Best Canadian Movie Directors


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1David Cronenberg

Known earlier in his career for sophisticated, macabre horror films, Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg has transcended the limits of the genre. Movies:
The Brood
The Fly
The Dead Zone - Alexandr

2Gary Burns
3Norman Jewison

He was honored with the Irving G Thalberg Award in 1999. The director of so many influential films including "Fiddler on the Roof", "A Soldier's Sory" and "Moonstruck" - Alexandr

4Bruce McDonald

An internationally acclaimed director. "Roadkill" won the Toronto-City Award for Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival. - Alexandr

5Jeremy Podeswa

This Canadian director is receiving international acclaim for the award winning "The Five Senses" - Alexandr

6Lynne Stopkewich

Her debut feature film "Kissed" is already an international cult favorite - Alexandr

7Patricia Rozema

The wonderful Canadian director of "I've Heard The Mermaids Singing", "When Night is Falling" and the feminist interpretation of "Mansfield Park" - Alexandr

8Don McKellar
9James Cameron

Born and raised in Canada by canadian parents, and one of the most famous and succesful directors of all time. Why isn't he on the list? - emikjeldsberg

How is James Cameron not #1? He directed Terminator, Titanic and Avatar!

I also like how he's both a filmmaker and explorer for nat geo.

10Atom Egoyan

Canada's foremost independent director ("The Sweet Hereafter", "Felicia's Journey" and "Aratat") - Alexandr

The Contenders

11Aaron Woodley

Aaron Woodley's debut film "Rhinoceros Eyes" is about a shop clerk lost in madness and movie props. - Alexandr

12Arthur Hiller
13Floria Sigismondi
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