Movie Review - Fifty Shades Darker

MegaSoulhero I know this movie came out a few months ago, but I didn't feel like it was worth reviewing. But after reviewing the Emoji Movie, I think I need to explain why that movie is NOT the worst movie of 2017 and why Fifty Shades Darker is.

At the end of the first movie, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are no longer dating, and then in this movie, Christian asks her to come back to him, and she just agrees. Yeah, she's an idiot. And the whole movie is them dating. And I watched it all happen. And it was awful! Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the worst movies ever made, and Fifty Shades Darker is just as bad! It's pretty much the exact same movie! I thought they would at least attempt to make a better movie, but they didn't even try! Once again, I don't care about the two main characters! Why should we care if they're dating! And the fact that we have to watch them the entire time is just torture! The entire movie is torture! There is very little story in here! As I was watching it and it got to the one hour mark, I was thinking to myself "When is something going to happen?" Basically, not much was happening! It's a two hour movie and it's just boring! Just like the first movie, the sex scenes are completely terrible! The sex scenes are pretty much the main thing people care about in these movies, but these movies manage to ruin them! They try so hard to be sexy when they're not! They even play unnecessary songs that just make the scenes even worse! I still really hate the character of Anastasia! Why would she take Christian back after the events of the previous movie? And she pretty much just does whatever he says. This kind of makes me glad I'm not girl. I wouldn't want to be pushed around all the time.

Throughout the majority of the film, I was begging for it to be over! But it kept going on and on! There were even a ton of filler moments that served absolutely no purpose! There's this long scene where they're playing pool! That goes nowhere! And then they start having sex on the pool table! I facepalmed at that part! There's also this scene in which Christian flies in a helicopter which then crashes. They talk about it on the news and Ana is worried about her boyfriend, and then Christian comes in telling them that he's okay! This literally does nothing for the movie! And it's never brought up again! They also try to make this seem emotional, but the acting is so bad that it's hard to take the characters seriously! Ana was freaking out about one of the characters trying to touch her, and her reaction was just so unbelievable! The dialogue is atrocious! I know some of the lines were taken from the books, but I've never read any of the books and probably never will. There was one line in the movie that is said after the first sex scene that I really thought was stupid! I can't say it here, but it was such a stupid line! I honestly don't know who would enjoy a movie like this. There is just nothing entertaining about it! The sex scenes are boring, the overall plot is boring, the entire movie is boring!

Fifty Shades Darker is the worst movie of the year! No contest! Don't even try to say that the Emoji Movie is worse! The Emoji Movie was more of a movie than this! This was just a two hour pornographic music video with scenes that don't make sense and bad acting! Never watch this movie! It's just as bad as the first one! I'm not looking forward to the next one. At least Fifty Shades Freed will be the last one. This whole franchise is abysmal!

Score: 0/10


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