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Blame It On the Alcohol (Season 2)
Possibly one of the best glee episodes to have ever been made, the new episodes are nowhere near as good as this one. It puts across a very important message to its viewers about underage drinking and alcohol, but in a fun and entertaining way. All of the songs in this episode are amazing and I could watch this episode over and over again as it is just so fantastic.
I have every episode of Glee on DVD and I watched this episode more than any other. How is Grilled Cheesus higher than this. That episode was way too sad. This episode is funny but also shows you the dangers of drinking. I loved the spin the bottle scene but they should have made Kurt kiss a girl (Santana for example).
Best episode ever is was so funny when finn did drunk types the funniest drunk was brittany because she started stripping
[Newest]The funniest episode of glee probably 👌🏻

2Grilled Cheesus (Season 2)
Who doesn't like grilled cheese sandwiches? With Jesus on it as well! As far as the episode is concerned, hats off to the creative team for coming up with such a unique concept! Once again this episode brings a lot of laughs with the wishes finn asks grilled cheesus but yet tears due to the tragedy between burt and kurt hummel, which only brings them together. Also for sue, badass as ever to will, she creates hell for him and the glee club once more, but on the contrary we get to see her closely bond with sister Jean. So gleeks, , is there really a "god" for the glee club? Watch and find out!
Haha I loved when finn wished for rachel's boobs. It was extremely funny. Laugh out loud. This episode is definitely. One of my favorites.
I think this episode is a damn good way to remember Finn's character. His total awkwardness and everything. It'll always be my favorite.
[Newest]This should be number 2 and "duets' should be number 1

3Britney/Brittany (Season 2)
I loved this episode and would watch it over until I am sick of it! I love it;)I also love the thriller episode it is a great one my favorite season is season 5 because it has all the Greta and newish songs in it was a good season! Glee is the best show and I can't miss an episode I LOVE GLEE!
I loved how this episode is Brittany centric because before that Britt didn't ever get much of a storyline. I loved what they did with her character and how she was potrayed and we got to see a different side of her. I also liked the performances a lot and the dialogues were very witty and smart.
Finally, an episode with many, many, many Brittany moments! Brittany is awesome, maybe the only Glee member that makes me laugh so hard.
[Newest]I love this episode so much! I could watch it over and over again. Brittany is hilarious and the toxic performance was amazing lol

4The Power of Madonna (Season 1)
Sue sang Vogue. Mercedes and Kurt sang 4 Minutes. Artie and Tina got back together. There was a Cheerios performance on FREAKING STILTS.
Nailed the power and the message of Madonna. All the different models of Madonna in the second number were great. Vogue seals it.
One of the best episodes storyline wise. It explored a lot of different sides of some characters but it was also pretty hilarious.

5The Quarterback (Season 5)
Everyone has different opinions on glee... The majoraty believe that the show should have been canceled after season 3 because it was a perfect ending... Some people even think it should have stopped after season 1... Others season 2... Others season 5... But whether you hate the new seasons, love em, or just started on the show everyone can agree that this episode was the heart and sole of ALL tribute episodes... Even with the character Finn not making an appearance in the episode itself, It still manages to perfectly capture who finn was not only as a person, but more importantly, as a friend, lover, teacher, brother, and so much more. The raw emotions portrayed by the actors are unbeatable and within the first five minutes, you feel yourself being pulled into the sad world of this glee. The episode doesn't even state his death in the first like 10 minutes yet you know exactly what happened just from the depressed and hurting eyes of the characters while singing at the funeral. I especially want to applaud miss lea michele, whom was only on screen for 5 minutes and one song, yet stole everyone's heart and pity because you can feel how deeply she knew/cared about Cory, and her character does no less. This episode should be number 1 on the list
I'm a huge Gleek but season 4 was a big disappointment to me. Of course I didn't expect to see the original characters to stay in Lima forever - that would be horrible and the exact opposite of what the show teaches. However, I wanted the original cast to get more storylines and the show to be more New York centric as I didn't care about what was going on in Lima anymore except of maybe Brittany's storylines that still seemed interesting. The show kind of lost its spark for me in the fourth season as the characters that I cared about such as Santana and Kurt didn't get much of a storyline or screen time whatsoever.
The Quarterback episode made me remember again what Glee means to me and why I have been watching the show for so many years and why I still love it to this day. Seeing everyone mourning for Finn's death and sharing their thoughts and emotions about him made me realize again what Glee is all about. From that episode, I think that Glee regained many old fans that left the fandom due to the disappointment of the fourth season.
This heart-warming and loved tribute to Finn really deserves the 1st position. Finn was really an inspiring leader and character and this episode really told the viewers how each character felt about Finn on Glee. All the tears that fell from people's faces really made the emotion clear. Also, the songs that were sang were really touching and I felt like the actors/actresses on Glee could really communicate with Finn in this episode. Finn's family trying to let the pain out, Rachel's touching song that was sang while she was crying, Puck and Coach Bestie's strong bond and Will and Emma's scene really made this episode what it was. Heartbreaking, unforgettable, amazing, touching and sad. Ryan Murphy did an excellent job. We love you late Cory Monteith and our love for you is really expressed and showcased in this episode.


