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Not Yu-Gi-Oh GX! The original series. It doesn't matter if it's magic, monster, or trap. Just the best Yu-Gi-Oh cards in general.
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1 Exodia the Forbidden One

I don't know why people keep voting for this card. It SUCKS. Do you realize just how long it takes to get Exodia on the field? My Beatdown Deck would obliterate ANY Exodia Deck. Exodia Decks mostly have cards just to draw so you can get all five pieces in your Hand. Because your Deck is mostly getting cards into your Hand instead of the field, making Exodia Decks almost defenseless. Beatdown Decks consist of monsters with high attack, and effects like Battle Mania which forces your opponent's monsters into attack position and makes them attack, dealing high burn damage. The rest of the card effects are dedicated to taking out your opponent's field. This deck also runs quickly, bringing demolition in a few turns compared to the painstakingly long wait to get all of Exodia in your Hand.

This card is the worst card ever. If you have an Exodia Deck, you're gonna lose a lot of duels because most of its support cards allow you to just draw, and if you don't have many monsters, you're toast before you get Exodia out. And if an Exidia Deck goes up against a Beatdown Deck, like mine, they are most definitely screwed. Beatdown Decks consist of monsters with high attack and traps like Battle Mania and others to force their opponents into attack position and force them to attack the monsters with higher attack. And the rest of the traps and spells are dedicated to destroying your opponent's traps and spells. Making Exodia Deck cook under pressure.

It is amazing when you're able to summon all five cards, but it's extremely difficult to summon them and keep them on the field.

I would disagree because sure exodia can automaticlly win the duel but it sucks you don't really have fun. There is more cards that jave bigger advantages like Zarc. Zarc can destroy your field when summoned. Dark rebellion can take attack points away clear wing you can negate and stariving venom can copy the effect of anything. There can also be supreme kings version of the cards that can slash the field. I mean like really exodia shouldn't be in first place at all so you guys need to update this information. Even the rest of the whole board because all this can easily be defeated.

2 Slifer the Sky Dragon

I have got out of many of sticky situations with this card, it's A: a god card B: your opponent cannot activate spells, traps or monster effects that target it. That and it only requires 3 tributes (would recommend pendulum summoning). If you took winged dragon of RA, a lot of the time a simple spell card targeting the opponent can wipe them out, obelisk's attack can also be weak if you focus on keeping a high amount of cards within your hand, so in the end it all comes down to how you play but if played right Slifer can be One of the best cards in game

Slifer the Sky Dragon just has to be the best card in the world. He gains 1000 ATK and definitely for each card in your Hand and no card effects can be activated other than his own. THEN, (this is the best part), each time your opponent Summons/Special Summons a Monster onto their side of the field in face up attack position, it loses 2000 ATK, and if it's ATK is lowered to 0 by this card's effect, destroy it. There aren't many level 4 or lower cards with an ATK over 2000, so you're opponent is pretty much screwed once this card is on the field.

Slifer is to beast to explain he always wins against about anything! I was again thinking I was going to lose but he basically destroyed my best friends' red eyes, blue eyes white dragon, and his twin headed thunder dragon! I run a dragon deck like my friend and slifer is my best dragon yet even counting blue eyes ultimate dragon!

This card is the BEST card EVER. It gains 1000ATK and definitely for each card in your Hand, then each monster on your opponent's side of field and every monster they Summon(in any way), loses 2000ATK and if a monster's ATK is lowered to 0 by this card's effect, destroy it. The highest you can get this card would be 8,000(in technical terms); meaning his effect aids his ATK by lowering his opponent's ATK, so by technicality, Slifer gains what is lost, totaling out at 8,000ATK. Slifer is THE boss.

