Top Ten Best Disney Singers


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The Top Ten

Demi Lovato
She can shift her voice from soft voice to rock voice...
Listen to the gift of a friend... I love her voice there...
Demi rocks she's the best singer I've ever come across. She is cute, dashing, talented and super cool.
Demi's voice is AMAZING. She should be on the top of this chart! And Selena? Uh, I think she's too much using auto tune!
[Newest]I love "really don't care"
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2Christina Aguilera
How is she not number one? Her vocal range is more expansive than half of the other girls on this list. From unbiased point of view, her voice is stronger than the others. She has vocal control which almost everyone else doesn't have.
Have you heard her? She is the most listened to out of all of these... She's probably one of the best pop singers out there right now. Yes demi lovato is good as well, but way more people (not just kids) listen to Christina. I mean think about it; how many adults have you heard say that they like demi lovato and actually listens to her?
Christina and demi are great singers of this generation.. And, yes selena gomez sucks and cannot sing compare to these awesome ladies who can sing very well.. Either in recording or live sessions..
[Newest]This bae my 3 favorite singer

3Selena Gomez
Selena is the best. She can sing all kinds of songs and is really pretty. Her voice is awesome. She is just Naturally who she is. I think Who says is her best song but even others are amazing. Awesome voice quality. Love you SELENA. Keep going...
Selena, you're the best... I love you acting, song... And all about you is perfect... A year without rain album was so fantastic... Love it so much... You're single, who says was splendid song ever! I love you so much.. I hope you can make more album after kiss & tell, A year without rain (standard deluxe)and the latest, when the sun goes down.
Selena can seriously sing and I've met her before no lie she rocks she really speaks to me!
[Newest]Selena is love <3 her voice is cool and soft and hard to cover
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4Miley Cyrus
Her songs are Higher rated than these other singers


Having more rates doesn't make you have a good voice just like selena she uses autotune and I bet now Disney Channel is ashamed of the way shes acting
Miley's contributed the most to disney and music.
The Queen of pop And Disney


[Newest]She need to behave better
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5Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake is the epitome of the perfect male. He's FULL of talent, charm, and just has a natural stage presence. He has the voice of an angel. Justin
How is he behind corbin bleu, most of these singers are striving to be as successful as justin timberlake
If he has the "voice of an angel," then Heaven must be a pretty miserable place. I'm not a big fan of his songs in the first place, and his voice completely ruins them.

6Ross Lynch
He Has A Great Voice.
Why on earth is he not #1? Ross is definitely the best singer ever! He should be #1 in the world! :P
[Newest]You ate so pretty. And I would like to vote for your. Singing ❤❤

7Bridgit Mendler
Love her song ready or not! And she can also change her voice. She does tons of genres and is great at shifting her voice!
Brigit Mendler you r so pretty
I love your album Ready or Not
Love every song she has sang especially ready or, she also an amazing actress, super duper pretty, and has a great heart and put so much into her song and is grateful for everything and she deserves to be number one
[Newest]I haven't heard from her in a long time and I like eye of a hurricane

8Ashley Tisdale
I think that ashley tisdale is an amazing singer and actress, she is beautiful, she made me who I am today thank you so much when I listen to your songs they tell me that I am beautiful the way I am so thank you, keep on writing music. I think that I am your biggest fan I love you
She's so good! Her voice is like an angel. Her music is so good. She is so talented and singing is her best talent. She's also gorgeous and such a good actor, but she's the BEST DISNEY SINGER. She is so much better than Demi or Selena or any one up there. Ashley should be #1 because she's such a great singer and so talented!


Your the best, amazing, beautiful singer
[Newest]Ashley Tisdale sucks over 100% ass!

