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The Top Ten

Shake It Out
Awesome! Such powerful vocal. Florence is amazing and this is some of her best work! The lyrics are so intriguing. Great work Florence!
This song is simply amazing! The strong vocals and sound is mind-blowing! What I love most is the meaning of this song. About rebirth and starting over again with acceptance and determination
Great, excellent, awesome, superb, magnificent, out of this world; there are no words to describe how beautiful it, truly a piece of art. My favourite song out of her new album for sure!
[Newest]It has a lot of biblical references in it. The song sounds so cool!

2Cosmic Love
Amazing song, I have listened to it at least 50 times in the last week. It makes a very good dance song and you can dance to it forever without feeling like it's getting old. I dance the same style choreography as florence is in the video, and it makes for a very intense workout~ love love love this song!
I absolutely love this song! Heard a few seconds of it on the trailer for Water for Elephants and I couldn't get it out of my head! In just about a week I've listened to it more than 800 times
Every time the drums begin, I can feel my heart racing!
[Newest]The song is amazing!. Honestly a number 1 for me!

3Dog Days Are Over
Love Cosmic Love, but Dog Days are Over is so much better. It is just amazing, her voice in the song is beautiful and the instrumentals, it is catchy with good lyrics and an all round amazing song. Definitely deserves to be number 1!
Every time I hear this song it touches me right inside my soul. I forget all my problems and I just feel so good. Just love it!
nice catchy melody with good beats


[Newest]It makes me wanna dance and sing it loud so badly!

4Never Let Me Go
By far Florence best song! Can't believe it isn't 1 or 2!
Ethereal. Every time I hear this song, I know there's something bigger than life as we know it. You gotta give this song more credit.
Magical. This song is by far one of the best songs I have ever heard. Enchanting and haunting, its perfect in every way. It's euphoric, even. This should be higher on this list, and on the charts. I wish this song had more recognition and Florence + The Machine as well.
[Newest]This song leaves me breathless!
More comments about Never Let Me Go

5No Light, No Light
Catchy... powerful and thumpking... No Light No Light creates an aura of dark, moody, magic. It is as engrossing as any song she has made.
Wow. Just wow. This is such an amazingly beautiful song. The second time I heard the song I couldn't help but obsess with it! "No light, no light! In your bright blue eyes. I never knew daylight could be so violent" Just amazingly beautiful. Congragulations Florence and the machine on a superb song.
Beautiful song and You just don't get bored of it, it's catchy and the lyrics hit you
[Newest]Best of Florence by far!

6What the Water Gave Me
Transcendently epic. A powerhouse of a song, and completely magnificent.

The harps, guitars and gospel choir are all typical of Florence and are part of its brilliance.

A majestic song!
Really a nice song, I love it so much. Florence really puts her heart into this and it obviously shows. I would have to say that this song should be higher up
This song is so inspiring and I personally think it uses great power and she really puts her heart into it. This song is very good and it's very catchy.
In my opinion, it should be number 1!
[Newest]Probably the best song for florence and the machine with only for a night

7Seven Devils
This is one of the most haunting tracks I've ever heard. Creating a track like this is nothing short of genius. Listen to this once and it'll stay in your head for days. It should be a higher up the list
Thid is the most incredible songs I've ever heard about another spirits in this world. I knew this songs from Revenge T.V. series, on the last episode.. Very great!
This is just beautiful... I can't believe it's not #1... The song is just so dark and enchanting... Just listen to it! You won't be able to forget a song like this one... And it's tunes are just so amazing! Genius... !
[Newest]Best song I have heard so far

8Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
7th? I'm sorry but this song deserves to be up there, the beautiful harp, her amazing, haunting voice, the heartfelt lyrics make it one of my favourite songs ever
The instrumentals and her amazing voice, plus the meaning of the song, make it an epic song... Like all her songs. This is the best though, because no matter how much I listen to Flo or this song and no matter what I go through, this song always is a pleasure to listen to a million times.
Simply and amazing song with fantastic harps and choirs. Florence is just awesome! Nothing conpares to her amazing voice and talent! Her new album is the best ever too!
[Newest]I remember the first time I heard this song, thinking it must be one of the most brilliant, striking songs I've ever heard. Each time I lists to it I'm hooked for days, at least.

