Best Iranian Singers

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The Top Ten

Morteza Pashaii
He was the best singer that I see in Iran!
Morteza was, is and will the best. I love you forever. Always is someone...
He was the best...
I love you morteza wish you were here... And remember that you will always be the best❤️❤️❤️❤️😖😖😖"😥


He was the best... But he died today... Oh... :(
He will be alive filer us, forever... Till the end of the world In my opinion he is the best...
[Newest]My god bless him he was the best. No one can be in his shoes :'(

2Shadmehr Aghili
He is the best Iranian pop singer
He is the king of pop music
Shadmehr is the king
[Newest]His voice is the best in whole world ❤❤❤❤

3Majid Kharatha
I love you majid kharatha.
You are my love dear majid
Majid kharatha love mi
[Newest]King of emotion just majid kharatha❤❤❤❤

4Farzad Farzin
The best voice have ever heard
Best Singer in my country
Farzad farzin is so good and his fantastic singer on Iran I love farzad farzin a lot🎤💕👌
[Newest]My love is farzad farzin ♥

Ebi is one of the best singers in world. he's number 1 in Iran.
My old memories with you...
He is perfect, without any default.
[Newest]The best voice in the world

6Mohsen Yeganeh
Mohsen yar the best ever my boy keep it up..
King Of POP=mohsen yeganeh
Just Mohsen Yeganeh ♥♥♥♥♥♥
[Newest]I love Mohsen Yeganeh...

7Siavash Ghomayshi
He is the best pop singer of Iran
He is a base of Persian music...
Best songs ever green...
[Newest]The master and king of songwriting! Great meaningful lyrics!

8Mohsen Chavoshi
The legend of sound


پيج طرفداران محسن چاو'ي در اينستا chavoshi_fans
The king of pop and rock music in Iran and soon in the world
[Newest]I love Mohsen Chavoshi...

9Mazyar Fallahi
His voice is full of beautiful feelings... Incredible voice actually! Love him
He is the best singer. He has a very nice voice and full of emotions
He is so sensitive
[Newest]I love Mazyar Fallahi...

10Ehsan Khaje Amiri
His voice is something different.
His voice makes me calm
He awakes the sense of calm and beauty in my life
[Newest]I love Ehsan Khaje amiri...

The Contenders

His voice is truly unique, I grew up listening to his songs and hope to have many more years filled with his new songs. A true legend.
No question ; he is the One
I don't know why did you choose any singer until moein is!
[Newest]Moein is so good

12Dariush Eghbali
Dariush is best singer
<3 DARIUSH <3 is the king of music in the world not just in Iran and I wish one day people around the world know him and than they can understand he and his voice is just special miracle. His personality and voice is the best and different. God bless and take care of him. <3 We will always love you Dariush
He is my love. He is my soul. He is my life and he is my dream. No one can take his place
[Newest]Dariush is a legend for ever.

I love she very much
Googoosh's Love
I have a very love
She is unique.. Wonderful.. beautiful.. as a Persian girl I proud of her so much
[Newest]God mother of pop. Just googoosh

14Reza Sadeghi
He has a strong and warm voice
He is the best singer👌

15Kamran Hooman
They are best singers and are pop stars
They are very good singers and best pop stars
Kamran hooman are best pop music
[Newest]I love Kamran Hooman...

16Babak Jahanbakhsh
Best Iranian singer with no doubt! Love you babak!
Love you babak you are my love's favorite singer
You are my love's favorite singer
[Newest]I love Babak Jahanbakhsh...

Yas, king of Rap
He is great and have sweet laugh
King of rap in Iran...

18Ali Lohrasbi
His voice is great
He is the best singer that I know. His vice and personality is great
He is the best singer in Iran
[Newest]Ali is the best

19Mohammad Reza Shajarian
The one and only!
He's the best singer of Iran without any doubt!
He is the best traditional Persian singer
[Newest]His voice comes from paradise

20Ali Abdolmaleki
His live performance is admirable, fantastic ability in singing and exploiting is full potential in singing, I permanently advocated this singer because of something Germane to his voice, He has a desperate way forward success and his real grade!
Ali Abdolmaleki is the best singer in Iran
I love ali abdolmaleki
[Newest]Is the best... I love ali

She is first singer of...
Of the all time

22Sirvan Khosravi
Sirvan khosravi: the best mixing & mastering
He is rhythmic singer
He is special and have special sound
He has his kind of music
We love it
But I think it should be top of this list
Because in Iran he is so famous and have much advocate
Please change it
Sirvan has a new style that cause make a different between him and other singer
He is the king of pop music in Iran ; )
[Newest]I love Sirvan Khosravi...

23Armin 2afm
Armin you the best in the world
I love you more than love you are best in the word
You are the best
[Newest]I love Armin 2afm...