9China Anne McClain
Yeah she sing good but I don't think she write all her songs I mean Dynamite is acutally write from Taio Cruz and Calling All The Monsters very looks like Thriller from Michael Jackson and Beautifull is actually Cristina Aguilera's song and Unstoppable wasn't that much good I'm not China Anne's biggest fan but I don't hate her either I kinda like her so please don't think that I'm mean or something
She can change her voice she is amazing singer she should be number 1
[Newest]The most beautiful black young singer I ever heard I like you more then I love my friends and others and I have you everywhere on my wall you are the most known and talented singer in the world and I became the singer I am now because of you

10Britney Spears
Britney spears should be number one because she the princess of pop best selling teen artist of all time walk of fame best album by a teen artist best selling single by a teen artist she won the most teen choice award Grammy demi don't have no Grammy award
No comments she's BRITNEY SPEARS!
Hit me baby one more time, oops I did it again I played with your heart,
You betcha' know it She is superstar, divas, princess of pop,


[Newest]I love I wanna go and toxic although the toxic video isn't my favorite

The Contenders

11Nick Jonas
He is really cool and has a very sweet voice. He always sings his songs with so much meaning which is amazing!
He is talented and very successful he now has his own band and he is going solo he should be at the top number 1 come one people IT'S NICK JONAS. Selena Gomez is great but I prefer Nick and also he writes his own songs and he doesn't use autotune and even if he does, do you hear his voice when it's live?
I think Nick never will not disappoint us. He has cute voice and very good songs.
[Newest]Super impressive voice and belts! Love his voice!

12Raven Symone
I think that raven should be placed a number 1. If you think about it, she has a great voice, she's an amazing actress, and she is great role model for kids. Sure, she's 25 now and you'll see her do more adult things. Well, better now than when she was 16. You can tell just by looking at some Disney stars that they're going down the wrong path. You never here about her getting into fights or getting arrested, or even doing drugs. She tries to keep it safe and not to let fame change who she really is, and I think that her parents made sure they instilled that in her.

She might try to get out of the child star phase by doing more adult roles and proving to America that she isn't just Olivia from The Cosby Show or Raven Baxter from That's So Raven, and yes, the other Disney stars want to do that too, but Raven is smart about it and doesn't want to degrade herself in the process.
Raven is such a great, talented girl she's an outstanding singer and actress she's my favorite singer and I loved her more with the cheetah girls I hope she will make a movie or a CD SOON
Everyone else on this list besides Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilara is a loser that is going down a bad path. Selena Gomez is on drugs and drinking now, heard about that? Raven Symone is BY FAR the disney star of stars. She's actually good and when I hear the laugh track play, I'm laughing because the joke is actually funny. One time, I asked Mom if I could stay up to watch That's So Raven. come on, she HAS to be number 1


[Newest]Love her show and movies

13Debbie Ryan
Her voice is pretty. Good
She sings her best in duets. She is amazing!
She is one of the best, I sing to myself 'open eyes' at night instead of crying myself to sleep. It makes me feel as if I am not alone, she also does not sing about boyfriends that broke her heart and vice versa, she has a wonderful voice AND personality: she is awesome!
[Newest]. You are so. Pretty ❤😍

14Hilary Duff
No kidding! Hilary, The Hilary Duff, is number 15. I almost died seeing that. You cannot compare her to Selena Gomez, let alone Miley Cyrus. Dude, she is inspiring, talented and very charming. Dressing in appropriately or saying bad words is not necessary. Hilary knows that, and what wouldn't I do to meet the beautiful girl! PS: to all those people who see her as sweet lizzie mcguire, grow up! Yes, she certainly did a superb job as the curious teenager but listen to her songs, people! Sure, she might have done plastic surgery but she shows that she is not always sweet lizzie.
She should definitely be in the top 10!
Never seen a more INSPIRING singer. She is not a STRANGER and even though she hasn't released any album for 3 years, she's not SO YESTERDAY. She always sings touches every BEAT OF MY HEART. So then WHY NOT vote for her?
Love you hilary
There's no one like her! She's the most humble celebrity I have EVER seen! Her voice is awesome! She's also very pretty!
She's good in every field, from books to acting to singing and lastly to her personality.
She really IS a role model for everyone. No. 17 is definitely no place for her! Please vote for her!
Love you hilary, YOU"RE THE BEST!
[Newest]I think you sing so good😍❤

