Top Ten Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Not Yu-Gi-Oh GX! The original series. It doesn't matter if it's magic, monster, or trap. Just the best Yu-Gi-Oh cards in general.

The Top Ten

1 Exodia the Forbidden One

Amazing card! You win a duel if you have all the forbidden parts and exodia! Its only level 3!

But it's so easy to disrupt the strategy by seeing their hand and using card destruction

Exodia! OBLITERATE! When this card comes out, you're dead meat!

Five pieces is a lot, but not Pisces.

You: I need 1 more piece...

2 Slifer the Sky Dragon

The best of the three god cards by far. Its always ben my favorite god card, IT GAINS 1000 ATK FOR EVERY CARD IN YOUR HAND! Vote for it!

I love for mainly 3 reason #1 He looks sick like all the cards ran to the graveyard #2 he gains 1000 attack for each card in your hand #3 its yugi and yami yugi or the spirit of the millennium puzzle first EGYPTIAN GOD CARD EVER!

If Slifer The Sky Dragon only has 2000 attack points all you need to do is get a few more cards in your hand to make him have 6000 attack points.

I like slifer because of the fact he can get stronger each turn you draw

3 The Winged Dragon of Ra

Best monster card! It saved me when I thought I was about to lose in a tournament with my friends! It's one of the best monster cards I've ever gotten!

Amazing design! So cool!

In the episodes IT CLEARLY SAID IT WAS THE STRONGEST CARD plus egyptian god cards are stronger than exodia.

The winged dragon of ra rocks! the only bad part is your life points are pretty much gone but he can kick butt! He has so many special abilities so he pretty much invincible if you have a lot of life points.

4 Obelisk the Tormentor

The card is pretty crap but he's a god of fitness.

Obelisk is the best guys. He can totally kick some butt. I mean with 4000 attack points your set. I have one it's a king of my deck. My blue eyes ultimate and white dragon are second but obelisk is my big powerhouse of my deck

This card is the best! It can kill every monster your opponent controls!

Man, this card is just epic, the picture is amazing, and the attack is beast, I mean, its just superior to the other two Egyptian god cards, I wish I had the tournament legal version, but I only have the legal version of Ra, regardless, I would trade Ra for Obelisk any day.

5 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

No effect but it has a very strong monster combination spell cards is great

Can you get 3 of these on the field?
( Yu-Gi-Oh! Isn't boring.. It's just a children's card game )

Its awesome I absolutely love this card I want it now so anyone with it give me the card

looks cool

6 Five Headed Dragon

Only light can destroy it

It is a very strong card and I have it.
You can BARLEY destroy it

It's the more powerful card in the game and its almost impossible to destroy

Amazing card, 5000 attack the highest in the game and 5000 defense! And can't be destroyed by battle by Earth, Water, Fire, Wind or Dark monsters! Plus if you have Royal decree out it can't be mirror forced or sakuretsu armored or anything, AND if you have you have a lord of D on the field it's safe from card effects too! BOOM

7 Blue Eyes White Dragon

There's only one way to put it it is the best

Actually how the dark magician is better

I'm a Blue Eyes White Dragon while you just Dark Magician! Oh

I love this card it rocks! Although I did a mistake of trading both of my only Blue Eyes. It will always be my favorite card. I like it because you can fuse it to make 2 really awesome cards(blue eyes ultimate dragon and dragon master knight)

8 Rainbow Dragon

It is a great card just hard to summon

I use crystal beast and if rainbow dragon is out, I dominate

This card is awesome super strong and beautiful. I have many cards gem beast so if I get it I'm the king.

The turn after rainbow dragon is summoned you can boost his attack points to 11000 but only if you still have all crystal beasts out

9 Marshmallon

This card looks cute and is powerful with equip cards

He is immortal

Marshmallon is op Bro

This card is better than every card on this list the picture is cute and if an Egyptian god card attacks it it will not even make a scratch on the marshnmaloon

10 Relinquish

LOL I took control of my friends best cards and destroyed him LOOL

I have never used this card but have seen it in the show it is really powerful.

