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Best place for free ads. High exposure, just watch out for scams. Otherwise great traffic.
Anyone can "flag" or delete your ad 4 any reason whatsoever & they remain faceless... They do not need to "justify" any accusations that your ad isn't abiding by CL rules & regulations & you have no recourse whatsoever except to send a complaint w/ th ad # & you get an automated text that basically says your "screwed"! You can not re run the ad w/o re writing it from scratch & it just gets flagged again! "Craigs List" basically "SPAWNS" these individuals from their lack of interaction... The site is "totally self governed" by faceless degenerates! You don't even know why you were flagged... No reason whatsoever... Your ad is just gone & if you post anything "derogatory" about what happened..."All" your ads start getting flagged! I'm done w/ Craigs List... It was a great site until your ad is competition or someone decides they don't like your ad! These people get off by controlling others lives & don't have to justify anything! "POWER CORUPTS"!
Craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events.
One of best free classifieds
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Great site! Easy to use and lots of cool features!
I love the free auctions! No seller fees!
Great site! Easy to use and awesome features. I recommend them highly. Two thumbs up!
Love this site! Very easy to use. I recommend them highly as well.
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Free Local Kijiji Classifieds. Search and post classified ads in For Sale, Pets, Jobs, Apartments, Housing, and other categories.
Kijiji was the second most popular free online classified ad listing website of the USA. Kijiji was acquired by the auction monster eBay years back. Now eBay willing to use their popular brand name to make their free classified site more popular has changed name of their free classified site. Kijiji USA is now named as eBay Classifieds.
This site sucks - constantly raising its fees - now in Edmonton 64.98 a week
To be category and front page featured? For a free site is sure is expensive.
Kijiji is now charging for dogs and puppys only not birds cows or backyard car dealers just dogs and puppys how fair is that why to go kijiji just another money grab
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Yeah, looks like they changed the name but still looks pretty cool. I just contacted a seller about some meet and greet One Direction tickets. Hopefully, the deal will pan out!


Way better than Craigslist for tickets. Craigslist was the best 5 years ago but they got too big and can't keep up with the spam.
The #1 Event Ticket Classifieds site in the world. Post or Browse ticket listings for MLB, NHL, NCAA, NBA, NFL, Concert, Theater, and Motor Sport Tickets for FREE!
In the morning the blew and cloudy rain had been start when I wish my family. And I said that will be publish and advertising to this site...
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5Loqqad is a future trend website for free local classifieds on flats/houses, jobs, friends/dating, pets, for sale, community, services and forums in exact locations worldwide, including universities.
It's absolutely the unique way for local classifieds with its design and functions
Enjoy 'facebook like button' for classified ads on loqqad!
It's a unique way for your ads to be seen by more people
Very easy and quick to use. Hopefully, I get good results and in that case I will use them again and again.
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World's best clasified web...
Olx provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world...
Easy, simple and useful!
Best only one olx
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The best classified website out there! I've tried several different and AL just outranks the rest.
The most local classifieds website in US


Very simply and fast!
Read your terms of use and will never surrender my intellectual property or other submissions to you!
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I signed up for worldstuffer but the login is so confusing you can't figure it out. I quit and I'm going to another.
I loved just for that fact!
Very easy and user friendly with WorldStuffer site. Kudos!
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Clickooz is the best online classified website all over the world. Website loads very fast. Users have an option to post without registration. Great work.

10Locanto Free Classifieds
Free Classifieds site in every city, state, suburb, area in 40 countries. It's fast, easy to use, good SEO implementation and with many categories.
Locanto provides free classifieds services in more than 45 countries across the world...
Free of charge with many categories.

The Contenders
Post free classified ads without registration
Does not exist anymore! is a best website to post free classified ads without registration.
Visit Website
OutLived is one of my favourite free classifieds sites. Clean and easy to use, should definitely be ranked higher.
All real jobs with real companies. Visit us today and try our free job matching
One of the better companies around. Nice and easy to use, always pleased when I visit.
Great classified site and the best online support.
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Wana buy/sale visit now, more and more products and services are available here. Classes, service, properties, for sale and much more things are available here
Good website its very useful I want to say that every one should visit this website here aprox all things are available here very nice
Achhi website hai, sab kuch milta hai ahan
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I have come across this site through Google and what I found that is unique ad published on this site. I just register and submit my ad. The more surprising thing was, my ad is reviewed withing 3 hrs and live on website. That was awesome experience for me on View My Classified.
Submitted my ad in 3 simple steps, 1-register, 2-ad form fill-up, 3-got approved in approx 5 hrs. Recommend to all.
Fast loading classified sites and 3 really simple steps to submit and approve your classified.
A very good advertisement source ever. We are very thankful to the team of View My respond from View My
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15Post Free Advertising
I found one other site free classified which even allow you to add business location by google maps so visitor may find your business location all this are free so check here
Best classified because of ads are searchable in google.


