They've Been Compared to the Beatles


No band will ever be as good as the Beatles. The Beatles left behind a legacy. Even these idiot directioners know how Yellow Submarine goes or Hey Jude. By the time they are adults they will say hey remember 1D and the other person will say yeah and leave it at that. No one in the future is going to know the "Best" song ever. Walking across Abbey Road is a huge NO and they should be banned from anyplace forever for even stepping on it. Even other great performers like Ozzy Osbourne have said no one will ever be as good as the Beatles and they are the best brand ever. Dave Grohl talked about his inspiration from the Beatles all the time

I was about to vote for "Directioners" (the worst fan base EVER), but then I saw THIS!

, seriously, how can ENYBODY EVER be compared to the Beatles, not even the Rollingstones can. Nobody can! I think that we (the Beatles fans) shouldn't be even talking about this with these "directioners" or "erectioners" or however the are called.


Like if you agree

The Beatles worked their way to the top to become recognized, while One direction relied on some crappy reality show. The Beatles wrote all their own songs, amazing songs, still popular after 40+ years. While One Direction get their songs written for them. The Beatles played their own instruments. So comparing one direction to the Beatles is completely mindless. I see one direction as 5 teenagers with the most vocally un-unique and un-special voices singing to a backing track 'song' and all their songs are so immature and are about getting a girl, not much variation. The Beatles have and will stand the test of time... I give it 5 years for one direction.

I always hear people saying One direction is the new Beatles even though they have no talent and The Beatles did. Paul McCartney played more instruments then any of the members of One Direction like Bass, Guitar, Piano and more. That's just one of The Beatles and The Beatles wrote their own songs and they were great like Yesterday, Here comes the sun, In my life and many many more

Seriously, comparing them to the Beatles! Yah they have a lot of fans but most one direction fans are 9 year olds.. The Beatles changed the face of British music and will be remembered in years to come. One direction are just another boy band that don't even wright there songs.

There is some truth to those comparisons though. Their appeal is very similar. When the Beatles first became popular they mostly appealed to teenage girls. They wrote songs that were meant to attract teenage girls. One Direction does the same thing. So in terms of popularity they are similar. However the Beatles wrote their own songs, played their own instruments, and were considerably more talented than 1D. They also went on to make more complex and interesting music, most of which is considered to be the greatest music of all time. Chances are One Direction will not do that. But the comparisons do make sense when you look at it in terms of popularity.

The Beatles are sexy to us, because of their sheer musical genius. And not the other way around. They experimented with their lyrics, their music and ahem... Quite a line of other substances. But this is what gave you songs like 'Norwegian Wood'. On the other hand, you have One Direction, who smoke pot- and end up with lyrics like 'Midnight Memories'... They're in over their heads. The music always inspired the Beatles.

Honestly, The Beatles are awesome, and they have produced the best and the most fun records. They're also unique. One Direction, on the other hand, sings mindless pop with no meaning, that can all be easily compared to one another. Mindless pop is good sometimes, but comparing One Direction with The Beatles is just wrong. It's wrong. One Direction is NEVER going to like the Beatles. EVER. Not even close.

Mentioning a bunch of nobodies who need others to write songs and play instruments for them to the most influential and gifted songwriters of all time is quite frankly a disgusting insult to John, Paul, George and even Ringo. An an insult to musical talent itself.

You're kidding... Did this really happen? Whoever said this should be forced to listen to one direction for the rest of their lives and never be allowed to listen to good music again!...

It really pisses me off when they are compared to the Beatles. The Beatles were original, one direction are just garbage, nothing like the Beatles who will always be legends.

The Beatles write there own music play the instruments and started there own thing "1 direction' will never compare it's embarrassing and stupid. the Beatles were better looking a and had a bigger fan base to where there not all idiots who don't know the first thing about good music

If The Rolling Stones couldn't even be more popular than the Beatles, what makes you think they stand a chance?

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones will never have equals. Some came halfway there, but I am glad that the young girls of today have a slight taste of what my generations girls got to OD on.

That is almost sacrilegious! The Beatles are music gods, and one direction doesn't even write their own music!

Comparing One Direction to the Beatles is like comparing a person from North Korea to Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein Combined.

I love the Beatles, me I'm not saying 1D sucks, its just WAY TOO OVERRATED, they only have the looks, if that's the case,1D vs THE Beatles, if I had to rate 1D's chance of ever beating the Beatles, heres my answer "guess what, you aren't even close" NOTHING BEATS THE Beatles, THESE GUYS MADE HISTORY.

The difference is one direction will not stand the test of time like the legendary Beatles. one direction would not even come close to the Beatles no matter how hard they try!

They don't belong in the same sentence together...

One direction is ONE DIRECTION. They think they can overcome the Beatles by following their actions. This makes me so angry! The Beatles WILL always be the best!

Saying you're bigger than the Beatles is just as bad as saying your bigger than jesus

The Beatles are classics! You can't compare a MODERN teenage boy band that makes corny songs with the Beatles! I said modern because teenage boy bands are so bad these days. How can you compare a band that's been called "4 Justin Biebers with the Beatles?

They're never going to be the Beatles. The Beatles are still being listened to today - 50 years later, and I can bet you that in 4 years time, nobody will remember one direction

The Beatles could beat them queen could beat them journey could beat them everyone from the past gen could beat them the only band today that is better than them is Coldplay because today's music is like them stupid (except Coldplay)

That is like saying twilight is better than harry potter (of course twilight is not better than harry potter, harry potter is the best).