Best Zendaya Songs

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1 Replay

Awesome awesome love. It. Go ZENDAYA I love hip hop

Awesome song I 'put it on replay! '

I replay it over and over

I love this song it is awesome

2 Something to Dance For

I really love Zendaya and her voice is awesome. I think this song must be her number 1. - Ikshya

Awesome beat amazing melody and the best singing

3 Butterflies

Don't trust these butterflies...
'Cause they fool me every time...

Seriously, which teenage girl cannot relate to those lyrics?

4 Contagious Love

Best duo with Bella Thorne! I love the beat and how they sing! Please vote for it.

5 My Baby

Nice beat, good music, and amazing singing.

I hate you Nic Nac. You took your atrocious beat from Sean Kingston's "Beat It" and just reversed it and pretended it was new. It's not like this one's any better. - WonkeyDude98

She sounds great in this song! - IsaiahWill22

I don't care if it is the same beat from Sean Kingstons "Beat it" It's still a grear song.

6 Beat of My Drum

It's really upbeat and her singing isn't bad at all. - IsaiahWill22

7 Heaven Lost an Angel
8 The Same Heart
9 This Is My Dance Floor
10 Bottle You Up

I love this song wow

The Contenders

11 Rewrite the Stars

Greatest zendaya song ever

This song should be in #1

It's so beautiful
Why don'y we rewrite the stars tell the world that you're meant to be mine

This song is so cute <3 #rewrite the stars

12 Remember Me

This is such a beautiful song that made me cry. Zendaya was perfect for this track. Her soft, smooth voice really gives you goosebumps. I sure hope she makes a full version and releases it as a single, it would be a huge hit.

Truly beautiful, it hepled me move on from everything I lost.

13 Only When You're Close
14 Something New

This song should at least be on the top 5 list!

15 Keep It Undercover

Love Jc undercover so keep them coming yeah!

16 Parachute
17 Cry for Love
18 Too Much

I think too much is the best song by Zenday because it was from the hit movie Zapped!

💝, Zenday

19 Scared
20 Neverland

It's so goood

21 I'm Back

This song is a great song that gets you pumped up every time

22 Love You Forever
23 Swag It Out

i love it

It should be in the top 5 list

This song is so catchy and I love the beat.


24 Fireflies
25 My Baby (Remix)

Even though I like the original version better, I like how this version sound, and the rapping's pretty good.

26 Watch Me
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