Top 10 Best Countries to Live In


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Canada's good because our economy doesn't really have any thing to do with war so that tax will be low and if you live in Alberta you don't have to pay PST. If you want to move you don't have to ask the government to move and our economy is now the most stable. If you ask me Canada is the land of the free and we don't worry about people blowing up planes. Canada doesn't own any nuke so people don't think of us as a threat but we are one of the most peaceful places on earth.
"Idiot America is land of the free"

Yeah, America is totally the land of the free. That is why you have your government is spying on you, the police force abusing their power, like that black man who got shot by police in Missouri, and you go to jail for saying bad things about your pathetic government. Yep, totally a place of freedom. Get a grip! Please stop with your arrogance. There are many more countries, like Canada, that are much more free than the police state known as the US.
It's safe, no war, it's beautiful and there is almost no criminals.
I know that 'cause I live here.

Yeah I would like to go Canada too, it has plenty of land and nice people. All you people who think America is not free it is. The only way a person is arrested I because of a threat they say. I can talk crap about the government if I want all day. I can but a gun and walk down the street. Someone might call 911 but I have the right to bear arms. Also Canada has like 35 million people compared to America above 300 million. Of course we have a higher crime rate because there a lot more people here. Its easy to make friends and have fun so I love my country.
I think Canada is the best in terms of freedom, even though I've never been there... I can say these things because I know a lot of people migrating there... And their feed backs about Canada is great...
[Newest]I live in Toronto. It's AMAZING here and I'm so thankful for what I have. I think this country is the best and I think that countries like America are very close but Canada is the best.
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Australia is really nice country. Australia is a very high developed country characterized by a very high rank of Human Development Index. This country is also strong in financial, and really multicultural where you can meet people around the world. The citizens are friendly and you can enjoy a freedom life. Australia has it's best city in the world, Melbourne which ranked as the most liveable city in the world. Climate diversity makes Australia become more unique where you can enjoy the tropical climate at the north of the country, desert at the west, and subtropical climate at the southeast of Australia.
If I was a poor man then Australia is the best place to be poor in as it has a great safety net, not too cold and a lot of opportunity to get off the canvas. If I was a rich man then Australia is a great place to live: Good security, Good Weather, Good Beaches, Good Food and Good Business opportunities. Canada- Weather is lousy, US- No safety net, so it has low security, Europe - Too much Government interference and weather is lousy. New Zealand is similar to Australia to except the place has too many New Zealanders. Thailand is Up there with Good places to live if you had a few bucks. At the end of the day it is up to what you want : for me it is about : Good Air, Good Food, Good Water, Good Weather, Good scenery and the economic freedom and health to enjoy them.
Easily the coolest country on earth. One of the only truely free countries. You can do what you want, whenever you want. As long as you don't get caught of course!
[Newest]I don't think Australia is the 2nd best country to live in, yes it's a beautiful country but the government is one of the worst in the world. The government doesn't even care about us especially war criminal Tony Abbott. We're not even free if you look into it, I believe that the South American countries and the Asian countries are the most freest.
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3United States of America
That stereotype is so not true. Most people here are friendly and will help you if you need it. Other than the enormous amount of political correctness forced on us, we have the freedom to do just about anything as long as it's not abusively illegal. Everybody in the world takes great risks to come here---I live right on the Mexican border and thousands get through every day. We need jobs and a sane political system, neither Democrats nor Republicans. We need a president who puts American citizens' needs first before special interest groups or foreign nations. Regardless, I wouldn't live anywhere else.
Well said. America is the most friendly nation in the world. If you leave for awhile and come back, the friendliness will shock you. Going elsewhere in the world, some people are put off by the friendly nature of Americans. I think they see it as either shocking or fake, and thus don't like it.
If you have a dream, America is the place to make it happen. Don't believe the hype! America is beautiful and full of opportunity.
A dream that is only for the white 1%. If you are poor or a minority your screwed! Wow your country is amazing!
I'd move here if I could, just for all the theme parks. It seems a lot more EXCITING than the uk.
[Newest]Our history is one of the best- but only because of the struggles we overcame as one. During the Revolutionary War, we defeated the most powerful country in the world with a small militia. We did so because our troops wanted something- democracy. During the Civil War, our troops brought back the southern states to maintain our government of the people, by the people, for the people. During the Civil Right movement, we overcame racist barriers that were in place for thousands of years. Our union isn't perfect. We have corrupt people in power. But America overall is certainly the best country in the world.
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Swedes are very kind and are very environmentally conscious. Swedes have a high equality rate and are full of culture. Alfred Nobel, a swede, invented dynamite(not the song)and other swedes invented the zipper and the wrench.
Beautiful country. I lived in Sweden for now 6 years and I don't regret anything. I was from Norway before but Sweden is seriously the best place I've been to.
Freedom and love all over the country. That's the way of living.
[Newest]Remote I like it
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I love England. Free healthcare. Democracy, (in America, they say we have "democracy", but we don't. Far from it actually). Education, education is WAY better in the UK. Children actually know something. Housing is cheaper(yes, houses are smaller). Cars are cheaper and get better MPG(again, cars are smaller). Shopping is cheaper, people can actually afford to eat healthy in the UK. People are friendly, and closely knit communities. Acceptance, they accept anyone of all differences. Same sex marriage is going to be legal soon, so I can get married, there instead of the US. And the monarch helps the country, in good times and bad, she is always there for us, and gives us something to be proud of. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
Very nice place to live but every journey/holiday takes forever to get to England, the last time I went there was brilliant.
Everyone in England, looks out for each-other and cares for anyone, who comes to the country as an immigrant.
Oh yeh, and we have free health care (like Canada).
[Newest]I'm proud to be English
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I was there about 20 yrs ago and I still remember vividly how great the japanese. I can not forget all the beautiful places and the outstanding hospitality of this country. I highly recommend to each traveler to at least count in to visit Japan so they can experience the honesty and purity of the culture. The best way to educate kids the importance of family and descipline will go further on each individuals morals and lige being. I plan to go back and visit Japan before it is too late for me to travel, the number one country of ASIA.
I'M A JAPANESE I KNOW THAT THERE IS LESS ACCIDENTS HERE AND Japan's economy has been up and down for well over a decade now and considered to be in a stagflation state or in a period of very slow growth. When a major disaster occurs in a country that is experiencing economic flatness, the rebuilding effort calls for new investments and purchases which spur demand and also business. In light of this, foreign investor's (at least the smart ones) may look to buy Japanese companies' stocks and other Japanese financial instruments.
High Tech countries and very polite people.
[Newest]I'm American and there is a reason why we are called the best.

