Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened in 2021

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1 Trump Supporters Invade Capitol Hill

They have invaded Capitol Hill because most of them want to protest a joint session that supposes to count the electoral votes, which they've wanted to overturn an election for whatever reason, with no evidence of widespread voter fraud presented by the justice department and the courts. Rudy and Trump did a rally that morning, and encouraged them to fight hard like they've never had, which they've become even angrier, with a few of them committing acts of violence. Those house Republicans voting to object the electoral votes have nothing to show, with nearly two-thirds of them voting to object, and way less of a quarter of Senate Republicans have voted to object the electoral college results. They've done this for a show, and every single person who enabled this event should be held accountable.

This is perhaps the lowest Trump has ever stooped to in recent history after all he had done in the last 4 years. The elections are factual, yet he continues fighting the results and refuses a peaceful concession to Joe. If those things he'd done before weren't bad enough, then this is the last straw! 5 people died in the storming because of what Trump did. We shouldn't worry though, we only have 13 days before this madness is over!

This just proves that people are angry in this world, and frankly it could get worse from here with defunding the police that will likely take place. I understand being frustrated with no challenging of the vote, but breaking and entering. All of it that transpired into a dark moment in our country that's just wrong. Get off the rhetoric koolaid right now.
I am ashame how low of a country we have become.

I am honestly very disappointed with the Trump supporters that participated in this riot. I myself am a huge Trump supporter but I would never participate/support anything like this. I would of expected something like this from BLM, but not Trump Supporters they are usually pretty peaceful

2 COVID Resurgence in Some Countries

My school is closed for two weeks (January 11, 2021- January 22, 2021). The virus was caused by China. If there is one thing that will be remembered in the 2020s, it’s the coronavirus.

3 Jan. 1 Southeast Columbus Shooting
4 Wildfire in Niagara Falls
5 Jan. 4 Texas Church Shooting
6 Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 Plane Crash in Indonesia

On January 9, a Boeing 737-500 operated by Sriwijaya Air crashed into water four minutes after taking off from Jakarta. The plane was en-route to Pontianak, Indonesia. All 62 passengers on board have been reported as missing.

7 Jan. 5 Santa Barbara Shooting
8 Death of Tanya Roberts
9 Another Attempt to Impeach Trump

He deserves to be impeached for a second time, because he incited insurrection. We have ten House Republicans in favor of impeaching him, which is now the most bipartisan American Presidential impeachment in history.

At this point, this is a waste of time, if this were during the midterm election, okay that could make sense, but now this is just a waste.

So they can impeach trump in 6 days but it takes months to send money to americans? Let this sink in

This is completely ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi will never learn

10 Family Video Shuts Down

Sad to see but you know what they say sometimes you have to have death to ring in the new

Well then... it's the end of video renting as we know it, if you want DVDs now, time to head to Walmart.

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11 Jan. 10th Chicago Shooting

That was sad that happened yesterday :-(

12 Adobe Flash Player Shuts Down
13 North Korea Threatens to Build More Nukes and Calls the U.S. Their Biggest Enemy

I hope that's not true because after all of those peace talks and summits in 2018 and 2019 they did all of that for nothing. In 2018 the North Korean leader and South Korean president crossed the DMZ, climbed Mt Paektu together, and made a joint bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympics. Donald Trump also crossed the DMZ making him the first president to do so. The South Korean president even went to Pyongyang and got a warm welcome by North Koreans and the leader and invited the North Korean leader to Seoul. Donald Trump even invited the North Korean leader to Washington D.C. I hope North Korea is not going back to their old ways because Joe Biden's gonna be president now. I hope Joe Biden will help make the peace talks continue.

It's actually kinda sad because look back at 2018 and 2019. North Korea and South Korea had peace talks at DMZ and the leaders crossed the border together. And North Korea and United States also had peace talks in Singapore, Hanoi and DMZ and had peace agreements, made history and made a huge step towards Korea Reunification. I would hate to see all that peace progress go down the drain. I hope Joe Biden will make that peace progress continue.

North korea is a horrible country they do this while their people starve

Well you know what they say when tensions rise violence is the true enemy

14 Republicans Objecting the Counting of the Electoral Votes

Which lead to the capitol riots

15 Twitter Suspends Over 70,000 Accounts Due to Possible "Risk of Violence" Including Trump's Account


You don't have to be a leftist to realize that Twitter's censorship has left the site into a sorry state of affairs. You don't have to believe in Trump like most of the accounts that were suspended, but his suspension completely tanked Twitter's market shares and I don't really think they thought this through as now their platform won't grow back as fast. Furthermore, almost all these accounts were taken down because of a "risk of violence" but Twitter still ALLOWS the Kathy Griffin tweet, the numerous Antifa accounts, as well as a number of other violent hashtags. Note that they only seem to tolerate violence on one side only.

This is then backfiring in their faces at the moment as Uganda is now threatening to ban Twitter from their country too. Not to mention Mexico's president and Germany's chancellor also condemn the mass banning on the website.


Well part of me is going to miss his tweets some of them were comedy

Trump's account being banned was the best thing this year.

16 Carnival Announces No U.S. Ships Will Sail Until April 2021

It's probably gonna be till September

17 Capcom's New YouTube Video Policies Released
18 Lisa Gaming ROBLOX Banned on ROBLOX

So, apparently someone pretended to be Lisa's parents and sent a message to Roblox asking if his 'daughter's' account could be banned which is really unfair to Lisa. Thankfully though, she was unbanned on January 12th.

How is this significant compared to most real life events? At this point this community has stooped too low...

She deserved it for deleting people's houses in Bloxburg that they worked hard on.

I really do not care

19 Joe Biden Becomes U.S. President

This isn't really a bad thing. That being said we may never know what happens during his presidency and my prediction is that he won't last a month before something happens and Kamala Harris has to succeed him.

While I''ll give the guy a chance, the fact that China is calling him "hope" is really unnerving

Also this happened last year, not 2021.

20 Qubo Gets Shut Down by Scripps

Scripps clearly hates children. They're replacing one of the only three over-the-air kids networks with stupid channels that nobody cares about. Hopefully Qubo gets sold to NBCUniversal.

It'll be sad to no longer get to see shows like Babar, Inspector Gadget, The Magic School Bus (both the original and the reboot), Miss BG, the original Clifford, and Doki. I hope Scripps changes their minds. We've got until February 28 for something to happen and save Qubo.

Well, at least we still have PBS Kids

So much for Ruby Gloom or Wayside

21 Sulawesi, Indonesia Earthquake
22 President Biden Cancels XL Pipeline

Guys this is very big. So many people will lose a well playing job because of this. So far this is Biden's worst mistake.

23 Death of Brad Venable
24 Death of Larry King
25 SuperMarioLogan and Chilly Jimenez Get Back Together

This should be in the top 10. Because why would Logan want to go back with a gold digger, a cheater, someone who hates his crew and someone who uses him for money like Chilly Jimenez. Yeah if this is true I'm unsubscribing to SML because Chilly sucks.

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