Top Ten Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Not Yu-Gi-Oh GX! The original series. It doesn/t matter if it/s magic, monster, or trap. Just the best Yu-Gi-Oh cards in general.

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1 Exodia the Forbidden One

Amazing card! You win a duel if you have all the forbidden parts and exodia! Its only level 3!

But it's so easy to disrupt the strategy by seeing their hand and using card destruction

Exodia! OBLITERATE! When this card comes out, you're dead meat!

Exodia what more can I say the sickest card can not be killed infinity stats absolute beast try ti lock it up in a chain to strong gonna obliterate you to the shadow realm.

What the heck how is this card the best this thing should be the worst card in the world never use it wastes five cards in your deck space so dumb

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2 Slifer the Sky Dragon

The best of the three god cards by far. Its always ben my favorite god card, IT GAINS 1000 ATK FOR EVERY CARD IN YOUR HAND! Vote for it!

İt is almost impossible to summon exodia guys. Yes you can't use god cards in a duel but there is the new playable Egyptian god card serie. The effects are
Almost equal to the unplayable ones. And if you paly with an enemy who has exodia, you can beat him. Because when you summon a god card, either players
Can't activate any effects of monsters, spell and trap cards. So, Exodia can do anything to a god card.

Slifer is to beast to explain he always wins against about anything! I was again thinking I was going to lose but he basically destroyed my best friends' red eyes, blue eyes white dragon, and his twin headed thunder dragon! I run a dragon deck like my friend and slifer is my best dragon yet even counting blue eyes ultimate dragon!

Slifer is so awesome I won the world chapionchip in 2018 with him

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3 The Winged Dragon of Ra

Best monster card! It saved me when I thought I was about to lose in a tournament with my friends! It's one of the best monster cards I've ever gotten!

Give one thousand life points and wipe out your opponent's cards for good

I got the tournament legal version and it totally rocks I need the other two cards though to make an ultimate deck

This card is the worst slifer could take it any day of the week

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4 Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk is the best guys. He can totally kick some butt. I mean with 4000 attack points your set. I have one it's a king of my deck. My blue eyes ultimate and white dragon are second but obelisk is my big powerhouse of my deck

Man, this card is just epic, the picture is amazing, and the attack is beast, I mean, its just superior to the other two Egyptian god cards, I wish I had the tournament legal version, but I only have the legal version of Ra, regardless, I would trade Ra for Obelisk any day.

Obelisk is the most powerful Egyptian gods because of his abilitys. Obelisk can easily defeat slifer and ra because he has abilites that will not backfire at all.

Great card its cool

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5 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

No effect but it has a very strong monster combination spell cards is great

Can you get 3 of these on the field?
( Yu-Gi-Oh! Isn't boring.. It's just a children's card game )

Its awesome I absolutely love this card I want it now so anyone with it give me the card

looks cool

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6 Five Headed Dragon

Amazing card, 5000 attack the highest in the game and 5000 defense! And can't be destroyed by battle by Earth, Water, Fire, Wind or Dark monsters! Plus if you have Royal decree out it can't be mirror forced or sakuretsu armored or anything, AND if you have you have a lord of D on the field it's safe from card effects too! BOOM

Even though it needs so much dragon type monsters, it is so strong atk-5000 definitely-5000, its stats is almost the same as elite master knight, I always defeat my classmate with this card.

Strongest Monster in the game and just overall one of the best. I dare you to be able to summon this powerhouse!


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7 Blue Eyes White Dragon

I love this card it rocks! Although I did a mistake of trading both of my only Blue Eyes. It will always be my favorite card. I like it because you can fuse it to make 2 really awesome cards(blue eyes ultimate dragon and dragon master knight)

One I the most iconic and powerful cards in the game. On their own they aren't exactly an unstoppable force but that's not why they are so good. They are the key to some of the three most powerful cards in the game. If you fuse three together you get the mighty blue eyes ultimate dragon then if you fuse that with black luster soldier you get the dragon master knight. However slightly more experienced players will want a card than can raise its attack every turn and is immune to effects so tribute the blue eyes ultimate dragon to special summon the blue eyes shining dragon. I have used this card many times and not once has it been destroyed. It takes a real strategy to bring it down so if you can spring it on your opponent Theseus is yours.