9You've Got the Love
This is possibly here most well known song, and although some might argue it is not her best, so many people, including myself were introduced to the great Florence through this song! It may not be number 1, but it definitely deserves to be in the top 10
This is the first song that introduced me to her music and I have to say after listening to most of her songs I still see this one as the best. You can feel the emotion she pored into this song. Although most people may not realize it
Awesome how can you not like this song it is possibly the most famous song here so if it is so famous then why is it number 10

Excellent song with heavier arena rock and lyrics. It sounds kind of unusual for an f+tm song, but it perfectly fits them in the end, expressing a more powerful and shivering aspect of Florence, and satisfying those that wanted something less light than their previous songs. Actually, everybody goes on saying that shake it out, cosmic love, you've got the love, dog days are over are their best but I never really liked any of them. I think the three real f+tm masterpieces are spectrum, rabbit heart and what the water gave me. Anyway, keep up the splendid job Flo and you guys!
Such a beautiful song! The music, the voice, the rhythm are just awesome. Its one of my favorite songs. I think its one of florenceĀ's most powerful songs.
The chorus of this song literally sends chills down my spine every time I hear it. It's an incredible song that expanded my musical horizons. There aren't many things on earth as strong and beautiful as florence's voice in this song in my opinion.
[Newest]Simply their best song ever... only tied by perhaps her wonderful performance of Take Care on the BBC Live Lounge albums...

The Contenders

I love how much dreaming you can do. I have made stories to this and all florence songs make you believe and have hope and cry mostly. I am 11. And this already inspires me.
Love this song. I accidentally downloaded the song by mistake, but when I listened to it I absolutely loved it! One of the best songs of Florence and The Machine, but Cosmic Love stays my ultimate fave! Xoxo
I love this song its not just about a werewolf is her love and she changes into one its about her loving a person and she doesn't know he is a monster but at the end she is like him too. Very haunting
[Newest]Best song ever! Her voice is so amazing!

12Breath of Life
Just close your eyes, imagine whatever this song suggests you... And boom!, beauty comes out from everywhere. Doesn't it feel like an Avatar world is surrounding you?
Truly powerful and amazing. It simply flows out and fits together perfectly. There is so much energy at certain parts and the vocals sound wonderful with a haunted kinda sound. The was mesmerized the first time I heard this song and it definitely is one of my most favorite songs from florence and the machine!
Epic song... I think this should be on top... Best song that a movie like snow white and the huntsman could have ever had... Thumbs up to florence and all the musicians for giving us such a masterpiece...
[Newest]This song is beyond epic. I get chills listening to its hypnotic rhythm. It's so powerful and deep it makes me want to stand up and scream. Why isn't it #1?

13Heavy In Your Arms
Great lyrics, music, voice - everything! This song is really original and has special climate. Should be higher on this list!
Truly a powerful and engrossing song. I love the meaning behind it and the climax right in the middle. Both her voice and the lyrics are amazing. I listen to it everyday.
Very catchy and original. It gets me going Very powerful and its one of my favorite songs ever. Not at all like most songs. Beautiful
[Newest]Come on... Definitely among the top 10 songs!

14Between Two Lungs
I don't know why people even rank her songs? I love every single one of them its like "The Curse of Florence and The Machine" which entails loving every song she has ever sang but Between Tow Lungs is one of the first of her songs I heard and I love it because of that and the syncopation is, I think, one of the most amazing things she's done so far
This girl has lungs! She can belt liek a beast and then come back and become airy and beautiful. her music is so aw inspiring.

15Only If for a Night
This deserves to be right under Shake It Out, Dog Days... , and Cosmetic Love. THIS NEEDS MORE VOTES
I can't sleep for thinking of this song. Just amazing
Beautiful song. How could this possibly be all tge way down here?! I first heard it pretty recently and I was blown away! It is indeed a very amazing song. It should be at least number 5.
[Newest]It's the best song I think of hers.

16Over the Love
My favorite song from Florence ever
This is epic pure epic sound
This is her best vocal song
Those amazing high notes and the pain behind the song
I found myself in tears after listening for the first time
This song is purely epic. I'm pretty sure that there can be no other more epic song than this.
I think it's a beautiful song! And I simply love it.. The effect it produces when you listen to the howls and the desperate cries... Simply terrific and lovely!
[Newest]This song is so powerful, it surges through me. It makes me feel hope and strength but also great sadness. I can't believe how low this song is! Definitely should be right up there

17Drumming Song
Inspiring, riveting, I love everything about this song and its irresistable beat. It gets stuck in my head so often, and I love more every time. Go Florence!
Louder than sirens. Louder than bells. Sweeter than heaven and hotter than HELL! How can you beat those intense lyrics?!
WHAT?! How can anything top... Louder than sirens louder than bells sweeter than heaven and hotter than HELL

18I'm Not Calling You a Liar
I absolutely love this song. I am able to listen to this song over and over again without it getting old which happens to a lot f music that I listen to. I am surprised that it isn't higher, honestly give it a go it will only take 3 minutes of your time.
35? Really? This at least must be at top ten!
I'm not calling you a liar, just don't lie to me. Awesome song. So full of emotion too.