[Newest]This episode is beautiful, emotional and powerful and is by far the most touching and well done episodes. So many unscripted tears were filmed.

6Journey (Season 1)
The season finale beats everything from Season 2 so far! Definetely the best episode... Why is Audition at the top? This is the very best episode!
Really good music, great acting, and the start (well, RE-START) of Finchel! Too bad they are broken up now! Love love love this episode! FAITHFULLY
This amazing season finale made me proud. I remember standing up and cheering after New Direction's Journey performance at regionals.
[Newest]I loved how they explored Quinn's character in this episode. 💘

7Prom Queen (Season 2)
Kurt proved he REALLY was the queen of the prom. And I don't mean it the wrong way. He proved royalty!
In my opinion, Prom Queen was one of the best episodes on Glee ever. Great music, great acting and performances. The storylines were realistic and very interesting. It had also a lot of funny moments.
Probably one of my favorite glee episodes just because of the acting. It just seemed so real, especially the scene with Kurt and Karofsky, were Kurt asked him to come out and he said "no", it was very realistic.

8New York (Season 2)
Such a good episode!
I really really loved how it was set in NYC, and especially how Rachel gets her first real taste of stardom. Some of the best parts include:
1. The original songs! I personally loved Light Up the World and Pretending, not to mention Brittany's hilarious, "My Cup".
2. ALL THE FINCHEL MOMENTS! From the adorable date to the breathtaking kiss onstage to them officially getting back together. This episode is one of Finchel's greatest.
3. Blaine and Kurt say I love you for the first time. Enough said.
4. SAMCEDES BEGINS! What ever happened to that pairing anyway? I LOVED that pairing.
5. Cute Brittana scene at the end.
I cannot believe this episode is so low down on the list. It deserves one of the top spots.
This episode feels extremely long. One time when I was watching it on Netflix, I was like "the episodes only halfway done"? There's so much going on, it keeps it from being boring. Most episodes, there are scenes that I think shouldn't exist. If they were cut, the episode would've been better. I didn't think that about New York. Every scene was just perfection. I also like how they focus on Nationals a lot less, and mainly on being in New York. (Unlike the Nationals episode in season 3). Wonderful character development, relationship development, songs (best original songs of the series in my opinion, Pretending, Light Up the World, As Long As You're There, etc. as well as the beautiful For Good, and really interesting and addictive acappella version of Bella Notte. Also, We Still Got Tonight proved to me that Mr. Schue needs to sing more. I also found myself very entertained by My Cup and Yeah! Man the episode was full of songs. The sogs are my favorite part of the show, so that may be why I love this episode so much.
! The first time I saw the episode was a moment that was just so amazing! I just wish I could see it again like it is the first time. Amazing. I miss the old glee. They should make more original episodes like the new York one.
[Newest]Best episode ever! Rachel and Kurt singing for good in the gershwin theatre is one of the greatest moments in glee history also my cup and Rachel and Finn have so many cute scenes

