Top 10 Best Animated Superhero Movies

In this sea of animated wonders, each movie brings its unique flavor to the table, exploring different facets of heroism, morality, and identity. They introduce us to fantastic realms where ordinary individuals gain extraordinary powers, where battles between good and evil are fought, and where, ultimately, we're compelled to reflect on our own values, choices, and beliefs. And, of course, they entertain us, making us laugh, cry, and cheer as we journey alongside our animated heroes.
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1 The Incredibles

It's not the best superhero movie, but it sure is the best animated one! I love this movie so much. It's my second favorite Pixar movie after Finding Nemo. But this movie is amazing! Great plot and everything.

I have watched this movie a million times and it never gets old. It is my favorite Pixar movie and is so entertaining. I can't wait until the Incredibles 2.

This is absolutely the best animated superhero movie, and it's one of the best overall.

2 Batman - Mask of the Phantasm

A note for those who voted for The Incredibles: this movie has been the crown jewel and gold standard of this genre for years and was the inspiration for the movie you chose. Also, this movie explores the psychological torment of being Batman and the challenges he faces mentally and physically as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The Incredibles is very thin when it comes to character development and is easily predictable and relies on comedy to make audiences enjoy the movie. I'm not saying it is by any means a bad movie, but simply that it has much less to offer than the Mask of the Phantasm.

3 Batman: Under the Red Hood

Can't wait for the live-action one. The ending was so perfect I almost cried for Jason's fate. The musical side was stunning by Christopher Drake, Bruce Greenwood's voice as Batman, John DiMaggio's voice as Joker and, of course, Jensen Ackles as RED HOOD. Everything was perfect.

Jensen Ackles was perfect as Red Hood and would also make a good live-action version of him.

Jason Todd is my favorite Robin, and I thought the ending was so good. I watch this movie like every 2 months.

4 Big Hero 6

I liked this more than The Incredibles, a heroic movie that is my personal favorite Walt Disney movie.

This movie must be placed at the top #1! No second thoughts!

Everybody, keep at 6. Just for laughs.

5 Megamind

This is the best movie that shows not EVERY superhero is successful!

6 Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker

I wasn't even the biggest Batman Beyond fan, but this made me enjoy it. The writers did a truly fantastic job with this one. This could make anyone love Batman Beyond.

7 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Better than any Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature that isn't Spirited Away. It makes Finding Nemo look like Happy Feet, and it also makes Up look like Brave.

I cringe really hard every time anyone suggests that this movie was even remotely bad in the slightest.

Come on, guys! Let's make this number one!

8 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

Loved this even more than part 1. I really enjoyed the creepier take on Joker. Even though Michael Emerson is no Mark Hamill, he will still be remembered. My favorite scene of both movies, though, had to be the final fight between Batman and Joker. I could feel every blow like I was right there with them. Do yourself a favor and pick up the deluxe edition which contains this and part 1 today!

"You say you answer to some kind of authority. But they only want me dead because I'm an embarrassment to them. Because I do what they can't! What kind of authority is that?"

9 Justice League: Doom

Loved it. This movie shows Batman can kick anyone's ass if he wants, even Superman or Martian Manhunter isn't safe from the Bat's wrath.

Batman is awesome in this movie! His comments are awesome!

10 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
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11 Superman Doomsday
12 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

I liked that the story was slightly more focused on Flash than Batman or Superman. Some people overlook Flash, and this movie shows why you can't.

It's so great to see alternate versions of my favourite characters in a great story.

13 Incredibles 2
14 The Iron Giant

This counts as a superhero movie? I mean, it's awesome, but really?

I didn't know that Jennifer Aniston was in this. Awesome movie!

15 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
16 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
17 Lego Batman: The Movie
18 Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
19 Despicable Me
20 Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo

I loved this movie. It should be number one. The Incredibles aren't even Marvel or DC. Plus, this movie is actually really good, interesting, and surprising.

21 Justice League: The New Frontier
23 The Powerpuff Girls Movie
24 Iron Man: Rise of Technovore
25 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem
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