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1Gordon Ramsay

This man is absolutely great! He's without a doubt best chef ever! I really love him, he's not so bad as you see on tv, he's really sweet when he's with his family and besides he really makes me laugh when he gets angry!

I love you Gordon you really help people get their stuff together I watch kitchen nightmares, master chef and Hell's Kitchen.

The mans a god he comes in all the top shows of cooking in the world like master chef and yells kitchen and blah blah blah he is amazing

Today is his birthday, so Happy Birthday Ramsay! 11 / 8 / 2015

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2Jamie Oliver

Jamie is personally my favorite chef, because he always lays influence on how to cook quality food from very few things and still feel great. He has been preaching the fact that the food should be home cooked, so that the nutrients remain intact, which I quite like.

Simplicity, creativity and freshness combined makes Jamie an artist of food, and being the best is about being an artist.

He is amazing chef I ever see in my life. I wish I have a chance to test a food cook by him before I die. Gob bless you Jamie Oliver.

Jamie moves so comfortably through the kitchen, you can really tell that he's top ten for sure, he's amazing and one of the best chefs I've ever seen

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3Emeril Lagasse

Always a very flavorful dish and experience.

4Heston Blumenthal

As I read on wiki he is entirely self-taught. What I saw on telly he is totally modest, without unnecessary, showproducerdemanding, stupid, temper outbursts ( as we see in many other cooking shows) and unpretentiously funny, or actually... He is having fun. He is all about food and imagination. He is playing and experimenting with food to create new food. All the others just... Cook.

When it comes to creativity & understanding cooking outside of traditional methods the only person who can move forward is Heston he is amazing & no one can do it the way he does! Complete genius

He is simply the best. Never seen a chef with so much imagination. Just watch his programmes need I say anymore

The chef of the moment!

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5Marco Pierre White

Just remember, this man TAUGHT gordon ramsay, and heston.. Look in marco's cookbooks and you'll notice some very familiar dishes to what Gordon now claims he made up... This man is God when it comes to culinary excellence

Man! This guy taught Ramsey and Heston... For me he should be the best chef in the world... He knows perfection, techniques, flavors and etc.. He is my undoubtedly the best chef in the world

This man is a god in the kitchen. There's absolutely no question Marco is a top 3 chef of all time.

He is perfection itself. He cooks fast and precise.

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6Rocco DiSpirito
7Anthony Bourdain

A famous Chef of the Brasserie Les Halles is a French brasserie style restaurant in NYC.
He reflected that his love of food was kindled in France, when he was young and tried oyster for the first time and that on one of this famous oyster fisherman's boat, during vacation in the fabulous country named France.

8Auguste Escoffier

Without a doubt everyone on this list would be nowhere without Escoffier. He created modern French cooking. By far #1. Personalities on T.V. don't stand a chance to this man.

9Todd English
10Ferran Adria

He is the best chef around the world. If you has sometime the chance to eat his food you can be the luckiest person in the world

Perfect is the best word to describe his food

Revolution and investigation
The Best

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?Rick Bayless

If you've ever been to Frontera Grill or Topolobampo in Chicago, you know what I'm talking about. Best Mexican food ever, if not the best food ever.

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11Julia Child

Worked a party with her and many other chefs. She is a Chef and knows her stuff.

12Paul Bocuse

Yeah, Jamie Oliver is way better than Bocuse. Please, the only thing Oliver can do is spit in the food when he talks and burn food.

Paul Bocuse, has been recognize as THE Master.

13Thomas Keller

Opinion not needed! He is the best. That's it, that's all!

14Sophie Dahl
15Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev kapoor is also known as the king chef of ndian cuisine, other than Indian food he is also expert in fusing other cuisine with indian cuisines. He is simply the best, as he shares his all cookings tips and tricks with the viewers which are incredible

The best chef to bring Indian cuisine in to the modern cuisine. Exceptionally the best chef

He is simply the best!


He is my favourite chef...

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16James Beard
17Wolfgang Puck

His so so famous, guys. He's the first chef to be so famous that he became a celebrity.

Remember Spago's?

And he did so many charities including AIDS charity during the time when AIDS was the most dreaded desease!

18Jacques Pepin

He was the chef for Charles de Gaulle and two other French Head of State
He is also the writer of "La technique ", the most popular French Cuisine Textbook.
Nobody comes close to his knowledge and technique.

Pepin has no peer in technique and food knowledge. He just keeps getting better.

No other chef has done more for food in USA than him. He deserves a Kennedy center recognition

French are the best chefs in the world

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19Bobby Flay

Well Bobby Flay is obviously the best (No affence to Gordon Ramsey) he cooks food that not very many people are accustomed to and it is absolutely perfect (By the way I'm 12 years old and I'm still smart enough to know that Bobby Flay is the best)

I've met him before and he knows his stuff I'm 9 years old

I went on his show he is a amazing cook I lost sadly😝😱😭😥

He's just the best

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20Charlie Trotter
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