They Can't Write Their Own Songs


This argument is very outdated. When the band was first starting up, their management would hire professionals like Ed Sheeran to write most of their music. Throughout the majority of the band, they have written on most of their songs. Also, the song lyrics used as examples in comments are lyrics from singles that were written long ago. The one direction songs that are not overly played actually have some more meaningful lyrics. Using the song "kiss you" as an example doesn't show the band's full potential, since the song is only from their second album, and it is a single that was written most likely to become something popular that would be played on the radio and enjoyed by people that aren't fans of their music.

For those of you saying anyone can write a song, you're totally correct.

Anyone can be a Harry Styles or a Louis Tomlinson writing: "Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away. Couple billion in the whole wide world. Find another one because she belongs to me."

But almost no one can be a Rodger Waters writing:

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Running over the same old ground, what have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here."

Very few people can be a Paul Simon writing:

"And the sign flashed out its warning, in the words that it was forming. And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls. And whispered in the sound of silence."

But anyone can be a Liam Payne writing:

"Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drool out their chinny-chin-chins" (real one direction lyrics)

See the difference?

This is NOT true. All four of them are dedicated songwriters who have been writing their own music since 2013. They are completely in control of their music, meaning they make decisions and don't rely on others to craft them into the band they are today. Their producers help them write the songs, but through the years they've gotten more and more independent with their writing skills, and now all of them write lyrics, melodies and guitar chords. The band DOES write, so say what you want about them, but you can't say they don't write their music, because they do.

They do write their own songs now. Their Managment would hire people to write most of their songs back then. It's quite obviously their music genre has changed over the years so that's how you know they've started writing it themselves. And obviously it's gotten them quite far because they're playing to over tens of thousands of people at each concert. I just went to one recently and everyone was more focused on the music, dancing and having a good time. I spotted a lot parents joining in to dance and sing.

They can write their own songs you idiots, admittedly during the recording of their first album they were so new to the whole process that they had little involvement in the writing aspect of their album, however it's progressively improved to the point where Liam and Louis write almost the entire albums. Do your research before making snarky offhand comments...

Actually, they wrote most if their songs! Get your facts right!

Actually, you guys don't know half of the facts, so you make them up on your own and hate on one direction. Fyi, One direction DO write their own songs. If you go on a wikipedia, or even search it up, all the songs in their new album Midnight Memories are written by them. In fact, they are writing songs now for their next album. It's a shame that they are doing all this, and still people mis understand them just because of some stupid rumor.

As much as I detest 1D, having someone else write songs does not mean you are not worth of merit. I mean look as Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Cher, even Beyonce. They are all phenomenal pop stars (well Elvis is rock but the rest, this applies) that make their mark around the world and they are all legends (even if they are not songwriters)! So please consider it.

In my opinion, songwriting is irrelevant. Anyone can write words to a song, not like it's some sort of special talent that is required.

In the past they didn't write their songs because they were inexperienced to the music industry. But now the boys write their own songs, so its immensely important to see their growth as artists. If you are only judging them on their first two or three albums, then you are totally right: they sound cheesy af. But as 1D become more mature, they don't need people to write for them and they can finally create their own style.

I have seen proof of the boys sitting down and working hard to make a song. They truly care about writing good ones so their fans are happy. Yoh can't change the facts, sorry haters.

They wrote most of their songs on Midnight Memories and Harry wrote a song for Ariana Grande's album

One direction actually do write their own songs... Liam and Louis wrote nearly all the third album

On FOUR about 90% of the songs were written by one (or all) of them.

Its remarkable as to how you guys can see the real faces that those bunch of teenage goofers hide. I mean, the real fact is that if there weren't so many annoying Directioners who need self checks, then we wouldn't hate them so much. okay, pick out each one individually and see if they got what it takes to have such a beautiful career... Do you think they will be up for it? Personally, their music isn't great and the fan base is what gets the whole world round the bed. GET A LIFE ALREADY!

Offense, but those guys are morons, they don't write their own songs, I mean their band name is one direction but they steal from every direction

GREAT job 0.8 Direction. Let ed sheeran do your homework for you guys because you guys can't write memorable songs (well their songs are memorable but that's because they're really really bad) to save your life

All I have to say is FALSE look at their album four and made in the am they write their own songs so get you're facts

They have written their own songs but they just needed a kick start so a few great artists gave them some tips wrote them a couple of songs and they started writing their own music - Luvcheer

Actually, they write MOST of their songs. The rest were either given to them or covers.

Okay we're not taking into account that maybe they write part of their songs, but not the whole songs themselves. Co writing could mean only writing one line for all we know. They've never really written a song on their own, or about any personal experiences. All their songs seem so shallow, and never seem realistic. Just a way to get a bunch of tween girls to drop their panties.

These guys need to learn a thing or two from Westlife. During their 14 year career they wrote a lot of their songs, and that's what brought them to the top.

This is actually not correct. They boys wrote Story Of My Life together, Louis and Liam write most their work now, and Niall and Harry have contributed. If u don't call this writing your own music I don't know WHAT is. Also, let's see YOU write your own songs, and sing them.

Surely if their easily led fans love them because of the music, shouldn't they be fans of the actual songwriters instead of these 5 nobodies?

They wrote almost half of their songs idiot

Hey they did write spot of songs sure some they didn't write but they pick the ones that sound more like them