Top 10 WTF Moments from the Undertale Fandom


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21 Constructing Mettaton EX's entire body out of his legs

I have never seen this.

22 Frisk X Chara

I imagine them as the same person, chara is just frisks dark side so its weird to me

23 Sexualizing Frisk and Chara

Oh please no.


So disturbing. They’re kids!

24 Undertale/FNAF crossovers

Just two cult games, nothing in common, not even the same genre, I especially hate the ships with undertale and fnaf?

Dude, there not even the same genre. Like, physcotic killer robots and monsters underground. - SansTheComic

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25 MS Paint Flowey
26 Snowdrake's Mother Sadomasochism

Why would anyone do this?...

That exists? - NoOreoForU

27 Lemon Fed (Fanfic)


Xander stop
no don't type
don't type that URL in
no xander
no more fanfiction

28 Mettaton Inflation

OH GOD NO - SansTheComic

29 Asrigore (Asriel X Asgore)

What everyone else said


A child and his father shipped? H to the E to the L L No.

Shipping a child with their dad is stupid. Like. what. - NoOreoForU

30 Turning the entire Undertale subreddit into Updog for April Fool's Day 2016

That was just a funny joke, not too weird.

31 Giantess Alphys Foot-Fetish Art

*foot fetish in generql

32 Frisky Danceoff (Video)
33 aMLGaM8s
34 Omega Memelord
35 Amalgamateys
36 Matchmaker (Comic)
37 Alphys Loves Feet (Fanfic)
38 An Entire Fanfic About Alphys Masturbating After Not Having Showered For A Disgustingly Long Time
39 Godawful MS Paint stick-figure drawings of the shippings

That exists? - NoOreoForU

40 MIDItale

I kinda like that... Don't judge me though - NoOreoForU

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