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Best place for free ads. High exposure, just watch out for scams. Otherwise great traffic.
Anyone can "flag" or delete your ad 4 any reason whatsoever & they remain faceless... They do not need to "justify" any accusations that your ad isn't abiding by CL rules & regulations & you have no recourse whatsoever except to send a complaint w/ th ad # & you get an automated text that basically says your "screwed"! You can not re run the ad w/o re writing it from scratch & it just gets flagged again! "Craigs List" basically "SPAWNS" these individuals from their lack of interaction... The site is "totally self governed" by faceless degenerates! You don't even know why you were flagged... No reason whatsoever... Your ad is just gone & if you post anything "derogatory" about what happened..."All" your ads start getting flagged! I'm done w/ Craigs List... It was a great site until your ad is competition or someone decides they don't like your ad! These people get off by controlling others lives & don't have to justify anything! "POWER CORUPTS"!
Craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events.
[Newest]I hate craigslist! No rhyme or reason for flagging my ads. Really sad that some loser can screw up your account, and ruin your livelihood. Craigslist could care less! Even when you post compliant ads and begin being hassled by some random idiot flagging your ads down, craigslist assumes that you must be doing something wrong, so they ghost your ads. What a crock that is! I can't wait to see craigslist go down!

Free Local Kijiji Classifieds. Search and post classified ads in For Sale, Pets, Jobs, Apartments, Housing, and other categories.
Kijiji was the second most popular free online classified ad listing website of the USA. Kijiji was acquired by the auction monster eBay years back. Now eBay willing to use their popular brand name to make their free classified site more popular has changed name of their free classified site. Kijiji USA is now named as eBay Classifieds.
This site sucks - constantly raising its fees - now in Edmonton 64.98 a week
To be category and front page featured? For a free site is sure is expensive.
[Newest]So far so good
Great site! Easy to use and lots of cool features!
I love the free auctions! No seller fees!
Great site! Easy to use and awesome features. I recommend them highly. Two thumbs up!
[Newest]It was so cool and love the free actions
Yeah, looks like they changed the name but still looks pretty cool. I just contacted a seller about some meet and greet One Direction tickets. Hopefully, the deal will pan out!


Way better than Craigslist for tickets. Craigslist was the best 5 years ago but they got too big and can't keep up with the spam.
The #1 Event Ticket Classifieds site in the world. Post or Browse ticket listings for MLB, NHL, NCAA, NBA, NFL, Concert, Theater, and Motor Sport Tickets for FREE!
[Newest]In the morning the blew and cloudy rain had been start when I wish my family. And I said that will be publish and advertising to this site...

Olx provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world...
Easy, simple and useful!
For me it is the best and most interactive between the parties.

The best classified website out there! I've tried several different and AL just outranks the rest.
The most local classifieds website in US


Read your terms of use and will never surrender my intellectual property or other submissions to you!

7Loqqad is a future trend website for free local classifieds on flats/houses, jobs, friends/dating, pets, for sale, community, services and forums in exact locations worldwide, including universities.
Enjoy 'facebook like button' for classified ads on loqqad!
It's a unique way for your ads to be seen by more people
It's absolutely the unique way for local classifieds with its design and functions
[Newest]Wow very good ad website, love it

I loved just for that fact!
I signed up for worldstuffer but the login is so confusing you can't figure it out. I quit and I'm going to another.
Very easy and user friendly with WorldStuffer site. Kudos!
Biggest Classifieds has been highly rated by Alexa. It is currently among the Top 10 websites in the internet. There is NO Registration, NO Hassle, NO Charge for posting ads. Many countries are covered. <br>
One of the best on the internet. Top ranking. High traffic rating by Alexa. Worth to advertise here. Permanent do-follow link.
This is one of the fast rising websites that truly offer free place to post free ads.
[Newest]I have added this site to my advertising portfolio.

10Locanto Free Classifieds
Free Classifieds site in every city, state, suburb, area in 40 countries. It's fast, easy to use, good SEO implementation and with many categories.
Locanto provides free classifieds services in more than 45 countries across the world...
Free of charge with many categories.

The Contenders
Best Online Classifieds which is also among the TOP 10 ranking websites, has been providing the competitive edge in paid and free online classifieds advertising.
Providing competitive edge in online advertising

OutLived is one of my favourite free classifieds sites. Clean and easy to use, should definitely be ranked higher.
One of the better companies around. Nice and easy to use, always pleased when I visit.
All real jobs with real companies. Visit us today and try our free job matching
[Newest]Great classified site and the best online support.
Post free classified ads without registration
Does not exist anymore! is a best website to post free classified ads without registration.
I have come across this site through Google and what I found that is unique ad published on this site. I just register and submit my ad. The more surprising thing was, my ad is reviewed withing 3 hrs and live on website. That was awesome experience for me on View My Classified.
Submitted my ad in 3 simple steps, 1-register, 2-ad form fill-up, 3-got approved in approx 5 hrs. Recommend to all.
Fast loading classified sites and 3 really simple steps to submit and approve your classified.
[Newest]A very good advertisement source ever. We are very thankful to the team of View My respond from View My
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Clickooz is the best online classified website all over the world. Website loads very fast. Users have an option to post without registration. Great work.

16Free Ads UK is another interesting TOP 10 classifieds for United Kingdom (UK) market covering England, Northen Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
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Post Free Ads is an internet media organization that was bought over recently. This website has a long history in offering advertisers a place to post free ads. Can be easily found as among the TOP 10 in search engines.
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Nice clean website. The redundancy of images, backgrounds and all the fancy stuff has been removed to allow faster loading and thus facilitating users ease of navigation.
Over 100,000 cities worldwide and multilinguala support (07/2011). No nonsense, regulated free classifieds website.


Been using this for a year now. Like it. Tries to keep away spam and scams as other websites do not.


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