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The Top Ten

No arguments here. Definitely the best by far. Classic Alice in chains. Love it. But got me wrong should be here too I agree.
YES! This song kicks ass! It has such powerful meaning behind the powerful drums and Layne's voice... Love it.
Incredible song can listen to it all day long intense lyrics which almost makes me cry because I've been through this and I have had 3 friends almost od on coke and 2 are in rehab oh yea I'm only 17
[Newest]This song carries the memory of the fallen members of grunge rock. Andrew Wood, Cobain, Mike Starr, etc
You forgot Layne Staley. The lead singer of the band on this list...


2Man in the Box
How is this not number one? The tone of the song goes from high to low and high to low and the amazing guitar is based off of a talk box giving the song a much stranger yet more harmonious vibe
This is one of the best songs ever, besides being their #1. The range of the vocals alone is fantastic, not to mention the great guitar work.
This song is perfect. There is absolutely nothing else to say. How is this not number one?
[Newest]In love with this song even though it's so creepy

So simple and powerful. Even though Chains has a good number of great songs, Nutshell has to be the best of them all.
Haunting harmonics layed over with guitar solos that tug at your heart strings. There's no reason this shouldn't be voted one of the best songs of all time.
Only Would is better, great guitars, an incredible composition, Staley is at one of his best vocal performances here. It's a pity this wasn't included in Dirt, but we can enjoy it in the EP Jar of Flies. Classic.
[Newest]I was stunned when I saw this wasn't on the greatest hits album

too much power with a great story behind it
it has a mystic kind of intro that builds up for the power that certainly copes with it
Has a great intro, and I love the effect that is used on the amplifier. I think this song made alice in chains for who they are. They might of not made it if it were not for this track
Rooster has got much more emotion than any other AiC's song. Also, the pause to power rock parts are blowingly amazing.
[Newest]Man this song is awesome. I love it so much when he screams OHH YEAH!

5Down In a Hole
This song makes me miss real music We need Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden back!
One of my favorite songs of all time, especially the unplugged version. An beautiful masterpiece that tears me up every time I hear it
my favourite, always makes me cry, so beautiful, so sad... Layne we miss you!

[Newest]Powerful song, gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. You can feel Layne pleading for help with his addictions through his words.

6Them Bones
Perfection. No rips. Not tears. No faltering whatsoever. High pigment song with the most achingly righteous harmonies, plus odd time, vocal intensity, great guitar solo and great lyrics, too. It's my favorite.
Such a magnificent song. Got me into 'Chains, and one of Jerry's best solos. Great harmonies too.


Excellent song. Great harmonies in the chorus, chugging, heavy guitar riffs during the verses, awesome, catchy odd time- it truly has it all!
[Newest]This song attacks you from the beginning and doesn't stop throughout. I love it

7Angry Chair
One of my favorite songs incredible incredible song deep distorted lyrics dark guitar riffs incredible
Such an incredibly dark piano riff and heavy guitars. Love the various melodies as well. Angry Chair, Dam That River, Hate To Feel are my top three.
It is a good song, because it teaches everyone to hate everything. If the world hated a little more we'd be in a better place.
[Newest]Best AIC Song Ever

8I Stay Away
Grunge has always been my favorite genre: great guitar licks, great lyrics, and whatnot. But to hear a violin in the background of this song just MAKES this song what it is. I love listening to it. One of Alice in Chains's best songs. Should be in the top 10.
I just love this song, my favourite with down in a hole and rooster... tears that soak a callous heart... the music is so beautiful.
One of the best songs of all time - definitely my favorite grunge song ever created. Check it out if you don't know it - from start to finish.
[Newest]My favorite song ever

9Love, Hate, Love
Amazing song! It was probably not a video and as popular as it should be cause the last 2 min of the song he just screams love hate love.
One of my favorite AIC songs... There is a video of him singing this from the 90's on YouTube... Amazing. Layne nails these powerful vocals, takes your breath away.
This is the most epic, intense, passionate song of all time! Layne's vocals are mind-blowing, his talent is raging. The guitar solo is beautiful too.
[Newest]Good song, love since first time I heard this!

