Best Avicii Songs

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The Top Ten

Amazing song with a fabulous music ^^ compose... ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Just because of avicii the genius musician... I'm loving it!
Best club song for sure! So catchy!
The first time I heard it I didn't stop playing it for 2 weeks!
It's got that special thing like no other song!
Best ever composition, could play it a any party!
The first time I heard this song couldn't help myself but listen to it over and over again!
[Newest]Rocks... Its been my favourite song ever since I first heard it

2Wake Me Up
Its a unique approach from Avicii, a new style from him that I believe is very effective and shows a completely new perspective on this style of music. The featuring artist, Aloe Blacc is a highly talented vocalist which is just one other addition to make this song as awesome as it is.
Something really different. Feels good after listening to it! Great song, should be on top.
Great song! Should be in the top ten list.. Thank you Avicii for being the artist who I always look forward to.. Hope for more
[Newest]I like all Avicii songs... But I guess this is over the moon👍👍

3I Could Be the One
Best Avicii song yet! Been raping that replay button all day and plan to party to it all night! Hashtag such a tune
Just love this track - awesome
[Newest]Nicky romero you are electro

I personally think Levels and Fade Into Darkness are both great songs but Silhouettes is simply AMAZING. I mean, the vocals and the oh so great build up into a perfect melody of joy.
Seriously? Silhouettes 11th on the list?
I mean, This song gets me into the "Trance State Of Mind" Better Than Any other song :D
And, as far as I Remember, the Music Video Also gives a good message to the People
I honestly believe this is aviciis best track! Great music, powerful lyrics perfectly composed. Sends shivers through my body! L
[Newest]Nice become hay brother

5Hey Brother
Country and house mixed together results in pure awesomeness!
Should be way up the list!
This song doesn't have votes simply because many people haven't heard it. But it is a great song and shouldn't be thus far down the list!
[Newest]It deserves a LOT better, 3 would do.

6Seek Bromance
Great vocals, awesome beat and the way this song moves is amazing. This DESERVES the number 1 spot!
I am in love with this song! Been spamming the replay button for this one! The vocals are incredible and the beat just makes you want to move. #avicii forever!
This song has always been amazing, only last I week I realised that this was avicii, ii didn't know that tim berg was his real name haha
[Newest]This song makes you want to dance no matter what you are doing

7Fade Into Darkness
Definitely one of my favorites. Play it more than once a day. Kinda in love with this song!
2 Swedish artists... One who is good at Producing and the other with a god gifted vocal chord... The BEST I could get from any EDM artist.. Just waiting for Avicii to make such awesome tracks now and then
You just can't resist to playback to him and go crazy with The Avicii... Superb synchronization and way the song moves we wanna move ourselves.. ! 10/10 from my part... ßoy you got to hit like!
[Newest]This is a great song just listen to the beats damn avicii you rock

8You Make Me
Piano + Avicii + Vocals = Pure Awesomeness
You make mi is a nice song! I love♥ AVICII! I am a Swedish girl, so English is not my strongest side, � - �� - �AVICII� - �� - �
I love the video and music is awesome ( :
[Newest]Such a good song

The drops in this song are so fantastic, it just makes you want to jump and scream. I think the breaks in this song makes the audience anxiuos to hear what going to happen next. Then its just blows your mind, this is a really good song, it should be under levels.
Great track with Guetta... Full of trance...
Nice Avicii :X the best dj of de music house!
[Newest]I like poo and this song!

10X You
X for xtremely good song... Avicii one of his fine works..
I think why this song is in such a poor place on this list is because not many people know of it. Many have heard it but don't know who made it or the songs name. This song is amazing! As of being a total Avicii fan and a fan of EDM in general, I'd say this is Avicii's best song with Fade Into Darkness as second and then Levels as a close third.
Amazing tune and deserves to be at number one
[Newest]It is the best

The Contenders

11Addicted to You
Just give it time. Its gonna get into the top tens.
My all time favorite
This is best song from avicii. I like this song

12Avicii vs Lenny Kravitz - Superlove
Yes, its definitely one of his best tracks...
An awesome mix I just loved it!
Best edm song. Love the beats and mixes

13Last Dance
Obviously not his best creation, but still it deserves to be in this place because it is good. !
Obviously not his best creation, but still it deserves to be in this place because it is good. !

I don't know this song
Great beat. Fade Into Darkness without vocals. It's amazing!

15Lay Me Down
Song brought to life with the help of a legendary Nile Rogers and some impeccable vocals from Adam Lambert. The best song on TRUE!
Why is this song not in the top ten? The melody and beat to this song are perfect!
With the help of Nile Rogers and Adam lambert; avicii I has finally made the perfect song!
I have listened to this every day since it came out and I doubt I'll never stop! 👌♥️
His best song! Love it. It may be a remix, the rhythm reminds me something but whatever, the song is excellent!
[Newest]Nights and lay me down are great songs! Listen to nights if you didn't!

One of AVICII's best... The singer has a sweet voice...
This is actually nadia al - rapture (avicii remix)
Just listened to it & came here to see at which position this song is..

17Dear Boy
I don't know, the chorus is just dreamlike, mesmerizing.
Superb song with awesome tones. The next version of "i could be the one"!
Best. song. in. the. whole. wide. world! I can't stop listening to it! Its just so... AMAZING AND CATCHY!
[Newest]This song is just amazing. Should be in top 10 at least!

