Top Ten Best Fleetwood Mac Songs


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Go Your Own Way
Just like Queens "Don't Stop Me Now" this song fills me with the unshakeable feeling that I can go whichever way I want in life and no one can stop me.
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2The Chain
The Chain. How to describe this great song? It's just amazing. The harmonies that Fleetwood Mac achieves in this song are really great.
You simply CANNOT turn this song down. It should be first on everyone's list, regardless.
I think THE CHAIN is #1. It has ALL the members helping out, even John McVie shines in this as he's usually in the background on most songs.
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Aside from how this song is the only one that reached number one hit in the U.S. , this song is amazing. The cords are simply breathtaking, and the lyrics are deep and heartfelt. Dreams is a lovely song, and my personal favorite.
Awesome, this is a very good song from one of the most iconic albums of all time, it's very touching and it makes you think.
A really breathtaking song, my family plays it every summer and it brings back a lot of great memories. Love it!
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This is the best song ever. I love watching them play their songs, but this their best. Stevie Nicks is a great singer, & this is like her signature song. I hope she keeps going like George Burns. I hope she keeps going until the day that she dies.
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5Don't Stop Listen to sample

This is the song that get me hooked on fleetwood mac. So much undisclosed passion that lay hidden in this song. When I listen to this song an array of memories and emotions come back to me, and the next time I listen to it I get a totally different experience. Number 1 in my opinion no doubt.
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7Little Lies
So catchy its crazy! Great chorus!
Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
This is my favorite song of all time!
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8You Make Loving Fun Listen to sample

9Everywhere Listen to sample

10Big Love
Great song love the mini two or three guitar solos this song should be number 8 not number 11 please vote this song up higher
Number 5 not number 11!

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The Contenders

11Seven Wonders
A great intro. Great singin by stevie. Great chorus. Great song. And from the best fleetwood mac album after rumours.
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12Never Going Back Again
One of my favorite songs ever. It amazes me how Lindsay Buckingham can keep all the fingerpicking so clean. Just beautiful guitar.
This song is so upbeat and quirky. It's my favorite song to listen to when I'm having a bad day.
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It songs has an epic beat to it.
One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song.
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14SongBird Listen to sample

What? This needs to move UP
This was my favorite song growing up!
Simple heart beat rythme and Stevie's voice mot more could one want
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16Gold Dust Woman
Amazing song, so dark and blunt, great beat, I love it. One of their best.
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This is so?... Amazing beautifull song.
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18Monday Morning
I don't understand how this song can sit down so low on 14. This song is vintage Fleetwood Mac. Love it!
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19As Long As You Follow Listen to sample

20Sisters of the Moon Listen to sample

21World Turning Listen to sample

22Albatross Listen to sample

23Say You Love Me Listen to sample

24I Don't Want to Know Listen to sample

- The best song on Tusk
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26I'm So Afraid Listen to sample

27Oh Well
Come on guys the best Fleetwood Mac is Green's Fleetwood Mac!
Peter Green is the man
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28Second Hand News Listen to sample

29Blue Letter Listen to sample

30Silver Springs
This song should be #1! So beautiful!
Masterpiece love you stevie
This song is top 3 or this list is BS
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31Beautiful Child Listen to sample

32Over My Head Listen to sample

33Family Man Listen to sample

34Hold Me Listen to sample

35Storm Listen to sample

36Miranda Listen to sample

37Save Me Listen to sample

38Crystal Listen to sample

39Bleed to Love Her
How the heck is this song so low?! So beautiful.
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40Jigsaw Puzzle Blues Listen to sample

41Stand Back Listen to sample

42Love In Store Listen to sample

43Oh Diane Listen to sample

44Peacekeeper Listen to sample

45The Green Manalishi Listen to sample

46Black Magic Woman Listen to sample

47Think About Me Listen to sample

48Hard Feelings Listen to sample

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