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Fix You
Come on no. 2 is not enough what the heck man vote for this song and listen to it you will not regret it I promise you all
Really? This isn't even the best song on the album. The radio has done a very bad job of publicizing Coldplay, because now their most popular songs aren't even nearly their best. The deep tracks, however, are sometimes some of my favorite song of all time. For example, from the same album, Swallowed in the Sea is so much better. Give it a listen, you just might like it more.


One of the best songs from Coldplay! I love this song! Full of meaning, and it makes me cry! They sang the song like they have something to say, something to prove.. And absolutely love the ending.. Especially at the music video... Where everybody sang the chorus... It really made me cry!
This is a wonderful song. It's perfect. Every single person can relate to this song. Really listen, listen to what they are trying to say. Viva la Vida is a great song, but for me this is the best of Coldplay.
[Newest]Clocks is the best song obviously
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2Viva la Vida
When I listen to viva la vida I feel like I'm the king. All the sensations and emotions in this song make you directly enter the song as if you are the king
Anyone who sees this, Coldplay has done much better than Viva la Vida. It barely makes my top Coldplay songs list, and if this is your favorite Coldplay song, you are not a true fan.


It is absolutely brilliant! I am completely in love with this song. It is so powerful and has so much meaning to it. Coldplay definitely is the best band out there! It can't get any better!
This is the best song I have ever heard! The suspense and the sound of the song just makes it. Coldplay did a very good job making this song. It really makes me feel like I used to rule the world! I absolutely love it!
[Newest]I'm the king! Brilliant work from Coldplay! Pumped!
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3The Scientist
Above and beyond amazing this song reaches to you and makes want to go to sleep and tough the sky and also if you are a guy that really likes to listen to songs that make you calm this is by far the one for you.
The emotion in this song is raw and uncensored, it tells an amazing and beautiful story. It's original and calming ; yet there's something in the lyrics that stirs up emotions and memories.
Fix you is great too, but you can't beat The Scientist
[Newest]What is the scientist even about?
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I like how they sang the song. They had a nice and loving tune that almost make me cry. They are my best singers and I will never forget them.
a song which has a powerful start and a great ending as well... piano used in a rock song... simply amazing..!
Awesome tune and nice and relaxing ! good Lyrics too
[Newest]This song is the quintessence of Coldplay.
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. . . its so emotional, really heart-felt, you can really tell Martin cares more about this song more than any of the others, and most importantly, it kickstarted COLDPLAY - it set the platform for all the other coldplay songs. . .!
oh god, I just dont understand how I lived me life up to now without this song just on in the background <3 today me and my friends shared the love and walked around the school singing this and wow I was in heaven. let's be honest here, whoever true song was to was lucky as to have a song like that - it is the themetune to my life
by far the best song by coldplay... it needs to be at the top...
i bet anyone who listens to it once can leave it... he/she will have to listen it again and again...
[Newest]Tallow is such an emotional song but a really god one at that
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This song rocks man! Stuck in my head since it released! Para-para paradise!
Another really amazing song from coldplay, musically (with the classical and alternative merge - amazing! ) and lyrically. It tells the tale of a little girl who's perception of the world is really quite different from reality. Every time I play this song it just has to be more than once... Or twice... Okay more like five times.
It opens beautifully with some violin, subtle bass, and awesome highs, and then it's like DaftPunk's website server exploded and that sick bass drop comes in like 'the, the, DUM' and then it's like god's record player... Um... Exploded. A heavenly song to say the least!
[Newest]I seriously love and adore this song!
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7Speed of Sound
Piano absolutely blows you away in the introduction. Oppose to the other songs made by Coldplay, this song excels at build-up and keeps climax until a dramatic end.
Great song.. With amazing lyrics... I'm loving it.. It should be number 1 according to me..
The song that makes any human fall in love with coldplay, Deserves the number 1 spot in this list.
[Newest]Love this song so much. Brings back so many happy memories from my childhood. So nostalgic.!

8Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
Without a doubt one of the best song they made... Everything is so perfect in this song! Listen to it to understand
Amazing solo guitar, Spectacular Chris voice, drums awesome and Guy... Well, a song made from all the band for all their fans. Sounds great and really rhythmic
Great song best in my opinion one of my most played song on my ipod
Never heard a better song
Love it

[Newest]That's awesome these type of songs make you feel alive
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9Violet Hill
The lyrics in this song are so amazing and deep. "If you love me then won't you let me know" is so powerful.
This is coldplays best song because it so different when compared to their usual songs.
awesome, unique, addictible. this is the best listen and listen hundreds times
[Newest]Hands down, This is best song by Coldplay!
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10In My Place
I don't think many real fans voted here. They just simply went with the popualair ones.
This song is just amazing.
This is one of those songs I go straight to when I feel like I'm stuck in life and have nowhere to go, as if I really were "in my place". The melody and the "oh's" in the chorus are enough to make anyone feel how much the band sympathizes
This song made me cry with joy the first time I listened to it. One of the highlights of "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"
[Newest]This song takes me to my own happy and sad place at the same time, just can't get enough of it!
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The Contenders