18You're Gonna Love Again
Amazing song
Should be in the top 10
Great song. I am always replaying the song!

This should No. 1! Amazing synths epic tune!
This is a very rocking song! This should be on top 10

20Street Dancer
Old AVICII style song & it will touch your heart..Vote this
Listen to the Sneaker Fox Remix
Very sweet Dj by AVICII...

One of their first songs... Should be in the top ten...


This song takes you to a world of imaginations...Perfect

22Drowning (Avicii Remix)
This song should definitely be higher on the list! I listen to this religiously and never get bored; an awesome collaboration from Armin Van Buuren & Avicii and in my opinion, incredibly underrated.
Everyone who reads should listen to this song, go download it now quickly and come back and tell me you dislike this song. I guarentee you wont. It is fantastic like every other great song by avicii that isn't popular. Pretty much every popular song by avicii is worst than a lot of his other remixes, silhouettes and seek bromance excluded. But check out his remix of rapture, new new new, the last summer and drowning.
It's an amazing song. It's the kind of song you are listening in the club and can be dancing and crying at the same time. Should definitely be inside the top 10.
[Newest]How can this be the last on the list! This song is one of Avicii's best mixes. Listen to it, I highly recommend it

23Liar Liar
So funky and upbeat
Excellent vocals and lovely upbeat

24Shame On Me
Best AVICII Song by far. Especially the synth solo. This song deserves more attention.

25Levels (Reverse)

Simply the best ever, never someone will defeat this song BLESSED FOREVER
I'm crazy about the song no doubt wow
This song is the best song ever made by a dj. The beats are unequalled. In 2011 this song became a hit in Holland and he deserved it.

27Enough Is Enough
The main melody is something made from God himself, don't really like the vocals but other than that it is THE most amazing song.

I hope to god someday they'll make an instrumental for this song...
I've been raping the replay button on this song! Absolutely love it!
Love this song-love avicii altogether really♡♡♡

28Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s Been Cursed Mix)
Really great song! Definitely need more votes. The melody's really great!
This song.. Lip syncing in your mirror.. Paradise.

Amazing selection of tune, this song should at least be top 10
Just listen to it first!
Full of energy..the track is just too good

30Level Two
Come on it's best of his creation

31Dance In the Water
Latest song by Avicii... GREAT!
The rythems is just like "I Could be the One" But it has more deeper tones and unique vocals by Karen Marie Ørsted. The next "Le7els"!

32Girl Gone Wild (Avicii Remix)
Madonna sings the vocals, and Avicii adds the epicness to the song.
Madonna rock the song


34Hello Miami
Easily second behind levels

35Don't Give Up On Us
Great song I've ever heard

36My Feelings for You
Awesome music with superb beats
Just love this song
Should get more votes, definitely one of the best
Such a good party song

37The Party Next Door
Just listen it. It's awesome

38F*** the Music
BOOM! Avicii can create any type of music...

39UMF (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)
This song is amazing! The tune is so catchy... but, technically, this was known as 'Fire' and 'Levels II' before it was released for UMF.
THIS SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER! Music is so amazing

40Electric Masturbation
I'm shocked this song isn't on this list. This is one of the best of avicii.

41Hope There's Someone
One of the best underrated songs... Mind blowing
Awesome Melody and Sweet Singer
This should big 10

42All My Life

43Heart Upon My Sleeve
Keep your eye on this song because this song will explode once the vocals are released with it.
Guitar + cello it's really amazing

44Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)
Avicii has done again... Great to hear this song...
Tis should be on the top 20 atleaast

45The Nights
Funny though 74 what? This song doesn't have votes simply because many of you have not heard it. But it is superb and should be in top 10!
What is this doing at the 74th spot laugh out loud
My father told me this is the best of him..
[Newest]What a song... Very inspirational

46The Days
It's THIS song that makes me now listen to Avicii
I listen to this song all the time and it makes me remember all the good times I have had.
The best lyrics - this should be in the top ten

It's incredible how Avicii managed to transform a boring Spanish music into something really interesting and musically rich!
Can't believe this one is only on the 37th spot. One of my favourite latin house tunes. Right up there with Flexy - Paris Latino.

48Three Chord Revolution
Fits perfectly to the lyrics "There's a bitch in the basement and she's calling for help" hope that's useful

49A Sky Full of Stars
Good to the ear... Avicii with coldplay... Love it
Great combi of Avicii & Coldplay.. Melodious song

50Two Million
Terrific Track! Go AVICII

51Long Road to Hell
Ha.. Ha. Cool music


53Three Million

54Don't Hold Back
Please listen to this song and you will get what Avicii is capable off...

552013 Is Here
Definitely Avicii's most underrated song!

56Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Guys! Give this a listen, the most under-rated song. Listen to this in your car and feel the magic. Remember RANA ABHI for advising you this song

58Tweet It

59One Day


This has rihanna and avicii with usher awesome man its the jam it should be #1

62Sweet Dreams



65Look Closer

This is a nice song

67Bad Romance

68Sound of Now

69So Excited

70Take It to the Top


72Stay With You
This is an amazing song, deserves to be #2 after SIlhouettes - The piano in this song is just pure love

That's a great song! Trust in me guys, Listen to that!

74Dreaming of Me

75All You Need Is Love

76Lovers On the Sun

We need way more votes this song is amazing

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