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1 Replay

Awesome awesome love. It. Go ZENDAYA I love hip hop

Awesome song I 'put it on replay! '

I replay it over and over

Replay is a good song,but I personally think that she has MUCH better songs than replay

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2 Something to Dance For

I really love Zendaya and her voice is awesome. I think this song must be her number 1. - Ikshya

Awesome beat amazing melody and the best singing

3 Contagious Love

Best duo with Bella Thorne! I love the beat and how they sing! Please vote for it.

4 My Baby

Nice beat, good music, and amazing singing.

She sounds great in this song! - IsaiahWill22

I hate you Nic Nac. You took your atrocious beat from Sean Kingston's "Beat It" and just reversed it and pretended it was new. It's not like this one's any better. - WonkeyDude98

I don't care if it is the same beat from Sean Kingstons "Beat it" It's still a grear song.

5 Butterflies

Don't trust these butterflies...
'Cause they fool me every time...

Seriously, which teenage girl cannot relate to those lyrics?

6 Beat of My Drum

It's really upbeat and her singing isn't bad at all. - IsaiahWill22

7 Heaven Lost an Angel
8 The Same Heart
9 This Is My Dance Floor
10 Bottle You Up

I love this song wow

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11 Remember Me

This is such a beautiful song that made me cry. Zendaya was perfect for this track. Her soft, smooth voice really gives you goosebumps. I sure hope she makes a full version and releases it as a single, it would be a huge hit.

Truly beautiful, it hepled me move on from everything I lost.

12 Only When You're Close
13 Rewrite the Stars

This song should be in #1

It's so beautiful
Why don'y we rewrite the stars tell the world that you're meant to be mine


This song is so cute <3 #rewrite the stars

14 Something New

This song should at least be on the top 5 list!

15 Keep It Undercover

Love Jc undercover so keep them coming yeah!

16 Parachute
17 Too Much

I think too much is the best song by Zenday because it was from the hit movie Zapped!

💝, Zenday

18 Scared
19 Cry for Love
20 Love You Forever
21 Neverland

It's so goood

22 I'm Back

This song is a great song that gets you pumped up every time

23 Swag It Out

This song is so catchy and I love the beat.

It should be in the top 5 list

i love it

24 Fireflies
25 My Baby (Remix)

Even though I like the original version better, I like how this version sound, and the rapping's pretty good.

26 Watch Me
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Top Remixes

1. Bottle You Up
2. Butterflies
3. Replay
1. Replay
2. Contagious Love
3. Something to Dance For
1. Butterflies
2. Heaven Lost an Angel
3. Only When You're Close


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