Best Iranian Singers

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The Top Ten

Morteza Pashaei
He was the best singer that I see in Iran!
Morteza was, is and will the best. I love you forever. Always is someone...
He was the best... But he died today... Oh... :(
He will be alive filer us, forever... Till the end of the world In my opinion he is the best...
He was the best...
I love you morteza wish you were here... And remember that you will always be the best❤️❤️❤️❤️😖😖😖"😥


[Newest]He was like an angle I will never forget him. He had the most beautiful voice that God put Adam to learn. He knew that dies

2Shadmehr Aghili
He is the best Iranian pop singer
He is the king of pop music
Shadmehr is the king
[Newest]Shadmehr is best musician in the world

He is more than anything you think

He is more than just a singer

He is sense, He is reality, He is imagination too!

Ebi is one of the best singers in world. he's number 1 in Iran.
My old memories with you...
He is perfect, without any default.
[Newest]The best! No doubt.

4Farzad Farzin
Best Singer in my country
The best voice have ever heard
Farzad farzin is so good and his fantastic singer on Iran I love farzad farzin a lot🎤💕👌
Farzad farzin is so good and his fantastic singer on Iran I love farzad farzin a lot🎤💕👌


[Newest]He's the best singer in the world! ❤

5Majid Kharatha
I love you majid kharatha.
Majid kharatha love mi
You are my love dear majid
[Newest]The first person to sacrifice my eyes pop world

6Siavash Ghomayshi
He is the best pop singer of Iran
He is a base of Persian music...
Best songs ever green...
[Newest]Best of Iranian singer = siavash

7Mohsen Yeganeh
King Of POP=mohsen yeganeh
Mohsen yar the best ever my boy keep it up..
Just Mohsen Yeganeh ♥♥♥♥♥♥
[Newest]Some of his songs are good

8Mohsen Chavoshi
The legend of sound


The king of pop and rock music in Iran and soon in the world
پيج طرفداران محسن چاو'ي در اينستا chavoshi_fans
[Newest]He is very nice

I love she very much
Googoosh's Love
I have a very love
She is unique.. Wonderful.. beautiful.. as a Persian girl I proud of her so much
[Newest]The queen of Pop. That's all. She is the best. Love her

His voice is truly unique, I grew up listening to his songs and hope to have many more years filled with his new songs. A true legend.
No question ; he is the One
I don't know why did you choose any singer until moein is!
[Newest]He is golden larynx.

The Contenders

11Mazyar Fallahi
His voice is full of beautiful feelings... Incredible voice actually! Love him
He is the best singer. He has a very nice voice and full of emotions
He is so sensitive
[Newest]Such sweet lyrics and sound, very poetic and gentle

12Ehsan Khaje Amiri
His voice is something different.
His voice makes me calm
He awakes the sense of calm and beauty in my life
[Newest]I love his songs

13Kamran Hooman
They are best singers and are pop stars
Kamran hooman are best pop music
They are very good singers and best pop stars
[Newest]They are very good singers in the world

14Dariush Eghbali
Dariush is best singer
<3 DARIUSH <3 is the king of music in the world not just in Iran and I wish one day people around the world know him and than they can understand he and his voice is just special miracle. His personality and voice is the best and different. God bless and take care of him. <3 We will always love you Dariush
He is my love. He is my soul. He is my life and he is my dream. No one can take his place
[Newest]I miss the same famous singer in this list

Yas, king of Rap
He is great and have sweet laugh
King of rap in Iran...
[Newest]Why here? He is the best rapper of Iran

16Reza Sadeghi
He has a strong and warm voice
He is the best singer👌
The King of Black Reza Sadeghi

17Mohammad Reza Shajarian
The one and only!
He's the best singer of Iran without any doubt!
He is the best traditional Persian singer
[Newest]The best voice you can hear!

18Babak Jahanbakhsh
Best Iranian singer with no doubt! Love you babak!
Love you babak you are my love's favorite singer
You are my love's favorite singer
[Newest]I love Babak Jahanbakhsh...

19Armin 2afm
Armin you the best in the world
I love you more than love you are best in the word
You are the best
[Newest]He is the best in world for ever👆👆👆👆

20Ali Lohrasbi
His voice is great
He is the best singer in Iran
He is the best singer that I know. His vice and personality is great
[Newest]Ali is the best

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