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August 3, 2015 - Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in 1971.

What are the best Camel songs?
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The Top Ten

Air Born
The flute riff is something unbelievable.


3Tell Me


5Lady Fantasy
It must be the first! This song has the best rhyhtm, the best guitar, the best lyrics and all the best of Camel. It represents Camel. A great part of the persons who listen Camel started listening them with this song. I am one of them. I love this song, and I hope all the persons that are reading this list to hear it.

6Never Let Go

7Song Within a Song

8Mystic Queen

9Nimrodel - The Procession - The White Rider

10Another Night

The Contenders

11Rhayader Goes to Town

12Lunar Sea
The first minute is the greatest thing EVER.


13Slow Yourself Down


15Who We Are



18Chord Change

19The Snow Goose

20Stationary Traveller

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