3 The Winged Dragon of Ra

By far the best, and one I recite the ancient chant, but The Winged Dragon is hard to beat.
My way to summon it is, offer up Temple of The Kings, with Mystical Beast to summon Blue Eyes White Dragon.
2nd draw 4 cards In hand, 2 cards face down, 1 being Black Luster Ritual offer up Blue Eyes White Dragon from hand to summon Black Luster Soldier from hand.
3rd draw Pot Of Greed, 2 cards drawn one is Folish Burial send Valkyrion to graveyard, revive with Monster reborn.
4th turn draw Winged Dragon Of Ra, sacrifice all 3. Attack 9,500 with 8,850 defense. But this card is my best one, once summoned I've had 0 losses in 5 years, and once I had Ra with an attack of 10,000 with defense same.

You can get more attack and defense points just by sacrificing monsters on the field. So just keep using goblindberg's effect and you will be unstoppable. Also if you sacrifice slifer the sky dragon and the winged dragon of ra with obelisk already on the field, obelisk has infinite attack and defense. This card should be the best card because if you have a card or 2, slifer is worthless, if you sacrifice good cards, it can beat obelisk, and it's a very low chance that your oppenent will have the five pieces of exodia in his hand. Ra Rules!

Ra is by far the best I got it for my birth day he is hands down the est of the trio and before I had him I was kept at second place in the year leaderboards at school now I whoop ass especially with my triple blue eyes, dark magician and red eyes and nothing can beat him if you use cards to heal/gain lps then get him to 8000 atk then use the rest he can destroy any cards that might kill him. Or with azure eyes's effect he can't be targeted. there are so many good card combos all cards on this page used with him make him more powerful.

You can make this card invincible! All you need is this card then prime material dragon then mausoleum of the emperor and astral barrier if you have these cards then you know how yo win. It will kill exodia or any other cards with its special effect but since you still have prime material dragon out you will gain those life points I used this idea that I made up and I got over thirty thousand life points at least. you can use my idea in a duel you will win and by the way there is now a legal version of the God cards

4 Obelisk the Tormentor

For all of you people who keep saying that if you tribute Slifer and Ra to get Obelisk on the field, Obelisk's ATK becomes infinity, you are so wrong. Where exactly does it say on Obelisk that that would happen? It DOESN'T. And if it DID, the card would be banned due to one hit K.O. since you take battle damage from the difference of the two battling cards; if one of them had infinity, there would be an infinity difference; meaning that your opponent would take infinity damage, and since Obelisk can't be destroyed by battle or card effects, it would be EXTREMELY over powered. Deeming it illegal in every Duel. So NO, Obelisk does NOT nor will EVER have infinity stats.

Whoever posters the comment saying "Obelisk can easily defeat Slifer and Ra because he has abilities that don't backfire at all" is a dumb head. Obelisk's ATK and definitely are the LOWEST of the Egyptain God Cards. And just because he can't be destroyed by battle doesn't mean you don't take battle damage. In other words: let's say Slifer has 5000ATK and Obelisk has 4000ATK, Slifer attacks Obelsik, Obelisk doesn't die, you stil take 1000 damage, making you still vurnerable to attacks. And Slifer is the BEST. Slifer's abilities don't backfire, they enhance his power, but I will say this: Ra's abilities DO suck, cause if someone pulls out Magic Cylinder on someone using Ra, they could be DONE. Slifer is still the best.

Obelisk has protection from traps, spells and monster effects. If you tribute 2 monsters on the field, Obelisk can wipe all the monsters your opponent control's. Moreover, I can't understand why does the Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon is in 4th place instead of Obelisk. Obelisk has it's own attack 4000 where as Ultimate Blue Eyes Dragon it can be summoned by fusing three Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Obelisk is the most powerful of the playable Egyptian gods because he cannot be targeted by any effects, unlike all of the other god cards. He can also destroy all of your openents monsters with his effect so you could have any monster and I could kill it with Obelisk's effect (except Abyssal Kingshark, but you can kill him with an attack). The only drawback is that he cannot be equiped with equip spells.

5 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Me and my classmate's decks are pretty equal powered so it takes hours to finish a duel so that gives me enough time to bust out 3 blue eyes and a fusion card and merge them together to DESTROY! 4500 ATK/definitely who can beat that!?