24Mohammad Alizadeh
King of the emotional
Hi is good singer I love
Alizadeh is the best singer Iranian
[Newest]You are the best

The only Iranian singer/songwriter worth being a fan of. He has a perfect celebrity image. He's good with lyrics and melody not to mention the vocals. His live performances are great. All and all XaniaR's music style is unique and quite appealing to the young music lovers looking for fresh songs and techniques. He's always been well-liked by foreigners as well.
Xaniar is his own person. Stop adding 'and his brother' in every damn comment
He ad his brother... Are the best

Is the best singer

27Mehrzad Amirkhani
You are the best poet
He is the best in poet
He is very good lyric
[Newest]Not bad not good he Is between them

28Shahram Shokoohi
You are my love dear
The best singer forever
He is full of sense... He's the BEST
[Newest]I love you shahram

29Mehdi Ahmadvand
Mehdi ahmadvand is the best singer are ever seen in the worlds.
Best singer in Iran
He is the best
[Newest]My love you are the best singer in Iran.

30Mostafa Pashaei
After his brother he really make us relax
The best after his brother

I've been a fan since his first song. Arash you are the best!
Arash you are great.

32Hamid Askari
Hamid Askari have a very very beautiful voice.

33Reza Yazdani
Professional singer and voice too
Oh my good! His amazing! That voice make me mad every time
Yazdani is the best
[Newest]Mr yazdani is best in Iran.

34Leila Forouhar
She is the best
The best Iranian singer

35Sasy Mankan
He is the best singer
He is good singer

36Benyamin Bahadori
He is a good singer
He is great! Love the music, love the song, love his voice, the personality and his fashionable look
He is a good single
[Newest]He Is The best Pop Singer In Iran.

37Sami Beigi

38Hamid Talebzadeh

39Naser Abdollahi
The best after legendary Dariush... RIP.

40Emad Talebzadeh
He is the best
He is very good


It is very good also he is so assertive. I love him
[Newest]Best in the world

41Siamak Abbasi

42Hosein Khaje Amiri

43Hassan Sattar
The best ever Persian pop, traditional and classic singer
Sattar is the best Iranian singer forever
Sattar is the best Singer in Iranian Music History
[Newest]Sattar is one of the best singers out there


45Saman Jalili
Like saman jalili ♡♡♡
Saman jalili is the best
He is prince of pop and no body can be like him
[Newest]He is the best in pop he is king

46Pouya Bayati
Hi is good singer

47Naser Heydari
I think this singer can make Iran pop music with his voice very very good in market if they work with him very close and make him a good quality melody... he is a very very talented person
This singer can make good good future for him self, he has a good good quality voice.
Very good voice, I like it very much
[Newest]Best best best best.

48Mohammad Esfahani


50Farhad Mehrad

51Mehdi Yarrahi
خا"ق آ"بوم امپراطور_Album Creator Emperor
It's the best singer
He is the best

52Saeed Asayesh

53Rahim Shahriari
He is the best singer in Azerbaijan and Iran.

54Shahram Shabpareh

55Ramtin Saemi

56Golpa (Akbar Golpayegani )
His voice is the best and not replaceable.

57Reza Shiri

58Akram Khedri

59Ali As'Habi

60Amin Habibi

6125 Band

62Soroush Nasr

63Alireza Rabie

64Shayan Off

65Amin Rostami

66Shahram Nazeri

The Best Woman of RAP in Iran
You are the best
The best woman of rap
[Newest]She is the best

68Sohrab Asadi


70Shahab Ramezan
Love him, you know, he is one of the beet singers in the world

71Behzad Pax
King of diss love
Love you Behzad ^. %

72Shahin Najafi
I'm sorry for my people, who don't vote Shahin - I'm so sorry
He is very best
Shahin is the best Iranian singer
[Newest]New idea in world

73Mehrad Hidden
™ ♥♥♥♥♥he is my love ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Hi is the best



76Aref Arefkia

77Saeed Kermani

He Is so funny ; I love him

79Omid Soltani

Best singer of all time.
Hi is very very clever


82Masoud and Dariush

83Ho3ein Eblis
Wow I love his voice so much



85Mohammad Reza Golzar

86Ahmad Solo

87Nadim Omrani


89Kamy R
His voice is perfect... He is the best...

90Ramin Bibak
Very like to shadmehr

91Hooshmand Aghili
The voice of the Iranian music.

92Masuod Roshan
I love his songs, he is the best singer in the pop

93Mohammad Yavari
Best singer for ever

94Shahram Solati
Shahram Solati - God Angel

95Mamad Teller

96Karen Barad

97Abolfazl Karimi
. :: Prince of Persia music ::.

98Saeed Shayesteh

99Javad Rahnama

100Peyman Keyvani

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