Because this did not appear on either album, I've never really felt the incentive to lists to it, but once I did I found it awe-inspiring. The lyrics have such meaning and emotion so that you form an emotions connection. Also, the instrumental is another great aspect-for example the violins playing in the first 10 seconds is a definite highlight and just really solidifies how amazing this song really is. If you haven't already heard this, I highly recommend doing so, you absolutely won't regret it!
This is my favorite song ever!

20Addicted to Love
It simply leaves you be begging for more. Really underrated track, I absolutely think it should have made it onto the Standard Edition or at least the Deluxe Edition of the album rather than the "B-Sides, Covers and Rarities" disc from the 3rd or 4th re-release of Lungs. Simply an amazing cover, not only for Florence's voice, but the Machine's phenomenal instrumentation, especially Tom Monger on harp. I love when harp is incorporated into popular music, its unfortunately so rare in modern music. Best song off of Lungs, period.
What? It is top ten is is the best song
This song is definitely their best

How can this not be in the top 10!? It's so beautifully hollow. I love listening to this song while watching the stars, makes me feel like I have all of them in my heart at the same time, almost bursting with energy! My favorite song of all time. When I die I'm going to be listening to this song while I'm slipping. Love you Florence.
This song is so beautiful and makes me realise that we all have our own imaginary world and spend a lot of time inside it. It shows that the happy world in our head, has it's dark and aggrovating secrets that are trying to stay hidden. Love it, love it, love it!
Haunting. Sends shiver's down my spine. Lyrics are amazing. Florence + the Machine have made a lot of really good songs, but none come close to the awesomeness of this song.

22All This and Heaven Too
A nice and charming touch! A definite feel-good song by Florence Welch! I saw this song on this list and I had never heard it before, but now that I have, I absolutely love it! Highly recommend it to Florence listeners out there!
Very nice song, the melodies in there are incredible, its epic
One of my favorite songs on the album! It's got a really beautiful, magical feel to it that never ceases to make me feel all gooey inside. Everything about it is amazing.

23Bedroom Hymns
I can't believe that this song is number 21. I thought it must be 4 or 5. The melody is absolutely amazing with drums and everything.

Just awesome, makes your heart races faster and faster.
Either they are great or you haven't heard this masterpiece

24What Kind of Man
I was impressed when I first heard this song, and now I believe it to be Florence and the Machine's best song.


Haha I totally agree with the comment below, so excited for her new album, me and my best friend screamed with excitement for ages when it was announced, P.S. obsessed with this song!
The first single from the new album 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful'!
We were waiting almost 4 years and Flo is back with a really great song with an amazing music video.
Florence wrote and composed this song! She is a great singer, writer and actress!
I am not dissapointed from the new song! I really love it and I cannot wait for the release day!
Our Queen of Indie Pop and Rock is Back!

How is this last? It just thrums through you like an arrow. Amazing. Most people haven't heard of it I guess. Give it a try, it's great for dancing.
This is so sad nobody seems to remember this song and it is definitely one of their best!
Literally the best song by florence, hands down. The drums are awesome the vocals are awesome the song is awesome just... Awesome
[Newest]I can't believe this is not in the top 5! This is one flawless song

26Kiss With a Fist
Spunky beat and rhythm
Makes you want to dance!
If "Kiss with a Fist" is so far down this list then I am wondering what's waiting for me up there
Fell in love with this song since Jennifer's Body movie.
[Newest]This needs to be on the top ten! Wake up people.

27Lover to Lover
Great song really pumps you up. I thought id be in the top 15 at least... Anyways awesome song.
My personal #1! I'm really addicted to this masterpiece and it gives me goosebumps every time.
Really? Should be top 5!

In my attempts to determine the song's meaning, it seems to be a generational curse from some great Grandmother who took her life with a gun to the mouth.

Am I getting it?
Upbeat, lyrics are meaningful and just a beautiful song. Definitely deserves to be higher!
This is really 100% most meaningful and beautiful song for F&M

29Breaking Down
Should be in the top 5!
Bful song.. Has to b in top 5.. Amazing lyrics and her bful voice makes it epic..

30Girl With One Eye
18th!? What's wrong with you people!? This is a real MASTERPIECE! Ok I love Cosmic Love as well but this is by far THE BEST BLUES SONG I've ever heard! The LYRICS and Florence's voice are absolutely AMAZING!
Ok, this is like the best song ever why is it so down here?
God why? I CAN'T believe this masterpiece is all the way down here! This song gave me chills every time I listen to it
[Newest]So amazing and haunting... I can't even

31My Boy Builds Coffins
This is seriously my favorite song ever. It has the best metaphors about death I have ever heard, the boy literally representing death, and that death gets to everyone, rich or poor. Also, that once someone dies they are just thrown in the ground and loose all meaning to the world above.
It takes the best of all her songs and puts it into one. I don't understand how "Heavy in your arms" is higher than this. This, Blinding, Rabbit Heart, and Heartlines are the best.
Amazing lyrics and her voice only makes it that much more great!

