Worst Twenty One Pilots Songs

They make awesome music! But which one is he worst?

The Top Ten

1 Heathens

Hell no! I love this song!

This is among the worst of the pack. - naFrovivuS


Not The Worst,this is one of their good songs.
The other songs are crappy. - wriddhak

2 Lane Boy

Its bad all of there songs are bad

All of their songs suck - VideoGamefan5

Twenty one pilots don't make awesome music, they make crappy music! - VideoGamefan5

3 Semi-Automatic
4 Ride

You've really let me down here, Twenty One Pilots.

5 Stressed Out


6 We Don't Believe What's On TV
7 Screen
8 Migraine
9 The Run and Go

Too repetitive

10 Cancer

The Contenders

11 Goner
12 Mad World
13 Lovely

It's okay - haribostarmix

Its great

14 Heavydirtysoul
15 Clear

WHAT!? Clear is amazing! Some people don't like how different it sounds from other songs, but that's just Twenty One Pilots! All their songs sound different and have variety! Whoever added or voted on this clear-ly hasn't listened to the lyrics. I find the whole song beautiful, especially the ending bit. Now I feel bad for voting for this just to comment on it.

16 Car Radio
17 Hometown
18 Before You Start Your Day
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