Top 10 Most Racist Disney Movies

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1 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World Product Image

This is way more racist than the sharecropping from SOTS, the siamese cats (and maybe the Italians) from L&TT, the crows from Dumbo, the Chinese cat from Aristocats, I mean, Pocahontas was DEAD.

They cover her with flour to lighten up her skin tone in order to be accepted in the white British lands. What a bad message that not only is racist, but also tells little girls to apply a lot of makeup and products to change their skin tones and to be accepted by others.

See. This is why White people are racist. But hey! That's just who they are.

2 Lady and the Tramp Lady and the Tramp Product Image

This should be at the number 1 spot. It is one of the most racist and disgusting movies I've ever seen. I'm just glad that in the live action remake they replaced the siamese cats with different characters.

The Asian cats have names Si and Am their song is the most racist song ever
this should be number one.

Those Asian cats are hilarious! Look at their Asian eyes! Squinty!

The cats in it were designed in a racist way

3 Peter Pan Peter Pan Product Image

This should be ABOVE the 2-minute slightly racist Siam Cats/Birds where the most offensive thing is their name on the credits.

Yep,"what makes the red man red? "

I still love that movie.

stereotypes indigenous americans

4 Dumbo Dumbo Product Image

NO! They are stereotypes, but not bad ones. I loved these guys. They had class. They had style. They were fun. I may not know for sure, since I am not African American, but still.

The crow is named 'Jim Crow' and if u do research the lines with connect

the crows are black stereotypes

5 Song of the South Song of the South Product Image

Off course this movie has to be number one.

How is this movie racist?

very racist

6 The Aristocats The Aristocats Product Image

some cats are ethnic stereotypes

7 Der Fuehrer's Face

Even though it's not really a movie it's still on here because I can

It can be interpreted as racist, but its really against racism.

Wasn't that a anti nazi short? I love the short
and it's memorable (depends on you're
perspective) in my opinion.

First off... it's anti-nazi.
Second off... a seven minute short is not a movie.

8 Aladdin Aladdin Product Image

This makes Arabians seem evil. The live action is way less racist.

It's still a fantastic movie, though!

It’s super racist. Arabians are WAY better than this movie makes them seem. The live action fixes all the problems

Yes this is the most racist movie ever this should be number 1 because of the racist song
is Arabian nights

9 Fantasia Fantasia Product Image

the sunflower is a black caricature

10 Pocahontas Pocahontas Product Image

Pocahontas and John Smith are both cute together. 😍

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11 The Jungle Book The Jungle Book Product Image

While the entire plot is about "being with your own kind", it is hardly stereotypical, King Louie was originally meant to be voiced by a black man, but an ape voiced by a black man would be racist, so even in 1967, this was not OK to have a black man voice an ape, so a white man "Louis Prima" was brought in. Either way, the plot of the film can be taken the wrong way, but for reasons related to not race, but Louis Prima's wife, King Louie is mostly gone in later adaptations and TaleSpin was temporarily banned until a deal can be made.

I love the movie though.

Stereotypes Indians.

Poor Hindi Mowgli!

12 Zootopia Zootopia Product Image

More like speciest because there's no human races in there insted there's predators and prey

Oh yeah, Nick looks like a furry redhead.

This movie is about stopping racism.

Its anti-racist!

13 The Princess and the Frog The Princess and the Frog Product Image

I still like this movie!

This makes no sense!

14 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Product Image

not racist! Just because Snow White is pale isn't racist, it wasnt very diversed, yes, but maybe it didn't have anything really racist.

A girl with skin white as snow is the most beautiful woman in the land? That is about as racist as you can get, why are they enforcing the idea that white= pretty?

No this is not racist!

15 Brave Brave Product Image

The portrayal of Irish people is atrocious

16 The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid Product Image

Sebastian the stereotyped Jamaican crab!

No black people. So racist.

Oh boo to this list!

17 Frozen Frozen Product Image

That's because the movie takes place in rennaisance era/enlightenment era Scandinavia. There were no black people.

There were no black people in this movie

18 The Fox and the Hound The Fox and the Hound Product Image

how are there no black people if there dogs? soo are dogs all of a sudden people? and if yall wanted to say there is a such thing as dog people there would, be a brown person... ill stay away from this list.!

No Black people? I see!

19 Moana Moana Product Image

It is racist because t makes fun of hawaii

Atrocious portrayal of Polynesian culture and people!

20 Toy Story Toy Story Product Image

Combat Carl from Toy Story of Terror but that is it.

there are not any black toys in any of the toy story movies, why not?

21 Cars Cars Product Image
22 Cinderella Cinderella Product Image

I don't see anything that's racist about Cinderella.

23 Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty Product Image

Pink or Blue... no white... transphobia lol.

24 The Lion King The Lion King Product Image

The hyenas seem to be based on black and Hispanic gangbangers

25 Savage Sam Savage Sam Product Image

This beyond unreasonable movie practically encourages complete hatred and genocide of Native Americans, but I still see it in some stores and a few streaming services. It's as if the rights of Native Americans don't matter as long as majority people are satisfied. Please feel free to comment if you agree with my concern.

This movie practically gives encouragement of hatred and genocide to Native Americans, but I still see it posted on some streaming services and in some stores. It's as if the rights of Native Americans don't matter, as long as majority people are satisfied.

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