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A Thousand Years
I honestly like part 2 better. But this is still good. It's has so much meaning and I had my crush listen to it. This song should be number 1. I personally like it more than jar hearts. But give this song more votes! It's been waiting a thousand years! It can wait a thousand more if it have to.
This song is amazing! It's got everything in it... It's like sex in my ears. I can't stop listening to it!


Can't belive its this ;ow in the list you people vote it please!
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2Jar of Hearts
Awesome! Oh my god... Such good lyrics and well connected to my reality.. Wish I could change my decisions but
This song is priceless
I just can't find a word for it
I always sing this song, it really matches my voice, A Thousand Years and this song is my favorite song of Christina Perri. Love this song so much, vote for it!
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This song is amazing and has so much meaning... It #1 in my heart
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4The Lonely
A sad song that makes you appreciate your loved ones a lot more, because one day when they're gone, you'll be living with the lonely...
How is this not #1? This is the best song ever! It always gets me
I feel that it makes me appreciate my life as it is, and not wish for more. I am satisfied that I do have important people in my life.
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I feel like she takes me on a journey with this song. It's so fun to sing along to that I often forget it's supposed to be sad. It doesn't sound quite like anything else I've heard, which is why I'm so fascinated by it.
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Best song by Christina Perri. Absolutely flawless lyrics and amazing music
My all time favorite band is Paramore I have a huge crush on Hayley Williams but Christina perri human is one of my all time favorite songs and Christina perri since the release of human has been smoking hot love this song so much human should be number 1
This song is absolutely amazing.
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7Black Blue Listen to sample

8Bang Bang Bang
This song is song energetic. It should be higher. You want tto sing along with her. It's about how Karma had the boy who broke her heart get his heart broken. So lively
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9Sad Song Listen to sample

10Penguin Listen to sample

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11My Eyes Listen to sample

12Daydream Listen to sample

This is just a lovely song. The melody, the lyrics, everything about it is perfect.
What a lovely song, Christina and Jason do this great
! How the fudge is this not no. 1 yet?! :0
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14A Thousand Years Part.2
Its better than that normal one
Definitely better than the first one
Most Beautiful Song I'v ever heard.. undoubtedly betr dan d frst part... should b rankd 1...

Love love love Mis Perri it is the most romantic song of her, at chorus "Kiss me on my shoulder, and tell me it’s not over I promise to always come home to you Remind me that I’m older to be brave, smart, sweet, and bolderAnd don’t give up on what we’re trying to doDon’t count the miles, count the I love you" Mis Perri You're so Romantic Girl!
A touching yet upbeat song about a long distance relationship... How often does that come around?
I Love This song too, It's very romantic song ever of Christina Perri!
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I love this song! Coming from a twelve year old alto who loves to sing this song is very easy to learn and fun to sing.
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17I Believe
It is such an inspirational song. Every time I listen to it tears fill my eyes. I remember to keep my head up high and gives me the strength to keep going in life. It reminds me that tomorrow will be better.

18Be My Forever
Come on guys I know jar of hearts and a thousand years are great songs bit when you want to hear happy and I don't know maybe like a different type of song here os this one. In My opionion this os not the best one but I relly Love this one
I love the rhythm of this song and how upbeat it is.

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