32Hurricane Drunk
This song is incredibly... I don't know what. But the day I got it I listened to it about 20 times. Upon seeing this list, I assumed it would be in at least the top three. As far as the song, for those of you who NEED to hear it, the background is incredibly catchy, Florence's vocals are incredibly emotional and beautiful, and the lyrics are incredibly relatable but sad.
This is an amazing song! What the hell! No comments even really? Maybe it's not as well known as the others? Or maybe the meaning didn't make itself known to some.
How is this song so low? Please just give this a listen if you haven't already.
[Newest]My favourite right after Lover To Lover. Way too low in this ranking

33Strangeness and Charm
Musically stimulating and lyrically brilliant. Flo talks about passion as a science experiment - only in the most beautiful way possible. You sense the urgency of her desire through the building pace of the song. The drum beat pulsates through your body and you really FEEL this song.
It is on the deluxe edition, but it could have been a single, it has the same atmosphere than No Light and its very catchy!
Because it is not very popular new fans usually skip this song and that is sad, for it is an amazing song that describes the passion between lovers.

34Hardest of Hearts
A beautiful and transcending song. The bridge really helps lead up to a lovely chorus, which is perhaps my favorite part of the song. It's has a very melancholy feel to it despite it's beat, like many of her songs. You can definitely feel her voice adding emotion to this wonderful song.
I absolutely love this song! It is so amazing and the lyrics are well written.
This is my absolute favorite F+TM songs ever. The beat is so strong and the power of her voice and just the whole melody line is so lovely yet catchy. It should get a higher place on here or at least more recognition by others. I really recommend this song. Very strong song.

35Bird Song
This is actually my favourite song EVER, it's just amazing I personally think that it should be at the top, I hope that the reason it isn't is because it hasn't been heard as much as her others and not because people don't like it as much. I love all of her songs though so I guess they all deserve to be at the top, like a massive tie haha. I would've voted for over the love but I like this one the tiniest bit more and this one had less votes :(
Are you kidding me? Bird Song has got to be one of the best. Florence alters between slow, haunting verses and fast, upbeat sections in a way never done before. Check this song out, it's truly one of a kind. The lyrics are dark and somewhat creepy. Kind of reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's "A Tell-Tale Heart".
How is this not in the top ten? It's amazing!

36Leave My Body
A beautiful song that showcases Florence's powerful voice and creativity, it is not as catchy as "Dog Days", but far better than "Falling".
I love all of their songs, but this is the one that truly speaks to me in particular. It really lifts me up like nothing else. It makes me feel happy and understood. It's so, so beautiful.
So lyrical! It is definitely among my top 10 F&M songs.

37Sweet Nothing
Awesome, This surely deserves number 1. Calvin Harris, you rule
Best song ever ā™„
Best ever song with calvin harris
Not on the top because its from calvin harris' album, I see
Superb lyrics, great tune, best singer today + best DJ = best song

The "I'll dance myself up drunk myself down. Find people to love, love people too drunk" part is just so heavenly

39Remain Nameless
So haunting. I love the lyrics to this. Listening to the song is like going to a different world.
Amazing lyrics, guitar and voice!

40Try a Little Tenderness

41My Best Dress

42Are You Hurting the One You Love?
This is an absolutely amazing song. The tribal, metal beats and repetition during the song make it great. And the lyrics are perfect!
This songs is indeed nice, I can nt lia to you



45Hospital Beds
One of the greatest Florence + The Machine songs out there.

46Galaxy of the Lost
One of her best songs ever

47How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Flo is back with her third album 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful'! The song is just majestic and inspiring! Flo is an angel.

48Paper Massacre
Aka the piece of heaven that we'll never get to listen to in full version hahaaha *sob*

49Ship to Wreck

50Postcards from Italy
One on the most amazing covers she's done

51Third Eye
When you listen songs like No light, No light, what the water gave me, cosmic love, spectrum, never let me go, rabbit heart, shake it out, only if for a night, bedroom hymns, dog days are over, seven devils, strangeness and charm, hurricane drunk, girl with one eye-all these masterpieces-then the third eye is a dissapointment, I'm sorry but it is the truth...

52St. Jude
Her best vocal performance yet! For the haters who say flo is screaming, listen to this
I am a fan of FATM and I love lungs and ceremonials, especially ceremonials and I was waiting for years for new album. And yesterday I listened the st. Jude and I am really dissapointed. Songs like OIFAN, shake it out, what the water gave me, never let me go, no light no light, spectrum, DDAO, rabbit heart, blinding, cosmic love, drumming song are masterpieces! St. Jude, What kind of man, third eye and HBHBHb are not mastepieces just good songs, unfortunately!

53Which Witch

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