Worst Types of Dark Souls Players

While this game is among the best of its generation, there can be some really bad types of players. These are the Top 10 Worst Types of Dark Souls Players.

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1 Bad Hackers

Good hackers provide some humor in their craft. These ***holes, on the other hand, will ruin the experience for you. These guys can be categorized with infinite health, stamina, poise, etc. - MKBeast

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2 Gankers

They're EXTREMELY common in Dark Souls 3, and they're very annoying. The worst types are the ones who run away while summoning another phantom. - MKBeast

Please they need nerf if you solo

More bane of the ass if your geting 3 user dark sword they give you stun lock where no way to get out

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3 Projectile Spammers

God. It's one thing to deal with gankers, but imagine this combined with ganking! You're screwed, no questions asked! I don't mind mages or archers one bit, but when all they do is run away spamming crap, it's extremely annoying. - MKBeast

4 Chuggers

I don't mind it when it's a game that both of you can heal in, but in Dark Souls 2, they can be the absolute BANE of your existence. - MKBeast

Its not fair for the invader when in a duel with the host and neither is it fun for the host when the red noob starts chugging

It's unfair because the host has double the estus of the invader so they have quite a bit of health advantage

What's wrong with healing?
I usually don't heal unless the host allows me but if I'm a host, I heal and allow my invaders to heal and even allow it in fight clubs. But seriously what's so wrong with it. It makes the fight more complex and makes you think of a good strategy. I've been doing it since Demons' Souls and even in Bloodborne (where EVERYONE hates it).

5 People Who Harass You Via Messages

These guys just can't handle it when you kill them. They sometimes spam you with hate mail, racist messages, etcetera. - MKBeast

Once in a duel the red phantom I summoned kept healing and returned home before I killed him. Then he kept sending hate mails to me and even went to my YouTube to harass me. what!

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6 Bad Fight Club Hosts

I mean the ones that don't heal their red phantoms or even attack them when hosting a fight club. While not very common, it can sometimes result in everyone turning their attention from the fight to gank you, but some red phantoms are actually good guys and help you against an abusive host. - MKBeast

I consider myself a good fight club host but there was one where he attacked me in a duel and didn't say sorry whatsoever so I got revenge and got ganked.

7 People Who Spoil the Experience

This can involve anything from spoiling the next boss to trolling you. Best example of trolling can be done in Dark Souls III, where you can block the host, but if you do, you could get booted from his world anyways. - MKBeast

People that go rogue in fight clubs

8 Dishonorable People

The ones who just straight up attack you are a bit annoying, especially if you bowed to them, then they just charge you. This can also mean healers in fight clubs while they're still fighting, too. - MKBeast

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9 Backstab Spammers

I don't mind parrying, since it actually amuses me when someone can beat me like that, but I'm talking about the ones that hug your back like no tomorrow! While not too difficult to deal with, this combined with gankers makes it a nightmare. - MKBeast

10 People Who Use the Ice Rapier

This weapon is the very meaning of cheap! I hate it so much, and I figure that everyone agrees with me. The strong attack can double hit and generates an ice spear when used, which is why it's so cheap - MKBeast

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11 Dark Sword R1 Spammers

They're the bane of everyone's existence. The sword needs to be nerfed. - MKBeast

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12 People Trolling Fight Club

This is to all the dick who just sit back with a great bow and snipe you then hide after being summoned.

13 Havel Monsters

Poise machines at heart, a Havel Monster doesn't phase me too much, but when they're mixing up some of the other archetypes on this list (Projectile Spammers, Ice Rapiers), it combines for some annoying ass players.

I can agree, but there's always a weakness to these tanks, which is usually speed. - MKBeast

Nothing too bad. If they use heavy weapons, dodge (don't try to parry two-handed ultra weapons). If they R1 spam with light weapons, parry on the third hit. - MKBeast

14 Pursuers

Isn't the point of invasions to pursue and kill the host? - MKBeast

These guys will never stop chasing you no matter how far you've ran, enemies? They'll run right past them just to get to you, it's so annoying

15 Streakers

They are so fast that I just can't keep up with them that is probably just me Plus they get so far and projectile spam and is extra annoying

16 Parry Kings

These are basically cancerous tumours.

17 Miracle Builds

They are not really bad or cancerous but miracle builds are just the worst builds you could come up with.

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