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1 Nick Wilde Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde is just amazing. I find Judy a bit too unoriginal. Nick is different. He has an interesting childhood which was intended to be darker, the original main character, and just hilarious to watch. He's intelligent and sly, making him my favorite Disney character ever.

I actually would love to see the dark version of the film. The original story that is. A world where shock collars exist. Here, Nick is the hero and makes Wilde Times for animals to remove their shock collars and be free. Judy here was intended to being racist and shutting down the entire amusement park after the ZPD raid and arresting Nick. WOW. Judy was intended on being a huge jerk and racist. It's amazing how much as changed.

I think I found Judy less entertaining than she should have been. I love Rapunzel and Anna, two of my favorite Disney Princesses, but the bubbly and silly thing is getting old. I thought Nick was a more original character and is entertaining, even though he was a bit of an ass at the beginning, he grew from that, and we learn why he's an ass. Honestly, I was disappointed that Disney decided that Judy Hopps should be the protagonist instead of Nick because she was optimistic...

What a handsome fox

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2 Judy Hopps Judy Hopps

You know when you love a character five minutes into a movie, the writers are doing something right.

Judy Hopps is well, awesome! She's brave, admirable for sure, and to be honest better than any Disney princess. She kept pushing herself even when others repeatedly told her "you can't" which is incredibly hard not to give in to. Judy is a great role model for those who are faced with prejudice-related obstacles when attempting to achieve their goals. Overall, Judy is an awesome and inspiring character.

I love Judy Hopps because she doesn't want a man to save her, she's too busy saving everyone else. I also love her because she's career driven, like me, and because she makes mistakes. Also, she gives better speeches than Donald Trump. - sydisonmadney

Brilliantly designed and well-written character all-around. A thing you have to remember about characters is the ones you identify with the most or look up to the most are the best... and I never thought I'd find myself looking up to a bunny. She's confident, determined, righteous, clever, but not perfect and still makes mistakes... the ideal character for an animated film of this type and quality. Judy Hopps will forever be one of if not my favorite animated characters of all time.

Judy's actually a little underrated. I think a lot of people miss how quirky she actually is.

Simply look at what she was like as a child in her play, she was clearly the weird kid. (And her reaction to her crappy apartment in the city as an adult shows this never did change.)

She's also surprisingly not Lawful for someone wanting to be a cop. She's pretty much a loose cannon who'll do whatever she thinks is a good idea at the time. (And pulls it off too! )

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3 Finnick

Best character in the movie. Too bad he had little screen time, but I guess that makes all the better. Plus the way he made fun of Nick was hillarious. Cute and tough make a good combination in this case.

He is a brat though he was driving the car lol - VideoGamefan5

I liked Finnick in the elephant costume. Enough said. - sydisonmadney

He is my favorite secondary character. - Gabriola

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4 Flash

Flash Flash a hundred yard dash!

I love Flash! He's so funny!

Flash is the best character in Zootopia by far!

Flash has the most memorable scenes. Who could forget the DMV?!
That award winning smile just makes you smile!

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5 Clawhauser

He has a first name, it's Benjamin

He's cute, precious, and chubby (forgot to add a little clueless) - RainbowArtist191

Clawhauser is adorable

I love Clawhauser! He's so cute!

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6 Gazelle

She looks like a llama

7 Mr. Big

I honestly wish he got more attention. He is so awesome and funny! I mean, come on! How can you not love a little shrew who rules over all of the polar bears? Ice 'Em!

The way he talks makes me laugh

The godfather reference was funny

Ice Em Now!

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8 Chief Bogo Chief Bogo

He's kind of an ass, but still learned to give Judy some respect.

I laugh every time I see that scene when he's using the dancing app.

Piece of crap is a dumbass - RainbowArtist191

He kinda sucks - VideoGamefan5

9 Fru Fru

More like worst character!

Who the heck is Fru Fru?

Worst character

10 Gideon Grey

I like the turnaround in his behavior.

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? Priscilla

Flash’s girlfriend

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11 Mayor Leodore Lionheart Mayor Leodore Lionheart

Yay, someone pointed out that he and Ford Pines share the same voice! I actually wasn't expecting J.K Simmons to play Lionheart, so once I heard him speak I was like, "he sounds familiar! "

Guys, he's played by J.K. Simmons (the guy who voiced Ford in Gravity Falls). - Anonymousxcxc

He's voice sounded so familiar, and knowing that J.K Simmons (Stanley Ford) voiced this character is absolutely amazing!

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12 Bonnie Hopps

The voice actor's real first name is Bonnie. Funny, right?

Great mother

Good - VideoGamefan5

13 Judy's Dad
14 Duke Weaselton

Love the weasel

He's just as bad as the one in frozen - VideoGamefan5

15 Yax

Yax sucks beacause he looks lame - VideoGamefan5

16 Emmitt Otterton
17 Kevin
18 Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.
19 Mrs. Otterton
20 Bellwether Bellwether

Why is she here - VideoGamefan5

How does she suck when she was smart enough to pull of this entire plan? - DCfnaf

She's Hans done right.

Go honeymoon with Umbridge you. - LannaLau

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21 Stu Hopps
22 Mr. Manchas
23 Officer McHorn
24 Koslov

I love him! And Mr. Big is my most favorite!

25 Mr. Big's Daughter

More like worst character!

26 Gary

The wolves

27 Peter Moosebridge
28 Nangi
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