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1 Jocelyn Flores

Why is this actually good? - I80

Powerful lyrics, really gives me the chills, and the beginning is so great, it's short but great

Best song but sad is better

This is my second favorite. - Luckys

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2 SAD!

This is my life in a nutshell.

Jocelyn Flores isn't even that good. This should be number 1.

This is definitely Number 1. It also made the radio a lot

Nice song

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3 Riot

Banger get my nuts soft

Best song of his career - akjfries

This songs catchy and has a good message

Still wish he could've kept the music video

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4 Moonlight

Spotlight uh moonlight uh

It's just infectious, makes u wanna vibe

Probably one of his best, need to be top 3

Love this song, very catchy and I listen to it about 10 times a day

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5 I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore

"I don't wanna love myself, I'm praying that they all love me"

So smother and emotional and fire

It's calm and has a nice soothing rhythm that you could listen to forever

Saddest x song in my opinion

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6 Look at Me!

Never cared for this song highly overrated my favorite songs from X are Alone Part 3, Save Me, Remedy for a broken Heart, Numb, and Revenge

Great beat lyrics are a big yikes but everything else is good

I love it

I love this song

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7 Changes

Really good but Sad is better.

Really emotional

Fine song...

It is so beautiful and sensitive

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8 Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares

I miss-clicked. I wanted to vote for look at me

It's a good beat and the lyrics just match together.

This is my favorite. - Luckys

This is the best song on 17 because it's the most lyrical. - Queen_Hoe

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9 F*** Love

Best but sad sucks big @$$

so good

Favorite X song, beautiful beat and soulful singing


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10 Sippinteainyohood Sippinteainyohood

It's so, aggressive. I like it. - Luckys

This song is fire it deserves to be in top 10, not 11!

Best x song in my opinion.

This song is okay like others

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11 Vice City

This is good. - Luckys

Damn. 3%?

EPIC why isn't it at number 5

Best x song

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12 King of the Dead

Its very cool and its relaxing and also it is very concentrating while playing video games

This song is just perfect to listen to after he died.. He really is king of the dead

I love this song its very easy to just start singing to but overall its just A song that is over the top and suits me perfectly

Perfect beat

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13 Revenge

Love this song

This was his first song about the death of his friend JF, can really feel his emotion

I absolutely <3 this song

My favourite ever and I've heard it all

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14 Take a Step Back



I can’t get it out of my head!
Also R.I.P. to the man himself long live XXXTentacion!

15 Okage the Shadow King

Definitely underrated so fire. Raps so fast in the middle I was like damn

This song is a lyrical genius, you should not under estimate this song, yeet

Fire! My favorite x song at the moment

Most underrated song of all time - venomouskillingmachine

16 Infinity (888)

Should at least be top five. This song is great.

He's gotta the best bars and isn't being emotional in this song. 5/5 - AlphaQ

This is one of the best songs of this generation.1000000/10

That song showed how versatile he was

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17 Numb

The "Listen to Sample" for this song proves how amazing it is! - RandomThings

Best x song ever

Best I have ever heard... really deep and relatable!

The beat on this is so chill, and has brooklyn vibes which is perfect with a joey feature

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18 The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)

Because when I'm sad I will blast this

Hit's me personally for reasons. I love it

I love this song with my heart and soul

love this

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19 Yung Bratz

Pure love
rip x

Fire definitely one of the best tracls

Fire song. Best Song ever by X but I personally like the depressing stuff more lmao. RIP the legend himself XXXTentacion

This song is one of the most hype songs this man ever dropped

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20 Iloveitwhentheyrun

Very good song


21 R.I.P Roach

Great song, but it's a shame that not many new fans know about it.

Weird but sick

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23 Garette's Revenge


One of his best songs in my opinion. I just kept listening to it over and over again and I never got tired of it

24 Up Like an Insomniac

Best freestyle ever created

So good bars up up up up ayy stuff go hard

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25 Staring at the Sky UListen to Sample
26 Slipknot UListen to Sample
27 BAD

This should be at
#1 lol

Its awesome the tone and the bead he sings it in is right just like revenge

Amazing song with great lyrics

Shawty heart bad something like bad girl going up going down in and out turn around SHAWTY HEART BAD girl want your love call me when u can girl going up going down in and out turn around lovin how u moving noww that's all I gotta say...

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28 Again UListen to Sample
29 I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine

His best song with the some of his deepest lyrics

Easily his best song. A masterpiece it's, emotional, chilling, and haunting. Amazing instrumental with harrowing lyrics paint a vivid picture of what X was seeing.

One of the best beats ever made and the best freestyle of x

It is emotional, but so chill to listend to

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30 Xxxanax

true dat

31 White Girl
32 Rare Pt. 2

This is his best song I love it so much

Why is this 29? I was expecting it to be 1. Seriously, this song is the best he has made, with Riot being 2nd and King of the Dead being 3rd in my opinion.

His best song, and it's also really rare too - venomouskillingmachine

33 Looking for a Star

The most underrated x song

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34 What in XXXTarnation

Bohemian Rhapsody truly was Freddie Mercury's masterpiece. Shame he died at a young age from complications of the horrible disease AIDS. I know you're rocking it in heaven Freddie, live on you Killer Queen.

Amazing Track - RogerWaters

Really good song

X was one of the biggest inspirations in music, change my mind

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35 Valentine

Best song and decreases anxiety by 65% apparently but really good for when your about have a panic attack

One of his most underrated songs, might be because it’s not on Spotify.

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36 Maxipads 4 Everyone!
37 King

The buildup was flawless. He releases such raw emotion in this song that no one can come close to matching. Such an underrated song, should at least be in the top 5.

Not hype and that's what makes it such a good song. It's very calm, almost somber. A personal favorite to be honest.

38 You're Thinking Too Much, Stop It


39 Arms Around You

Best song ever


This should be in top 10! Awesome song...

This is a good song

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40 Netherrack!
41 Palm Trees
42 Caution

The beat though

goes hard

43 Ice Hotel
44 #proudcatowner #ihaterappers #ieatpussy

Just the best one I have ever heard.
Needs to be longer


10/10 title - Queen_Hoe

45 Hope


It is amazing

The best and will forever be the greatest

This song shows x cares for his fans

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46 Uh Oh, Thots! (Remix)

Release it on Apple Music

47 Spaceghostp***y

Goes harrrddd

Great beat

48 Catch

Very underrated, best sample of his by far...

49 Let's Pretend We're Numb

This is his best song, no question. - 3500elin

Lyrics, beat, everything, amazing.

So good

50 Guardian Angel

Amazing but half of it was just jocelyn flores backwards

Jocelyn Flores was beautiful and so was this. - Queen_Hoe

This song is amazing! First time I listened to it, I got in my feelings:(
We all miss you,RIP X:(

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