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21 Touche Touche

The live version of this song with John Kosco off the Good Times Bad Times DVD is unreal!

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22 1000hp 1000hp

This song has been stuck in my head for many years now and it's still great. The instrumentals are great as always and it one of my favourite songs.

Not the most exciting or creative lyrics, but man is it catchy and downright near impossible to drive the speed limit while listening to it!

How is this song not first?!? This is my favorite song by them. The beat is so amazing.

One of their best songs from new album

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23 Speak Speak

Speak and Running Blind are the best songs by Godsmack by far

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24 Spiral Spiral

This is the best song off of their hit album "Awake in my opinion. It's badass. Check it out. YouTube it or Google it, you WON'T regret it.

Love this song. Very catchy tune and I can play it over and over but it never gets old!

25 Releasing the Demons Releasing the Demons

I honestly cannot believe the spot of this song on the list, it's in the ranks of I Stand Alone and Straight out of Line!

Are you kidding me.. This is one of the best song.. I can't believe it is on 29th spot.. :(
This at least has to be in the top 10 chart..

26 Shadow of a Soul Shadow of a Soul

This song really displays Sully's voice and vocal range. One of my favorite Godsmack songs of all time.

27 No Rest for the Wicked No Rest for the Wicked

This should be in the top 5 hands down

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28 Voices V 1 Comment
29 Shine Down Shine Down

Wow I can't believe this song isn't higher up the list. This song is so good. Great guitar riff, great melody, great drum work... what's not to like - Grundapants

Best godsmack song ever can't believe it is number 24

Really 34. Is this serious. This is one of Godsmacks best songs. Great lyrics, vocals, and sound. Love this tune with passion!

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30 Dead and Broken Dead and Broken
31 Sick of Life Sick of Life

The very first Godsmack's song that I've heard and still one of my favorites

This is awesome lyrics with perfect metal touch. What the hel how can this be at the bottom

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32 Good Times, Bad Times Good Times, Bad Times
33 Good Day to Die Good Day to Die

Are you kidding me? The opening riff to this song is incredible. I can't believe this song is this low on this list, get it together people. At least a top 10-15 song and even better if you ask me.

Oracle album was just awesome, they don't play these songs in concerts :(

If you like Love-hate-sex-pain you will definitely like this song.

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34 Changes Changes

Great Godsmack songs. Its time for changes! -

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35 The Oracle The Oracle V 1 Comment
36 Immune Immune
37 Vampires Vampires

Awesome instrumental song from Godsmack! -

38 Make Me Belive Make Me Belive
39 Mistakes Mistakes

Mistakes instrumentals are the best music you will ever hear in your entire life.

The beginning of this song is better than crazy train by ozzy. If you want to know the real power of GODSMACK then listen to Mistakes.

40 Trippin' Trippin' V 1 Comment
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