15Emily Osment
Emily you rock. I like your I don't think about it and I hate the homecoming Queen very very much, I listen them every time I on the computer. I'm sure that You will be a super hit star in the future.
Man she so good best song of feels and love she got to be voted and her voice is so good and she can do it
[Newest]She is a good singer

16Joe Jonas
He is a could man and he is funny he makes people giggle
Hands Down JOE JONAS Babe
Love you Joe... you make me smile and laugh

17Laura Marano
She's awesome! She is the best singer that has ever been on Disney Channel
She should be higher her voice has improved so much since she started!
She is a good singer
[Newest]I love your song is called parachute

18Corbin Bleu
High school musical still rocks, and Corbin was one of the best singers. Don't care if he didn't have main part in the act, more important is good songs and outlook. Love Corbin Bleu - we will never forget you.

19Idina Menzel
Vocal control always on pitch, power and a sound that is unlike any other. Especially enjoy her ability to hit high notes without screaming. And what a range. Realize people will chose others for their personality and fame but for pure acoustic enjoyment, this gal can create sounds few others can.
How are those silly pop stars above Idina Menzel? Broadway talent beats pop "talent" any day of the week. Idina's voice is so powerful, and unlike many of the other people on this list, she can actually sing live. Wait, not just live. She can actually sing, something that Miley Cyrus and many others struggle with.
Idina Menzel is a great singer, no denying the fact. She sings "Let it Go" better than Demi Lovato could ever do!
[Newest]She's the only decent singer on the list

20Jesse McCartney
Jesse has to be in the top 5! He is so talented and doesn't need (or use) auto-une. Plus, he has a great falsetto (which you don't normally get from guys), and he's very good at controlling his voice and holding notes. He's just an overall talented guy, and I wish he would get more of the recognition he deserves for his talent.
He's the best ever... why every people don't realized!
His voice so pure, there's no different betwen his voice in the record with the voice in live concert...
it's call a true idol...
He is awesome... different style than any other teen singer that I've aver herd. He created a good song for teenage spirit... its cool...
[Newest]I love leaving it's my jam

21Victoria Justice
She's not a disney star, but let me add my two cents in. I like Victoria Justice. She's beautiful and talented. (She can be a model! ) I feel an essence that she is really down to earth. However, I don't like her as a singer. Yes she can sing, but it sounds so normal. There isn't a wow factor or any uniqueness. But I don't think she's trying to go beyond with her singing career. So I'm very glad. I hope she stays current in the fame and continues acting! Or tries modeling.
I really don't know... My favorite female singers are... Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Bridgit Mendler, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Stefanie Scott, China Anne McClain, Elizabeth Gillies (not in order)... But VICTORIA JUSTICE deserves 2 b on this list (although she should be in the top 10! )
What the hell shes not disney

22Zac Efron
Dude I love you, god loves that is so true zac efron is my dream husband someone finally knows what they are talking about
He is good looking he can sing he's got everything going but he hasn't got a clue that the perfect girl for him is vanessa hudgens
Truly the greatest singer of all time

23Ariana Grande
First of all Ariana grande is NOT a Disney singer but if this was a list of best child star singers she would be on the TOP! She is awesome. Her range is four octaves! You don't see demi lovato whistling the night away. Ariana grande is AWESOME! I am her biggest fan ever!
I'm not sure if she's a Disney singer (the only thing I've heard she was on was Sam and Kat/Cat) but her voice is beautiful! She can really hit the high notes and has a lovely range/voice.
What the-? Okay yes she is an amazing singer but umm she's NOT A DISNEY SINGER.. Smh
[Newest]Ariana grande has a beautiful voice I ship her with Justin Bieber check on de internet

24Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore is a bad person! Not too bad, yet Rapunzel is unbelievably overrated. Also, imagine Flynn Rider encountering Pac-Man characters.

Pac-Man aka Pac-Whiz

Chris Brown would be a great voice for Pac-Man.
Not very many people know that Rapunzel (from Tangled) is voiced by Many Moore. This is why she is on here, if you people are wondering.


