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The Top Ten

Burn to a Cinder - Design Your Universe
This a pretty much perfectly constructed song, with catchy the piano lead-in, the beautiful vocals and the short but sweet guitar solo.


The whole song is really a Masterpiece!
After the rhytmic part the calm part in the end makes me cry...
Apparently there was one more slot.
Just YouTube the songs. You will not be disappointed.
[Newest]No idea what this is doing at number 1 sorry. It's far from their best..

2Kingdom of Heaven - Design Your Universe
This is not only symphonic but also a 13-minute PROGRESSIVE metal masterpiece, rivalling the likes of Dream Theater!


If you could name just 1 song that defines Epica as one of the most EPIC music groups ever, Then look no further than Kingdom of Heaven. One of my favorite songs of any Band!
Doesn't let up for a second. Lyrics are an incredible masterpiece.
[Newest]This is an addictive masterpiece that gives you chills. Deserves to be on top, for sure.

3The Obsessive Devotion - The Divine Conspiracy
This is one the songs which originally got me into the band, the lead-in from the prologue "Indigo" is perfect, with the killer orchestral riff combined with the 'thrash-esque' metal beat!


This song is one of the times where you just love Mark's grunts and Simone's vocals together. Not to forget, it's catchy!

4Cry for the Moon - The Phantom Agony
Most beautiful song of theirs I've heard. It portrays an atmosphere that’s ex-reality but while conveying a deeper meaning. "You cannot hide yourself" is such a powerful line it stands by itself.
Legendary, can't be ignored, perfect song!
I think this is awesome. Simone and mark too.

5Tides of Time - Design Your Universe
One of the most epic ballads ever, with Simone's vocal talents on full display. Lovely piano riff and an awesome guitar solo!


Hard to imagine how one person could come up with such a beautiful piece to play on the piano. Indeed one of the best ballads ever. I can't help but feel that the song is not long enough, and that it deserves to be the intro to 20 minute epic.
Perfect voice, perfect melody, perfect lyrics, perfect alternation between "hard" and "soft".

6Fools of Damnation - The Divine Conspiracy
Again really catchy vocals, and a nice rhythmic section with the guitar & drums in the middle


7The Second Stone - The Quantum Enigma
One of most energetic songs of epica. Awesome intro and the guitar at the end gives a great final blow.
One of the best from the quantum enigma

8Martyr of the Free Word - Design Your Universe
This is a brutal yet melodic blend of thrash metal, of course with the characteristic contrast between Simone and Mark Jansen's vocals.


Legendary & inspiring one

9Consign to Oblivion - Consign to Oblivion
Its really hard to pick one song from this band, it has a lot of good songs, by the way this an amazing song, you feel so good when you play it on the guitar.
The most complete Epica song so far, perfect balance between all instruments and choir and many amazing guitar riffs
Perfect balance between mark grunts' and simone's voice.
One of the famous epica's anthem because this masterful ten minutes song announces the end of all their shows.
Low... Low... Low... To the ground we feel safe
Low... Low... Low... To the ground we feel brave

10Our Destiny - Design Your Universe
I like how the 1st verse begins with a groovy bassline, then builds up into the chorus, which of course has Simone's signature vocals, full of emotion.


I'd place this higher up, but apparently there can be only 5 songs in the first 5 slots.
My opinion : best song of epica

The Contenders

11Delirium - Requiem for the Indifferent
Beautiful piano ballad, which then builds up into a nice guitar solo - nice lyrics, too.


Just make me start to cry.
First Epica song I heard. Made me buy all their albums.

12Natural Corruption - The Quantum Enigma

13Quietus - Consign to Oblivion
Just gonna leave this like this.

14Serenade of Self-Destruction - Requiem for the Indifferent
This is a really original piece of music, almost an instrumental but not quite.


15Sensorium - The Phantom Agony
1st song I heard of Epica... Instantly hooked... A banshee kind of voice...
This is the best Epica song for me. One of the first and best.

16Dance of Fate - Consign to Oblivion

17Chasing the Dragon - The Divine Conspiracy
Beautiful song. Not my favourite, but my favourites aren't on here. Not just is it unique for it's proggresion from powerful and soft ballad into high metal tune, but it's beautiful message
This is the song the got me interested in Epica and my favorite song lyrics wise.
Such a great song. I love it.