I want to Post Free Advt, send me Site Linj. In India Mumbai,
Visit Post Free Advertising Website
Best Online Classifieds which is also among the TOP 10 ranking websites, has been providing the competitive edge in paid and free online classifieds advertising.
Providing competitive edge in online advertising


This is NOT FREE!
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17Sulekha Classifieds
Free for wanting but paid to offer in the USA, but it's best free website in India for wanted or offered.
Makes you pay. Not worth it.
Thank you for share classifieds site
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Visit Sulekha Classifieds Website
Biggest Classifieds has been highly rated by Alexa. It is currently among the Top 10 websites in the internet. There is NO Registration, NO Hassle, NO Charge for posting ads. Many countries are covered. <br>
One of the best on the internet. Top ranking. High traffic rating by Alexa. Worth to advertise here. Permanent do-follow link.
This is one of the fast rising websites that truly offer free place to post free ads.
I have added this site to my advertising portfolio.
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20Free Ads UK is another interesting TOP 10 classifieds for United Kingdom (UK) market covering England, Northen Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Do you need a loan if Yes Email : jerrysmithloans@gmail. Com for information's
Visit Free Ads UK Website

Post Free Ads is an internet media organization that was bought over recently. This website has a long history in offering advertisers a place to post free ads. Can be easily found as among the TOP 10 in search engines.
We offer a variety of loans to our customers. Whatever your loan needs are, large or small, personal or mortgage, investment, we are ready to talk with you about how we can meet your needs and also get a very legit loan. You are sure of getting a loan from our firm. Contact us today for your loan via our mailing address:
Visit PostFreeAds.Org Website

Nice clean website. The redundancy of images, backgrounds and all the fancy stuff has been removed to allow faster loading and thus facilitating users ease of navigation.
Over 100,000 cities worldwide and multilinguala support (07/2011). No nonsense, regulated free classifieds website.


Been using this for a year now. Like it. Tries to keep away spam and scams as other websites do not.
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Visit SellDude Website

Visit HiFreeAds Website

24Digg Classifieds
Post free classifieds and advertise in a series of other ways for free.


Visit Digg Classifieds Website

25Kingdom Classifieds
NOT worth the time only 3 ads... no more!
Visit Kingdom Classifieds Website lets you to post listings as English and Turkish for 190 countries. Real Estate, Vehicles, Shopping, Services, Career, Construction & Industrial, Animal World and other categories are ready for your listings.
It is nice site. It is quick and lot of categories.
The best classified website in Turkey! It's so practical and user friendly, The map search is so useful!
It is really easy to use, and I loved map based search. I am really wondering why the other web sites doesn't think something like that.
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I think its a great site we missed in this list


It liked the way it simplifies posting and searching


Visit Foolads Website

28classifieds 360°
Visit classifieds 360° Website

Great website for listing items to sell or buy. Free to list anywhere on the site.
Good site. Has plenty of ads from all around Europe and it is easy to use.
This site is good in Europe, USA, and India. It is free to post in most categories and easy to post. Have not had any problems.
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Visit Europeslist Website

It is a good site in design. It provide user friendly to post adds and search adds. it provide high features to members. It is a free classified site is an advanced and easy to use website with web 2.0 features and allows to post or find ads or classifieds in most of the world cities and towns. Users can post or find ads in jobs, real estate, rentals, autos, items for sale... absolutely free of cost.
Adsglobe provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world...
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Visit AdsGlobe Website
This classifieds site allows one to post free ads at no charge. The ads do get monitored and they can be placed under home rentals, cars, pets, jobs and other common categories.
It's the best classifieds site I have come across. Free advertising can't be any easier.
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Use free Telists Classifieds to buy & sell locally all over the United States.
Too many ads before you can get anywhere. Don't waste your time as people won't stay on this site long enough to find your ad.
Good and easy to use classified, ranked number on on Google keyword "USA Free Classifieds"
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Visit Telists Website
Vivastreet provides free classifieds services in more than 15 countries across the world...
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Adoos provides free classifieds services in more than 20 countries across the world...
Visit Adoos Website

35Zubera Classifieds
World's One of the best business classifieds website - Zubera Classifieds. Post your free business ads and get it promoted with best response ever.