This card is absolutely amazing and I'm shocked that it isn't the best card. Honestly this is the awesome at card am I right people!

Its just simply not just relatively good but an interesting and cool card that's just plain awesome to hold in your hand.

It's powerful and it has crazy attack and decent defense.
Even doe it has no effect.

6 Five Headed Dragon

Whoever said that this card can beat the God Cards has OBVIUOSLY NOT read them. They are called GOD CARDS for a reason. Ra's ATK can get up to 7900ATK and definitely. Then you can pay 1000 Life Points to destroy ALL cards your opponent controls. Obelisk cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects, and his effect is that you can Tribute two monsters you control to destroy ALL of your opponents monsters, and since his cannot be destroyed by card effects, he can just attack directly. Then Slifer, the best, gains 1000 ATK AND definitely for each card in your Hand, THEN his effect says any card your opponent summons in face up attack position, loses 2000ATK, and if it's ATK is lowered to 0 by this effect, destroy it. Not many level 4 monsters have over 2000ATK anyways, so your Five Headed Dragon is screwed once just ONE of these cards on the field. NOTHING can compete with The Gods. You have been proved wrong. You should really do some research before trash talking about other cards.

Hey, this card is definitely NOT the strongest card out there. You want some power look up Armityle the Chaos Phantom. His ATK and definitely read 0, but read its effect: can't be destroyed by battle and you take no battle damage involving this card. This card gains 10,000ATK on your turn only. You can then equip Armityle with Shooting Star Bow-Ceal, which takes away 1000 of his ATK, but he can attack directly now; making him a powerhouse with 9,000ATK and can attack directly. One hit K.O.

Amazing card, 5000 attack the highest in the game and 5000 defense! And can't be destroyed by battle by Earth, Water, Fire, Wind or Dark monsters! Plus if you have Royal decree out it can't be mirror forced or sakuretsu armored or anything, AND if you have you have a lord of D on the field it's safe from card effects too! BOOM

Don't get me wrong here but... It saves time compared to blue eyes... Plus you don't need any polmeryzation. All you need are any 5 dragon cards. A quick way to summon this is to load up your deck with dragon types... And in a matter of seconds its on the field... Remember if you have more than 1 copy of this its definitely worth the time

7 Blue Eyes White Dragon

One I the most iconic and powerful cards in the game. On their own they aren't exactly an unstoppable force but that's not why they are so good. They are the key to some of the three most powerful cards in the game. If you fuse three together you get the mighty blue eyes ultimate dragon then if you fuse that with black luster soldier you get the dragon master knight. However slightly more experienced players will want a card than can raise its attack every turn and is immune to effects so tribute the blue eyes ultimate dragon to special summon the blue eyes shining dragon. I have used this card many times and not once has it been destroyed. It takes a real strategy to bring it down so if you can spring it on your opponent Theseus is yours.

Not only is it the most beautiful dragon ever, but it's also the basic foundation for the most powerful cards of all time. Blue Eyes alone has 3,000 ATK. Combined three of those bad boys together you get the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with 4,500 ATK. Combine the Ultimate Dragon with a Black Luster Solider, you get the Dragon Master Night with 5,000 ATK. Spare one of your Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragons to send out a Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. A super powerful card right there. Anyways, you can't get any of those powerful monsters without starting off with a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

My favorite card. Currently own 2 of them. Exodia is extremely easy to beat if your opponent has 1 copy of each piece in their deck and you destroy one of them using card destruction, light force sword can give you sometime to get CD, Card Exchange--You trade one card with one of your opponents from your hands-- and others I'm too lazy to say or can't remember at the moment.

Is The Original art Blue Eyes REALLY worth a lot of money!? :O

Like original meaning the same image as the anime used (because I have 1 of them in OK condition----Holds Sentimental Value not selling even if it is >. <)

Blue eyes is first of all strong, no duh. But he is also expensive. I have three copies and they are just fun to use when I duel my friend. Back to expensive most sites said the original blue eyes white dragon is over 1,000$. " go my blue eyes, attack with wight lightning" Seto Kaiba

8 Rainbow Dragon

This card is awesome super strong and beautiful. I have many cards gem beast so if I get it I'm the king.