11Charlie Brown
This is the one song to come from Mylo Xyloto that will reign as a true classic, nothing else on the album quite compares. It is one of their best efforts since ROBTTH.
This song is really LEGENDARY! Viva la coldplay! We'll be glowing in the dark!
The best of mylo xyloto. The best rhythms of the new album. A top ten of the list without doubt.
[Newest]I love this song. Nothing like it

I don't want to cause 'trouble', but this song deserves to be higher than tenth position...
words can't explain. it deserves to be in the top 5 cmon people vote!
Simple piano playing equals a brilliant chorus or bridge? (great song in other words)
[Newest]This song got me through tough times. I love it.
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13Swallowed In the Sea
This is by far THE best Coldplay song there is. No competition. Everything about it is incredibly beautiful. The instrumental work, the lyrics, Chris Martin's voice. It is ridiculous that a song like Viva La Vida could top this one. Nothing against Viva La Vida, but I think this song was their masterpiece. I just can't even describe how much I love this song. I used to fall asleep to it every night when I was 8 years old. This song is just a part of me.


I love this song X and Y is most probably their best album, but coldplay are evolving into something completely different and I prefer their earlier stuff this and twisted logic are amazing songs the same as all other coldplay songs.
I agree with Keyan2.
This song is probably the biggest reason I love Coldplay.
If you ask me, I probably wouldn't know how to explain what the song means, but I think the abstraction makes it that good.
[Newest]Their second best song behind Warning Sign.


14Strawberry Swing
I don't know what wrong with the voters here. With due respect to all the songs, this song is one of the most melodious song I've heard. The lyrics are damn awesome. Man, this songs lifts me to a whole different world. Its a pleasure to hear this song and you want to hear this song over and over again. The lyrics and the music are so beautiful that its human impossible to describe how good a song it is. #1 material in my opinion.

Should be in top 3 AT LEAST.
Wow this song should be way higher. Just sayin, it makes you happy when you are down
Ghosh, This one is addiction. Awesome!. Even the music video is mind blowing.
[Newest]This song makes me happy! Why is it at 15? It should be in the top 10, it's just perfect.
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one of my favourite. the melody was so good. this song has its own style and atmosphere
nice tempo and build up with good melody! Should be up in the top 5 for sure. Somebody take note
WHAT THE HECK!? Why is this all the way down here!? This is their best song! VOTE TALK!
[Newest]Really good song once it gets to you! "so you take a picture of something you see"...
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16Don't Panic
.. We live in a beautiful world...
This song, so beautiful, simple, and haunting at the same time, always strikes me right in the soul like a jolt of electricity when I hear it. The almost-surreal sound drifts to you like a dream and then leaves you too quickly, leaving behind the complexly simple lyrics and melody in your memory.
First time I hear this song... Its sounds very familiar like I can sort relate to it. Awesome
[Newest]We do live in a beautiful world!

17Life In Technicolor II
one of the best coldplay songs.. awesome music and lyrics.. meaningful song... so soothing to listen.. takes me to a different world...


Yeah, This is very underrated song, which has great music and great lyrics. Its something out of ordinary.
The instruments are amazing especially when the drum enters intro - great song
[Newest]After hearing this song, "my feet won't touch the ground"... Love this one so much
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Really, really underrated. Amsterdam, like most of Coldplay songs, is emotional, but this is a cut above their other stuff like 'Fix You'. Chris Martin's piano steals the show, and is the highlight of their strongest album 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' which is saying something when you think this album contains classics like 'In My Place' and 'The Scientist. ' This song deals with loss remarkably and it really represents the band at it's best
It makes me really sad to see this song so low on the Coldplay list. Please, everyone just listen to this guy, it's so powerful. "Stood on the edge, tied to a noose. But you came along, and you cut me loose. "


In my opinion the best song coldplay ever made.. It builds up to this amazing finale that moves you very much.. Love it..
[Newest]What?!?!? Why the hell isn't this at least in the top ten!

19Warning Sign
Beautiful chorus and just simple lyrics. Makes this song all that more easy to listen to and takes you somewhere without you realizing. Very underrated.
It speaks for itself. The truth is shared and I don't think there's a better intro chord than what is heard here. Definitely a listen for any state of mind.
Easily the most underrated Coldplay song, the star here is Nick Champion's consistantly haunting guitar that is present throughout the song.
[Newest]Easily the best intro to a song ever. A beautiful, beautiful song, makes my heart sink every time. Highly underrated

This is undoubtedly the most underrated song of Coldplay
Its just amazing from its music to its lyrics
I simply love it and I am sure everybody will
The feeling of this song is so strong!
I love this song so much, you should hear me sing it! I am filled with so much emotion that tears easily start rolling down my eyes...
My favourite Coldplay song it is! Should be in the top 3 at least!
[Newest]How this song is ranked higher is because it isn't on the radio enough.

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