Worst Things Obama Has Done During His Presidency

I think both Republicans and Democrats can both agree Obama isn't the best president to ever serve.

Name the worst things he has done during his presidency.

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Had Four U.S. Citizens Killed Without Judicial Process

This makes me sick. The world was such a better place before him for sure and glad Trump is putting the pieces back together and trying to make it better then it was. But many my life growing up was so much better then what he created.

I think that people under Obama in the executive branch purposely kills Amrican citizens. Wet-boys are real! Obama only has a vague idea what the various secret service agencies are doing at any given time. Unless he personally takes a weapon and PERSONALLY kills someone, then he really can't be held to blame for what our secret services do.

I love how literally nobody cares about this, and Obama is called a hero, while George W Bush tortures terrorists, yet he's called an evil man.

Where do I begin. I'd like to hear the logic behind this accusation.

Bowed to Foreign Leaders. Repeatedly.

Bowing to foreign leaders has been done by many presidents. Heck the Bush family kisses the royals in Saudi.
Bowing is one form of welcoming and to complain about this is immature non-sense.

No other president, bows down to Muslim leaders, at the same time, kicking out Christian leaders. Get the story staight. And yes, he has bowed down to other leaders, and no, no other presidents have done this.

Long before and up to Carter-Shah of Iran...Nixon-Pinochet and Mao... Reagan-Pol Pot. And bowing down is an extreme use of the term. Placating would be more accurate.

You know that Donald Trump bowed to the Saudi King right? Other presidents have bowed to foreign leaders too.

Demonized His Political Opponents

Hey sparky, lets not go there. There is enough political demonization on both sides, always has been

Best ever at this! Never a President that berates 50% of the Country when he talks! Such a A---SS!

Obummer has been the worst at this, they all do it, he has just done it more, and better, and has made a very evil living at it

Increased the National Debt

The deficit has been cut in half. The national debt went up because he put the Bush wars on the books, duh.

Obummer has increased the national debt beyond belief. the other claiming it was all bush, give it a break, that's a lie, its been 8 yrs, bush isn't adding to anything, idiot

He didn't do it personally, but yes, he has some crappy financial advisors. NAFTA and big business are most to blame.

Yep, for sure! Welfare never runs out of money. But SSDI is broke

Tried to Destroy the 2nd Amendment

What is the Second Amendment?

There are two principle versions of the Second Amendment: one version was passed by Congress, while the other is found in the copies distributed to each individual state and later ratified by them
As passed by the Congress:A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As ratified by the States: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The second amendment states that any well organized militia has the right to possess weapons for self defense. That kabobs the founders intended it. It does not apply to individuals, much less terrorists and criminals. Because Obama supports keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals does not mean that he is against the second amendment.

The more this country moves toward fascism(not quite there yet) of coarse they are going to try and disarm the public. Just thank God they haven't succeeded. And yes, the founding fathers DID warn of this. What England was doing to us, a queasy totalitarian state can do the same to us. Thank the NRA for reminding us of what could happen if...

This dude has tried to change the constitution, over and over and over. The founding fathers warned us of the day obama would come along and do all this, and that time is now

Illegally Put Thousands of Guns Into the Hands of Criminals

I'm not sure how this one got started. Criminals don't need a President to put guns in their hands. Ask a criminal.

How about you tell the whole story, like the part where the program was set up under both the Reagan and W. Bush administrations

And now he wants to ban them.

Yes, yes, and yes. guilty of treason

Waged the Largest War Against Medical Marijuana

The so called "war on drugs" is unwinable. Look at the Volstead Act (Prohibition). Alcohol is far worse than a simple mood altering plant. Some people have natural addictive personalities. Some don't. There is no historical evidence that marijuana is nearly as bad as alcohol. Better take the least harmful of the illegal drugs out of the drug lord's sphere of influence than keep fighting a loosing battle!

Again, see no problem with this. Marihuana is bad in all forms, even medical. It's like any other prescription drug. If you use it just for medical purposes, 8/10 times you will become addicted.

Wrong again, Obama has approved the Federal non intervention of states rights on this issue

False, marijuana is nowhere close when comparing it to harder drugs, pills, or even alcohol.

Allowed Republicans to Even Make This Idiotic List

That's right. He shouldn't have let them make this list, because liberals can't stand to see true facts! Especially about their oh-so-holy leaders. Haha!

Freedom of speech he takes away this list he would be taking away are rights

Obama needs a swift kick in the teeth, if you ask me, not that anyone did.

Republican-schmeepublican! Go back and RE-read the first amendment. ALL of it!

Let Gays Get Married

Take this homophobic choice off the list, I myself am Christian yet I never saw being gay as "sinful" or "evil", let people love who they want to love!

Actually what happened had nothing to do with Obama. What happened was, In order to have standing to take a case to court. (in this case - challenging at the Supreme Court that you have a right to stop gay people from getting married). What happened was actually a technicality. You see, in order to go before the court, one must show that they themselves have been wronged or negatively affected. And in this case no married persons can show how they have personally been wronged or negatively affected. Bada bing. Beautiful wasn't it.