Norway has one of the highest life satisfactions. Meaning the people in Norway are living in the happiest Country on Earth. The crime rate is moderately low, the environment is clean. The environment is magical and the people are happy. And they have potatoes.
I have visited this country several times. One of the best social security system in the world. People with disabilities living in a very good quality life. Clean environment with very hygienic food.
I've been to Norway several times, and it's the greatest country I know! People are so nice, the crime rate is low, but it has unusually high taxes, and everything is extremely expensive. I had to spend 25 bucks on a cup of normal black coffee. But it is a really awesome country!
[Newest]It's really safe there and the cruising is so relaxing

Clean places and very good infrastructure.
Germany and Japan are the most popular countries on earth, according to the BBC Poll.
Germany living standard is much more higher than the USA.
[Newest]Everything is the best in Germany.
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9New Zealand
9/10 by far one of the most awesome countries to live in. It has so much. Theme parks, volcanoes, kind people, and so much more. C'on who wouldn't want to go see where lord of the rings, the hobbit and king kong was filmed swell as hundreds more. What can't yo do here? There's very little crime, no shortages of water, food, air :3. The best country...
Stunning, perfect, beautiful place, New Zealand has everything from peace and tranquility to snowcapped mountain peaks, ancient exotic flora and forna, wild and wonderful, golden calm beaches, brilliant star gazing, awesome towns/cities/untouched national parks, friendly caring people, unique culture and history, stunning food and wines and the coolest little capital in the world. There is something for everyone there. Way better that Australia and number 1 in the world for me!
Great place to live if you love the outdoor scene New Zealand is the place. Full of wonderful helping people a lot of spirit and love for each other and the environment is pristine. A must for people to come visit for holidays. Good clean green environment.
[Newest]Every thing is Very good about it Its WEATHER is better than the freezing Canada it doesn't have deadly insects like Australia plus very low crime rate unlike america and they speak the easiest languish in the world which is English
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Love France, Is World's Most Visited countries, Top Five on Healthcare and It's not too struggling to do business there, Love Paris.
France is one of the most visited countries, south of France is great!
Food's delicious nice people too! Superb and astonishing colors
Great place to live (I should know! )
I think France is the best place to be because it has such a beautiful sites and landscapes you can think of

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The most equal country. You can be a human being there if you become them.
Education system, health care, work opportunities, kind and tolerant people, stable economy, safe place to be, social security, social benefits on need, freedom of speech, almost zero crime, lovely summer, quite and white winter, excellent local transportaion, lakes, woods, harbours, lovely cruise trips, healthy food, absolutely enjoing living here.
I love finland, the beautiful summers, goregeous scenery and the friendly people. Must visit, rent a cabin in the woods close to a lake. Amazing trip, Was one of the best summers I've ever had over there:) (by the way, there's lakes everywhere. )
[Newest]Best in the world to live... Quality life

The Country with the happiest people in the World!


Just an amazing place to be. Peoples understanding and respect to each other is just fantastic. The live quality is just top. And a fantastic tax system as well that takes care of everybody.
Nice people. They are always helpful and happy!
[Newest]The most awesome country in the world

The best Pizza, Lasagna and spaghetti in the world. Pizza was "invented" in Naples around 1860s. Pizza is one of the very few words which is understood all over the world. The ice cream cone is an Italian invention.
Italy is the worlds 7th largest economy is a nice country to live in, best food in the world, 2nd best healthcare in the world, best country to raise a child and is one of the most visited countries in the world it should be one of the first best countries
Art, culture, landscape, wonderful coasts, mountains, nice weather, food, friendly people, taste for life... For each aspect you can find another place to compare, but there is no country that have all this...
[Newest]The yummy food and so many places to visit.

Great climate, great cities, historically significant, rather nice people, great geographical placement. Never been there, but from what I know about Spain it seems like the best country to live in.
I reckon that Spain tops these countries because great food, medditerranian sea at your doorstep and if it gets to hot the flights to anywhere are super cheap.
I went to Spain last year, and I really LOVE IT! GREAT country, the people, the food, the culture, I really left a part of my heart there... Sniff
[Newest]Friendly people, polite, rich history great food, beautiful cities. I left my heart in Madrid. Being of Spanish ancestry I would love to live there, in a small town.

