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1 How it's taught

A part of me wants to do home schooling, but I'll miss my friends. You need to know more than one way to do it sometimes. - funnyuser

Its somehow our fault that the teacher can't teach the class right


Argh, my maths teacher is literally the Kim Jong-Il of my class -_-

2 Stuff is on your test even if you didn't learn it

YES! That fact is so true! My teacher's all like, "yeah, you can do this, it's not that hard" well no duh, you're the math teacher! First twenty questions aren't terrible, but the last few you spend ten minutes staring at it like what the heck is this? We didn't do this in class! Worst part is, he doesn't give us our tests back when he marks them, well, how do you know if you did good or no? How do you know what to work on? Then it just ends up on your report card! It sucks big time!

I didn't learn something and it was on my paper and I got the lowest grade. Oh My. - Jake09

This whole list is wrong.

3 You mostly get homework that's Math

I get math homework every single day, including weekends. Add that to all of my unfinished ZAP work and it's TORTURE. - NoodleRidley

"Didn't complete your homework? Get out of my class! I said, GET OUT OF MY CLASS! You kids ruin my image." - My Maths Teacher

Ok I'm back from those stupid 7 hours! No Do this Math! No You kill me Curse you school! - Jake09

4 If you're not good at math you have to go to Summer School

The Sun is shining The Birds are Chirping and I HAVE THIS STUPID PIECE OF MATH WORK IN MY FACE! - Jake09

5 You have to do It

It's useless


6 It gets harder and harder

I'm in middle school - Maths is killing me. All these stupid exponents, variables, constants, and all that jazz. And why in the world would we ever have to construct angles and parallel lines with a compass, for heaven's sake?

@Jake, just wait till you get to 10th grade. You have to learn polynomials and integral exponents and all that

When I was in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade Its like piece of cake. Now I'm in 4th Grade right now and it's BLOODY HARDY - Jake09

7 It's the worst part of school

On the contrary I love math. I always get 100% on tests and homework. But not everybody likes it. - Epekov

I don't like math. I like social Studies and reading better. Lots of memorizing. - funnyuser

Come on why do we need to WHY WHY WHY! - Jake09

Sorry, Jake, but I love mathematics. One of my faves. Let's agree to differ. - PositronWildhawk

8 No bathroom breaks

That annoying moment when you have to use the bathroom and the teacher won't let you go because their afraid you will miss out on a very important lesson. Then it turns out to be a lesson you learned last year.

I need to now! - Jake09

You need to go the toilet.

9 You don't understand it

I don't understand it sometimes, but I keep on trying. - funnyuser

10 The teacher is terrible

Mine sure is, she keeps texting other teachers while teaching and beats literally ANYBODY just because she's angry.

He never explains anything. Seriously.

How would you know, you don't come to my school - cdxtreme

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11 They act like it's your favorite thing in life

They say its not a waste of time when it really is a big waste of time - ikerevievs

My 3rd Grade Teacher Thought It was my favorite subject no it's my worst - Jake09

12 It's hard
13 It's boring
14 It's confusing
15 It wastes your time

It wastes my recess sometimes - Jake09

16 You never use 95% of the material
17 You forget how to do a single step
18 Homework
19 Remembering equations
20 A lot of the material is useless

I could go on and on about the nonsense my math teacher teaches my honors class. I'm either going to be a scientist or play baseball, so I don't need algebra and whatnot.

Just addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are useful in life.

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1. You don't understand it
2. You mostly get homework that's Math
3. It gets harder and harder
1. It's hard
2. It's boring
3. It's confusing
1. How it's taught
2. Stuff is on your test even if you didn't learn it
3. If you're not good at math you have to go to Summer School



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