A conservative president would have stopped this so sates wouldn't listen to the most biased and idiotic Supreme Court decision since Roe -vs- Wade.

Again, see no problem with this. Honestly, Obama, in my opinion, is a horrible president, but some of the things on this list are not bad in any way.

Caught Funding ISIS

It was proven in 2014 that Osama and Obama were caught in Italy having a mini vacation, they were discussing what to name their new Terrorist Organization. Obama wanted to name it "Obama's super secret A-Team" do your research better please.

He's not a Muslim. He was born in Hawaii. He is not a terrorist and he hates ISIS. Whoever put this up is clearly just trying to justify their intolerance for having a black man in the White House, which by the way is just sad.

He is a Terrosist with the goal of destroying the foundations and history of the USA

Obama is nothing but a Muslim terrorist bastard

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Has Turned the Entire Country Against Law Enforcement.

This is almost inarguable. All you have to do is go back and watch the speeches he gave after shooting incidents and riots. He always sided against law enforcement, and wouldn't even suggest that the accusers or rioters take any personal responsibility for their decisions.

Nothing worse then this...destroyed our safety and respect for law enforcement

2 words: race baiting

Pretty obvious.

Enacted ObamaCare

We have socialized public schools. And libraries. And unions. There's a fine line ( yet discernible) difference between socialism and pure communism.

The so called Obama care was a plan largely written by the conservative Heritage Group during the 90's. Look it up fuzz ball.

Bad business for all, lets just socialize, and communize our country, for the obummers

This will raise the cost of doing business in America.

Let African Americans Get Out of Control

This one is huge. The racial tension that just randomly sprung up with Black Lives Matter and all that was basically contrived by the Obama administration to divert attention from the Middle East and it's causing so much damage. It started with his random as hell war on bullying in school and grew from there.

What, is it his job to "control the wild black community? " This list has neither shown, nor proven valid points to show why Obama is a bad president. I'm not a huge fan myself, but this list proves people will listen to Fox News like robots.

This sounds racist. A better term would be 'let race riots get out of control'. The media keeps pitting everyone against each other, so when a white person harms a black one, it's automatically seen as racist, whether it is or not.

He should make it law for. IF a University has played football for 100 years. They have to hire a African American head Coach! Florida Gators! Florida Sate and many other schools

The Iran Deal
Continued NSA Spying

Of course he cut back, after bringing in all those Muslims, they don't want to watch them

Obama has cut back on Spying on US Citizens vs. Bush, who started this whole mess.

Direct violation of the 4th Amendment

He is a big liar!

Attempted to Cause War with Syria

Had mixed feelings about this. Syria deserved a war for what they did, but, number one, it was none of our business, and, number two, it would have probably cause a World War III. So yes, we did the right thing by not attacking.

One of the very, very few things that Obama has shown considerable restraint is in NOT sending ground troops to Seria. George W. Would have.

Again, the statement is non sense. It's been Obama that resisted going in to Syria, while the GOP was wanting more war as usual.

This dude has tried to start, many, many wars, all over the world, and right here in our USA too, race riots, bringing in terrorists to our country, once again, treason

Closed Down the World War II Memorial

It's on record that the GOP shut down the gov't. What did they think would happen, duh!

Taken Way Too Much Money from Medicaid and Medicare

I'm a veteran with full medical benefits. So I'm in good shape for now. Like it or not, if you don't raise your hand and pledge your life to defend your country, right or wrong, don't expect much. That's how the system has worked since the Roman times.

Signed the NDAA of 2012
Berate the Republican Party On National TV

He did a great job meeting his goals. He was perhaps the most effective president ever in meeting his goals. (It should be noted that his goals were clearly stated in his book which was to reduce America to that of a third world country.) I didn't mean to down-vote the above quote that he's a traitor. He is. Anyone who does not know he's a homosexual muslim that ruthlessly hate America hasn't done their homework unbiased.

This is why I can't stand this man. All presidents before him have talked to the Country like they were for the people. For all Americans, not just Democrats.

The Fat Cats in the Republican Party need to be taken down a few notches! Probably a lot!

He is a Muslim trader, treason

Divide America
Said He Would Appoint Zero Lobbyists to His Cabinet, Then Turns Around and Appoints Nothing But Wall Street Oligarchs

That's the path towards fascism. Big business in bed with the government. Pretty much started with Reagan's de-regulation-I.e. weakening the E.P.A, allowing monopolies, quashing unions. It's been around for a while.

His entire cabinet isn't made up of Wall Street oligarchs, though there are some.

Also he used signing statements when he promised he wouldn't

Supported Hillary Clinton

No wonder we're in trouble ooh wait maybe Hillary is paying Bill back Ann affair

Was Kind and Tolerant to People Who Support This List

Where do these people come from

Lack of Action After Helping Topple Libya
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