10No Excuses
Systematic drums, meaningful lyrics, haunting bass and a killer guitar solo, this great song should easily be number one on this list.
Beautiful song! It definitely got me started with this awesome band! Beautiful Guitars, beautiful bass part, beautiful (and distinctly haunting) vocals, beautiful EVERYTHING...
Best song by AIC. Although it was a tough pick between this one and "sludge factory" what can I say.. They're all AMAZING
[Newest]Find me sitting by myself no excuses that I know

The Contenders

11Rotten Apple
I agree that this song is underrated. Jerry Cantrell tool is also underrated generally speaking. Layne Staley is also of course. However-Would & Nutshell are my one and two. But ya. Being of this generation I'm embarrassed to say I actually forgot this track. Thanks!
This song literally sends chills down my spine every time. Starts with a great bass riff, has a great acoustic feel, and a very powerful message. The self-harmonized vocals are chilling yet expressive.
It has the talk box. enough said. Also, this is one of Layne's most disturbing works. This is in my top three Alice in Chains songs, up there with Frogs and Dirt. When I hear his voice growl in this song, it sends chills down my spine

12Rain When I Die
The harmonies on this is incredible you could really feel the pain in laynes voice
Jerry's guitar tone is absolutely incredible. The composition is perfect. This is one of the few AIC tones Jerry and Layne collaborated lyrically on. It's hauntingly beautiful.
Masterpiece, gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. How isn't it in top 5?

13Dam That River
It deserves at least the second place of this list!
This song was written by Jerry Cantrell after Sean Kinney broke a table over his head...
Heavy stuff from there best album, Dirt

People must know this song, definitely one of the best!
Indeed this is a Killer song! It's definitely in my top 3!
Don't understand why it's rated this low?!
Should be way higher come on guys. Pun intended

Sounds better everytime you hear it.
I don't really like much off the self- titled album, but this song is quite good. Not one of their best but should still be higher.
This should be in top 10. Are people stupid or what? This is just purely amazing

16Heaven Beside You
not only is this the best song... but... yeah, it's just the best.
The first time I Heard this song, I immediately loved it. It's just excellent
This song (and Nutshell and Them Bones) is just perfect.
[Newest]Why is this so low? It should be in the top 5 in my opinion.

17Check My Brain
Its an amazing song I love the starting of the song, I heard it in californication for the first time loved it since then!
Great comeback.. Thumps up if you like this song.. Maybe not there best but definitely deserve in the top 5 position.. They still got it
If it came out on the facelift record everyone would love it, people just like to think their hardcore fans by listening to just there early material.
[Newest]One of their best. Should be on top 3.

18Bleed the Freak
the lyrics are so powerful and the whole quality of the song is amazing... the chorus just makes you scream THESE STAND FOR ME... NAME YOUR GOD AND BLEED THE FREAK
This song is #1, most powerful in my opinion, no such thing as a bad one but seems like mainstream created this list, where's "junkhead"?
Nice list... but this is my favorite. I love the way Layne sings it so much, especially the version on their live album. Facelift's such a cool album, though.
[Newest]The sounds the meanings the feelings... Everything about this song is just perfect.

19Got Me Wrong
This should be top ten at least!
This song needs to on top the list
Such a fantastic song with incredible vocals and a killer chorus. It should definitely be on the top ten! It is AIC's most underrated song by far and doesn't get enough recognition!
[Newest]Perfect song, great guitar pieces

One of my favorite songs! This should be a lot higher than 23. I love the emotion put into this song and the guitar riffs are just haunting.
Not the best, but really deserves a higher place.
This should definitely be TOP 10. One of the best AiC songs!

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