Switzerland. Is. AMAZING. It's like one of the most beautiful places on Earth. :O Beautiful rivers, mountains, and forests, and the towns are so exquisite they seem to be out of a fairy tale. Nice weather, too, and absolutely no pollution. Heaven on Earth.
Switzerland is an amazing country. I love it for many reasons, including the countries it is surrounded by. I particularly enjoy France, Italy and Germany. I has such verity, and is so beautiful!
Switzerland is the most peaceful country in Europe. It has beautiful landscapes, people, food is not bad... Besides, it's a very rich country.
[Newest]Swiss chocolate is tasty. Swiss army knives are useful. Swiss Alps sounds like adventure. Also, the services. Can't forget the services.

It's called: "The Netherlands", and not Holland, Holland is just 2 provinces combined (North and South Holland)
I'm very proud to be a hollander because it's a beautiful country and the most people are living good in holland and our soccer team is incredible good
[Newest]Are you guys retarded this is not even a country what is it doing here?

According to UN Iceland is the best place to live in


I cannot believe this! Did you know Iceland ranked #9 on the Human development index? Denmark made #2, Sweden made #5, Canada made #4, and Norway made #1! Do your research before making a list please. Thanks.
A country which has BJork and Sigur ros.
[Newest]According to Zack Spain is better.

I had no idea about the Irish people before the Uefa Euro 2012... But after that hilarious event... I realised that the irish are the most openminded and stunning people on earth... Simply the kindest... And dublin is just impressive! Ireland is really a great spot on earth to live in... Love you irish people!
I live in Ireland, and can safely say its one of the best places to live, and I've travelled a lot! There's good culture, the people are friendly, has always been a neutral country, very peaceful and no enemies! Great standards of education, from indants to university, beautiful scenery, good climate, although rains a bit more than perhaps desired, land is very fertile and there is no shortage of sun eithear! Not to mention that there are great facilities all over the country, and it is our own country abd always has been we didn't steal it of natives, we are the natives! Great overall standard of living.
People are nice and relaxed and beautiful country. Only bad thing is the wheather...
[Newest]I am part Irish but mostly German

I live in Brazil but travel abroad mostly to Europe and other South America countries.

I can for sure say that our food is the best in the world, a mix of italian, german, portuguese, african, native americans foods that makes it simply perfect.

We have great nature, rainforests, rivers, amazing beaches and a very nice climate. We have no international issues or war.

Only problems are government corruption, cost of living rising and violence in the big cities, in the smaller ones you can have a very high standard of living, mostly in south Brazil, considered a mini Europa like region in terms of climate (colder) and quality of life, I recommend the smaller citie in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states, low crimes, high quality of life and great landscapes!
This county is a paradise with diverse food, culture, and people. There is no other better place to have a vacation.
A happy country with nice people and beautiful sights! Cheers from your Argentina!
[Newest]Brazil is the best!, only they have to do something with criminals...

Simply stunning. Travelled all over Europe and Austria is the most beautiful country I've seen and experienced. Cities are clean friendly, happy and gorgeous. People appreciate and value their living space. Great environment for families. Rural areas of Austria like Tirol and Pinzgau are incredible. Breathtaking scenery. Awesome skiing and even better in summer. Austria is better known for wonderful skiing in Winter but Summer is also a great time of the year to experience other mountain sports. If you like cities, Austria is perfect and if you prefer the countryside, look nowhere else! Overall: 9.8/10
Austria is a fantastic country with great nature and people. The living standard and safety is of the same high level as in Germany, but the people are partially more chilled and down to earth. It's a great for doing every outdoor activity you can imagine, and most of the cities have a beautiful historical old town.
Austria has the best living full city in the world Vienna. The best coffe and sachertorte in the world. If you don't won't do life in the best living full city you can change do the Mountains is a good difference because no country has so beautiful Mountains. Why did over 100.000.000 people come to Austria. Also Austria has no war and only 5% living below the poverty line. 4,2% are unemployed. 50% are upper class.

100% to free live in anywhere anyplace at anytime... It is important live in
Want real freedom... Come to the largest democracy in the world... The country with best human rights record... The oldest civilization and one of the fastest growing in the world... We're moving fast... Try to catch up or get away... Here comes India.
[Newest]I am not a Hindu so I would not really want to live there.
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Bad economy but wonderful people, beautiful nature, amazing islands, excellent weather. There is funny and good-humored mood all the time. It's a country where it's very impossible to feel depressed or bored. Number one country if you want to have fun...
A country with history, healthy food, sea and mountains.. And also friendly people..
I live in Greece and even though the economy isn't the best everything is perfect! It is the most beautiful historical place in the world. People are friendly and helpful. People in Greece are easygoing and kind! VISIT GREECE
[Newest]The economy has changed now. The people now are happy and the wages have been better than 2012. The economic situation in Greece has changed and now Greece is a wonderful country, with wonderful people with beautiful islands with developed economy!

23United Arab Emirates
Really nice place, safe place, you don't pay that much of tax, big opportunity to invest there.
I visited Abu Dhabi for 2 weeks and didn't want to leave! I was really shocked to see such a crime free Country! I am from the US, and you don't see women pushing baby-strollers at 2:00 AM.

Beautiful city, friendly people, everyone spoke English.
I go there every year, well yeah I am from Oman, and we are neighbors, so it is really easy to go there. It is ma beautiful Arab place, and people are lovely..
[Newest]It is so beautiful!