Our site details are as follows:
Zubera Classifieds
W. Zubera. Co. In
Think. Click. Achieve
Awesome business portal for business promotion.
I would recommend it to all business owners who want to promote their business in short span of time.
Thumbs up to the site!
This portal having region specific posts helped me boosting my business in different states of the country.
I would recommend this site to all those product and service providers who want to grow sales extremely fast and generate revenue.

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Visit Zubera Classifieds Website
100 SQ. YARD 1000000
Cont. No.9250113384, 9999088799
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Posting free online ads can be fun, easy and free. 52 states included.
Visit FreeOnlineAds.Org Website
This website has the highest rank in search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Baidu, it is just amazing how I post an ad on this website and the next day I found it on Google wow, I wonder how did they optimize their SEO, I would love to make my website searchable on search engines that quick.. GoodList. Com. Au Thank you I always love advertising my stuff on your site because its FREE and quick plus no god damn registration laugh out loud..
GoodList is an online community service with a different approach. We are local and our aim is to provide our users with an easy-to-use localised service covering all their needs: housing, jobs, gigs, cooking classes, making friends and may be even romance - its all here.


very interesting and great place to sale my stuff. Also, it doesn't require registration which I hate to do when I want to sale my items on a free classified website. So goodlist is my number 1 and it rocks.
I like it! Thanks buddy!
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A place to buy and sell online with video. Paypal gateway for payment.
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40Slinda Classifieds
Excellent service. Instant feedback. Sell everything within sri lanka.
Best service, you can post any amount of ads for 0 cost
Visit Slinda Classifieds Website

41E Page Classifieds
Visit E Page Classifieds Website

425 Star Ads
Visit 5 Star Ads Website
On this site users can post free video ad classifieds. Check it out!
Brand new website. Clean and well organized. No external adevertisment. Easy to use
Free video ad classified that allows anyone to post without charge the latest hot items on the market.
Visit Website
Visit Website
80000 visitors per month, alexa rank 280000 and google PR3.
I Think this is the best free ads website I've used, I get 200-300 real visitors from my ads every day
Visit Website

Free local classifieds site. It has a simple and easy to use interface.
Visit Hishlist Website

47Porky Post
Visit Porky Post Website

48Bay Advertisements
It is a very clean site. It is very easy to use, and most importantly, it lets you post ads in all sections for free. Highly recommended.
Professional site that lets you post free classified ads without registration.
Visit Bay Advertisements Website

I was able to list very quickly, and posted a youtube video about our high end product that we have for sale. Impressive considering most sites that just let you post a picture want to charge for a high end listing.
I've listed twice on Keenlist in the last 2 weeks. Sold both items same day. I noticed the contents change all the time. It dawned on me the stuff for sale doesn't just sit there for weeks or months like on other sites. IT SALES! A site with a LOT of stuff on it simply means its not being sold.
Very simple and easy. Site was fast, ad free. It was free to post. It was nice to be able to list something in just a few clicks without having to go check email first or verify this and that, or make a whole account. Loved the fact you can post videos AND pics for free!
Keenlist is the snitzit! Was super fast and easy!
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Visit KeenList Website

Advertise your URL, publicize your business, products, events in, a new internet media organization has just been launched.
Visit FreeClassifiedWebsites.Org Website
Free Classifieds Directory provides free online classifieds advertising includes properties, real estates, buy, rent, sell, car, jobs, vacancies, company, listing, market place, personal ads, community, home based business opportunity, etc.
Visit Website

Only free online auction site that I know of - if you want an online auction without paying eBay fees, this is the place to go!
Has cross-posting to craigslist, makes it easy to get 2 listings with 1 click
A newcomer to the classifieds space, though offers a lot of features. Think of it as a free eBay, as it offers a lot of the features found in the paid-for eBay but for free.

* Both fixed price and auction listings
* User feedback & reputation
* Cross-posting to craigslist
* Sellers can be contacted by phone using Google Voice
* Interested buyers can contact sellers without having to register

* Still new and as such has a limited user reach
Visit Vendalism Website
Free Classifieds Website in India
Best site.. Like this for advertising..
Free classifieds in India this is best place to sell & buy anything. "JAB DHIKHEGA TAB HI BHIKEGA" Post free ad now.
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54Online Classified Club
Visit Online Classified Club Website
Speed and Quality are two words that I like about this site. Simple to use. It also has a running poll, which is really interesting. They got all the categories. That's pretty much what I need.
This site is pretty cool. Lots of options and category and no useless options while posing. I would like to recommend it to everybody.
It is nice site. It is quick and lot of categories like furniture, cars etc.
And what I like that is 100% free. So you do not have to pay anything to search or post your own ad.
Clean, simple and easy to use
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Visit Website
Visit Website
Post Free Classified Ads Online Anywhere in the world. Search and post anything you need to buy online and sell online
I got buy sells of my motorcycle really quick with 3 days. I am going to use their services for my regular needs
Really great site for who search best place to post ads.
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with you can post a FREE ad its names means it post and sell now for FREE.