Not only is it the most beautiful dragon ever, but it's also the basic foundation for the most powerful cards of all time. Blue Eyes alone has 3,000 ATK. Combined three of those bad boys together you get the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with 4,500 ATK. Combine the Ultimate Dragon with a Black Luster Solider, you get the Dragon Master Night with 5,000 ATK. Spare one of your Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragons to send out a Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. A super powerful card right there. Anyways, you can't get any of those powerful monsters without starting off with a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

I'm a Blue Eyes White Dragon while you just Dark Magician! Oh

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8 Dark Magician

It's an old card, but also a card that was one of the first cards ever realeased. It also has strong attack points and ok defense points and it looks pretty cool. Plus it is one of the most famous cards in the world, and its stronger than Red Eyes B. Dragon! They even named more cards after Dark Magician; Dark magian girl, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Magician of Arkana and more! So I'm here to say, "Vote for Dark Magician! " - fallenfannumber1

Let's face it, no card is more iconic to the series or has as many backup cards as the Dark Magician. It practically defines the Spellcaster type. - jessicaclaytor

Came with my first deck, I loved the heck out of it.

It was probably my favorite card 8 years ago.
I always played with my cousin, and beat him with it.

Its dark magician use 1000 knives or mystic box and its good

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9 Rainbow Dragon

I use crystal beast and if rainbow dragon is out, I dominate

This card is awesome super strong and beautiful. I have many cards gem beast so if I get it I'm the king.

The turn after rainbow dragon is summoned you can boost his attack points to 11000 but only if you still have all crystal beasts out

He s awesome

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10 Relinquish

Well, what can I say this card. Wow. Got a ritual raven to summon it and when it is out it will not be stopped, even if they manage to kill it after the killing pain and agony trying to take it down, I quickly activate a monster reborn or call of the haunted. carnage begins once more.

Relinquished is easily a valuable card to have in your deck. When I used to play, I always hated ritual summoning, but this card isn't much of a problem to deal with. You can sacrafise a low level monster to summon it and relinquished's effects are probably at the top of the game. He takes control of a monster and takes that monster's attack and defense. If your opponent attacks and successfully destroys it, then you don't loose any life points; instead the damage is delt to them. I don't know of any monster that can beat this card, only spell and trap cards.

One star! It's really not that hard to summon. The fusion card "Thousand Eyes Restrict" makes the game quite slow though, but still an interesting card!

Relinqiushed: But I just had my snack...
Pegasus: DO IT YOU FOOL!
Relinquished: FIne... *Burps*
*2 mins later, Dark Magician is commiting suicide as Yugi attacks him accidently.*
Dark Magician: NOO...
Relinquished: Quiet, fool! Enjoy the Graveyard!

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The Contenders

11 The Creator God of Light, Horakhty

Yes but this card can be easily stopped by the winged dragon of ra so this card should be under the God cards. so this should be in 4th place because all the good cards could hold up against it winged dragon of ra would destroy it. Obelisk would use his effect and since this card is so strong it will most likely be in attack mode so then the controller of obelisk would be able to reduce your life points to zero. Then slifer could go into wildfire mode and be able to survive for ten turns without being destroyed and would have ten thousand attack for those ten turns and by that time you should have gotten something to destroy it with so that is y it should be in fourth place and not first. First place should belong to the winged dragon of ra if you wanna know how to get the winged dragon of ra' s attack 20,000 or higher visit my list fatkideatingpie1234567890 is my user name. - fatkideatingpie1234567890

This card should be #1! How this isn't in at least the top 10, I don't know. There isn't a card stronger than Horakhty. The moment this monster is summoned, you automatically win! I sure hope you consider puting this in at least top 10. The fact that is below #10 makes list idiotic. I hope to see better results in the future.

