Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2017

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1 Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

For an attempt to bring back Bubsy, this one just fails. It gets basic characters traits wrong, the art style is really off-putting, there are noticeable frames missing, the main plot is lacking, and the humor doesn’t really work. With a game as horrible as Bubsy, I expect a game like this to be at least a little better than this.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, this whole game for being bland and short, the fact that it ripped off Mario and Sonic, and the fact that it came back after 20 years which NO ONE asked for.
This is probably like a $5 game, NOT 30.
Bubsy, please go back into your grave. It's better than making yourself look much worse than you already are. Then again, there is no way you can compare to the famous plumber and the famous blue blur. - MasterCreepy

Bubsy's new pose is literally a rip-off of Sonic's pose. Trust me, I saw on Twitter when one guy edited the picture of Bubsy and moved his arm from side to side in a similar fashion to Sonic. Expect critics and audiences to tear this game apart. What could possibly go wrong? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why is he back nobody asked for him to be back - ikerevievs

2 Mass Effect: Andromeda

It's sad to know that this is a part of an incredibly successful series. The whole game just felt entirely empty in terms of story, which was once the main strength of the Mass Effect games. - Mcgillacuddy

Now this is just a big middle finger to the fans of the original Mass Effect series. - cjWriter1997

This just ruined the Mass effect franchise. - Fullwalking2

By far the worst. this is literally the worst videogame that has ever been produced and it manages to stink the most when its compared to other bad videogames. It's just so horrible that you can only throw it into a trash can instead of playing it, This game is not even worth pirating. - CupheadTheBest

3 Star Wars Battlefront 2

Terrible gameplay, incredibly bad story, and just piss easy. Its incredible how pandemic battlefront 2 was made twelve years ago and kicks this one ass

My jaw dropped like a rock when I saw the User score for this game on Metacritic. It's literally one of the worst scores of ANYTHING on the internet. This game is typical EA, though. They will find the most ridiculous ways possible to milk you of your bank account. - Mcgillacuddy

Same here. And things aren't much different on IGN's community score, which is sitting at a 2.6 "painful" rating! - SelfDestruct

Star wars is garbage anyways

I love the original. EA had to ruin it. - iliekpiez

4 1-2 Switch

God, and I thought Knack was a bad starter game. Why did they make a game that adults can't take seriously because you're literally jerking off the controller - Mcgillacuddy

IT DESTROYED WARIOWARE! I know I sound like a fanboy, but I grew up playing Smooth Moves on the Wii! THIS game destroyed my childhood!

I know I'm going to sound like a fan boy when I say this but, it should've been WarioWare! - GreninjaGuy

The worst starter game I've seen. - Randomator

5 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Mega Battle

Angry Joe gave this a 1/10, and I will have to agree with him on this one. The dodgy hitboxes on enemies make even trying to defeat the smallest of them painful. Not only that, but the final boss is painfully lame, where the cool sword fighting is just quick time events. To make matters worse, the Power Rangers theme, which could have been extremely good, is on a 30 second loop all the time whenever music is programmed, yes in most stages there is literally no music when there should be. So yeah, this is an awful game and is overpriced even at 15 dollars.

Oh yeah I remember when Angry Joe played this. It's one of the laziest and most ridiculous games you could pay money for. It looks and plays like a flash game you can find on the internet, and yet, there are even flash games that are better than this. - Mcgillacuddy

The only good thing I can say about this game is that it does a better job of capturing the 1990's nostalgia than Dean Isrealite's 2017 reboot that ripped off "The Breakfast Club". That's it. There are far better ways to relive your childhood than playing this garbage. - raidramon0

Angry joe, anybody? - Fullwalking2

6 Friday The 13th: The Game
7 Just Dance 2018

They win in kids choice awards every year even though they are the same thing every year just with increasingly horrible music.