Visit Website
This website is great! I just sold my Lexus online for £12,000. Premium adverts are also cheap! Would highly recommend this website.
Very easy to use, I found it easy to find items within my location and sold my laptop on there straight away!
Free and very easy to use!
Visit Website
100% Indian Classified website post free ads. In the complete free Indian classified site, post your ads in New Delhi, Mumbia and other regions all free of charge!
I like this website very much because it is completely free to post ads in India, also with no registration. It is located in India this website thank you goodlist. In
Awesome site, easy and fast for posting ads in India
Visit Website
Free classifieds in Hong Kong


Visit Website
I have post my classified to sale my old car. I have got a lot of response. I am happy with the service of Briskom. Please bookmark this site.
Very good site to get instant approval without any registration.
WWW.BRISKOM.COM is an India base free classified website which approves classified ad instantly. Easy to post classified
Best site to post ads free.
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Ebayclassifieds provides free classifieds services in more than 25 countries across the world...
EBay Classifieds covers over 272 areas in the U.S. and dozens of categories such as buy & sell, cars, pets, jobs, housing and more.
Visit Website is an easy to use website which allows users to post or find ads in most cities around the world. Users can post or find ads in jobs, real estate, rentals, autos, items for sale, etc. There is also a section where people can also view "HOT" deals in their local communities.


One of my favorite new free classifieds with free pc to cell phone text options, YouTube videos, 365days listing so I can take time to make my business ad, shows local discount ad like groupon. It's great if you want to post featured ad because it will show inside page on the rightside bar in the same subcategory section so targets customers who looks at same type of ads. One suggestion I would like to add is that I wish it had comment section in the ads.
Visit Website
Very nice website for classified. One should try it!
This site is very new with clean design but only available in India.
Its a nice website I heard they will start a US version also.
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Visit Website
Visit Website

Visit friendsell Website
Excellent for used item that need to sell.
Also good for advertising ads and all used things.
Great for me so that it allows post ad for 1 year period.
Good resource, paid ads help me very much

No registration.
Paid ads allow post to all locations (only $1.99 for 30 days).
Hot ads are great for biz opportunities out of visitors from all countries may view that ads.
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Visit Website

Adsnity is a good advertising site considering SEO. The moderators at Adsnity update all the meta data, tags, keywords well for each classified ad posted at Adsnity. Com
I have used this site and got really good results.
It gives good number of page views to my posted ads within a single day after publishing an ad on Adsnity. Thanks
A fresh new approach to online advertising. Here, on users may register or direct login without registering through their social media networking accounts, such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Yahoo. Most importantly they can upto 3 images which they can share on Pinterest.All the published ads have options to share (on 10 top sharing sites), comment, reply on the same page. All ads are map and HTML enabled. What more an advertiser would ask?
Along with best ad posting experience and above all advertisers get to grab a lot of traffic on their ads!
Visit Adsnity Website

The only 100% free online classifieds
High traffic, good escorts
A new and high end free classifieds site
Visit Website
Awesome website. A must try
Very good website indeed
Neat & Clean website
More comments about
Visit Website is your free online local classified ads site. Where you can buy and sell goods and services. Stop wasting your hard earned money on classified ad fees. is 100 free forever.


Visit Website
Visit Website
Best one.. Like OLX and Quikr
Free Classifieds in India
Advertise Anything For Free at: Did you know is on the first page of Google and (ALL) search engines over 700,000,000 other sites. See it for yourself go to (ANY) search engine and type "advertise anything for free". Your Ad will be on the first page of Google, and on (ALL) search engines for free just "POST AD". is 100% FREE to advertise on.. Just post ad... PLUS they are on the first page of (ALL) search engines.. Try it for yourself type "advertise anything for free" on Google or (ANY) search engine.. And they are always first over 700,000,000 other sites... PLUS the offer paid banner Ads for $1.00 a day or less... If you buy those banner Ads your site will also be on the first page of all search engines.
Advertise Anything For Free at: Did you know is on the first page of Google and (ALL) search engines over 700,000,000 other sites. See it for yourself go to (ANY) search engine and type "advertise anything for free". Your Ad will be on the first page of Google, and on (ALL) search engines for free just "POST AD".
[newest] is better than all the other classified sites here..
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Visit Website