When played, the opponent will "relinquish" the duel! LOL!

Well, what can I say this card. Wow. Got a ritual raven to summon it and when it is out it will not be stopped, even if they manage to kill it after the killing pain and agony trying to take it down, I quickly activate a monster reborn or call of the haunted. carnage begins once more.


The Contenders

11 Harpie's Feather Duster

Destroying all of your opponent's traps and spells can disrupt their plans and end duels if used

Its super good

IS the best card of mai Valentine.

It's band

12 Dark Magician Girl

Dark Magician Girl is just simply awesome and her effect makes her stronger too. She is practically a Dark Magician but the opposite gender. So in turn, she deserves second place. Maybe even first.

I don't even have Dark Magician in my deck. I have Dark Magician Girl and 3 Magician of Black Chaos cards that I can either ritual summon or discard to boost Dark Magician Girl's attack whenever she's on the field. So I can get a 2900 ATK monster on the field with only one tribute needed if all 3 Black Chaos mages are in the graveyard.

She is cute, powerful, with much energy, and, the most important, she is yugi moto card! - ivansu95

Of course She is very strong.

Theoretically her attack power is limitless.

And she have a very good balance between her attack power and her defense power.

Many monsters have a good attack or a defense, but a very bad defense or attack.

Dark magician girl is very strong and have much power, doesn't matter attack or defense.

13 Jinzo

Essential in most decks. One of the best effects for a level 6 monster. Before acquiring this card, I was always losing against my friends... with my Jinzo deck, I really frustrate them.

It's not really useful anymore, as the game has evolved to the point where most competitive decks use little to now trap cards. But he's still my favorite card because of how cool he looks, also, it dominated middle school, so there's nostalgia bias in my pick as well... still a cool card.

This needs to be in the top 10. All the other cards up there are overpowered or famous (dark magician girl), and needs more cards like this.

It is because they are iconic, for many fans. You must respect opinions. - AXl

Someone stole my Jinzo once and I was so mad I lost my deck that I quit. My deck will never be the same without another Jinzo in it. You hate it because you don't have it and you'll love it when you do. You need it. Get one.

14 Penguin Soldier


This cards saved me in lots of tough situations PENGUIN SOLDIER ROCKS!


Penguin soldier is the toughest card in my deck. With an immense 8000 atk and unlimited defense, and an effect that wipes out the entire field, penguin soldier is one to keep. He can even beat exodia.

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15 Mirror Force

Mirror force works out whenever I am in a tough situation like if blue eyes white dragon attacks me then I could just counteract the attack

Mirror force in my opinion is like the best trap card we will ever know. Basically if your opponent attacks when this is set there screwed. There monsters are destroyed and you can attack directly next turn. It's a handy dandy trap.

The dark mirror force is better then light mirror force is it not or is it better?

I love this card! It has saved my butt in really thin spots. I recommend this for any beginners.

16 Cyber Jar

Do you know what cyber jar does it's flip effect destroys all monsters on the field that includes five headed dragon, dark magician, dark magician girl, jinzo, any blue eyes dragon, etc... and you (and your opponent) then pick up five cards from the top of your deck show them to each other and summon any level 4 or below monsters.

17 Dark Magician

Dark magician is the best

It's an old card, but also a card that was one of the first cards ever realeased. It also has strong attack points and ok defense points and it looks pretty cool. Plus it is one of the most famous cards in the world, and its stronger than Red Eyes B. Dragon! They even named more cards after Dark Magician; Dark magian girl, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Magician of Arkana and more! So I'm here to say, "Vote for Dark Magician! " - fallenfannumber1

Its dark magician use 1000 knives or mystic box and its good

Let's face it, no card is more iconic to the series or has as many backup cards as the Dark Magician. It practically defines the Spellcaster type. - jessicaclaytor

18 Gene Warped Warwolf

It's a awesome card if you don't know about this card Google it

No effect \_(-_-)_/

19 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

He destroy's effect

This card is not one that I would pit against gods or exodia but this card has many great affect and would not be a bad card as you have to scarifies blue eyes ultimate dragon

This card may have a base 3000 attack but because of the fact that you need to tribute ultimate that puts ultimate and 3 white dragons in the grave so if those are the only dragons in the graveyard shining dragon has 4200 attack

May I just ask who voted for Blue Eyes White Dragon? WHYYY?