God Just Dance should stop existing, there are so many cringeworthy songs, they were welcome when the year it was released was full of songs I just simply enjoyed. - BlueBobYT

Just Dance is still for the Wii? - HiN

Four words: SAME! THING! EVERY! YEAR! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Got insanely popular in 2018. Play its single player predecessor instead.

Fortnite isn't a bad game. It is actually pretty impressive. But it's just over rated

Are people just voting this just because it's popular. I will agree that this is overrated but I will say this. Overrated does not mean bad. - jojofag

All you do is get killed or walk around unable to find players to kill. Worse than #1

9 Halo Wars 2

Microsoft studios ran out of ideas! Why did they even make a sequel? - Fullwalking2

I seriously forgot this game existed - Mcgillacuddy

Finally, Call Of Duty Is Not Number One - VideoGamefan5

10 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

It should havw gotten expansions that improved it like MVC3 did

What! I like this game! - Gabo147

Bad storyline. - Fullwalking2

Worst graphic

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11 Destiny 2

Much like the first Destiny, D2 features good controls, nice graphics, an okay loot system, and a great soundtrack. But it squanders these improvements with a bland storyline, a downgraded weapon system, a horribly boring PVP mode, and a terrible first expansion. It has gotten a little better, but its certainly no must buy. - Jackamalio

Not that bad of a game but the expansion thing ruins it. - Mcgillacuddy

It hurts to know a good game like this is on this list.

The worst dlc of all time, I hate it - Ale9991

12 Vroom in the Night Sky

How many of you remember Superman 64? Well, this is something along those lines. It looks terrible, looks boring, plays horribly and has numerous translation errors. In fact, there are quite a few old Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games that are infinitely better than this rushed launch title. - raidramon0

13 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3
14 Club Penguin Island

Should be at number one!

Unlike the original game, being a member in CPI is borderline mandatory. You can't do quests, buy items, use certain objects in the overworld, play certain minigames, or really do ANYTHING unless you buy a membership. - Jackamalio

Number 1 - LeetHaterz


15 Gran Turismo Sport

I have to agree heavily with SelfDestruct here. This was also one of my most anticipated games of the year next to Project Cars 2, but I was very disappointed at its release. Regardless of its amazing graphics and fun online, this game has a very limited offline. The car choices are garbage. There's literally only one car that was made before 2009 and there are too many concept cars taking up the slots. There is no career mode, just a "campaign mode" that gives you random challenges that don't last or aren't built for the moments. The track selection is also ridiculous as most of the slots are taken by multiple versions of a single location. GT Sport is by far the worst GT in the series. If you want a good racing game for the PS4, get Project Cars 2. The racing customization and 50+ tracks in the game make endless possibilities in custom race mode and even though the car count is similar to GT Sport, it's much more diverse, featuring GT, Rallycross, Indy, old school Indy, Nascar, and ...more - Mcgillacuddy

The sad thing is this was one of my most anticipated games of 2017. And what Polyphony delivered was spectacular graphics and intense online but with extremely limited offline (the offline was actually one if Gran Turismo's Staples and to see it being thrown away is a big mistake) and car slots wasted on Vision GT cars and same cars with different body kits, which is also a big deal considering that the car list at launch is rather small at 160 something cars. Will the 400-car free DLC redeem this game for its flaws? I have no idea at this point. - SelfDestruct

Why put it here? This is the best for me. I don't care what people say. People who hate these are either impatient kids or xbox fanboys.

I hate how people are always talking about how the reason ps4 exclusives are on the list is because of xbox fanboys. I play on ps4, but I wish I were on xbox because of Sony's horrible fanbase.

16 Doki Doki Literature Club!

Laughably easy to spoil and if you already know what happens there is nothing scary about it.

Excuse me Johnny?! This game is a masterpiece and you know it! "Cancer in a disc" huh?! WELL THEN PLAY THE GAME INSTEAD OF INSULTING IT YOU DUMMY

Cancer in a disc - Johnny_likes_rock

Also, the dude who said “this game is a masterpiece” you’re deranged. This game became forgotten after 6 months.