25Maia Mitchell
She is one of the best singers in the world she is also a great actress in teen beach movie I was in the play teen beach movie I was Mac
I think see is great

26Amanda Michalka
Aly and Aj are the best Disney - Hollywood Records singers ever and would be much higher if they had not left Hollywood Records

27Dove Cameron
Best song ever better in stereo just makes me so happy about my friendship thank you dove thank you 😂tears of joy


There is no way that Demi Levato is a better singer than Dove Cameron. She should be the best singer in like the universe, and the best actress in the world. Who couldn't love her voice and her acting skills? And she has a really wide vocal range and really funny. Plus she can sing like a "Dove". And boy, can a dove sing! Laugh out loud!
She deserves better than being on crappy Disney Channel. She has a wonderful voice. And why is selena gomez highter? Selena is just autotune while Dove is real voice. They shall switch places


[Newest]I love your song you me and the beat

28Zendaya Coleman
I think zendaya coleman is the next big star from disney.. After I heard her new single "replay" she has an amazing voice.. Should be included on the top 10..
1. Demi lovato
2. Christina aguilera
3. Miley cyrus
4. Justin timberlake
5. Zendaya coleman
6. Britney spears
7. Selena gomez
8. Nick jonas
9. Joe jonas
She's amazing! I am really inspired by her because she has a soft voice and doesn't autotune unlike Bella Thorne who in my opinion is going to turn out like Miley Cyrus. Who says Bella Thorne is number 17? Bridgit Mendler should be 17 and Bella Thorne as the LAST PERSON EVER! If you go to Zendaya's YouTube channel, heyitszendaya, you can see 3 videos of her singing. She sang L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole and White Christmas and Smile. She is amazing! PUT HER TO at least 10
ZENDAYA FOREVER! She has everything to be a great singer. She takes her songs to another level with her amazing vocal, dancing & expressions. I don't know how a 17 year old girl has such kinda maturity! This girl should become number 1 disney star in future. If you guys don't agree with me, then just check out her self-titled album ZENDAYA.
[Newest]I love your song replay and how you dance

29Alexander Ludwig

30Elizabeth Gillies
Elizabeth has an extremely unique vocal range. Vocally, I believe that she is the only Disney/Nickelodeon singer that has what it takes to be succesful in the near future.
A strong Broadway kinda style voice like Elizabeth has, is always beautiful and impressive!
She was victorious and she had a amazing voice xox

31Kevin Jonas
You are so awesome

32Sterling Knight
I LOVE STERLING KNIGHT! He can act and sing and he's so cute! I love his movie Starstruck...
I think his a talent yet to be discovered.
Can't wait to see more of him on Disney!
He's so cute. His voice sounds great. I really idolize him. <3 I love his movie starstruck. I wish he could have more movies.

33Phil Collins

34Vanessa Hudgens
I'm like her voice. Her voice is amazing when she was in high school musical 1 2 3 I think she is the best she so beautiful too
And I hope she is become a singer with amazing voice
I love Vanessa! As an actor and a person (even though I don't know her). But her style is on point. And she seems cool. But I don't like her very much as a singer, from the very beginning of her solo music career I was never interested. HSM I enjoyed, her solo music not so much. Also, I'm dying and praying for her and Zac Efron to get back together. Please Austin Butler? Vanessa you were so good with Zac. Make all our dreams come true and reconcile that "highschool" sweetheart relationship.
She is the best for me, when I hear she sing still there for me with corbin bleu I'm so happy. I like all her song then she is so beautiful too

[Newest]She is the best best best singer of all time I love high school musical

35Chelsea Kane

36Taylor Swift
She is the best in this whole world... I love you Taylor
I disagree where they have put Taylor, she should be in the top 5 on every list. She is pretty and her personality is so kind xox

37Tiffany Thorton
Tiffany thornton is amazing she is great singer her songs inspire me every time I hear her songs it sounds like her voice is impressive. And I'm such a huge huge fan.
I think she is amazing she is pretty and conffdent because in so random she plays a role that it is like it just about her and she is not like that so it must of be tuff