20 Cyber End Dragon

I totally agree!

This is the best card for it can deal a piercing damage when it attacks a defense position monster. You can also make a combo with this card to kill your opponent in a single turn. For example, 3 cyber dragons, 1 power bond, 1 heavy storm, and 1 dark hole can kill your opponent in a single turn. First, activate dark hole and heavy storm to clear the opponents field and then activate power bond to summon cyber end dragon and use it to direct your opponents life points, so to reduce the life points to 0 and win the game. There are also other combination of cyber end dragon cards to make a one turn kill to your opponents life points.

This card is the best card ever. You can use this card in so many yugioh stragisties that can obliterate your opponent Best card ever

CED is the way to go if you want a complete powerhouse that's easy to summon. With 4000 ATK, piercing damage and easy summoning requirements (there's so many cards that can take Cyber Dragons place) this is truly a card without equal.

I find it funny that Exodia and Ultimate Blue Eyes are in the top 2, since Exodia needs all its limbs to be any help and Ultimate Blue Eyes is easy to counter with traps and spells.

21 Armityle the Chaos Phantom

Armityle the chaos phantom is insane. It may be hard to summon and also it may start off with 0 attatck and defense but after just one turn it will have 10,000 attack points and gains 10,000 each turn. By far the best card in the whole of yugioh. Ikum

It can't be destroyed by battle it has 10,000 attack during your turn and is the highlight of my collection
(I got it in a small pack of cards I was really depressed that day and it made my day much better sorry to put a story in here but I thought I should)

Armityle is the best... Assuming you can summon it.

It is by far the best card I have because in all the duels I've used it I have one. Once I had it up to 50,000 atk points

22 Dark Hole

Absolutely awesome

Dark hole may be negated by white hole but you only have a white hole to negate your own dark hole a dark hole will still ruin the other fields of play and block every other dark hole played during the game as it is a permanent trap card

Kills all monsters on the battlefield.awesome.this card is a must have.

Completely obliterates all monsters, great card for getting out of tight situations, plus you can just use it, normal summon, and direct attack.

23 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End

All the cards on this list just have high attack. This card has high attack AND an OP effect. Probably why it's banned.

I have seen people kick my butt the moment they get out this card. I totally wish I had it, as it is an amazingly powerful card- and that's why it is banned... Unless I get my hands on one, it should definitely stay that way.

Game Breaker of Awesomeness. This card should definitely be up on the list. Nuking the field for a small price? Yes please! 300 damage per destroyed card? Great idea! Rumors that it's coming back? Awesome!

Strongest most deadliest card ever released, why it's still banned and will always be. This is a legendary card people!

24 Monster Reborn

Best spell card, a deck without it unimaginavle

No card is better than this I mean steal monster from your opponents grave is CRAZY O.P.!


25 Pot of Greed

Nowadays Painful Choice is better since it wins on resolution, but back in the day Pot of Greed was the most broken Spell card (and is pretty much number 2 nowadays). +1 CA at no cost, there would be no reason not to play it if it was not banned.

It is an old good classic card without any true costs and it can indeed be a so called lifesaver

This is by far the STRONGEST card ever. This card has no disadvantages. Not even the imaginary disadvantage that if you draw this card you might not draw an other card. Its good that its banned. If not I would put it in every deck as much as I am allowed to. It would only be logical.

And there shouldn't be a card that every deck MUST have, no matter what.

This card definitely is one of the best, it almost always gets me out of tough situations when I duel. Too bad it's banned from tournament duels or I'd be able to enter with my dragon deck.

26 The Wicked Dreadroot

I have this card very powerful and a force to be reckoned with

The most deadly card I've ever come upon

Better than exodia top 3 for sure

Why is this not in the top ten he halves the attack of all monsters even EGCs! Exodia is the best, but this guy come pretty close.

