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1 Morteza Pashaei

He was the best singer that I see in Iran!

Morteza was, is and will the best. I love you forever. Always is someone...

He was the best... But he died today... Oh... :(

He will be alive filer us, forever... Till the end of the world In my opinion he is the best...

He is best singer in Iran and he is empire of pop so he is special and BEST

I love his songs and he's really good it teaches people a lot of things he is the best singer in iran

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2 Shadmehr Aghili Shadmehr Aghili Shadmehr Aghili an Iranian singer composer, arranger, musician, songwriter and actress . He was born in 1973 in Tehran . He started his career with the release of several albums in Iran . His second album, his music became famous mosafer . more.

He is the best Iranian pop singer

Best singer... Just Shadmehr Aghili

Without any rival, without any doubt, shadmehr aghili is the best singer of not only Iran but also the world, this legend is a ingenious

Shadmehr is the best undoubtedly

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3 Ebi Ebi

Ebi is one of the best singers in world. he's number 1 in Iran.

He is perfect, without any default.

His sound even better than sinatra's :D

One of the greatest voices ever!

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4 Farzad Farzin

He is the best singers in Iran-all people know

He has a very powerful voice that has a very good feeling in it.

Farzad farzin best singer in world

Farzad Farzin is best singer. He has powerful and beautiful voice by good feeling.

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5 Mohsen Yeganeh

Mohsen yar the best ever my boy keep it up..

Say again just yeganeh understand that just yeganeh try to keep it

Mohsen yeganeh is the best Iranian singer in the world...

Mohsen yeganeh has the best voice of Iran ❤ He deserves to be the number 1.. I listened to every Persian singer but no one can compete him, I love you Mohsen 💕 You are the best!

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6 Siavash Ghomayshi

He is the best pop singer of Iran

Persian music would have been so small without the knowledge of Siavash. He prefers to be remembered as a musician than a singer although his voice can make a grown man cry in seconds. What an honour to just even listen to his music.

He's surely the best Persian singer.. I've got lots of memories of his songs since childhood

Best of Iranian singer = siavash

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7 Mohsen Chavoshi

The king of pop and rock music in Iran and soon in the world

He is the most popular singer in Iran how is it possible that he is 8th?!

He has very meaningful songs. I love his songs and voice.

Mohsen Chavoshi is nice singer

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8 Majid Kharatha

The king of emotion just majid kharatha

King of emotion just majid kharatha

Only majid kharatha is the king

As an Afghan I never say a better singer than Majid Kharatha

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9 Googoosh

She is unique.. Wonderful.. beautiful.. as a Persian girl I proud of her so much

A Living Legend That Iran Is Not Defeated. A Voice That Will Still Tear Down The Voices Of Today's Pop Culture! I Cannot Study Without Her Voice!

Her voice is wonderful she is the best female singer on the world she is first Iranian singer that nominated for World Music Award

The queen of Art and Music of Iran.You cannot find anyone like her.She is absolutly unique

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10 Mazyar Fallahi

His voice is full of beautiful feelings... Incredible voice actually! Love him

He is the best singer. He has a very nice voice and full of emotions

Love you mazyar. Wish you health and success

How can be be so gentle? I love him

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11 Ehsan Khaje Amiri

His voice is something different.

He awakes the sense of calm and beauty in my life

He is my love, He's the best. His voice is really perfect.

He is absolutely the best and the best singer in Iran,at least,the best singer alive...

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12 Moein

His voice is truly unique, I grew up listening to his songs and hope to have many more years filled with his new songs. A true legend.

I don't know why did you choose any singer until moein is!

Permanent voice of love... Absolutely He Is One of The Best Singer...

Moein's voice is far better than any one contemporary singer in the world

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13 Kamran Hooman

They are best singers and are pop stars

Kamran hooman are best pop music

They are very good singers and best pop stars

Kamran and Hooman I love you. You are the best singer in the world...

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14 Dariush Eghbali

He is my love. He is my soul. He is my life and he is my dream. No one can take his place

The meaning of his songs is spectacular and his voice can not be compared to any other singers.

I think he is the best, also in live shows. No cheap shows, but just himself.

The one and the only king in persian music

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15 Yas Yas

He is great and have sweet laugh

Why here? He is the best rapper of Iran

One of the best rappers in the world

I don't like rap music but YAS is best.

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16 Mohammad Reza Shajarian Mohammad Reza Shajarian

He's the best singer of Iran without any doubt!

He is the best traditional Persian singer

He is the best singer. Iranian people love him...

Best knonw as Master shajarian, I live in France an yet he owns the best voice I have ever heared

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17 Reza Sadeghi

After shadmehr aghili he has most albums betwwen Iranian singer

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18 Armin 2afm

I love you more than love you are best in the word

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19 Babak Jahanbakhsh

Best Iranian singer with no doubt! Love you babak!

Love you babak you are my love's favorite singer

You are my love's favorite singer

Has a nice voice

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20 Ali Lohrasbi

He is the best singer that I know. His vice and personality is great

I love listening to ali lohrasbi's music

His songs are playing in my mind for ever...

His voice is mysterious.He sings hamorous songs beautifully

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