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This is the best website to play games free

It's just awesome because we get to play so many cool games for free
not just games, it's like a dream
and so many awards and high scores

Some sports game like urban basketball and soccer stars but anagram magic

Good website

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2Armor Games

best action games! It's a shame they don't have better sports.

Its the best website ever you should try it


I like many games of it

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Kong is very enjoyable and positive. It has a massive range of games in every genre from developers large and small, and a huge community of players. Badges and challenges add an extra level of fun. Developers are supported and encouraged. The whole site is well managed. I love it.

I completely agree with the comment. Anyone developing a beta game can post it in kongregate.

Kong has to be absolutely the best gaming site out there. Like most gaming sites, Kong has the basic games, Like Bloons TD and other popular games. However, Developers can also easily post their games on there as well. Another beautiful feature is that many of the funnest and most popular MMOs can be found and accessed with just one Kong account, so you don't have to go on the MMO site and access there. In general, It's easy to use, and a time saver. There's also a fun and easy leveling up system. Since Kong is owned by GameStop, whenever a major game is released, (e.G.:Assassin's Creed I) a challenge is offered to enter a sweepstakes for prizes. There you go. It truly is the best gaming site on the web!

Good but I think roblox should be second

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um...? they are addicting! - moose4life19

It should be the first one miniclip is not as cool as addicting games
Whose with like my comment

Their games are amazing, fun, and very enjoyable therefore I believe they should promote addicting to the very best game website out of all of them especially miniclip.

AddictingGames is the best in this list!

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Awesome site not just games but videos too

It a very good site. Ones I have dowmloaded from it

I love this site

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6Girls Go Games

I like this website very much!

Its for girls only but it has really good games

I'm a girl and I love it!

Try others but I am warning you it's the best

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This is the website I always play multiplayer games, they have so many categories on which to play :/

Great games website, why isn't it ranked higher?

Cool! Great Website I wold like thanks the person who make y8 thanks

Y8 is the best of all

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I don't know it yet.. But I heard its good and mind winding! 1 :P

Very very very very... Super

It is a very good website. It has many new games for downloading, uploading and playing online.

Not very good it lags like hell and has rubbish games

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Best games for boys

Very good games in agame. Com

Very good games wont morecooking and football game

Love the website

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Its pretty nice but certainly not de best!

Nice. Pleas get more games

Good nice exciting etc

Not good for kids

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The Newcomers

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The Contenders

It's the boring game site ever no wonder its called and it make you feel more bored than you are right now

Displays some of the most outrageous games ever! One of the best gaming communities around the world wide web.

Play this you will no longer be bored

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It basically has all of the funnest games you can find on miniclip.

It has no "crappy games ^^ crappy adds" and all their games are superb

There games are fun and puzzling, it has the best IOS game called: icebreaker: a viking voyage, not just that, each game has at least 100 levels, the developers create the weirdest games, they even got challenges and a chat board next to every game and you can collect avatars in most of the games, and there's even avatars on the game itself, all of the avatars are pictures of the games heroes and villans and even allies and the enemies of each game, the best part of the games is the music, it feels so alive like so this is definitely part of the top 20.

This site is just good there are many good and some boring games but it is not too good

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13Yahoo! Games

Its the best... It has all my favorite games


There are awesome games in this game site

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Its a good website for games

All games for family

Well I think that if it has parking games I have in I love it your the best

I don't like this site because I can't post any comment or message

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Navigating around SWFZone is easy and intuitive. I find it easy and quick to find games I like. The site isn't cluttered like other sites I've visited. Highly Recommended.

SWFZone Online Games Provide the Best Selection of Awesome Free Online Games. They constantly update their selection everyday.

Play Free Online Games like Free Online Bubble Shooter Games, Free Online Mahjong Games, and more..

SWFZone is a good site

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Nice games but all are below 7 years persons playing game

It always has good games and if you don't like one there is a cross, click on it and you can change them.

Its a best site for a game...

A bit boring not for me...

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17Not Doppler

I'm surprised this game wasn't in the top 5, its far superior in entertainment then any other website I've visited.

This should be number one. It has maybe not every game you could think of, but every TYPE of game you could think of, I have NEVER EVER gotten bored on that website whatsoever. I still play all my computer games there.

The best website by far!

Obviously should be in top 5.

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18Moshi Monsters

I love this game but you have to log in you need to have an email by the way hope you love it I am just about to try it out loving it all ready! yeah amazing

I hope you love this too

I can't believe you don't like it

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19Hacked Arcade Games

Yeah I love that site!

All of the games here have cheats so I like it like. Like the epic battle fantasy 1,2,3,4 or the gladiator 1,2,3,4 have cheats so I never lose mwah hahaaha!

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20My Happy

Best game in whole world all types of games available there girls, kids etc. , full family can play all types of games. They keep everyday new types of game

I like this game website because more hacked games

This site is horrible

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