27 Yata Garasu

Owns if in good position like when your opponent has useless spells an traps so it is an automatic win.

This card is one of the main reasons for the creation of the forbidden and limited list. The card is game-breaking and can guarantee a win in the right position. It defined one of the most broken formats ever in Yugioh.

If your lucky, you can get use this card to get an instant win - Flyingcobra

Is is one of the best cards ever made

28 Cracking Dragon
29 Red Eyes Black Dragon

I never played that much, but this was the sickest card out there.

Since the red-eyes represents potential, it comes with a wide variety of combinations. The idea of the red-eyes being to get its stronger forms on the field allows for multiple card effects essential for any kind of dragon deck

Just look at this card and tell me it isn't sick. Plus with so many possibilities to make it even more powerful it's the coolest non uber card out there

I play red eyes and not only is it great fun its also pretty powerful so don't underestimate red eyes or will face his fury

30 Change Of Heart

It totally lets you control your opponents monster and let's you destroy there own monster with it, what could be better.

31 Kuriboh

I play a Kuriboh deck and I win like almost all the time. And it's cute! XD

Cute little puffball that saves you.. Of course it's amazing

Its saved my hide so many times!

Just amazing I have seen many cards and it has one of the best effects so vote for it

32 The Creator God of Light, Horakhty

Yes but this card can be easily stopped by the winged dragon of ra so this card should be under the God cards. so this should be in 4th place because all the good cards could hold up against it winged dragon of ra would destroy it. Obelisk would use his effect and since this card is so strong it will most likely be in attack mode so then the controller of obelisk would be able to reduce your life points to zero. Then slifer could go into wildfire mode and be able to survive for ten turns without being destroyed and would have ten thousand attack for those ten turns and by that time you should have gotten something to destroy it with so that is y it should be in fourth place and not first. First place should belong to the winged dragon of ra if you wanna know how to get the winged dragon of ra' s attack 20,000 or higher visit my list fatkideatingpie1234567890 is my user name. - fatkideatingpie1234567890

This card should be #1! How this isn't in at least the top 10, I don't know. There isn't a card stronger than Horakhty. The moment this monster is summoned, you automatically win! I sure hope you consider puting this in at least top 10. The fact that is below #10 makes list idiotic. I hope to see better results in the future.

Whoever just posted the comment saying"Yes but this card can be easily stopped by the winged dragon of ra so this card should be under the God cards. So this should be in 4th place because all the good cards could hold up against it winged dragon of ra would destroy it. Obelisk would use his..." Has obviously not ever read The Creator God of Light because she requires the three God Cards to Summon from your Hand, and once you get her on the field, you automatically WIN. So there's not even a SMALL chance of the God Cards deafening her, I mean she is created from the Egyptian God Cards, meaning she must be a lot stronger, so there's no way they can defeat her.

It's a cool card, but the chances of getting all three Egyptians God Cards on the field is very low as you could technically only have one to win. Or am I interpreting it wrong? Maybe you only need to send them to the graveyard from either your hand or the field? Because of that's so, than it's kinda OP

33 Frostosaurus
34 Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning


It only take one light and dark monster to summon him as long as their in the graveyard. Plus his attack his 3000 and his defense is 2500 plus he can attack twice and he be fused with a number of monsters. What more can you ask for?

Pretty much the LIGHT, but more stronger and better, version of Chaos Sorcerer. Can easily get rid of cards that annoy you like Stardust Dragon.

Two attacks with 3000 attack points and an ability to remove any monster from play. Why isn't this at the top!

Sick card best in the game

35 Tyrant Dragon

Look it up and you'll see why it should be higher. - JXJ

2900 attack, it's unaffected by Trap Cards, and it's sometimes able to attack twice, one of the best of the old Dragon cards.

By far my favorite card when I had an old school Dragon deck.

