mean, whoever wrote this. I am a fan, and on honor roll, and my reading scores are better than the average 9th grader. I am in seventh grade, by the way. This is just wrong.

9th grade level? I'm the farthest thing from a one direction fan and I'm reading at a college level, and I'm in seventh grade, it's not THAT special

You think I'm stupid and I'm not this so offensive. Well I get all A+ in math and language arts I have an a+. what I'm not dumb. whoever put this on here is mean.

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38 They Copy Other Songs

They stole the Who's "Baba O'riley", the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I go", the Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way", Grease's "Summer Lovin'", and definitely Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me".

For the information they only use ideas or some lyrics from songs not the whole song what about story of my life, the best song ever, and what makes you beautiful. All original songs not manufactured by other bands world wide trying to make a point read this over then decide good or bad? - blondegirl123

They stole Blondie's song "One Way or Another"

The Beats from "Best Song Ever" were stolen from the 1970's song Baba O'riley by The Who. I just realized it ever since I started listening to them at 2015

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39 They Have Too Much Luck

They have no talent but yet are living the good life. They're careers are simply based on luck.

Well to have luck you need talent!

Yeah some people have good luck is that bad? - blondegirl123

Isn't that a shame

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40 All of Their Songs Sound the Same

Yeah best song ever and little things is so alike (sarcasm)

Not necessarily the same, just the feel that gets to me.

I always think that when I heard their songs

That is the biggest lie I have ever heard

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