24United Kingdom
England is already on here. It's number 5.
The UK is a great country because just over 100 years ago it ruled almost half of the world. (72 countries)
It is a good country because its safe

First of all Turkey is located in Eurasia. It is not a middle-eastern country nor european. İt has also territory on continetn of europe. The Turkish culture is not eastern or western. If you have never been in that country seeing it would be so surprising. Turkish people are Turkish not Arabian. Turkey is a muslim country but it lives Islam in a very different way from any other muslim country. It is the most free country in middle east. It is safe. Climate is mostly meditterranean. The history is fascinating and thanks to Ottoman Empire which had territories on three different continents the cultural diversity of Turkey is surprising. As an eruopean citizen who lived almost 10 years in Turkey, I can say that it is a safe, free and beautiful place which west and east meet. Media shows it like an arabic country but the fact is so different. It is one of the best places to live on the planet I think. ıt has amazing beaches on south coast, amazing forests and tea gardens on north coast, amazing ancient greek atmospher on west coast and amazing rich, ancient east atmospher in the east. You don't have to take a plane to go to europe from asia, a bridge between two continents is ready for give an uniqe experience.
Turkey has got a fascinating and magnificent history, very friendly peoples, very delicious foods, Istanbul and very beatiful girls :D
I love this country.
I lived in Turkey for 1-2 years and I have to say I'm very suprised. It is a state that is not in EU but it feels like it actually is in the EU. People here are friendly and most of them speaks English. Life standarts, places to see, foods to experience. And those brunette girls.. Can a man ask for more?
[Newest]Turkey is an idiotic country of uncaring reactive children. Turks are self-centered users who are willing to say any untruth to get what they want.

Nice waether, the people are friendly, foods are yummy and a lot of beautiful places.
I'm thai proud to be all thai culture food, beautiful country, thai people friendly and smile. Muaythai, rum-thai. Many good thing in Thailand
Some things good, some things bad, nothing perfect. A quote from a Thai friend of mine. The Thai people are friendly.
[Newest]Nice people nice weather nice place.

Great weather, new democracy, friendly and funny people, thousands of years of history, cheap food, luxurious communities, the best beaches in the world and dune buggies. What else is there to say?
Pyramids are beautiful and Arabic I am super interested in. Go Egypt.
It's a horrible place to live, the people are jerks and cheaters!
I know that because I've met a lot of egyptians and they copy whatever you do!
[Newest]In China you can only have one child if you are found with more they will terminate them!


Beautiful place and the giant pandas are so cute!
China is where I lived since I was born, and honestly, it's a pretty good place to live. It's a beautiful place, despite people criticizing it's pollution.
Just think its people are kind and humble, and are very developed (most area).
[Newest]Its amazing and pretty. Hong Kong is so awesome!

I love the people in this country. They are so hospitable, kind and welcoming. The Philippines boasts a lot of pristine beaches and land forms and is definitely a holiday getaway island. I love the mountains, waterfalls, islands, volcanoes, beaches and most importantly the people! I love how Filipinos are so kind to foreigners like me. =)


One of the best countries to live in. Nice and lovable people. It is really great to live here. There are lots of beautiful places and beaches to go to. Philippines is one of a kind country that you will really love.
#itsmorefuninthePhilippines, Beaches, Mountains, Forest, Rivers, Shopping, Huge Malls, Stunning skyscrapers, vibrant lifestyle, luxurious Hotel & Boutiques.
[Newest]I love the Philippines because it's my country too

When you travel through Romania, it's like traveling through several countries at once. The landscape can change so fast, that one minute you see a mountain and the next you can see a lake or a plain. Agriculture, especially bio-agriculture, is one of the country's most important income sources.

Tourism is also a great way to discover Romania. Tourists can listen to the call of nature and return to their roots while enjoying their holiday here.

Romanian people are pretty much good at everything, and if they're not, they'll try until they succeed.
Traditions are sacred, especially in historical areas of Maramures and Bucovina.

Of course, Romania is the country of DRACULA, therefore Halloween manages to gather many tourists, especially Americans.

Living here is affordable if you have your own business. Otherwise, you have to work pretty hard to make ends meet and afford other expenses than basic needs. State jobs are poorly paid compared to private sector jobs.
The health care system needs a reform, and although people who financially contribute to it should receive free medical care, they don't always do or it isn't at high standards. Plus, medical staff is used to being bribed because of the low salaries in the system. More and more people needing medical attention resort to private clinics, although they have to pay for the services.

The educational system is different from other countries, meaning we have more classes based on theoretical notions than practical ones. As to what concerns higher education, many foreigners come to Romania to study at medical schools, because of the low taxes (approximately 1100 euros/year for citizens). Other BA programs have even lower taxes. Preparatory language courses are held for foreigners who wish to study in Romania.
Romania has a upper-middle income economy. And is a member of the UE (European Union). Here, tourism focuses on the country's beautiful natural landscapes and its rich history. We also have a very strong military and a very low crime rate compared to the United States and many other European countries..
It is very cheap and beautiful. You can easily live with less than 400 euros a mounth (including rent). You have mountains, beaches, plains, castles, cities with various cultural themes, kind people, best clubs in the world, breathtanking environment,. In one word is awesome!
[Newest]I Really love Romania Beautiful people, cheep food but its pretty hard to find a well paid job

Singapore is such a safe place to live. Its so beautiful as the government takes extra effort to make sure that the country is clean. The education system is really good in Singapore as well.
Although expensive, Singapore is one of the most systematic and clean countries in the world
Is very clean and they have good school for children. Mr Lee Kwan Yu our Singapore President he care about us when there are trouble he help us and make Singapore an wonderful place!
[Newest]Singapore has many different types of cultures so no matter what race you are you can find food that suits your taste

