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1 Jocelyn Flores Jocelyn Flores Cover Art

X was a upcoming artist
He was best know for his lyrics and syllables

But in this song he poured his heart and soul in it, As well as hidden message that only true patrons could find

This spoke to a part of me that I was always aware of but never sought to explore. The lyrics are very powerful and the song bleeds emotion. Definitely one of, if not, his best songs

Out of all of his songs, this one is the most bearable. It's not over-the-top and hyper aggressive, but not too sappy.

Great song, shows how X experiments with his music and tries different genres (in this case lo-fi hip-hop) unlike other rappers today.

2 SAD! SAD! Cover Art

SAD! brings in some deep lyrics and also has a really good beat. This is literally my favorite song and I listen to it like 5 or 10 times everyday. R.I.P. XXXTentacion, Long Live the Legend, Jahseh Onfroy. No denying that the best always die first.

I usually hate soundcloud rappers and I'm more into Alternative Hip Hop and Old School Rap but this song is actually good.-DarkBoi-X

This song helped me in my most depressed time. It's a pity I only knew X after he'd died.

I like this song and I just found out about it (My friend in roblox told me about tentacion) its good.

3 Riot

Banger beat with some really introspective lyrics. Really illustrates the racism on both sides, which you don't normally see.

This song is way better than Sad or Jocelyn Flores because this song is actually amazing, his bars are top notch here.

Good. I like the beat in it. The 90s vibe gets me most of the time.

Best song. deserves 1. listen how clean he raps and how fast and aggressive. THIS MY favorite

4 Moonlight Moonlight Cover Art

Best production out of all x's songs. I like it a lot. His rock stuff is what I like most cause I'm a metal and punk fan but x was Aight

I think that this one should be moved up more it is a good song!

Riot is actually a really bad song, and while I like sad and Jocelyn Flores, this is the best, just because it's so catchy

I think this should be numder 2 it is a good song. Also to me it is you one best songs he made

5 I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore

Overall the best song he's ever made.

It's calm and has a nice soothing rhythm that you could listen to forever

Very sad song.Although it isn't very lyrical we can still see his emotion.

Favorite song by X

6 Look at Me! Look at Me! Cover Art

His music actually isn't that bad and I like some of his songs but this was garbage. The beat was good but everything else was bad. Lyrics and rapping were pretty bad. He still had potential though (rip by the way).

How can you not love this song? It blew him up and is so lit! So what if it's not lyrical. He still makes it work and those same lyrics are the ones that make this song one of X's best.

Eh, the lyrics are awful but the beat is great. It's the best song and worst song so I'm pretty skeptical about this. 3/5

A song about a dude not getting his private parts back in his pants is 2.86 on RYM.

And this is nowhere close to great.

7 Changes Changes Cover Art

You can hear the emotion in his voice...well you can all his ballads...but this is his most relatable song for me. Rip Legend for getting me through tough times x

This song was the first one I have ever listened to which was produced by xxx Tentacion.

Really good but Sad is better.

He can play piano so well.

8 Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares Cover Art

Please keep in mind that I voted on this list prior to actually listening to 17. After having listened to the album, I can tell you that this is definitely X's best song.

Although I've outgrown X and I dislike the 17 album, I still like this song. One of the few good songs from 17.

While I despised the 17 album, this song was 1 of the few standouts on it.

This is the best song on 17 because it's the most lyrical.

9 King of the Dead

This song is just perfect to listen to after he died.. He really is king of the dead

Its very cool and its relaxing and also it is very concentrating while playing video games

Love this song

10 F*** Love F*** Love Cover Art

Don't know how many times I've listened to this on loop. Perfect length, incredibly catchy, real emotion, and great lyricism. Not only the best X song, one of my favorite songs of all time.

One of my favorites, I listen to it a lot! Should be moved up.

Easily his best song, great beat, trippie has the best voice and X kills it with his raw emotion and painful voice. RIPXXX

Its good that it doesn't the word.

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11 Vice City

Eh, it's alright but his older songs are generally better.

Why does it have a pic of GTA: Vice City?

12 Revenge Revenge Cover Art

I've dug two graves for us, my dear
Can't pretend that I was perfect, leaving you in fear
Oh man, what a world, the things I hear
If I could act on my revenge, then, oh, would I?

Easily my one of my favorites by him.

This is the greatest

Love this song

13 Take a Step Back

I can't get it out of my head!
Also R.I.P. to the man himself long live XXXTentacion!

14 The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love) The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love) Cover Art

Hit's me personally for reasons. I love it

Its good and droopy.

15 I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine

Easily his best song. A masterpiece it's, emotional, chilling, and haunting. Amazing instrumental with harrowing lyrics paint a vivid picture of what X was seeing.

Definitely the most well written X song. An Ominous beat drapes over a scene of X making a deal with the devil which raises questions about his passing today.

This song is so sad yet so good. This deserves to be Top 3 due to emotion, if you're just now listening to this know that he was only 17 when it came out.

If you want a proper deep song, listen to this instead of the 17 album. This song actually has thought-provoking lyrics.

16 Okage the Shadow King

Definitely underrated so fire. Raps so fast in the middle I was like damn

Fire! My favorite x song at the moment

17 Infinity (888) Infinity (888) Cover Art

Should at least be top five. This song is great.

? was a pretty inconsistent album with a lot of rapid highs and lows, this song was easily one of the highs on the album. Joey Badass is an amazing lyricist by the way.

Old school and epic flow

Classic old school

18 Numb Numb Cover Art

This song's instrumental is so grand. And this is some of X's best singing. It's a simple yet effective song.

This my favourite song by him, his singing voice suited this type of music.

The "Listen to Sample" for this song proves how amazing it is!

Best I have ever heard... really deep and relatable!

19 Sippinteainyohood

This song is fire it deserves to be in top 10, not 11!

Nice song but half of it is instrumental.

I love how aggressive this song is.

It's so, aggressive. I like it.

20 R.I.P Roach

Great song, but it's a shame that not many new fans know about it.

Weird but sick

21 Iloveitwhentheyrun

Very good song

22 One Minute One Minute Cover Art
23 Up Like an Insomniac Up Like an Insomniac Cover Art
24 Valentine Valentine Cover Art

One of his most underrated songs, might be because it's not on Spotify.

25 Slipknot Slipknot Cover Art
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