Best Jazz Artists

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The Top Ten

Miles Davis
most albums, songs; he invented a different kind of jazz

2Frank Sinatra
Don't understand why he is not at number one?
Because he is Frank Sinatra

3John Coltrane
he is such a freakin great saxaphonist. any jazz saxaphonist (like myself) studies him day in and day out and can only dream of being as good as him


4Norah Jones

5Duke Ellington
he is just awesome. I can't stop listening to him. Whenever I open Itunes, the first song I listen to is always one of Duke Ellington's songs.
He's the best of the best his music is inspiring and he composed and played his whole life like 50 years

6Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald should be right at the top of this list. No one does ballads and up-tempo numbers with the same fluency and consistency as Ella. Even fellow greats like Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington and Ira Gershwin have praised her beyond themselves
One of the best singers ever and a queen of jazz

7Charlie Parker

8Django Reinhardt

9Louis Armstrong
I can't believe he's not on this list! Ever heard What a wonderful World?


La Vie en Rose. Although it's a cover, his version is quite dreamy.
I can't believe he's not on this list! Ever heard What a wonderful World?

10Amy Winehouse
She had just something special. If you only listen to the sound if her voice (and not to the lyrics) you know what she's singing about.

And her lyrics: I haven't understood yet how a person can put so many emotions in a few words... she was a personality, there isn't another person who is as 'different' as her.

She is THE jazz musician for me, I'll never forget her!


Amy Winehouse absolutely does not get the credit she deserves. What my generation, and even some of the older generations seem to have an extremely difficult time understanding is she LIVED the jazz lifestyle! Our greatest jazz vocalist and other jazz musicians have been through some of the same things (i.E. - Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker) The difference is, following her horrid relationship with her ex husband and her bad decision to engage in hard drugs she was "raped" for lack of better word by the ridiculous tabloids. There are no words good enough to describe how huge her talent is, as both a singer and song writer. The standards she has sang are impeccable and her own material is original, thought provoking and beyond a pleasure to listen to.
Queen of all jazz!

The Contenders

11Tony Bennett

12Nat King Cole

13Herbie Hancock

My new favorite jazz artist (with me being a saxaphonist Bennie's work is the key element for me).


14Stacey Kent

15Diana Krall

16Dexter Gordon

17Sonny Rollins

18Julie London

19Charles Mingus
The liner notes on one of his albums are from his physcologist. That tells you how good he is!

20Ornette Coleman

21The Modern Jazz Quartet

22Stan Getz

23Astrud Gilberto

24Chick Corea
Unbelievable keyboard player... The melodic lines he thinks of on the spot are inconceivable!

25Bill Evans
One of the best jazz pianist

26Wayne Shorter

27George Benson

I'm thinking George Benson should be a lot higher then 17 not only does he hum the solo but plays it. Very gifted note for not guitarist (Plus he plays clean undistorted for the most part lead AND RYTHEM Guitar simultaneously. Goerge for #1

come on guys. George is a great fusion of jazz and soul. Just take a listen to Give Me The Night. he is the king.


28Chet Baker

29Thelonious Monk

30Michael Buble
He's #1 no questions

31Jamie Cullum

32Vagif Mustafazadeh
His works... Life itself... I can't describe. Just listen, dream and enjoy the harmony of music...


33Robbie Williams
Swing When You're Winning

34Peggy Lee

35Marcus Miller

36Joe Pass

37Johnny Hodges

38Ziad Rahbani

39Benny Goodman

40Art Blakey

41Dave Brubeck

42Max Roach

43Fats Waller

44Sarah Vaughan

45Dizzy Gillespie

46Toots Thielemans
91 years old and still performing! King of jazz harmonica

47Harry Connick, Jr

48George Gershwin

49Return to Forever

50Weather Report

51Count Basie

52Mahavishnu Orchestra
Maybe more on the rock side than jazz, but the styles and purely insane masturbation produced in the music makes them one of the best in all jazz rock/fusion.

53Roland Hanna

54McCoy Tyner

55Joe Zawinul

56Roy Ayers

57Stanley Turrentine

58Keith Jarrett

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