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61Dead and Bloated - Stone Temple Pilots

Whoever put this list together had no clue what they were doing because there's no way that there is 59 songs better than this...y'all oughta be ashamed!

62Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins
63Hate the Police - Mudhoney
64Oblivion - Mudhoney
65Glorified G - Pearl Jam
66Pretend We're Dead - L7
67I Stay Away - Alice In Chains

Another song with haunting lyrics on Layne Staley's battle with heroin addiction...

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68Tomorrow - Silverchair

Silverchair and their first album "Frogstomp" is the result of what grunge meant to these 3 young members at the time back in 1995. Actually not only for the 3 of them, but for all teenagers that time. "Tomorrow" might be a reflection to that generation and to the top bands such as Soundgarden, Nirvana and of course, Pearl Jam. I personally really like this song and shouldn´┐Ż't be forgotten by the grunge movement fans around the globe.

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69River of Deceit - Mad Season

Far more unknown than the others on that list, but certainly a contender.

70Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth
71Lake of Fire - Meat Puppets
72Wake Me - Grey Daze
73Paper Cuts - Nirvana
74Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden
75Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
76Sliver - Nirvana
77Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots

One of the best songs from this decade. STP guitars are perfect in it's creativity.

78Mind Your Manners - Pearl Jam
79This Is Shangrila - Mother Love Bone

This song is more grunge than many other songs on here. Love it and MLB is very underrated. "I'm trippin on it now, it brings me home again".

80Shine - Collective Soul

Must be in top ten, too much nirvana songs, they are the best but not the only one...

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