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21 Soul SL300
22 Sol Republic Track HD

These are the best headphone I had ever had in my life they have great sound quality and are great for the price and I wouldn't waste my money on beats try aren't good enough for the price of them

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23 Beats Mixr

They are better than solos and look cooler

The best headphones ever made on planet earth
the sound quality is so awesome that you can't resist to not listening to them everyday
made to listen over parties!
Just awesome!

24 Sennheiser HD 180
25 Stax SR-009

I'm surprised this hasn't been added. It's quite literally the best set of headphones money can buy, since it's for monitoring, so if you're making music, this will reveal any and all compositing problems, on top of the awesome sound quality when listening to well composited music. People who vote Beats just get them because they want to follow the trend. Bose is just overmarketed, and they use a ton of custom equalizers and only let you try 2 songs at their demos. They're really not that good. Besides SR-009s, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Grado, Beyerdynamic, and a few other brands make real headphones for true audiophiles.

What the heck?!?! This should be #1 accept maybe the hd-90's. Just based on the price people should know this is as good as it gets. 5000$!. Why is beats #2?!?!?! Why can't people be more educated...

26 Sennheiser Hd202 II

Best headphones under 30 $

Very clean, deep bass response, jack plug 3.5/6.3 mm stereo
Detachable ear cups for pro users
10 foot y style cable, frequency range : 18hz - 18khz, impedance: 32 ohm

27 Skullcandy Hesh

Awesome, pumped the base amazingly don't get any other headphones. Beats actually are super flimsy.

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28 Skullcandy Titan
29 Sennheiser Momentum

Got this a couple days ago and there outstanding for ios use. Great rich and overall sound. Clearly best Sennheisers for the price

30 Fanny Wang 2001 DJ

These ARE the best headphones ever because of their comfort feel sound and the option to control the bass which everyone wants to the max

With dual played titanium 50mm drivers, optional enhanced bass that is complimentary, not just loud, and the matte finish, these look and sound truly spectacular.

31 Turtle Beach Z11
32 Skullcandy Ink'd

Best earbuds ever, they put the sound in your ear and can be really hold and awesome, overall the best earbuds I have ever owned

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33 UR Beats

Haha! No! Your Beats break in like 1-2 months and beats has horrible service too, so yeah.

34 AKG Q701

This is a variation of the traditional AKG k701 headphones, this ones have got studio quality sound, this headphones are the revolution of the past generation of akg headphones, not because of being quincy jones' signature headphones, but for having great design, sound, the auto adjustable headband and the removable cable, compare technical data against your favorite headphones and you'll see

AKG deserves much higher place, not some crappy Dr. Dre crapper name phones
I have AKG K99, outstanding performance

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35 Skullcandy Hesh 2

Mane.. I love these headphones. They are really amazing! The base is really sriking. No headphone comes near to it in music clarity!

36 Razer Electra

I own a pair and let me say that after around 3 months use, they continue to blow me away. They are EXTREMELY comfy, great noise isolation, great sound quality and they look great too. And then there's the bass. Now these were partly designed for superior bass and having tried them on multiple bass testers, let me just say this. The headphones themselves actually SHAKE. Now that is saying something.
They are partly gaming headphones designed for musical use. They are decently portable, as they are able to fold.

When you look to its price, and when you look to its quality, you might be thinking that's a nice comparison.

This is one of the best headphone not for the gaming only but also excellent in music...

37 Ludacris Souls

1000 times better than beats solos. More comfy, cancels more noise, more clear, more bass, louder, and just better all around.

38 Koss Porta Pro

The most popular and legendary headphones from 1984!

39 Sony MDR-XB920
40 Sennheiser HD 598

Best headphones for the price!

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