Rainbow dragon paired with some spell cards is more powerful than even blue eyes ultimate dragon.

I have this card its also called rainbow neos it's the best I got it in a twilight pack from argos £12.99 came with 3 packets and 3 bonus packs great! Epic I thin

With 4000 attack points it good!

9 Pot of Greed

This is by far the STRONGEST card ever. This card has no disadvantages. Not even the imaginary disadvantage that if you draw this card you might not draw an other card. Its good that its banned. If not I would put it in every deck as much as I am allowed to. It would only be logical.

And there shouldn't be a card that every deck MUST have, no matter what.

Nowadays Painful Choice is better since it wins on resolution, but back in the day Pot of Greed was the most broken Spell card (and is pretty much number 2 nowadays). +1 CA at no cost, there would be no reason not to play it if it was not banned.

One card in hand that replaces itself with 2 cards from your deck. Great after searching a bunch of cards especially because then you're more likely to draw those cards you can't search. Also thins out your deck in the process.

This card definitely is one of the best, it almost always gets me out of tough situations when I duel. Too bad it's banned from tournament duels or I'd be able to enter with my dragon deck.

10 Relinquish

Great card, but you need the "Black Illusion Ritual" Card to ritual summon it, and you don't always have that spell card and Relinquish in your hand at the same time. I'd recommend you'd use Thousand-Eye Restrict instead (Fusion Monster: Thousand-Eye Idol + Relinquished), which is the exact same except you stop all the monsters on the field from attacking and changing their position. It is a bit harder to do it this way if you don't have Polymerization (Duh! ) and a Apprentice Magician (when destroyed special summon a 2-star or less monster from your deck) of two.

Relinquished is easily a valuable card to have in your deck. When I used to play, I always hated ritual summoning, but this card isn't much of a problem to deal with. You can sacrafise a low level monster to summon it and relinquished's effects are probably at the top of the game. He takes control of a monster and takes that monster's attack and defense. If your opponent attacks and successfully destroys it, then you don't loose any life points; instead the damage is delt to them. I don't know of any monster that can beat this card, only spell and trap cards.

Well, what can I say this card. Wow. Got a ritual raven to summon it and when it is out it will not be stopped, even if they manage to kill it after the killing pain and agony trying to take it down, I quickly activate a monster reborn or call of the haunted. carnage begins once more.

This card wins the game. My friend summoned a blue eyes white dragon and an Obelisk the Tormentor and I was able to take control of them both. he targeted my Relinquish with his other blue eyes but it killed his first blue eyes instead. This card kicks some butt.

The Contenders
11 Delinquent Duo

Forget Pot of Greed even, this card is INSANE. Pay 1000 lp to make your opponent discard 1 random card, then they choose 1 other card and discard that as well. This means if you activate it turn 1, not only do you potentially knock a hand trap out of your opponent's hand before you start to make your board, your opponent also starts the duel with less cards than you did despite drawing first. Play this with Forceful Sentry and Confiscation, and with the right cards, you can make your opponent discard their entire hand before they even get to play a single card.

Discarding 2 cards at once without any real downside or restriction makes this card incredible.

Really good card to make your opponent not be able to play the game

12 Marshmallon

I have 3 of these in my deck. He can't be destroyed by battle, so put him in defense position and your life points will always be safe. Plus you should get mashmallon eyes with him; it's a magic card that makes your opponent only attack marshmallon. Stack up your deck with this guy and you'll be sure to win.

He is cool looking cause he is a marshmallow and each time your opponent tries to attack it face-down, your opponent takes 1000 pts. of damage! And he cannot be destroyed by battle so I keep switching him to DEF mode.

