Best John Legend Songs


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All of Me
This rank is not at all acceptable... Its Legend's legendary song... Like a brimming river the song is beautifully fluent and deep and touches the soul... Deserves a very very much better position and value
Get it on! Get it on top! Thank you
AMAZING SONG! SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! BEST SONG I've heard come out in a LONG time! LOVE IT. it still gives me the goosebumps when I hear it and the radio has yet to ruin it by overplaying it. this is one song that I don't know if the radio can ruin
[Newest]It takes me into space

2Ordinary People
Simply amazing... the piano is sensational and the way he sings it is even more spectacular
How deep in emotions 'Ordinary People' goes, I'm on a quest to find, I sing when I'm in thought of, in thought of my pursuit
Definitely best john legend song

3This Time
Best song I ever heard1!
My absolute favourite. I love this guy
You suck John legend

4Used to Love U
The best, it moves me off my sit

I'm a gangsta rap lover and this is my sit your ass down somewhere and chill music. I love this song it's my favorite he ever did. #1 I say.
Even though I'm not black, I can tell you, this is real R&B! The kind you usually don't hear anymore. It's got a real nice, smooth, sexy beat (at just the right speed), his singing was spot on, and Luda's verse isn't bad. Nothing was wrong with this song and shows John Legend is a great artist. And that he's one of the few artists that still make real music.
Great Song. My song in my life. Made me love Think Like a Man, which is a good movie.
[Newest]It's a great song and great artist

6Everybody Knows

7Let's Get Lifted
This is most beautiful john legend song... the lyriks, the piano everything about it!

8I Love, You Love
Please someone explain why this track is not on this list? It's the best of the best. The passion, the sincerity, the lyric and john being legendary at his best! Please find it, listen to it and rank it. Thank you

A true example of the statement, "John Legend him playing piano = pure excellence"!


My favorite song by him

10Stay With You
What a Lyricist, This song deserves to be at least Number 2 on the list, I say People lets vote for this one... JOHN LEGEND IS KING!

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13You & I (Nobody In the World)
It's a beautiful song. just simply beautiful
What it should be in top 10
The R3hab remix is my jam. the normal version is also a great tune though.

14Save Room

15So High
Now this song should be in the top ten! It's another one of his songs with just his vocals and the piano. As the song gets to the climax you get goosebumps from his powerful voice. The lyrics are also really good!

16P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)

17Green Light
Ah, remember this song like it was yesterday

18Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

19Who Did That to You?

20Each Day Gets Better

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