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1Avenged Sevenfold

This is one of the most experimental albums I've heard. It's quite amazing how they ended up pulling it together this great! RIP To the Rev! I hope you all enjoy this amazing album! Personal favorite, it speaks to me personally, and it's fun to play to (drums/guitar/vocals) Enjoy this album!

A Little Piece of Heaven! Afterlife! Critical Acclaim! Great Record. - fidelcanojr

This Is The Best Just Hear Afterlife and Almost Easy and Little peaice of heaven and critcal accliam -. -!

I really liked this album because of how they mixed classical music together with heavy metal. It really brings feelings to the album.

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Greatest album ever, period.
I can't see a7x ever topping this, the death of the REv drove them to make some of the most unforgettable masterpieces.
Musicianship is amazing, lyrics incredible and overall songwriting is perfect.

Save Me IS there best song after MIA maybe, God HAtes Us is heavy and epic, Buried alive is a flawless track, and fiction and victim are just beautiful.
Those are my favorites but honestly, all the songs kick so much ass.
Also the bonus track "lost it all" is awesome.

I have no idea why the self titled is number 1

Many lesser known songs are incredible here...
1. God Hate Us : The growl are very incredible... The bridge before the solo's and the groove it's incredible!
2. Natural Born Killer : The intros and solo intros
3. Danger Line : The end of songs lyric will touch your feel.. I think this song is sang by dead men...
4. Save Me : 10 minutes song and all of instruments are hard to play and cost much energy...
5. Fiction : For Un-true a7x fans, they won't know this song...

I can't choose between Nightmare and Avenged Sevenfold as their best album. They both feature what I would consider their best sound as a band. They were truly original in this period.

Hail to the king sounds good too and so does their metalcore era sound, but It all sounds too similar to other artists to me.

The self-titled album is awesome but this is way better in terms of lesser known songs

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3City of Evil

In my humble opinion:
1) City of Evil
2) Nightmare
3) Avenged Sevenfold
4) Waking the Fallen
5) Hail to the King
6) Diamonds in the Rough
7) Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

I really do enjoy all of their albums, and the margin of difference in the top 5 is razor thin. However, City does not have a single weak song, while every other one does. One Waking, Won't See You Tonight Part 2 drags down the album. Dear God hurts A7X's chances for the top bid, and on Nightmare there are simply too many slow songs in the second half. Had they substituted 4 AM or Lost It All for Tonight the World Dies, then that album may be number one for me. For Hail to the King, This Means War is the weak spot. On City of Evil, their weakest track (my opinion) is Trashed and Scattered; if that's your weakest track, then you have created an absolutely classic album. My top 3 tracks on City are Beast and the Harlot, The Wicked End, and MIA.

City of Evil is easily the best album by A7X, it has a lot of diversity while still having like a constant City of Evil like sound, it has a lot of great guitar solos, and has a theme going with all the shorter songs from Beast and the harlot through Seize the Day, and all of the epics from Sidewinder through MIA, also the 3 part intro song "Beast and The harlot/Burn it Down/Blinded in Chains" is awesome, A7X has all the hits, but except for them its not really that great an album compared to City of Evil

My top 6 is:
1. City of Evil
2. Waking the Fallen
3. Nightmare
4. Diamonds in the Rough
5. A7X
6. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - D2Demon

I cannot BELIEVE their self-titled album is in first. Now, while it was a good album, it was easily their worst. It was very short, and while it had some amazing songs in it, others didn't feel A7X at all (such as Dear God). The album was good.

Now it is nowhere near comparison to City of Evil. This album was outstanding. While the self-titled album had 6 or 7 good songs on it, COE had 11, meaningevery song in it. The albim is quite long at 72 minutes, with the shortest song being about 5 minutes long, and the average song length being close to 6 minutes. Every song on it is pure A7X.

