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1 Jocelyn Flores

Honestly this should be #1 because this song has a great deal of emotions and it is so good...i was shown this song and loved ever since

Out of all of his songs, this one is the most bearable. It's not over-the-top and hyper aggressive, but not too sappy. - hiphopgod

How is this 2 it is so good

Great song, shows how X experiments with his music and tries different genres (in this case lo-fi hip-hop) unlike other rappers today.

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2 Look at Me!

Eh, the lyrics are awful but the beat is great. It's the best song and worst song so I'm pretty skeptical about this. 3/5 - AlphaQ

Overrated song. Not even his best. - ZDNSR

K it's down to a 2.5/5 - AlphaQ

A song about a dude not getting his private parts back in his pants is 2.86 on RYM.

And this is nowhere close to great. - StarlightSpanks

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3 Sippinteainyohood Sippinteainyohood

Nice song but half of it is instrumental. - ZDNSR

Hmmm...3/5. Better than Look At Me. - AlphaQ

4 King of the Dead

Love this song - HollowArrow

5 Riot

Best lyrics in an X song, and the beat is amazing- 4/5

His best song - venomouskillingmachine


6 I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore

Has slightly more thought than most of his work

Best song ever created by xxxtentacion

Best Rapper @xxxtencion

7 F*** Love

Actually one of the best from that disaster known as 17. 2/5 - StarlightSpanks

8 Iloveitwhentheyrun
9 Valentine
10 Yung Bratz

This song is one of the most hype songs this man ever dropped

Most lit song by far. Vote for this

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? Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares
? Okage the Shadow King

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11 Take a Step Back
12 Garette's Revenge
13 Revenge
14 Vice City

HOW IS LOOK AT ME OVER THIS - venomouskillingmachine

15 King
16 R.I.P Roach
17 Rare Pt. 2

His best song, and it's also really rare too - venomouskillingmachine

18 Xxxanax
19 Spaceghostp***y

Great beat

20 Amy Winehouse
21 Up Like an Insomniac
22 Indecision
23 A Ghetto Christmas Carol
24 Slipknot
25 Patty Cake

Isn't this Kodak black?

26 Run Up on Me

Very good beat howerver the lyrics are ok personally my favorite

27 Teeth

It makes me happy to be honest...

28 Str8 Shot
29 Wingriddenangel
30 Tightrope
31 Bitch Call Me Captain Morgan
32 Skin
33 Caution
34 Catch
35 Gospel
36 Happy Halloween

I'm gonna blare this song at my Halloween party this year! Clean version of course because of little kids

37 Live Off a Lick
38 Suicide Pit
39 Again
40 Supra
41 Never

Depressing and versatile, definitely my favorite - Vegeta40049

42 Numb

Depressing... - Not_A_Weeaboo

43 Schizophrenia
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1. Valentine
2. F*** Love
3. Jocelyn Flores
1. Look at Me!
2. Sippinteainyohood
3. Iloveitwhentheyrun
1. Riot
2. Vice City
3. Rare Pt. 2

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