Best Gamma Ray Songs


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Rebellion In Dreamland
If you want to hear one of the best songs of power metal (by Kai Hansen, the creator of power) then listen to this song now!
The opening song for the best album Gamma Ray ever recorded, Rebellion In Dreamland captures the essence of what Kai Hansen originated when he started the path of power metal while he was on Helloween.
It's epic, and varies its pace, with a hymn like chorus. A must listen for anyone who wonders what the hell is Gamma Ray.
It is an awesome song about revolting against tyranny.

Now all your sinners, this is the prophecy!

3Dethrone Tyranny
Induction/dethrone tyranny provoke a powerful eargasm every time I listen to them. The culmination of heavy metal inspired instrumentals, operatic harmonies, kai Hanson's voice and a powerful message makes this song my favorite
Just listen to the song, you'll be convinced.
Pure Ecstasy for the ears!

4Land of the Free
This should definitely be higher
Amazing song with great melody, great chorus
And man the guitar is awesome.
The greatest gamma ray song and one of the
Best of all time.

5Gardens of the Sinners
By far my favorite gamma ray song, I don't know why it's so underrated by the band
This was the first Gamma Ray song I heard and I liked it so much that made me check out the band.


6Man On a Mission

7Last Before the Storm

A great song with long impressive solo. One of my top 10 songs!


9New World Order

10Somewhere Out In Space
Everything in this song screams Power Metal, it's a classic for the genre


The Contenders

11Anywhere In the Galaxy
5/5 on my list. Love it.


12Razorblade Sigh

13Valley of the Kings

14Blood Religion

15Beyond the Black Hole
Great song from start to finish.
The timing and melody.
The chorus, the instruments.
If not the best than at least 2nd.
Hands down there best song.

16Into the Storm
Powerful intro kicks ass

17All of the Damned
This is a Great song

18Real World

19Heaven or Hell

20From the Ashes

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