The food is fresh, oil is cheap, neighbors are friendly. Cities are very green, some are not really polluted...
Best place very friendly
Strongest and best country in millitary defense!
[Newest]It is poor weirdo you are so fat

It has it's problems, but if can you look pass that you'll have great time. Great restaurants, cool events and good people. If you, as a foreigner, for example, have a lot of money you can protect your self from the bad, and enjoy the good stuff. I've been living in Belgrade for 3 months and It's super.
Friendly people, cheap if you are lucky enough to have a job, great food, outdoor lifestyle, 4 seasons, ski-ing in the winter and boiling hot summers, great for sports, very little day to day crime
The best food in the world

The best place ever to live in. When I watch tourism shows and when they go to Taiwan, I will be super excited and I will always watch it. Taiwan also has good comedy shows, which I watch every weekend. I hope I can visit Taiwan soon!


Taiwan has a long history and an amazing culture, the people are friendly, the food is spectacular, is it well developed, the cities are big and filled with opportunities, and the country side is like a mix of tropical island, with the ocean and the mountains.
People from there are super nice

Malaysia is a peace country I would suggest to you guys to live in Malaysia
Good food (and you WON'T feel hungry if you're in Malaysia), 5-stars place to stay, beautiful scenery, friendly and polite citizens, EXTREMELY Cheap products and tickets. Focuses on tourism industry. What else could you ask for?
Very friendly and respectful citizens
[Newest]Malaysia is nice place to live and traveling

36South Korea
What is up with all of the thumbs down! It has a nice economy and is a very safe country to live in. When I say safe, I mean SAFE! If you put a thumbs down, you are thinking of North Korea.


It's very convenient to live there: 24-hour marts, shopping malls, food, etc. They deliver anything to you or even pick up for you. High tech transportation and buildings great environment! Public transportation is super clean and cheap - you will find food ANYWHERE.
South Korea is one of the most underrated countries on Earth.


1. Big country of Moslem in the world,
2. World Top Ten Countries With Largest Volcanic Islands
3. World Map showing top 10 Largest Island
4. Largest Mountains in the World
5. World Top Ten Largest Island Countries
6. The 10 most populous cities in the world
7. World's Best Cliffside Hotels : by Luxury Travel Magazine
8. The best 6 of beautiful nature, countries in the world : World Economic Forum (WEF) 2012
9. The 15's best military country in the world ; AS, CIA. Gov, EIA. Gov. Wikipedia, energy. Eu dan,
10. Garuda Indonesia, the World's Best Airlines Rating 8
11. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world there are approximately 17,504 islands that stretches from Sabang to Merauke. 6000 of them are uninhabited and the unique part of the island has no name yet.
12. Indonesia 4th largest populated country in the world with more than 237 million people currently at a rate of approximately 1.2%. And the first position is still in the grasp of China with 1.3 billion people, India 1.14 billion to two to four people and America with 303 million inhabitants.
13. Indonesia ranked countries - 6 in Total Ownership around the World phone in the phone and 168,264,000 pieces in the first place occupied by china with about 916 million mobile phone ownership.
14. Data from the directorate general of higher education (Higher Education) Indonesia, said Indonesia had no less an 2,700 colleges with 14,500 Prodi and 1.9 million students. Therefore, Indonesia entered in 9 countries with the most students. America has 14.3 million students, India 6 million, and Japan 4 million.
14. Indonesia is too big consuming countries Cigarette 3rd in the World by Eating smoking as much as 225 billion Annual Trunk by the number of smokers around 65 million or 28% percent of the total population of Indonesia. In a matter that means no less than 617 million cigarettes per day in suction, 25 million sticks per hour, 428 thousand per minute, and 7 thousand sticks her every second and a first place and both China and India is... Wow Amazing! !
15. Komodo Island the 7 wonder wonders of the natural world
16. 7 wonder for borobudur temple
17. Bali Island Ranked Second Best World... :U.S. travel magazine, Travel + Leisure,
And many more, you can also see in google... Hehehe :)
I Love Indonesia
Visit Indonesia...
Indonesia is the one of the lost paradise in the world. Nice country!
Indonesia is a hidden paradise
[Newest]Indonesia is peace country

Land of wood and water, rich in scenery beautiful beaches sensational place for honey moon and more... Adventurous land
Poor and no wars
They are peaceful places


[Newest]Do you know I am Asian

Poland is probably the best country in terms of freedom, democracy, peoples IQ, tolerance, etc. Not like some pseudo-democratic countries of the EU. The healthcare could be better, though. I've gotten a job there and moving in 2 months. Can't wait!
Some beautiful architecture, smart people, bloody awesome history and a very strong sense of patriotism. Quick improvement and one of the fastest mobile internet in the world.
I love Poland and I always will. Kocham Cię Polsko. Polish economy is one of the fastest in terms of growth in Europe.

40South Africa
Great Place, Lovely weather... People are great. There are amazing places to visit. Huge country with brilliant tourist potential. Although the rulers of the country really need to get their act together to step up security and invite tourist back to South Africa.
By far the best country in the world, the only problem is the fact that people can't get over the past. Awesome nature good infrastructure and great people despite their individuality.
Is not the best country to live in. I should know, I live here. Crime is very high and there is no equality. Corruption in goverment is high and the constitution only coveres the criminal, what about the victims? Because of this, there are more criminals coming to South Africa, and they get away with anything without prosecution.
[Newest]You gotta love it

41Hong Kong
Hong Kong is full of tourisms and it varies in food which are from different cultures or country. It is a perfect place for relaxation and shopping.
Hong kong is where my mom and I was born in. If the people trying to blaming our country I will kill You.
HK is vibrant and exciting. Great for the young hearted. HK never sleeps and is a great place to live too - safe, convenience and great shopping. It should be up there in the top 15.