17 Metal Gear Survive

This Game Ugh Just Ugh - VideoGamefan5

18 Frenzy Pop: A Emoji Movie Game

This game is just a lame ripoff of candy crush and not even good and the fact it's the emoji movie the game makes it the 2nd worst game of 2017 and one of the worst of all time - ikerevievs

A ripoff of a ripoff.
Funny how the Bejeweled games are much better. - MasterCreepy

I don't get how battlefront and fortnite are worse - B1ueNew

Yes this exists :( - ikerevievs

19 Sea of Thieves

Its not even out yet

20 Scalebound
21 Valkyria Revolution

The strategic combat is replaced with a rudimentary battle system, numerous loading screens slow things down and the story is really generic. Not to mention that Brunhilde, the game's villainess, looks more like a porn star than an angel of death. At least Valkyria Chronicles 4 looks poised to fix the issues here. - raidramon0

22 Shenmue III

It isn't even out yet and people are voting this. - jojofag

23 South Park: The Fractured but Whole

I just didn't like the fact that this game was not as long as Stick of Truth. - SavageLG

South Park: The Stick of Truth was much better.

Really disappointing sequel. Barely funny, battles are all too long, except Mysterion, all buddies are weaks and forgettables.

24 FIFA 18

A massive stupidity of gaming. - Fullwalking2

It's the same thing as 17

Worst game I've ever played in my whole life!

More fifa crap - ikerevievs


Overhyped SP RPG. If you were a fan of the Gothic series, you will probably enjoy it, or be more forgiving of it's shortcomings, than players new to the title. graphics and animations seem almost a decade behind current offerings. The visuals and environments are nice but certain areas, cutscenes and textures appear overly blocky and flat (post processing appears absent). the Voiceovers (in the English language) are monotonous and mostly devoid of emotional weight, as well as audio hiccups that make environmental effects way too loud. The combat is really a hit or miss kind of thing, regardless of abilities or tactics. timing your attacks has more effect than actually trying to engage enemies tactically. The player movement and animations are somewhat forgivable but when combined with the loot detection mechanic, makes it really frustrating to find items when simply turning your character then requires you to adjust your camera angle to relocate the item you wanted to pick up.

26 NBA 2k18

They're putting way too much into these video games. That's why I play Madden a lot more than NBA. 2K destroyed WWE, and now they're just going to make NBA less enjoyable. I had a very boring experience the first time I put the disc in for this. - SavageLG

If you just want the single-player experience, just pick up 2K16. If you want multiplayer, pick up 2K17 and enjoy it while you can. These money hungry bastards only want their fans to not have a brain and look the other way at EA, who is desperately trying to improve their games every year. Don't get this game, it's almost identical to 2K17 in every single way. - MasonOcker

Same crap every year. I mean, I enjoy the NBA games but I don't need one EVERY YEAR. - Mcgillacuddy

Overhyped garbage

27 Super Lucky's Tale

The game looks like its aimed at REALLY young kids, but seems to be trying to be like an old Rareware game. What kid is gonna remember that? - Jackamalio

Cuphead is a much better xbox exclusive than lucky or even yooka laylee witch came out 6 months ago - ikerevievs

This is the reason why no one buys xbox exclusives this is a bland platformer that we got instead of a banjo kozooie or conker sequel instead we got a crappy vr exclusive sequel that doesn't requires vr - ikerevievs

