Best Harry Potter Wands


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The Top Ten

The Elderwand
The Elderwand is also known as Deathstick, and Wand Of Destiny. It's the best in the world, superior, and amazing. It's also the only wand in the entire harry potter series that is able to repair broken wands. Good placement on this list! Vote for the best, Vote for this wand.


The Elder Wand is also known as the Deathstick or Wand of Destiny. This wand has awesome writing near the bottom of it! Sweet!
[Newest]This wand the bomb

2Harry Potter
This want has been through everything and beats almost every (except for the ones above) and is amazing but also plain and in some ways is good and is mentioned to be good and supple.
Harry's wand was already a wand of extraordinary power. However, the addition of Voldemort's power into the wand made gave it tremendous strength. In my opinion, this wand is only beaten by the Elder Wand.
Wands weren't meant to be all crazy and fancy and intricate in the books. Harry's wand is the closest match to the wands in the book.
[Newest]I think HARRY wand is 2 best

3Voldemorts Wand
It's like made outa bones and its an epic shape.


It is very fitting that it would be the wand of a dark lord.

4Lucius Malfoy's Wand
He has an epic black walking stick with a silver snake head, same as his wand.


It's really cool looking

5Sirius Black
Lovely wand. At first it looks simple with no bulky pieces are a distinctive handle; however, the etchings, color, and especially the subtle change from square to twisted shape in the wand make this one unique. It's also cool to note that Sirius' wand is a bit of a mystery as JK Rowling nor any of the films mentioned what exactly the wand was made of and in the books the shape was never really defined. It's almost as if this wand could be Sirius', anyones, or no one's at all simultaneously. : )
Awesome I went orlando harry potter land I wanted it so bad but my sister told me the elder wand is way better
But this is even better
Sirius blacks wand is cool because it is made from an unknown wood and looks kinda like the tattoos on his chest

6Hermoine Granger
I love the vine pattern all over the surface it's very intricate and detailed
Light brown with leaf and vines designs.


The extraordinary is that it has not a particular handle
[Newest]I like it because it looks pretty

7Narcisa Malfoy
Awesome complicated designs make it look EPIC!
It has really awesome complicated designs that are EPIC!


I want a wand like Narcisa Malfoys, it was so beautiful!
[Newest]Really nice, elegant look

8Dumbledore's Wand
Awesome bumps on the wand

9Bellatrix Lestrange
Awesome curve on the wand.


She has an awesome wand that's why I bought her wand in Harry potter world
Her wand sort of looks like a gun

A really cool shaped wand at the handle part.


I just love her wand... It feels right in my hand
Love her character
I have always wanted to use that spell

The Contenders

11Draco Malfoy's Wand
Hawthorn and unicorn hair, 10 inches, reasonably springy.
Technically, it killed voldemort
I like that it's so plain

12Viktor Krum
It looks kinda like an awesome cane.


13Severus Snape's Wand
It's the wand with the most detailing
Suits him well love the handle

14Neville Longbottom's Wand
Love the licorice type curves.

15Remus Lupin

16Professor Slughorn's Wand
It just looks awesome I mean it has a slug on the end and white slime patterns on it
A wand that is a slug and a horn. Do I have to say more?
It's like a slug and epic.

17Ron Weasley's Wand
I like his second wand!

18Nymphadora Tonk's Wand

19Ginny Weasley's Wand
Its a very basic but unique wand

20Luna Lovegood's Wand
I like the almost bloomed flower on the handle!

21James Potter's Wand
Fought with Voldemort 3 times... I don't know what he'd have done without that wand!

22Fleur Delacour's Wand
Yeah it's got such a nice handle like a lot of the wands but it's the only wand with a Veela core so it's like it's beautiful on the outside but the real beautiful thing is in the inside (cheesy ) like fleur and it's awesome that it's the only wand with that core like the elder wand has a different core anyway it's cool
I got this and it's so pretty! The handle is gorgeous and the leaf decoration is really nice!
It has a nice design and a nice handle

23Peter Pettigrew's Second Wand
Looked quite like a wormtail!

24Alecto Carrow's Wand
Beautiful handle. Also probably the least well known character to get a wand replica made. Good for Alecto.
Love the handle looks cool has a good feel

25Rufus Scrimgeour's Wand
A very nice wand. Would do anything in the world for it as a second wand.

26Alastor Moody's Wand
It has an epic handle

27Gregory Goyle's Wand
Not well noted, but has a nice, gold handle. Not too shabby.

28Mundungus Fletcher's Wand
Quite nice with a Jewel at the handle.

29Cedric Diggory's Wand
It is simple... And cool... Enough said

30Snatcher Wand
Looks awesome, like raw wood sure it's not as powerful but it still looks awesome.

31Blackthorn Wand
It should be on top ten

32Yaxley's wand
It is nice and elegant and beautiful

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