79Pagelist Classifieds
Pagelist is easy to use and you can actually comment on the classified ads if you want to and like the ad on facebook. It doesn't hurt that they have a facebook app with all their feeds so you ad gets seen and more recognized. :)
Post free classified ads free without the pesky ads anywhere in the world. Very easy to use and more options then normal classified sites.
Visit Pagelist Classifieds Website
Free classified ads site in Pakistan. A new addition but Very user friendly and gaining popularity in Pakistan.
Best free ads site for Pakistan
Awesome site, good sharing
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Visit Website

81Live Deal
Visit Live Deal Website

Visit CityNews Website

83The Ad Net
Visit The Ad Net Website
W. Okpo. Ph is 100% free classified website in the Philippines. This is the best classified website in Philippines. It's very easy to use. Very very good looking website in the Philippines. Okpo. Ph apps are coming soon.
Visit Website

85Agora Cyprus
I noticed that most of the leading classifieds websites miss out on a small European country called Cyprus. So here is a Cyprus classifieds website for those we need it. Visit to buy sell Cyprus property, Cyprus cars, Cyprus Marine, jobs, even clothes, accessories and shoes!
Visit Agora Cyprus Website
I am user of from last year. They have changed a lot with really good updates to site. I am very much hopeful they will become the number one site for posting free classifieds very soon.
This is really great site and integrated with yellow pages, jobs and stock market updates as well.
I must say is one of the best emerging classified site in India with great social presence having more than 100 K Twitter followers. All the very best to VFinds Team. Long way to go
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Visit Website
Visit Website
This site seems to have more tools and more anti spam filters than many I've seen. They let you upload 16 photos and provide a YouTube link right next to your text ad cool!
Seems easy to search for what you are looking for, quickly!
Visit Website

89Oye! It's India
This site also worth posting ads, I am living in rural area and while searching I found this site through the top ten. I added to my list and posting in this site. Comparing to market giants the site should be improved
Oye! Its Free Classifieds in India, Post Free Classified Ads, Free Ad Posting Site in India, Search Free Ads for Sell, Buy, Used Cars, Jobs, Real Estate, Services, Personal, Learning, Community, Autos, Mobile Phones. "
Free Classifieds in India
I am seeing that the site is design their new look
More comments about Oye! It's India
Visit Oye! It's India Website

RAZZZA.COM is The #1 Free Local Classifieds Site In the World

Visit Razzza Website
Every one of us has or had thing that he wanted to sell. Every one of us has or had thing that he was or is seeking for. You are not exception as well. Someday we achieve a moment in our life when we want to buy a car. We can visit all car dealers in our town or country but it is very inconvenient because you we will loose too much time in searching for a dream car.
Visit Website

92WantedWants is a user-focused free online classified site dedicated to wanted ads, free advertising and free classified ads around the USA and the world. WantedWants is one of very few classified sites that allows you to post and search hundreds of colleges around America.
My go to site now w/ extremely high traffic and ability to post as many ads with links as I want. My conversion rate is also pretty dang high. Recommended highly.
Not sure why this site is so low on the list as it has the higher traffic than all these sites except for CL and a couple others. I use this site all the time
Visit WantedWants Website
No. 1 Classified website in Pakistan
Visit Website
Visit Website
Great for students - Like the way it lists via university. Would highly recommend
Visit Website
NO Registration MEAN absolutely free and since the site is new they offer so much trial ads space for free. This site will be growing up and great
Best Quality classifieds website at Indonesia that over great service for local business to advertising and making their business more growing and strong
Publish your business and and service with no cost and will be viewed by a million person online
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Visit Website
Visit Website is very easy to site. User can post their classified without registering. Though their is registration option available for easy management of classified ads.
Visit Website

SidPOst is good. It is simple and no advertisement hassle when posting in the website. I joined my college community which is closed to our college. Thanks for this cool website.
The community list is big. It helped me join my college community.
It is a good website, with no disturbance from ads in it. Helps to concentrate on my classified posting.
More comments about SidPost
Visit SidPost Website
Thought it was a little plain until I took a look at what they offer.

Then took another look and realized just how easy it was to use - pretty detailed info required to register - but after speaking with online help realize why (yes they had online help that answered my question quickly - and precisely - refreshing! )
Nice clean site - completely free and extremely easy to use.

Its about time somebody built a site that offers a total regional experience.

We are from a small town and will really appreciate what they have done.

Check it out its worth the time!
All I can say is WOW - when you check out what they offer and how easy it is to use - I sure hope they get going. Craigslist and EBay really need some competition and this could be it.
This site is terrible
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Visit Website

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