28 Lawbreakers

An amazing and unique game that deserves more players

Lawbreakers makes Battleborn look like Overwatch - Jackamalio

29 Pikmin 3ds
30 Project Sonic 2017

I don't necessarily think Sonic Forces is a bad game, but I just think they rushed the story a little bit and it was a bit too short for just 2 hours of what I've seen from walkthroughs. It's a shame we didn't get a lot of original bosses and how some of them were just rehashed of previous ones. However, I do think that the gameplay is solid and they did do a great job on the Avatar mechanic, graphics, soundtrack, and voice acting as well. I don't think the gameplay is as "linear" as everyone says it to be. But other than that, I felt like there were some lost opportunities for this game. It's not a bad game, but it unfortunately has a tough act to follow coming off the heels of Sonic Mania. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There was a brief period of time where Sonic was good again after Mania, and then this came out and were right back where we started - Jackamalio

If you're going to join the Sonic Forces hate train, that is going way too far I might add. At least have the decency to call the game it's by it's name. - FarrowtheEdgehog15

It Look Like This Game Sucks

31 Life of a Black Tiger

29? this crap game deserves to be on the top 3

This game came out in 2014. Not 2017 - USGC

How is this not in the top 10? This game is the worst PS4 game of 2017 by far! - DatBoiOnTheRun

32 Hello Neighbor

A game that was ruined by the terrible community

I thought this was ok

So unfair! bad graphics even on ultra! and glitches more glitches than the alphas and betas!

33 Forza Motorsport 7

With the so called "4k graphics" which look not that good,also with loot boxes,I think this should be slightly higher in the list.

34 Call of Duty: WWII

Once again people fell for this cash grab just because it's "boots on the ground", then when they actually play the game everyone is outraged. Seriously what the hell did you guys expect? IT'S CALL OF GOD DAMN DUTY. - Mcgillacuddy

This is like Call of Duty: World at War - SoloPotato

Call of Booty: World War Trash

This game is the Call of Duty equivalent of Star Wars Battlefront II - thunderstar1124

35 Tacoma
36 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Just WHY is one of the Switch's launch titles a port of a game from three years before? (Oh wait, Skyrim is from 2011)

The roster is bad. There is nothing new. It is just a clone of Mario Kart 8. Online mode sucks, way too easy. Many characters had to leave, and they should have added Birds and Diddy Kong.

If you bought Mario Kart 8, Nintendo wants you to buy a PORT of it with bugger all new content at full price.

Absolutely agree.
The non Mario, the clones, and the unnecessary all must go, especially you PINK GOLD PEACH

37 Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
38 Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

WARNING: Caused nationwide outrage, 17,000 computers broken

Getting TVs Smashed with Bennett Foddy

39 Splatoon 2

Who put this here

Splatoon 2 sucks! IT'S ONE OF THE WORST GAME OF 2017! EVEN WORSE THAN BUBSY! - Neinwott

40 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Seriously? Rabbids over RAYMAN? At least the overall game is great.

It may have rabbids, but this game is actually good. I'm not a fan of the rabbids but this is a nice strategy game. Give it a chance

Why rabbids? , of all game franchises they had to chose rabbids? - VideoGamefan5

Good game but unnecessary crossover. - MasterCreepy

41 WWE 2K18

The switch port laaags like crazy and you have to download everything off of the internet!

Why do we have to use VC in WWE now? what - SavageLG

42 Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

A phone port of Sonic Forces that's practically an endless runner WITH A TIMER.

43 Sonic Forces

This game is 50/50 for me. Great music, graphics, mechanics, cutscenes and level design, but varied bosses, most of which are rehashed from previous games (They didn't even add a Chaos fight! 😡), a three-hour long length and the OC is unnecessary to have in a Sonic game.

44 Crackdown 3
45 Yooka Laylee
46 Mario Sports Superstars

What happened to Mario Sports games? They used to be fun and exciting. Like remember Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Colour and Mario Tennis: Power Tour for GBA, which each had an RPG story for some reason. Or Mario Power Tennis, or Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, or Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Those are my JAMS!

Now we have crap like this.

47 FIFA Switch

Its called fifa 18 and it sucks like all fifa games - ikerevievs


48 Madden NFL 18

EA makes more trash. - Fullwalking2

49 MotoGP 17
50 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
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