People always think bad about Vietnam, but Vietnam is not like you think, Vietnam is gradually going up development, but there are some who have not been good personality but that's just the tip of the iceberg alone, the people of Vietnam, the development of energetic love life of freedom and peace. Especially that Chinese people always talk bad about the people of Vietnam, because they just lie and slander only, they invaded the territory of Vietnam, they have our bad games before, the Central Nations are undermining Vietnam and no one else, would signify a person can make China more friendly looking little about our human Vietnam. Thanks for reading
Don't say bad things about Vietnam! It's a great country! And no, people don't arrest each other who talk about freedom. Vietnam is developing, I wouldn't be surprise if she makes it to top 10 some day =))
Vietnam is not a horrible country! Sure, it could be cleaner than it is, and I am south Vietnamese so I don't like communist either, but that doesn't mean that the citizens are bad!
[Newest]Great and warm
Lovely blue sea

Beautiful country with some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, free health care and free education, stable political environment, good economic growth, diverse/mixed culture, good infrastructure, small population allowing for better sense of community, availability of jobs. The country is very much dependent on the tourism industry meaning locals are familiar and are open to a variety of lifestyles and cultures.

Did I mention the beautiful beaches?

Chile is the safest Country in South America, and one of the most Beautiful.
Is Chile a country? I thought it was kind of spice.
Duh it's a country. It's the driest place on earth. It's in South America.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa. The people are polite and friendly with a rich culture. Development is fast and the youth are well informed on a global stage. The weather is good and food is organic. Uganda recognises women's rights and education of the girl child. However, could do better politically.
Nice weather and people are very friendly and polite. I enjoy a host of so many lively cultures in this country. Don't forget the natural and traditional honour accorded to the Buganda King Ronald mutebi11. He is the embodiment of culture and history of Buganda. A very calm and respected figure in the whole country.
Uganda should ne even number 10 in thé agile world because of ils nutural and fresh water climate...

Melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism. However, one can find the blend of all religions. Naturally fantastic, a spiritual, mystic and holy land. Clear and simple people always wearing a smile in their faces. If you are traveling its neighbor country and are tired of it just pay a visit a there, you will feel warm. I can never let go a single chance to visit this amazing place.
Proud to be a Nepali. It's a small country full of peace and love,
Never Ends Peace And Love
Beautiful country with best peoples.
Country of Temples and Natural Beauty and of course The Country of HIMALAYAS.

47San Marino
Been there Beautiful place Have been there Would love to live there


Free internet!
Beautiful women!
E-business all the way.
Estonia is a very nice country, It also has beautiful weather and very friendly people, and it has super clean air! I love it!
The longest ice roads in the world connecting the mainland and the islands in the West coast of Estonia.

Excelent Food, Historic cities, Fine Culture, smart but modest people + Headquarters of NATO & European Istitutions
Best food in the world, you've got to love the Belgian fries


I live in Belgium, and it is the best country in the world! :D

51Saudi Arabia
People actually put this country in front of Israel?! That's absurd. The laws in this country are crazy and women aren't even treated like human beings. Intense religious discrimination. This country sucks.
Good place for muslims
Agreed. This is an epic place 4 people to live. Or, to be more accurate, good place for MEN to live

We love Israel we love the food. The people we love the weather we love the music we love the atmosphere would love that open religion right we love the location of a as well everything about Israeli absolutely love
Just because of the conflicts between Israel and its Muslim neighbors, doesn't mean it is a bad place to live in. It is the only democratic nation in the Middle-east and has the best standard of life in the region too, plus it is economically advanced and stable.
Great country. Sure, it has a ton of wars, but if they weren't threatened as much by it's neighbors, I bet that it would be a very peaceful nation
[Newest]It was expected Israel would be this low but even if I would get paid I will never live in an other country, Never.


It has nice weather and nice people but the problems that Mexico is their stupid, corrupt government. There a reason why most Mexicans want to impeach everyone in the government.
Aside from what the media Says Mexico is not bad rich in culture and great food, spirits and great beaches also hospitable and humble people...
I live in Mexico, but beware, you get used to the warm than if anything is lower than 75 degrees you freeze to death


Beautiful in the streets of lebanon and food and view... AMAZING
Trust me if there were no problems in lebanon it would be the best country to live in
Best country in my opinion.

Awesome people and beautiful country peoples are friendly and nice I have been there countless times and I enjoyed there it's not that dangerous as people say they are really respectful people. I am AN American though
Pakistan is the best place to live because all the people are friendly
The best place to live... Suffering because of the corrupt government... Very beautiful country
[Newest]Ecologically very diverse country. Despite political unrest, have very good business potential.