Really useful during tight duels

1 Comment
36 Theinen the Great Sphinx

Can one shot your opponent

Awesome card pay 500 life points to make this card gain 3000 atk points best card ever

Absolutely amazing if you have the right situation 6500 atk plus a big bang atk n megamophe since you would b short 1500 if not more anyway then uve owned plain n simple

37 Summoned Skull

It only needs 1 sacrifice, has the same ATK as Dark Magician, he saved my butt a lot of times plus he is my key to winning so many of my duels! The only time he fails me, is when I switch him to DEF mode. But no worrys! I bring him back with Call Of The Haunted! - dmagicatk24

2500 attack for only 1 tribute is quite good. And it fuses into Black Skull Dragon.

Only one summon I don't get y everyone liked dark magician so much it needs to summon for the same amount atk points and definitely points

Absolutely amazing card w/ 2,500 ATK, which only requires a single tribute.

38 Dark Ruler Ha Des

I run a fiend deck and I bought my ha des out and my opponent had marsh, dark rulers effect negates it and I destroyed his penguin soldier, marshmallon, annoying jinzo, man eater bug, basically death to all hated flip effects, except my shiny penguin soldier it rocks!

39 Wicked Avatar

The wicked avatar should be number 1 I mean it's the strongest card in the game!

What can you do to it on the first two turns no trap or spell can touch it and it is stronger than any monster by 100 points unless you can get The Forbidden One Exodia or The Creator God of Light, Horakhty

It can even have 1,000,000 ATK. This is the best card ever dude. Do you feel me boys and girls? If you agree vote to move it up the list!

Wicked Avatar is powerful however Your Copying another monsters attack your committing suicide to your monster You must be in a tight spot if your using wicked avatar I use him as a last resort. Unless your using Ax of Despair or something leveling up your monsters attack what difference would it make?

40 Dark Dust Spirit
41 Demise King Of Armageddon

You can get an awesome OTK with this card and it can go into almost any deck, insect, fiend, pyschic, ritual, chaos, plants quickdraw, and many others

HOW IS THIS CARD NOT NUMBER 1! In a one v one match this card could beat every single one (except maybe yata garasu) on this list!

Dude seriously.this card has saved my ass so many times.nothing lights up my face quite like having end of the world in your hand and then drawing demise.EPIC

It completely wipes out everything on the field but itself, for 2000 life points!

42 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

You can summon tokens and then sacrifice them for 1,000 more attack

Amazing card and I never lose

He is so awesome and cool

He should at least be at top 20 I have him and I never lost a battle.Someone traded and I gave him a few good ones

43 Magic Cylinder

It's kind of a shame that it's in the shadow of Mirror Force, a more popular card. But when they're used side by side? DEATH TO YOUR OPPONENTS!


Overpowered. It reflects a direct attack back at your opponent. Ouch.

I just got 7 of deez

There just as good as mirror force

44 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

You could use it in a variety of decks and combos!

Galaxy eyes photon dragon is number 1 to me

Practically cannot be destroyed by battle, as it can banish both monsters till the end of the battle phase, and it is Kite's signature card

Ire on Galaxy eyes photon dragon should be number three I ever lose with I've even beaten blue eyes ultimate dragon with it

45 Thousand Eyes Restrict

op as hell

46 Different Dimension Capsule

I prefer this over gold sarcophagus any day

47 Dark Armed Dragon

It's the best!
Special summon when you had three dark attribute monsters in your graveyard.
By sending one dark attribute monster from play to destroy one card on your opponent's side of field

Got it

48 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

This is a great card!

49 Stardust Dragon

Pretty good can be resummoned to free up your extra deck zone

The King all cards. Yusei always wins because of this epic card. This cards ability is also killer. Stardust is a shining star for sure.

Stardust dragon is awesome

Gorgeous design, not impossible to summon, and it can always come back? Blue eyes might have 500 more Attack, but it can't revive itself from the Graveyard.

50 Exodia Necross

Amazing card should be in top ten

Indestructible and unlimited power

Is really good but can be dealt with

This card can't be destroyed by battle spells trap or monster effects and gains 500 attack and defense every turn it is a really good card if you play painful choice for the 5 exidia cards

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