Marshmallon is perfect for stalling so I can get the right cards from my monarch deck. Add Marshmallon Glasses for the perfect combo.

Marshmallon glasses makes it amazing also when combined by book of moon

13 Dark Magician Girl

Of course She is very strong.

Theoretically her attack power is limitless.

And she have a very good balance between her attack power and her defense power.

Many monsters have a good attack or a defense, but a very bad defense or attack.

Dark magician girl is very strong and have much power, doesn't matter attack or defense.

I don't even have Dark Magician in my deck. I have Dark Magician Girl and 3 Magician of Black Chaos cards that I can either ritual summon or discard to boost Dark Magician Girl's attack whenever she's on the field. So I can get a 2900 ATK monster on the field with only one tribute needed if all 3 Black Chaos mages are in the graveyard.

She's cute, and has good attack for a monster that requires one sacrifice, and her effect allows her to get stronger if you have some dark magicians up your sleeve, or more specifically in your graveyard or your opponents graveyard. Put here in a good dark magician deck and you're set to power her up.

She's cute though, I wish will have a dark magician girl show, I think anime lovers will love it, mostly yugioh lovers, I wish it happen someday, because dark magician girl has a looks, charm, and appeal to the audience, and she's deserving to have her own spot, I wish anime companies will appreciate it...

14 Forceful Sentry

Look at your opponent's hand, choose 1 card in their hand; shuffle it into the deck. Oh my goodness, that effect is absurd, and here's why. Not only do you get to see every card in your opponent's hand and therefore know what your best opening plays will most likely be, you get to spin any of the cards in their hand into the deck, which also prevents them from getting any potential Graveyard effects off. It lets you knock a hand trap out of their hand, often leaving them unable to stop your combo.

Looking at your opponents hand, getting rid of their best card and figuring out what deck they play is enough to win the duel on it's own in most cases

15 Dark Magician

It's an old card, but also a card that was one of the first cards ever realeased. It also has strong attack points and ok defense points and it looks pretty cool. Plus it is one of the most famous cards in the world, and its stronger than Red Eyes B. Dragon! They even named more cards after Dark Magician; Dark magian girl, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Magician of Arkana and more! So I'm here to say, "Vote for Dark Magician! "

Dark Magician may be a normal monster but it has strong support spell cards such as Dark Magic Attack, Thousand Knives, etc. Also it has 2500 ATK and 2100 definitely points. Finally this is the signature card of the King of Games and the greatest duelist ever in all of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime Yugi Moto.

"Ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense." They could have made a better card description for such a strong card. But still if you have a combo with dark magician girl you are perfect

Ok whoa, time out! If dark magician girl is over the original dark magician then there is something wrong here... This is yugi's trump card and has won many a battle!

16 Card of Safe Return

If a monster is Special Summoned from your Graveyard, draw 1 card. Combine this with Level Eater, Premature Burial + Giant Trunade, or a deck that can Special Summon from Graveyard like crazy, then you can potentially draw your entire deck in 1 turn.

Some decks draw 10 or more cards with this, so obviously broken. This should honestly be called the "God Card-"

17 Jinzo

My friend has a (non) tournament deck that consist of three blue-eyes + blue eyes ultimate, a monster reborn and two call of the haunted's.

Jinzo completely locks him out of his CotH and with revival jam can mean devastation to your opponent, as it does with me to my friend.

Was my favorite monster as a kid and still is today. Arguably Joey's best monster

Someone stole my Jinzo once and I was so mad I lost my deck that I quit. My deck will never be the same without another Jinzo in it. You hate it because you don't have it and you'll love it when you do. You need it. Get one.

Essential in most decks. One of the best effects for a level 6 monster. Before acquiring this card, I was always losing against my friends... with my Jinzo deck, I really frustrate them.

I love jinzo. I always love using it on my opponent when I know they have a trap waiting for me. Hee Hee. It seems to really make them made. If you equip it with mist body, then it is even more amazing.

18 Harpie's Feather Duster

IS the best card of mai Valentine.