Whoever just posted the comment saying"Yes but this card can be easily stopped by the winged dragon of ra so this card should be under the God cards. So this should be in 4th place because all the good cards could hold up against it winged dragon of ra would destroy it. Obelisk would use his..." Has obviously not ever read The Creator God of Light because she requires the three God Cards to Summon from your Hand, and once you get her on the field, you automatically WIN. So there's not even a SMALL chance of the God Cards deafening her, I mean she is created from the Egyptian God Cards, meaning she must be a lot stronger, so there's no way they can defeat her.

Guy's, this is easier than waiting for the 5 parts of exodia.

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12 Dark Magician Girl

Dark Magician Girl is just simply awesome and her effect makes her stronger too. She is practically a Dark Magician but the opposite gender. So in turn, she deserves second place. Maybe even first.

She is cute, powerful, with much energy, and, the most important, she is yugi moto card! - ivansu95

Of course She is very strong.

Theoretically her attack power is limitless.

And she have a very good balance between her attack power and her defense power.

Many monsters have a good attack or a defense, but a very bad defense or attack.

Dark magician girl is very strong and have much power, doesn't matter attack or defense.

I don't even have Dark Magician in my deck. I have Dark Magician Girl and 3 Magician of Black Chaos cards that I can either ritual summon or discard to boost Dark Magician Girl's attack whenever she's on the field. So I can get a 2900 ATK monster on the field with only one tribute needed if all 3 Black Chaos mages are in the graveyard.

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13 Cyber End Dragon

This is the best card for it can deal a piercing damage when it attacks a defense position monster. You can also make a combo with this card to kill your opponent in a single turn. For example, 3 cyber dragons, 1 power bond, 1 heavy storm, and 1 dark hole can kill your opponent in a single turn. First, activate dark hole and heavy storm to clear the opponents field and then activate power bond to summon cyber end dragon and use it to direct your opponents life points, so to reduce the life points to 0 and win the game. There are also other combination of cyber end dragon cards to make a one turn kill to your opponents life points.

This card is the best card ever. You can use this card in so many yugioh stragisties that can obliterate your opponent Best card ever

CED is the way to go if you want a complete powerhouse that's easy to summon. With 4000 ATK, piercing damage and easy summoning requirements (there's so many cards that can take Cyber Dragons place) this is truly a card without equal.

I find it funny that Exodia and Ultimate Blue Eyes are in the top 2, since Exodia needs all its limbs to be any help and Ultimate Blue Eyes is easy to counter with traps and spells.

It is called END dragon for the wrong reason,it has no end to it's power! �"️

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14 Harpie's Feather Duster

Destroying all of your opponent's traps and spells can disrupt their plans and end duels if used

Its super good

IS the best card of mai Valentine.

It's band

15 Marshmallon

He is cool looking cause he is a marshmallow and each time your opponent tries to attack it face-down, your opponent takes 1000 pts. of damage! And he cannot be destroyed by battle so I keep switching him to DEF mode. - dmagicatk24

I have 3 of these in my deck. He can't be destroyed by battle, so put him in defense position and your life points will always be safe. Plus you should get mashmallon eyes with him; it's a magic card that makes your opponent only attack marshmallon. Stack up your deck with this guy and you'll be sure to win.

Marshmallon is perfect for stalling so I can get the right cards from my monarch deck. Add Marshmallon Glasses for the perfect combo.

He really helps my defensive deck

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16 Jinzo

Essential in most decks. One of the best effects for a level 6 monster. Before acquiring this card, I was always losing against my friends... with my Jinzo deck, I really frustrate them.

This needs to be in the top 10. All the other cards up there are overpowered or famous (dark magician girl), and needs more cards like this.

It is because they are iconic, for many fans. You must respect opinions. - AXl

Someone stole my Jinzo once and I was so mad I lost my deck that I quit. My deck will never be the same without another Jinzo in it. You hate it because you don't have it and you'll love it when you do. You need it. Get one.

It's not really useful anymore, as the game has evolved to the point where most competitive decks use little to now trap cards. But he's still my favorite card because of how cool he looks, also, it dominated middle school, so there's nostalgia bias in my pick as well... still a cool card.