Good country for foreigners and cheap
Is a wonderful place is the middleoftheworld, theta are a biodiversity like no other place no the world the people is nice and really cheap for everything
You can live well without so much moeny, everything is cheap (except electronic) but who the hell wants electronics in a paradise PLUS MARIJUANA IS LEGAL ;D

57Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is the best country to live in. It's hundred times better than Australia or other European countries. People think its just not a good but you have to live their to find out. Everybody know English, specially in Colombo the capital city and the education is better than any other country and English is our second language and Sinhalese are the best 😊😊
It is way better than Mexico for sure. Sri Lanka has a diminutive amount of crime while in the other hand. Mexico is beating the tops in crime. Sri Lanka is better. Sri Lanka is really great, the weather, the pets. They have one of the cutest cats ever!
It is super good, I agree with the person. I think Sri Lanka should be crowned king. It is beautiful, no other country can astound this place!
[Newest]Sri lanka is good for live. But it brakes human hasn't law

So many different things in such a small country, kind, good and honest people
I like Croatia because that were in the world cup in 2014 and it's small
6 months of 65+degrees?

It is a country with potential. The standard of living is amazing and a good place for investments. Lots of companies such as Porsche, Hugo Boss, Mango, Johnny Rockets have stores in Nigeria.
Forget what we see on T.V., Nigeria is a great country. If only the government greed can be taken away, then life will be excellent. The people are friendly and polls say that Nigerians are happy people, suffering and still smiling
I'll put it this way, it is not the best place to live in but it is my favorite place to live in. It has its issues but its not half as bad as what you hear. Many parts of Nigeria are extremely safe and prosperous and as long as you stay street smart then you'll be fine getting around. Our culture is very beautiful because we treat everybody who is close to us like family and we are very family oriented people. We are also hard working and the tribal differences that we have we are gradually working to overcome. While there are some ethnic conflicts do not forget that many Nigerians are mixed ethnically and many have parents from different tribes which goes to show you that slowly are differences are going away. As soon as Boko Haram is properly handled Nigeria will be the top country to live in. However, even with Boko Haram as long as you don't act stupid or go where you're not supposed to go you'll be fine. I lived in America for a long time but I must say I really love Nigeria. The food is great here too, jollof rice, egusi soup, moi moi, okra soup, rice and stew and plenty more. We love to have fun and are generally more relaxed people. We excel above and beyond artistically because we produced the most movies, music, and dances in Africa.
Nigeria is a good place to live on I have been in nigeria a lot of good things to
Talk about.

How could everyone forget this place! White Sandy beaches, beautiful corals, cool waves, friendly locals and less violent!
Nice, but a little polluted.

Best country in the world
Wether you are looking for fun, entertainment or broadening your knowledge, Tunisia is the PERFECT place to visit as it combines great local history and culture as well as worldwide well-known resorts. :)
The traditional "medina"s are mesmerizing; as well as the scenery.
From northern to southern cities you will b certainly amazed by this unique experience.
NO ONE can deny that Tunisia is the first arab country to revolt and set a democratic constitution.
Besides, Tunisians are very friendly and open-minded.
Apart from the first 2 years after the revolution, Tunisian economy is getting better and the statistics can prove its brillant standards.

39/it's so cold at greenland they die
28/when they lost there goverment they started to be narsty

Best house designs, 5 star houses, mansions best beaches best country to live in

A beautiful country!, people are very friendly, there are all the weathers in this country! And the most important all is cheaper here!
I love Peru its a great place to live
Great Economy, can you beat that? Love Peru

65Costa Rica
It is the happiest country in the world
Costa Rica should be number 1
Yes Costa Rica es pura vida, happy and simple life, but w a smile..

Yes the Bahamas is awesome. I've never been there though... :(
Why the hell do you not have ANYTHING FOR Bahamas


Hungary is a free country. The countryside is just AMAZING! People are so kind and usually really helpful to foreign people. The climate is just perfect:At winter its snowing a lot, at summer its usually gets above 30 Celcius. Most people are really educated in hungarian schools. Its mostly safe. To include the younger generations speak either English or German. The older ones either can only speak in Russian or hardly anything. Overall Hungary is full of loads of beautiful places to discover and such a kind, welcoming and antiracist people.
Amazing country with amazing people. Budapest is the coolest city I have ever been to. Lots of entertainment, nightlife, food and because the tourist attractions are spread out it doesn't feel overrun with tourist like other European capitals. Hungary is also home to the most beautiful girls in the world and most of them are very friendly.
I lived in Hungary and it's a really nice place. You can get very well educated there, and it offers a very beautiful surrounding. Especially the capital (of course) because of its style, but I can also tell you about a city (not that known one) which is also called "The city of sunshine": Szeged.

69Dominican Republic
It's a good place to vacation and have a good time, but not to live in. The crime is high a lot of poor people, you cannot walk down the street with a decent phone or a decent pair of sun glasses or you will get mugged. It is a beautiful island no doubt and the people are friendly but its not a place you want to live unless you have money and can afford a nice neighborhood which are very expensive. There are no jobs and there's a reason why Dominicans are migrating to the US. The poor areas of the country are like any 3rd world very poor and unsafe. But again it's a great place to vacation as long as you stay in a resort.
Best country ever, no just to live in, it's best in everything, I love my beautiful island
Bad place to live... A lot of poor people due to a lack of work. Its great for vacation

Beautiful nature, history on every step in every city :) the most beautiful girls in the world, great beer and sheep cheese dumplings are great :) I'm living there and I love to travel to other countries, but I love Slovakia more. We have everything- mountains, Hight Tatras which are the smallest from the biggest mountains, lakes, castles, caves. Lots of opportunities to have fun, to do sports, etc. We miss only desert and sea with beach :) Our capital Bratislava is small but still is pretty- when it's sunset and you are in the Bratislava's castle it's one of the most pretty views, which you can see. We are calling Bratislava little big city and Slovakia is little big country in the heart of Europe

The most beautiful nation in the Middle East

Can't believe Kenya ranks below Syria and other war torn places... Are you kidding me?