Destroying all of your opponent's traps and spells can disrupt their plans and end duels if used

Its super good

19 Mirror Force

Mirror force in my opinion is like the best trap card we will ever know. Basically if your opponent attacks when this is set there screwed. There monsters are destroyed and you can attack directly next turn. It's a handy dandy trap.

One of the most anoying things ever is when you've got an army of strong cards, you attack your opponents weak last monster and then all of your monsters die.

I love this card! It has saved my butt in really thin spots. I recommend this for any beginners.

Mirror force is powerful but if you pair it with Mirror force launcher it is even better.

20 Painful Choice

Choose 5 cards in your deck, your opponent chooses 1 of them. Add that card to your hand, then send the rest to the Graveyard. Aside from the fact these cards can include Spells and Traps, you can choose multiple copies of the same card, so your opponent is forced to send at least 1 copy of a card you want in your Graveyard. On top of that, not only are you thinning out your deck and setting up your Graveyard, you also get a card in your hand, meaning you break even in card economy. Play this before Pot of Greed if you have both in hand.

Possibly the best card ever created, setting up your graveyard with 5 cards at once is just beyond all balancing, The fact that foolish burial is limited right now and only sends 1 is enough to proof how crazy this card is.

21 Penguin Soldier

Penguin soldier is the toughest card in my deck. With an immense 8000 atk and unlimited defense, and an effect that wipes out the entire field, penguin soldier is one to keep. He can even beat exodia.

22 Graceful Charity

While it's not a +1 in card advantage like Pot of Greed, this card not only fixes bad hands, but lets you rip through your deck and setup your Graveyard in the process.

23 Cyber End Dragon

This is the best card for it can deal a piercing damage when it attacks a defense position monster. You can also make a combo with this card to kill your opponent in a single turn. For example, 3 cyber dragons, 1 power bond, 1 heavy storm, and 1 dark hole can kill your opponent in a single turn. First, activate dark hole and heavy storm to clear the opponents field and then activate power bond to summon cyber end dragon and use it to direct your opponents life points, so to reduce the life points to 0 and win the game. There are also other combination of cyber end dragon cards to make a one turn kill to your opponents life points.

CED is the way to go if you want a complete powerhouse that's easy to summon. With 4000 ATK, piercing damage and easy summoning requirements (there's so many cards that can take Cyber Dragons place) this is truly a card without equal.

I find it funny that Exodia and Ultimate Blue Eyes are in the top 2, since Exodia needs all its limbs to be any help and Ultimate Blue Eyes is easy to counter with traps and spells.

I've had this card forever it is so good,plus you just need two cyber dragons and one beast king of swamps or two beast kings vote for this card even more ok it is more powerful than obelisk case closed.

He is really strong. I have a cyber end deck. It dominates all of my friends. It is super amazing and powerful.

24 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Blue Eyes Shining is a bad card. First of all, you need to tribute an Ultimate Dragin, which as a base 4500, and Shining has a base 3000. True it has a good effect, and could be an effective combo with Call of the Haunted, but the card is hard to come by and impractical. I'll stick with BUD tyvm.

When you summon this card, you straight away get 4200 attack, stronger than obelisk the tormentor, and it can also negate cards effects whenever you like.

Really? This guy is hard core. He deserves to be in the top 10 more than his predecessors.

This guy should be put way before blue yes w. dragon and blue eyes u. Dragon

25 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End

I have seen people kick my butt the moment they get out this card. I totally wish I had it, as it is an amazingly powerful card- and that's why it is banned... Unless I get my hands on one, it should definitely stay that way.

Game Breaker of Awesomeness. This card should definitely be up on the list. Nuking the field for a small price? Yes please! 300 damage per destroyed card? Great idea! Rumors that it's coming back? Awesome!

Pre Errata, you could use it's effect the turn it is summoned. So basicly, you search and summon this, get a bunch of graveyard effects and just win.

Strongest most deadliest card ever released, why it's still banned and will always be. This is a legendary card people!

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