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17 Exodia Necross

Amazing card should be in top ten

Indestructible and unlimited power

Is really good but can be dealt with

Not good, if you remove ONE Exodia piece (Yes ONE! ) from the grave then it is destroyed. If you have this card out then you probably have Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord on the field, meaning Exodia Necross is gone due to his effect. It can't be destroyed by 2 types of effects, except monster effects, which is most tournament deck effects. tl;dr: Easy to destroy, not indestructible, hard to get out, not worth it.

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18 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End

I have seen people kick my butt the moment they get out this card. I totally wish I had it, as it is an amazingly powerful card- and that's why it is banned... Unless I get my hands on one, it should definitely stay that way.

Game Breaker of Awesomeness. This card should definitely be up on the list. Nuking the field for a small price? Yes please! 300 damage per destroyed card? Great idea! Rumors that it's coming back? Awesome!

Strongest most deadliest card ever released, why it's still banned and will always be. This is a legendary card people!

All the cards on this list just have high attack. This card has high attack AND an OP effect. Probably why it's banned.

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19 Wicked Avatar

The wicked avatar should be number 1 I mean it's the strongest card in the game!

What can you do to it on the first two turns no trap or spell can touch it and it is stronger than any monster by 100 points unless you can get The Forbidden One Exodia or The Creator God of Light, Horakhty

It can even have 1,000,000 ATK. This is the best card ever dude. Do you feel me boys and girls? If you agree vote to move it up the list!

So good it save my butt

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20 Cyber Jar

Do you know what cyber jar does it's flip effect destroys all monsters on the field that includes five headed dragon, dark magician, dark magician girl, jinzo, any blue eyes dragon, etc... and you (and your opponent) then pick up five cards from the top of your deck show them to each other and summon any level 4 or below monsters.

21 Mirror Force

Mirror force in my opinion is like the best trap card we will ever know. Basically if your opponent attacks when this is set there screwed. There monsters are destroyed and you can attack directly next turn. It's a handy dandy trap.

The dark mirror force is better then light mirror force is it not or is it better?

Mirror force works out whenever I am in a tough situation like if blue eyes white dragon attacks me then I could just counteract the attack

It is just kill all your opponents monsters

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22 Penguin Soldier

This cards saved me in lots of tough situations PENGUIN SOLDIER ROCKS!

Penguin soldier is the toughest card in my deck. With an immense 8000 atk and unlimited defense, and an effect that wipes out the entire field, penguin soldier is one to keep. He can even beat exodia.



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23 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

This card is not one that I would pit against gods or exodia but this card has many great affect and would not be a bad card as you have to scarifies blue eyes ultimate dragon

This card may have a base 3000 attack but because of the fact that you need to tribute ultimate that puts ultimate and 3 white dragons in the grave so if those are the only dragons in the graveyard shining dragon has 4200 attack

When you summon this card, you straight away get 4200 attack, stronger than obelisk the tormentor, and it can also negate cards effects whenever you like.

He destroy's effect

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24 Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning

It only take one light and dark monster to summon him as long as their in the graveyard. Plus his attack his 3000 and his defense is 2500 plus he can attack twice and he be fused with a number of monsters. What more can you ask for?

Pretty much the LIGHT, but more stronger and better, version of Chaos Sorcerer. Can easily get rid of cards that annoy you like Stardust Dragon.

Two attacks with 3000 attack points and an ability to remove any monster from play. Why isn't this at the top!

Sick card best in the game


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25 Gene Warped Warwolf

It's a awesome card if you don't know about this card Google it

No effect \_(-_-)_/

26 Dragon Master Knight

This card has 5000 ATK and 5000 definitely but you have to have Black Luster Soldier and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Best card ever, and like one of you have said before, use substitute cards. They are perfect for Fusion Decks. (And summoning Dragon Master Knight).

You guys do know how easy this is to summon, right? You can just use a substitute card, like King of The Swamp or something.

And it stronger than exodia

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27 Kuriboh

I play a Kuriboh deck and I win like almost all the time. And it's cute! XD

Cute little puffball that saves you.. Of course it's amazing

Just amazing I have seen many cards and it has one of the best effects so vote for it

Its saved my hide so many times!

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28 Rainbow Neos

Rainbow dragon is an amazing card so is elemental hero neos but fuse them together and it makes a even more amazing card if it wasn't him it would be five headed dragon.

