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221 Self Destruct Button V 1 Comment
222 Neos Wiseman
223 Mother Grizzly

It's a mother grizzly. So Cute! It also happens to have a decent effect which is very helpful in most/all cases. Kuriboh is not as powerful or cute so therefore this card is the best!

224 Fabled Raven

During Your turn if you have a lot of crds in your hand he IS BEAST. Work best with a deck that focuses on drawing usless cards thta either restrict attack or are useless.

225 Magician of Black Chaos
226 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman
227 Masked Hero Dian

He looks sick and he can help you swarm the field with more Heroes. He has 2800 Attack and 3000 Defense, and can simply be summoned with Mask Change and an earth hero monster.

228 Heroic Champion-Excalibur

Use his ability with heroic chance and he is unstoppable.

V 1 Comment
229 Rescue Rabbit

This card is simply amazing. It's no wonder there are so many decks that play it. It's pretty much an instant Xyz monster.

230 Archfiend Zombie Skull

Try to kill him and his zombie friends. You have to by battle. Combine him with The revived king and you are set for the duel.

231 Hero Kid
232 Ryu-Ran

2600 defense points not the best but it's good to get on th field when your in a pinch

V 2 Comments
233 Susa Soldier
234 Petit Dragon

I lOvE cArD! It Do GoOd! NoThInG mOrE tO sAy!

235 Clock Tower Prison
236 Spellbook of Judgement
237 Princess of Tsurugi
238 Mechanical Hound
239 Montage Dragon

This is actually the best card. It has no effects but its AKT CAN REACH 9000 AND OVER! Please vote

240 Sinister Serpent

Not much attack or defense, but it comes back every turn unless your opponent does something to negate its effect.

This might look weak but it can't be killed when it's in the grave you get to put back in your hand

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