18Sancta Terra - The Divine Conspiracy
It share epic feelings, and I feel like if a where on the Sancta Terra.

19The Phantom Agony - The Phantom Agony
One of the band's early songs, with a nice mixture of driving vocals in the 'metal' sections and also orchestral elements


Nah, I think this is the most underrated epica's song, how come this epic song is so low? Should be at least Top 10
Underrated, one of the best songs of Epica. Must be at least at Top 5.

20Design Your Universe - Design Your Universe
One of the band's ultimate masterpieces, the intro is perfect, with the sudden transition into a brutal rhythmic section before Simone's calm vocals come in. It sounded really amazing live in Sydney!


Their best song, that rythmic section it's pure perfection!

21The Last Crusade - Consign to Oblivion
The main riff is an orgasm for my ears.

22Unleashed - Design Your Universe
Best song by Epica, it's made to be more mainstream, but it still conveys the band's best qualities.
I love this song, the ending is epic!
Such an epic song! Underrated!
[Newest]This is the best song ever

23Never Enough - The Divine Conspiracy
Best romantic-gothic intro/it's a great sample for mixing the dark and bright music. Great work

24Storm the Sorrow - Requiem for the Indifferent
My first Epica song, it's so awesome! It's got such a great melody and Simone's voice is perfect!

25Monopoly On Truth - Requiem for the Indifferent

26Solitary Ground - Consign to Oblivion
This song has such a beautiful chorus!

27The Divine Conspiracy - The Divine Conspiracy

28The Essence of Silence - The Quantum Enigma
I just love this song!
Best Epica song ever

29Deep Water Horizon - Requiem for the Indifferent

30Facade of Reality - The Phantom Agony

31Mother of Light - Consign to Oblivion
I really love the choir parts in the song. I find them so catchy to sing a along to.

32Blank Infinity - Consign to Oblivion
Best song from Consing to Oblivion.

33Run for a Fall - The Phantom Agony

34Feint - The Phantom Agony
I listened to a few of their songs. This by far ruled my world
Just one word to describe this masterpiece "ORGASM"

35Canvas of Life - The Quantum Enigma
Maybe the best performance of Simone. One of the most beautiful ballads I've ever heard.
Best slow song ever!
You should cry :')

36Another Me "In Lack'ech" - Consign to Oblivion

37Resign to Surrender - Design Your Universe
Such a perfect song... Can't believe it's number 36!
Best Epica song so far.
This good Song. Why on number 28? Its Must be Number 1

38Illusive Consensus - The Phantom Agony

39Chemical Insomnia - The Quantum Enigma
Literally the best ending to a song, ever. Period.

40Victims of Contingency - The Quantum Enigma
Victims of contingency, sence without sanity and omen are the best of the quantum enigma definitely

41Death of a Dream - The Divine Conspiracy
Such awesome chorus could only be possible for epica. very nice composition and vocal


43Seif Al Din - The Phantom Agony

44Avalanche - Requiem for the Indifferent
Laugh out loud this is the best song in my opinion.

45Internal Warfare - Requiem for the Indifferent

46Stay the Course - Requiem for the Indifferent

47Nostalgia - Requiem for the Indifferent

48Beyond Belief - The Divine Conspiracy

49Requiem for the Indifferent - Requiem for the Indifferent

50Omen (The Ghoulish Malady) - The Quantum Enigma
Great song.. the whole new album kicks ass - the best ever

51Sense Without Sanity (The Impervious Code) - The Quantum Enigma

52Dreamscape - The Quantum Enigma

53The Fifth Guardian - Interlude
Nice one. Interlude but a master piece.

54The Quantum Enigma - The Quantum Enigma

55Higher High
Beautiful song and best of all doesn't have the guttural vocals that ruins some of their great songs

56Twin Flames
Simones voice is amazing in this song and no growls

57Deconstruct - Design Your Universe

58Unchain Utopia - The Quantum Enigma

59Banish Your Illusion - The Quantum Enigma

60The Fallacy - Victims Of Circumstance

61In All Conscience - The Quantum Enigma

62Mirage of Verity - The Quantum Enigma

63Hunab Ku - Consign to Oblivion

64Living a Lie - The Divine Conspiracy

65Menace of Vanity - The Divine Conspiracy

66Reverence (Living In the Heart) - The Quantum Enigma

67Palladian - Consign to Oblivion

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