This is the country where Safari was born, where the 7th Wonder of the world WILDEBEEST migration happens, where Snowcapped mountains straddle the Equator!

Biased views about Africa prevail... but all in all... It remains HOME SWEET HOME!
The Most beautiful country in the world. Kenya has nice weather, nice beaches, nice people, holiday places, national parks, mountaineering, hills, all the big give animals, at the coast there is the indian ocean many many more. It is the most beautiful country I 'be ever seen in the world for real.
The best country ever
[Newest]Kenya is developing so fast

If you like to see adventures so go to Afghanistan It has the best culture you had ever seen and security Don't thin of that because NATO and Afghan security forces will take care of that
Afghanistan is the most beautiful country around the world. It is also called the heart of Asia.
Afghanistan have a good facility for life and have a awesome people
Afghanistan is most outstanding country for life
And afghan is the most strongest people
And I proud to be Afghan
Afghan culture and weather is the best in all over the world

Great people, nice nature and 50 + beer sorts!
Very nice country to live.

Lots of greenery and very nice... But a bit too much Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian People live here and they make Slovenia look like a bad country.
Slovenia is a beutifull country, and aside of corupt politicians its like living in a dream

76Bosnia and Herzegovina
This is the best country to live in back then there were clean and clear beaches yeah there was war but still is the best and Serbia is the worst. Country ever!
Serbia attack Bosnia I Herzegovina and wanted to take over our land they hated Muslims so they killed so many people even a born baby! Serbia is the worst country in the world!
Disaster of a country! Very corrupted politicians! Big majority of the population think like nazis did. Economy is very poor and I would definitely like to live somwhere else but I stuck here. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME EMMIGRATE!

I think oman is the kindest country in the world because the people of oman are so sweet and kind and joyful
It is nice country I live in here.

Hey all join the game of graal zone in App Store and help us to save the culture of this world. Om-us1345-world green peace
Oman is a place of be good have good. No Taxes. Free to mingle.
[Newest]Oman is a beautiful country with its palm trees and luxury hotels you can go to boat trips and fishing

It is very clean

Great place, if you wan't to retire that's country you want to be.
Horrible country! Very small, irrelevant and boring
Very good president, no corruption. Weather is good,

Albania is a nice country, beautiful nature, the best beaches, nice people, the best food, only the government should change.
Albania is the best country in Europe is a small country but you can find everything, the country is changing every day after having a dictator for 50 years
Albania sucks. They are worst people and government in the world. Albania is worst country ever.

I'm Canadian and I have been in many countries (more than 60), and I can say...Bulgaria - the most beautiful land and nature in the world, but pure population.
I'm Bulgarian, I don't think that my country should be first but at least it should come before Serbia.

Guyana is becoming even more civilized then before. The country has improved a lot and they it's becoming to look like America. The people are way more friendly polite and fun then americans and canadians because not everything is about money for them. They have a good time and party really hard. You will always have fun in Guyana
Guyana is the best country to live in, warm climate, cool breeze, friendly people, wonderful rainforest, I' just proud to be a Guyanese

Nice people and very beautiful and exotic culture

It is the most beautiful country. Huge mountains, beautiful rivers, forests, lakes and the sea. This county has everything. People are so nice and hospitable. You will be very surprised if you visit this amazing country. Georgia is not big country but it has great history, own alphabet (p. S in the world there is only 20 original alphabet as you know ) and ancient culture.
It's country with one of the richest culture, history and nature.

Lovely food, Beautiful girls and the best beer in the world. Good place to start your business.

Peaceful, sadly a lot of misinformation spread about the place
Best climate and people in the world

Courageous, smart, hard working and great people. Great organic foods, fruits, land, beaches and live over there is very cheap. You'll be stress free cause you'll be living as a millionaire, it's really a freedom and beautiful country
Great place for vacation

Qatar is really rich.

Brunei is well developed, and has wonderful countries around it! Such as:
Nothing really to worry about.
Good education and stuff.

Kazakhstan is very beautiful country in the world. the economy is very good. The people are very friendly. Kazakhstan doesn't have tax for foods or for any othter things

91Vatican City
A lots of people that does not have anything to do.

They have a dictator. They aren't free.
So you wanna be on an island? Try Cuba!
Voted second cleanest coutry in the world! Lots of activities for kids to do food amazing people friendly

I love anything African. Mozambique has a rich colonial and traditional history. I would strongly suggest Mozambique.

Colombia today is just WOW. A country with a tough past but a very bright future. I fell in love with the people, its hospitality, the happiness in the air and the wonderful nature. Colombia really is Latin America's rising star!
Beautiful country. Mountains, oceans. It's warm in Cartagena and 70s year round in Bogota. The people are kind and helpful. The food was the best I've ever had (this coming from an American).
Best country to get shot by the cartel
[Newest]Yeah if you like cocaine

95South Sudan
If gate region gate
/7/ don't share
/4/punching hot and when they lost there guthmant they did lots narstey

The food is good, the weather is nice, one of the best nightlife in the world. what else do you want! Best place ever!

Lichtenstein still has noble of middle age. Lichtenstein's GNI is most high in the world and there are no city. But price is too expensive and bad environment maybe because of factory of French or Germany.

Great African country. So safe that children walk to the store by them selves


Whats so bad about this place

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