9Never Been Kissed (Season 2)
Blaine and Kurt are Glee's best couple, and when Blaine tries to help Kurt with Karofsky it is just so like him. Blaine is Glee's best character by far and when he sang Teenage Dream it was by far the best song sung on the show.
I love this episode so much. It's the first episode with Darren Criss in it which makes it awesome. I love it when he sings teenage dream.
Very touching episode. Kurt's new acquaintance, Blaine, is like an angel that has arrived. The scene when one of the warblers answers that their school has a policy to treat everyone equally and Kurt tears up unable to speak... Wow. The Biest scene was also quite emotional and Will's small peck on the lips was very moving. Truly a powerful character-driven program.
[Newest]Kurt's face when Dave kisses him Kurt's like WHAT JUST HAPPENED lol

10Nationals (Season 3)
The end of an era in my opinion. The performances were stunning and I was so thrilled New Directions finally won Nationals! I miss that kind of Glee.
I love the ending when they have the confetti slushies! The performances were amazing, the romance was beautiful, and Sue teaming up with the New Directions?! I really wish they won nationals again. This was an emotional episode... It just makes me smile
This episode was the happiest one and it was a big moment in glee history!
[Newest]The most emotional episode ❤️

The Contenders

11Audition (Season 2)
Just amazing people enter this show that made them even interesting.


First episode of season 2 and did a great job reintroducing again! The duet with Sunshine Corazon and Rachel was the best.
This is where Sam Evans and Sunshine Corazon enter McKinley High. I loved it.


[Newest]We got introduced to Sam Evans 💘

12Born This Way (Season 2)
Glee goes back to its Season One roots in this extra long episode; it's packed with those feel-good numbers and heart-warming character moments that got Gleeks hooked in the first place. What's not to love?
Pretty/Unpretty is one of the best duets the show has ever done. The mall "Barbravention", and Rachel's adorable reaction to it, are charmingly ridiculous. Kurt's return and accompanying Chris Colfer solo are real showstopping moments. Santana's zingers are as excellent as ever. The final Born This Way performance showcases the cast's many talents and brings the whole gang together in a way we really don't see enough of in seasons 2 and 3.
Okay, so Quinn's Lucy Caboosey storyline is unconvincing and the episode's self-love message is cloying and patronising, but overall this episode definitely stands out as one of the show's best!
It makes people feel good about their flaws and embrace them! I love at the end how they all had their tops and they said the thing that they were most ashamed about with themselves.


One of the funniest but also most meaningful episodes. I loved that we got to see the insecurities that each character has and how they got to embrace their uniqueness.
[Newest]Yes the best one by far.

13The Rocky Horror Glee Show (Season 2)
This was truly one of the best episodes of glee. Myself being a devoted gleek have been very disappointed with the new glee episodes but this episode has everything, from music to the original characters, dancing and who doesn't love the raging battles between will and sue.
This is one of my top five favorite episodes of both season one and two of Glee. The episode has great humor, a fantastic theme, and there song covers for Rocky Horror totally live up to the original but are still uniquely done.
My biggest regret about this episode is that Sue did not walk in on the song Emma sang with Will where she took his shirt off. It would have made it my favourite episode!


[Newest]My favorite part was creature of the night

14Hell-O (Season 1)
I love it when Rachel tells Finn that she found a new guy! And Finn says that he is not going to give up... I can't stop watching this episode! Why is it number 7? It should be at the top!
Hell-o is one of the best episodes! And the part where Rachel tells Finn that she has found a new guy, and that Finn says he's never going to give up. Its a great episode!
I love every episode where Finn wants Rachel back! It's so cute. Plus the songs are amazing! This is definitely one of the best on the show!