Basically, I enjoyed the self-titled album. But it stands nowhere close to City of Evil. So... It really shouldn't be at the top, and I'm even more disappointed to find Waking the Fallen in 4th.

On a final note, I can safely say that the self-titled is in first because of the common obsession with Afterlife...

Easily their most creative work. Nothing else sounds like it.

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4Waking the Fallen

Have it any way you want, as long as Waking the Fallen is on top.
It is their most matured release to date.
Also, the guitar work here is far more impressive than their later releases (excluding City of Evil, of course).
The only flaw here is probably the weird screaming, but it's forgivable.

What really makes this stand out, though, is the lyrical content. It's just... Inspiring, maybe? I can't describe it.
Anyway, put this on the top, people. Please.
And City of Evil at 2.
Nightmare at 3.
STST at 4.
The rest of their releases anyway you like it.
And finally, their self-titled at the last spot. God, I hated that album and the only decent song on it was "Critical Acclaim".

The fact that waking the fallen can even be DISPUTED as their best album amazes me. It is by far the best in both its lyrical meaning, flow as an album, and technical work. There isn't a song I dislike.

Easily the best album. The full band was together for the first time, M Shadows found the perfect balance of screaming and singing, while Zacky, Syn, and the Rev do their thing. Unholy Confessions, Second Heartbeat, and Chapter four are top 10 Avenged Sevenfold songs. Should be higher.

Should be at number 1

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5Hail to the King

The first 5 songs are just straight ass kicking head banging songs, the rev would be proud. The next 5 are still bad ass songs, crimson day reminds me of a better seize the day, heretic is an amazing song, coming home is their top 5 songs ever made and planets is just a masterpiece... May not have songs you fall in love with. But this album is their best quality of work throughout an album that they have ever made. Even st james is a 9/10

First off, I love all of their albums. But hail to the king... It has people now calling A7X the heirs of Metallica! It has the ever so addicting groove of classical barebone metal. Not to mention it adds to there ability of being able to change their sound and still sound great. HAIL TO THE KING

This album gets such a bad rap just because it is so different stylistically from anything else they've put out - but it shows the band's versatility. It was supposed to be a stripped back, groove-driven hard rock record, and they've definitely achieved that! This album is so powerful because it is simple. The songs are so catchy, and so emotive in places, it's just a damn solid record. Good work boys!

All a7x albums are stellar! Enough said.

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6Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

This albums is so under-rated. Come on people, this was the start of their career (besides Pinkly Smooth) I never did like growling until I listened to this album. And Syns solo in To End The Rapture is simply AMAZING!

This album means so much to me, being the first album and because the song "Warmness on the Soul" will be one of the songs played at my wedding, this album is great! Rock on Avenged

This was the first A7X album I've ever owned. After hearing An Epic of Time Wasted and Darkness Surrounding, I was sold and bought the album. It is heavy and raw, and the drumming is just out of this world. It is worth your time and money. SO BUY IT!

Metalcore masterpiece.

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7Diamonds In the Rough

Great Album! Amazing Pantera and Iron Maiden Covers with Walk and Flash of the Blade. If you have not listened to this whole album in its entirety, I highly suggest you do! Possibly the best songs on this album are Demons and Crossroads. Very good rhythm kick as drums. Best solo on this album is most likely on the last track, Dancing Dead. A7X for Life!

Really 7? Its one of the the best albums I ever heard!

Really? Diamonds in the rough AFTER Sounding the 7th trumpet? That album BOMBED! I love A7X, but seriously?

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8Warmness on the Soul
9All Excess
10Waking the Fallen: Resurrected

Wow it's hard to believe that they had unholy confessions live on this album. And that's not a good thing at all, I love the studio version of unholy confessions but the live version is really really bad and the same goes for most the live songs on this album.

It was as great as Waking the Fallen. It also included demos, live footage, alternate versions, two music videos, and a 30 minute documentary.

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111999 Demo

This is truly the start of their career!

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