38Martina Stoessel
I love your voice and you are a great actress in violetta! You should so be in the top 10-you are my role model because I love to sing!
I love her! She is my idol and whoever doesn't like her just because she speaks Spanish and not English is dumb. No one is perfect
She is the best! Hot the heck can you put her in 38th place! Shes amazing
[Newest]She is the best. She is supposed to be the first. I love you

39Raini Rodriguez
She's awesome at singing
She sings really well
Haters got to hate

40Sabrina Carpenter
I don't know she should be higher on the list I think she's hot and a great singer
You are the best singer ever and you do a great job at girl meets world I think you are sassy and strong like me
Sabrina carpenter is a great singer and she plays a great role on "girl meets world"
She has a deep voice and that's a good thing because it sets the mood of the song AND she has a high voice to help set the mood of the song. #also uses air voice

41Katy Perry
Katy Perry has a great accent of the California humans! Also, her voice would be sexy for Princess Zelda. Also, she'd be a perfect rival for Justin Timberlake. They are friendly rivals. Why? This is especially because Zelda & AiAi (from Super Monkey Ball) would be perfect rivals toward each other. Justin Timberlake would be a great voice for AiAi from Super Monkey Ball.
She should be number one, I'm surprised nobody entered her yet.

42Lea Salonga
I like her voice in Aladdin.
I Like Lea salonga's voice :) She deserves in the top 1 list for me
Her mulan voice is so good

43Roshon Fegan

44Stephanie Scott
I love her she is so fab!

45Brenda Asnicar

46Sarah Geronimo **Delete, not a Disney singer
I like Sarah. She has this powerful voice that can command the stage.
She is very great singer :)
Watch her on YouTube.

47Luke Benward
He has a good voice and with songs with bridget mendler oliva holt dove cameron etc
You rock! I listen to your songs every day
His voice is so... unique. Best male singer ever and so darn cute.

48Rowan Blanchard
She sounds horrible compared to Sabrina Carpenter. She shouldn't have sang more than one line of "Do you wanna build a snowman? ".
I think her and Sabrina Carpenter are equal in terms of talent. I don't know why she doesn't sing more. She has a lovely voice.
I think you are so pretty and you have a great voice and you are a great actress

49Meaghan Jette Martin
She should be up there with demi

50Pablo Espinosa
You stink you should be the last

51Princess Aurora **Delete, not a real person
She is like super good and I love her voice
She is the top fifteen

52Jennifer Stone
She is off the hook

53Kevin Chamberlin
He was on Broadway and that is really good.

54Nicole Anderson

55Zoey Deutch
Noah thinks your hot

56Rachael Kathryn Bell

57Brenda Song
She the Queen of Disney

58Jorge Blanco

59Meghan Trainor
It's all about that base is like real life just be who you are
I love your song all about that bass

60Kelli Berglund

61Jordan Fisher

62Clara Alonso
Oh come on people why can't you just realize that she has a great voice... just because she doesn't have her own show doesn't mean she doesn't

63Naomi Scott
Her voice is amazing and is way underrated. She should be in the top 5. Her new EP is spectacular.

64Olivia Holt
I think you are very pretty and a good singer
This girls voice sounds like a pig dying
Olivia has a great voice

65Kyle Massey
He is very funny. And he was such an awesome actor on Cory In The House. I wish he could come back on Family for a visit or some thing. He could make a guest apperence! That woul be awesome!

66Hayden Panettiere
I love Hayden panettiere's signing
I love Hayden Panettiere. Her sound was so lovely hen she sing I Still Believe. :D

67Mitchel Musso
Very talented, smart and absolutely gorgeous, he does several song in several programs on disney he should be in to 10!
Love him he should top 10

68Bella Thorne
Her singing voice is terrible and the music video she did is bad not to mention she and her friend zendaya are horrible dancers and zendaya sings not good that's why no one should have them perform at the giant center or anywhere they should be fired from the show shake it ip
How the heck is this girl not number one she is just... Wow... That's. All I have to say
You are beautiful don't listen to them there ugly you are a very good dancer I'm your number 1 fan stop hating her
[Newest]She is good at singer

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