Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters

Monster movies are my favorite. So here's a list of the giant monsters.
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1 Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

Since 1954 Gojira has stomped into the genre's heart inspired by King Kong 20 years Honda and Toho produced are favorite radioactive dinosaur I see why he is the king of the Monsters with 30+ films in Japan 4 films in the U.S. and about 8 cartoons/T.V. Shows and about 3-? Loses he deserves that title lost to kong first and first monster loss ever, Mothra, MechaGodzilla, Mecha King Ghidorah not bad. Go Go Godzilla!

He is terrifyingly powerful. Clover is big but much lighter than Godzilla. Also Godzilla is an original movie monster. His representation in his first movie was good as well. He was a representation of the hiroshima bomb. Even some of the others represent something. Rodan the Soviet bomb, Mothra is a representation of hope. Clover is just a cool movie monster. Gojira represents mankind's mistakes and fears.

2 King Kong King Kong is a giant movie monster, resembling a colossal ape, that has appeared in various media since 1933. The character first appeared in the 1933 film King Kong, which received universal acclaim upon its initial release and re-releases.

He should be at the bottom of this list because I love reptiles and hate mammals, especially for what he did to Godzilla and that Tyrannosaurus, which is my favorite dinosaur, reptile, monster, and animal. Hell,I wish that those reptiles bit off his hands before ripping the rest of him to pieces.

Another reason why I like Godzilla and T. Rex, and hate King Kong is because I love animals more than humans. And so, reptiles should reign supreme.

King Kong should be at the bottom of this list because of what he did reptiles. And I'll never like mammals more than reptiles. Hell, I'll always love reptiles a lot more than mammals just as I love animals much more than humans.

Kong will never rule. Tyrannosaurus always will be the Number 1 monster in my book.

3 Gamera Gamera is a giant monster or daikaiju originating from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films of the same name.

Since 1965 12 films waiting in high anticipation for manga/cartoon Rocket flying ufo spinning open chest plasma throwing, Fire ball launching friend to all children Guardian of the universe this turtle is number 3 will we see him Battle Godzilla?

Looks like a giant ninja turtle shooting giant fireballs from his mouth, he is like the giant reptilian counterpart of Superman, reptilian savior. The most bitter rival of godzilla

Gamera! Gamera! He'll bring kids to his van! Touch them like no others can! Oh please don't tell on gamers!

4 King Ghidorah King Ghidorah is one of Godzilla's most well known enemies. First appearing in 1964's Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster, he has gone on to appear in more films than most other Godzilla foes.

He is really bad at fighting. When he fought godzilla he revived 3 times and STILL lost! Laugh out loud.

He is Godzilla's main villain, could fly and shot lighting has three hands could get to space.

Godzilla's arch rival and the most powerful monster in the world.

5 Mothra

I kinnda like insects being giants. And mothra is my favorite. Another monster that everyone likes.

A show stealer. Way better than Godzilla or Kong.

Long live the Queen of the Monsters!

6 Rodan

I love him. Glad he comes back in the monster verse. He could make small things fly of his supersonic waves and feel sad for him in Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla when he dies for Godzilla and Godzilla Jr,

Such an underrated monster! Just 2 years after the infamous Gojira was released... Oh, and by the way, FIRE RODAN... Enough said

Rodan saved Godzilla's life and upgraded his Atomic breath to the spiral ray.

7 Clover

If you don't count the anime, Trevor Henderson, etc. this is one of if not the biggest of all film monsters being in the Kilometers. Don't believe me, watch Cloverfield Paradox.

The way the movie reveals Clover is so suspenseful and horrifying (in a good way). Hopefully we get a chance to see him again!

Now that's a monster. No mutations or anything its just an alien monster. Although its name should be changed. I should called it Monsterouis.

8 The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
9 Ultraman

Over 30-40 TV shows incarnation since 1966 still going to 2023 king of Kyodai Heroes! Films and cartoons the Japanese Superman!

Ultraman, Gamera, Godzilla, King Kong if they are not your top 4 your list is not legit!

10 Destoroyah

Desstoryah is one of my favorites villains from the Godzilla movies and his forms are awesome and his design is the fire I would like to see him in the monster verse. The only time I donĀ“t like him is when he kills Godzilla Jr.

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11 Mega Shark

It's better than the smaller ones, because a mega shark swallows you whole and you can come out the other end safely. Still, you can get digested and being swallowed and crapped out alive can be pretty unpleasant.

Yes I know I'm going to regret this but come on guys you just hate this movie just because of cgi. Well at least you will see a megalodon fight other creatures.

12 Kiryu Mechagodzilla 3
13 Gigan

My third favorite villain of Godzilla. he has a laser, hooks, a flamethrower, and things to grab enemies his death in final wars was awesome. Would like to see him in the monster verse.

14 Megazord (Power Rangers, 2017 Movie)

Not just the movie or the other movie but the 30-40 incarnations of the Megazords since 1979 to 2020 and beyond the most best and consistent Mech! There has also been cartoons can't wait to see what's next!

15 Mecha Godzilla

It is just a robot of Godzilla but has guns, shot laser of its eyes. but is nice

16 Gundam
17 Tyrannosaurus Rex

The king of the dinosaurs one of my favorite dinosaurs but was sad when it died it JP 3 by the dumb spio.

18 Green Gargantua
19 The Kraken
20 Gyaos
21 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
22 Gwoemul
23 The Kaiju
24 Leviathan
25 Gorosaurus
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