Top Ten Most Beautiful Male Actors In the Philippines

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The Top Ten

Richard Yap
He has pleasing personality with so much charisma at his age.The ideal man for me.When it comes to acting, he acts naturally as sir chief.His role really matches his personality. He is family man and admirable husband and a father.You complete my day sir chief!
The living proof that being handsome is not whether you are young or old. Some are just aging gracefully. :) My ideal man.
His looks and personality do not only make him the beautiful male actor that he is. It is his dedication and love of family that makes him even more baeutiful.
I think he is the best, he is handsome, he got the charisma, he got everything.. I love is style
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2Coco Martin
Coco is the best...
Coco its so hot
You the best hero in walang hangang
[Newest]Most handsome and great actor
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3Vhong Navarro
Vhong because he is a good actor, a good dancer and the most of all he is a loving father with his two sons
He is good handsome

4Enrique Gil
Hottest guy and handsome
It should has a unique beauty that never compare.
I want to have an authograph and pictures together with you enrique
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5Daniel Padilla
Lets vote Daniel forever
He is cool

He is cute
The best actor even since and he is cute... ;
[Newest]Go Sexy Go Sexy Go Sexy Sexy Love
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6Derek Ramsey
Real hunk and handsome he deserved to be a number 1

7Piolo Pascual

8Xian Lim
He's the most handsome man I've ever seen in the philippines.
So cute, tall, charming, even a straight man can die for his body
Super handsome! He is the dream man of every woman...
He got everything to be handsome
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9Dingdong Dantes
Dingdong Dantes got the best body as long as filipina showbiz is concern. He's tall, hunk and handsome. One of the best actors in philippine. Him and his beau Marian Rivera are like Brianglina of pinoy. The cutest showbiz couple ever
Go ding dong for gma..
He is one of the most interesting man ever lived.
I'm a very big fan of Dongyan
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10Richard Gomez

The Contenders

11Tom Rodriguez
Very good looking man
This cosmo bachelor is very HOT and good looking!
Yes, he is, I will vote for him anyday
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12Enchong Dee
He isn't a true man

13Richard Gutierrez
He has the western look and he's tall as well. Such a gorgeous big guy!

14Jericho Rosales
Not just good looks but pure acting talent
He is the best actor in this list
A good looking Filipino

15Joseph Marco

16John Lloyd Cruz
John lloyd is a good actor
He is handsome
Super handsome, but not that hot enough. :? //

17Dennis Trillo
The best actors ever since..

18Khalil Ramos

19Aljur Abrenica
Super yummy than the rest.. good to look at!
Beacause he is so handsome

20Alden Richards

21Sam Milby

22Ejay Falcon

23Diether Ocampo

24Rafael Rosel

25Gerald Anderson

26Jake Cuenca

27Jake Vargas

28Jhong Hilario
He's a good actor and host
Jhong is super handsome in the world

29Elmo Magalona
He is young and most talented rapping today!

30Vin Abrenica

31Rocco Nacino
He's a newbie, but he's d@mn portraying the beauty of Filipino men

32Empoy Marquez

33Mark Herras
I believe he survive all the circumstances he made. He is hansome and the bad boy of the dance floor and I think he is deserving one of the contender of being the top ten!

34Kristoffer Martin
He is young actor and good performer in Sunday All Star (GMA 7)

He is a young actor. He is handsome. Magaling siya.

36Insyong Dee
He is a talented actor and host.

37Lola Bashang

38JC de Vera
He is Good looking
Natural And Hottest Male Actor
He Is Perfect Boy

39James Reid
He is super handsome and he is cute and charming
Because he is so hot then daniel looks so angry

40Robin Padilla
The bad boy on the movie in Philippine

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