Rainbow Neos is a great card to have, and it's good enough to have it's own archetype.

It has helped me win many duels it can send any card to the deck and with future fusion it's better than five headed dragon if it on the feild after him it can send him to the deck it's a really powerful card and if you have utopia you can stop his attck then play double or nothing its attck doubles and withh no cards on the feild what can your opponent do and add miracle space typhoon you can take out his monsters and his spells and if you have drawing cards you can draw down to rainbow dragon and neos and the cards you need he can also stop light sworn decks with his other effs he is the best

29 Dark Hole

Dark hole may be negated by white hole but you only have a white hole to negate your own dark hole a dark hole will still ruin the other fields of play and block every other dark hole played during the game as it is a permanent trap card

Kills all monsters on the battlefield.awesome.this card is a must have.

Completely obliterates all monsters, great card for getting out of tight situations, plus you can just use it, normal summon, and direct attack.

Absolutely awesome

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30 Temple of Kings

Not being able to activate Traps the turn they are set annoys me so much. Plus, if you have Serket out, all the more power to you!


31 Monster Reborn

Best spell card, a deck without it unimaginavle

No card is better than this I mean steal monster from your opponents grave is CRAZY O.P.!


32 Elemental Hero Neos

They are really the best card

I like elemental hero neos is a ultra rare card

Has lots of support cards

Can contact fuse, enough said

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33 The Wicked Dreadroot

I have this card very powerful and a force to be reckoned with

The most deadly card I've ever come upon

Better than exodia top 3 for sure

Why is this not in the top ten he halves the attack of all monsters even EGCs! Exodia is the best, but this guy come pretty close.

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34 Mystic Space Typhoon

What? It's flipping Mystical Space Typhoon: One of the most useful cards ever!

I don’t think Mystical Space Typhoon should be in this spot. Twin Twisters is so much better. Although you have to discard one card, you destroy 2 spell or traps on the field.

35 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Practically cannot be destroyed by battle, as it can banish both monsters till the end of the battle phase, and it is Kite's signature card

Ire on Galaxy eyes photon dragon should be number three I ever lose with I've even beaten blue eyes ultimate dragon with it

Why is this not number one since exodia has been limited


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36 Cracking Dragon
37 Makyura the Destructor
38 Ring of Destruction
39 Buster Blader

Its great, especially if your up against a dragon deck

40 Rank-Up Magic: The Seventh One

What the heck original series not zexal! Can't you read catrds pretty lame anyway

Op for 10X decks

41 Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory

This card can negate effects and gain attacks points on the monster it will attack I won 5 duels in a row with this and beat 3 people

Destroy your opponent's monsters, and inflict their attack to your opponent. Plus, it's a better Utopia!

So awesome and powerful that all your cards gone!

42 Number 39: Utopia

This monster is so helpful in defending yourself and and using great spell cards like double or nothing for great attack power

One of the best stall monsters!

One of the best cards ever created!

The only way to destroy a number is by another number

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43 Exchange of the Spirit
44 Frostosaurus
45 Man Eater Bug

One of the best original Legend of Blue-Eyes cards, and it can destroy just about anything.

This is a very good effect monster, can destroy any oponent monster with height attack and deffence.


46 Ma'at

You literally can't lose if you guess the cards correctly

Cannot be normal summond or set by sending 1 face up light dragon type monster and 1 face up light fairy type monster you control to grevyard, and can't be special summond by other ways. Once per turn you can declare 3 card of your deck add any of them that you named to your hand, also send the remaining cards to grevyard. This cards atk and definitely are equal to the number of cards added to your hand by this effect x1000


ATK? Definitely?

Level 10

47 Magical Scientist
48 Machina Force
49 Cyber Dragon

This is the best card ever... It can special summon itself if your opponent has monsters and you don't plus a normal summon... Easy tuning for synchro

Awesome card, very good stall and zanes own dragon


50 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

You can summon tokens and then sacrifice them for 1,000 more attack

Amazing card and I never lose

He is so awesome and cool

He should at least be at top 20 I have him and I never lost a battle.Someone traded and I gave him a few good ones

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