Top Ten Events that Most Changed History

All moments in history could change it. However some very key moments in history will most definitely change it and change it in a big way. This list will go over the biggest events in history that ended up changing it.

Feel free to add anything you feel worthy to be on this list.
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1 The Treaty of Versailles

After WWI, the Allies wanted to end all wars. They decided to make a treaty called The Treaty of Versailles. This Treaty had harsh treatment against Germany and its allies. Their military was reduced, their economy ruined, and they were forced to pay the Allies unreal amounts of money (they just payed off their debt recently). You cannot say they deserved that punishment anyway. Our mistake at Versailles would lead to a 2nd World War after a WWI veteran named Adolf Hitler would take control of Germany. The rest is history.

2 Columbus Finding the New World

In the 1400s, the Americas were ripe for the taking, because they were inhabited by less developed people. In 1492; Italian, Christopher Columbus received a commission from Spain to find a trading route to India. Columbus failed epically and thought this new continent he found was India. It's why we name Native Americans Indians (What a failure). Nonetheless, this discovery would spark multiple wars and would kill millions. It would also be the land of many discoveries and the land of freedom. The finding of the New World would change everything.

3 America Declaring Independence

In 1776, during a war of independence against the British, the Colonies of America declared Independence. This declaration could not be more important. First off, the Declaration was a turning point in the war. It would also make the United States of America a official nation and it would spark other nations to revolt. Most notably France in the late 1700s.

This could not be accomplished without Philosophers from the Enlightenment era (especially John Locke) and other revolutions ignited from Europe alongside ideas crucial to America's own revolution and what would create their own government.

4 The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

On September 11th, 2001; 4 planes hit the United States in an act of terror. Two crashed into the Twin Towers. One hit the Pentagon, and one crashed in a field. Thousands died. The 9/11 Attack was huge from multiple standpoints. First of all, we lost a beautiful building and a lot of people died. 9/11 also caused a change in security for multiple things. Socially it made a lot of people scared of Islamic people. The bridge has not been fully repaired yet.

It's what ignited global operations on world terrorism in the first place.

5 The Building of the Egyptian Pyramids

The construction of the great pyramids was a lot more important than people think. For one it was one of the first major architectural achievements in history. It also leaves us wondering, just how advanced was this Egyptian civilization? And don't you dare put a comment about aliens. Yeah I'm talking to you.

The first of original Seven Wonders and the only one that survives to this day.

6 The Invention of the Assembly Line

The assembly line was a major product. It of course helped in the development of cars. Without the assembly line, cars would only be available to the rich, because the workers would not be able to put out enough production. It also created a lot of jobs. Economics 101.

7 The Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Soviets and The United States were in a power struggle and this struggle is commonly referred to as the Cold War. It is one of the longest wars in modern history. It came to an end when the U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, and the Soviet Prime Minister, Mikhail Gorbachev, worked together to tear down the Berlin Wall. The Wall symbolized the dominance of the Soviet Union over satellite states and its division from the rest of the world.

Ronald Reagan: Tear down this wall!

8 The First Successful Plane Flight

I think the first successful flight was way more important than the actual plane being made. This first flight would lead to us being able to take to the skies.

No offense for people who died at 9/11, but this change world a lot more than 9/11. Just imagine world without plane.

9 The Holocaust
10 The Black Death

Just look at how people are reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic is NOTHING compared to the Black Death. The Black Death most definitely changed the course of history. Imagine 75 to 200 million people dying to a disease. However something good did come from it. The world changed its health habits and became way more cautious in terms of pandemics. Still the amount of life lossed is still insane. Hope you enjoyed the list. If you liked it you comment or share it. Thank you for sticking to the end.

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11 World War II
12 The COVID-19 Pandemic

Short-term: Totally! More than 9-11.
Long-term: Yes! Really as much effect as 9-11.

13 Julius Caesar's Crossing of the Rubicon

During the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar asserted his dominance by crossing the Rubicon. A river that separated Rome from its territories across the Republic. You may say "no big deal"; but in reality it was a big deal. No general was allowed to cross the Rubicon with his army. Caesar did just that. This would lead to the end of the Civil War and the beginning of Julius Caesar's reign as dictator. It would also lead to the famous assassination and the start of the Emperors which would effectively end the Roman Republic and start the Roman Empire.

14 Hitler's Appointment as Reich Chancellor
15 The 1933 Reichstag Fire
16 The Edict of Milan

The Edict of Milan would change the religious world forever. It would make Christianity the religion of Rome and make it the largest religion for the lasting centuries. To that point, Christians were beaten and mocked. You cannot overstate the importance of this event.

17 The Storming of the Bastille

The Storming of the Bastille was absolutely essential to the start of the French Revolution. Kind of the match that lit the fire. It also inspired multiple other civilian uprisings. Kind of an iconic event in history.

18 World War I
19 1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora

The most powerful & deadliest eruption in modern times. It led to a year without summer & caused famines around places in the world. Life was much harder that year & the following year.

20 The Third Defenestration of Prague
21 The Battle of Salamis
22 Invention of the Wheel
23 The Battle of Zenta
24 King Ashoka's Conversion to Buddhism
25 Siege of Jerusalem (70 CE)
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