15Funeral (Season 2)
The emotion within this episode is outstanding. Jane Lynch acting truly amazing, and the songs choice throughout the episode was thought out showing each artist there strength. Especially at the addition for the solo where well chosen from Amy Winehouse "back to black"to Barbra Streisand "my man". Hands down this is one of my favorite episode from Glee. Brilliant.
A beautiful, emotional episode. An outstanding performance by everyone involved, but especially Jane Lynch shined in this episode. The best episode so far, in my opinion.
This is my personal favorite. Sue is showing her emotional side and she may be mean but she will always love her sister, the most important person in her life. The glee club really steps up to help a "friend" in need.
[Newest]I cried and cried when I watched this.R.I. P Jean!

16Ballad (Season 1)
It's So funny how Rachel falls in love with mr schue and just doesn't get it when he sings the song then. And when Rachel and Emma are watching him sing don't stand so close to me? Young girl
It's an awesome episode! Quinn told her parents she was pregnat, Finn sang "I'll Stand By You" and "You're having my baby", Rachel and Mr. Shue sang "Endless Love" and it was such a brilliant episode. Rachel was so funny, she actually fell for Mr. Shue! Hillarious.

17The Break-Up (Season 4)
I cry so much every time I watch this. Heartbreaking scenes between all the best Glee couples (Finn and Rachel, Santanna and Britney and Blaine and Kurt) and some of the best songs ever sung on Glee
I cried so badly when Santana and Brittany broke up.
I love this one. The drama, music, the cinematography, everything's best in this episode

18Duet (Season 2)
An amazing episode.
1) Rachel is being sweet about letting Quinn and Sam win the contest so Sam would feel welcome.
2) First Brittana kiss on screen!
3) A powerful duet by the top bitches Mercedes and Santana!
4) The start of Artie's and Brittany's hilarious relationship.
5) Brittany's character appears to have grown and be more deep that we all had imagined.
6) Kurt is singing a duet by himself (kind of a vocal masturbation according to Santana! )
And so, so many other moments. I love this Glee, the good, old times with the original cast. This episode reminds me of all those people I really miss on Glee. I can't believe we now have a GLEE without Cory (RIP), Heather, Amber, Dianna... IT MAKES ME FEEL SAD, but whatever Glee is always Glee and the guys are doing an awesome job in keeping Glee the way us fans would like.
Just love because Sam and Quinn, especially Sam.
This should be number one! 11

19Sectionals (Season 1)
Best episode ever! It was so good. Rachel sang "Don't rain on my parade" and she was so damn good! Her voice is incredible and this episode was awesome...! Everybody loves this episode...God, I miss Season 1 with Rachel, Finn, Mercendes, Kurt, Santana...The "OLD SCHOOL" Glee (Seasons 1, 2, 3) is an all time classic! I hated that they all graduated.
I just REALLY love Rachel's solo. Awe-inspiring.
"don't Rain On My Parade" was completely amazing, and I love how there ws so much tension about having to choose 3 new songs.
Such awesome
Many Entertainment
So Great

20Hold on to Sixteen (Season 3)
The return of Sam can only mean the return of greatness, am I right? While there were some moments of that I was left unimpressed, this episode felt more like a return to the Season 1 days since anything we've seen since, well, Season 1. We Are Young is one of my all time favorite songs sung by anybody to date and as a senior in high school, the message of holding on to these golden days really struck home to me. If we had more of these types of moments/episodes in the show, I feel that it could return to the greatness it saw at the end of season 1 and start of season 2.
Exceptional performances from everyone (definitely one of the best episodes for songs, great acting, Sam coming back, Lindsay from the Glee project, Quinn getting back to normal and NEW DIRECTIONS ALL BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!
The greatest "comeback" episode there is. Sam is back, Lindsay is back, the old Quinn is back, New Directions is back, the old days of glee are back. Everything is back! Not only does and perform 3 songs for Sectionals for the first time, ever, but they still manage to win, even with losing 4 of their "stronger" females (shows us that Quinn and Tina DO have talent), a boyishly cute Leperchaun in tow, and some lipsynching band members swaying in the background.
[Newest]I personally think this should be ahead of season 1 sectionals

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