Best Female Singers of 2013


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The Top Ten

Jackie Evancho
Speaking for myself only, but probably expressing the feelings of many, I await Jackie's next recordings with great anticipation. She has performed some great songs in various concert appearances and other presentations, such as "Someday" and "Concrete Angel" that are not on any CD or DVD and which should hopefully be on one of her future CDs and DVDs of concert performances, with her more mature voice and interpretations. But I am patient and understand that she has a life to live, a formal education to complete, a family to not be denied or put in second place for her career, nor in response to the demands of her fans. She and her family come first and foremost. Everything else is secondary.

Her concert tours bring joy to countless people wherever she goes and I would certainly love to see her in concert, should she pass this way, someday. Or do as some have done, and travel to where she is to bathe in her essence, as she performs in concert, somewhere. But I have noticed the impatience of some of her fans wanting more from her than they should expect from this great phenomena from heaven itself, which I find unfair and somewhat selfish on their part. She is a gift to us all, not to be exploited, not for what some would like her to be, but appreciated and loved for who she is, and who she will become. Meanwhile, be patient, and enjoy her and her music, and let her fill your heart and your soul as she does mine.
For the next 40 years, Jackie will be considered the greatest voice of her age, bar none, and just possibly one of the greatest voices of recorded history, right up there with all the true greats.
No idea why we are so deserving.. But the heavens and stars aligned to send us the lovely charming resplendent Jackie with a voice to melt your heart forever..
[Newest]Jackie wants to be known for having "the best voice." She's well on her way.

How to you even describe PINK!
Her music is life you can sing-along and feel everything that she saying to me this a artist
Her voice is amazing!
Pinks voice is unbelievable. I love her and her song Try

3Katy Perry
Katy is the total package. A great vocalist, a true beauty and a Pop icon for this generation. A natural born singer, entertainer, and Star!
This is impossible! Katy has to be number 1. How can she be 35? Her song "Roar" topped the charts on the billboard hot hundred, UK, US and almost every single chart. She has a spectacular voice and I know taylor swift, demi lovata, selena gomez, adele and kelly clarkson have great voices but katy is the BEST. She is the true queen of pop.
The best song she ever did was roar. SHE HAS TO BE number 1!
[Newest]She is a pop goddess why isn't she number 1?!

Give her a round of applause! She has a very unique voice, soulful and pure. She also has an amazing ability to write and sing songs of all genres!
I really love Adele; soulful, down-to-earth Londoner. She's modest and doesn't crave the media attention that some other singers do. Not that she needs to.


Amazing voice, I have never heard it anywhere else. a lot of people try to copy her voice but no one can

5Demi Lovato
She is literally perfect. She can belt out both high and low notes, and she just puts so much emotion into her music, it will make you cry. If you don't like her, listen to her music from after she quit disney, like her new album 'DEMI'.
She can perform really better than any disney singer and she's in the 12th place.. She should be 1st..
She seems to have taken on a new style of music, but she sill sounds awesome and talented.
[Newest]I love her music like skyscraper she is also very pretty too

6Taylor Swift
I'm really confused right now on why Taylor Swift isn't NUMBER ONE! She is crazy talented and deserves to be in the top ten... I'm mean seriously people 13TH?!
[Newest]I love taylor swift because her songs give me energy like shake it off, 22, mine, love story and so on

7Kelly Clarkson
She always has her way of writing encouraging and powerful songs, with fans in her mind.
I agree. That woman could sing the phone book and make it sound great.a true talent.
She is best vocalist... No need autotune, this woman can sing all night long...

Everything about her I love she is just amazing I look up to to her always have and always will love you rihanna your just nothing but out of this world (amazing)...
She will always be at the top, there is just something about the way she sings that drives fans crazy!
Her voice is so iconic and unique!

9Ariana Grande
Have you heard this girl sing live? It's unbelievable that she is underrated. She is one of the 3 singers in the world who can hit whistle tones!
You sound great live. I love you Ariana
I don't get it... HOW COME ARI ISN'T NUMBER 1?!?
Seriously with a platinum record to her amazing voice she is perfect! She has also been compared to Mariah Carey AND Whitney Houston. Love ya girl #weAreHereForAri
[Newest]Very nice a very nice actor singer I love her song problem

10Christina Aguilera
She is absolutely fantastic. After Whitney's tragic passing, I don't think there's anyone left who can match her vocal ability. Her hits include
Genie In a Bottle
What a Girl Wants
Come On Over
Pero Me Acuerdo Do Ti
The Voice Within
Can't Hold Us Down
Ain't no other man
Oh Mother
Slow Down Baby
Not Myself Tonight
You Lost Me
I Am
Your Body
Just A Fool
Let There Be Love

I don't think there's any competition. The fact that Miss Aguilera isn't #1 or at least Top 3 is mind-blowing
Christina Aguilera is one of the greatest voice of all time should with out a doubt be in the top 3
I love her shes my role model
[Newest]Christina kicks butt. She totally be number one.

The Contenders

11Mariah Carey
She is a very nice singer I love all her songs especially baby all I want for Christmas is you she is also very beautiful
Beautiful it is my jam. Your high voice is amazing I wish I had your voice.
Maria carey the best I love you
[Newest]She is very beautiful girl

Beyonce' is the queen B. In my opinion as, Beyonce has developed as a singer through her 8 albums and truly deserves to be the best. ALL HAIL QUEEN B!
You lot r crazy she is awesome!

She is the Best dancer and one of the best singers in the world I mean her voice is really different

14Idina Menzel
Most amazing singer ever!

15Lady Gaga
If I want to listen to a good song or album lady gaga is the only one I can turn to. Consistent!

16Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is the Best...
Avril is number 1

17Britney Spears
I love Britney Spears... ,
I love britney spears always

18Hayley Williams

19Nicole Scherzinger

20Agnes Monica
I like Paralyzed with agnes
She is the best singer in indonesia
Agnes monica I like U.. (go indonesia)!


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