Best Latin Female Singers


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Selena Quintanilla-Perez
Selena Quintanilla-Perez, when you hear that name you think of talent, grace, charm, beauty, and one of the best female singers, she could sing it all, she is and inspirtation to us and to a new generation. There is no other person like Selena!
When you think of Selena, you automatically think of someone who was not only one of the biggest inspirations in the world of Latin Music, but also one of the greatest female artists of all time, possessing the potential to be one of the biggest names in music. The shame is, that her life was ended far too soon, and her true potential was not realized. But, even after 18 years since she's been gone, her name is still known in countries all over the world, and continues to be an inspiration to Mexican-American artists and the younger generation who are still just now learning of her inspiring story. Selena was and always will be, the Queen of Tejano.
Such an amazing person. Gifted performer, fantastic singer/songwriter, had a killer body, knew fashion, knew how to act, and was such a down to earth person and loved her fans so much. What she did for her fans and even just for anyone was so amazing and I have yet to ser another artist show such a display of affection for each and every one of their fans that she did. May she rest in peace as she deserves to. She will always be my #1. Love you Sel
[Newest]Best Latino Musica 💁 and an amazing wardrobe - 👠👑👛👙
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She shows her feelings through her songs, performance and voice. Not only does she devote herself to her music but to the public. She works night and day on her songs and really tries to perfect them. Passion, devotion, love, charm and beauty; that is just some words to describe Shakira.
She is perfect... The best female dancer, unique voice and wonderful songs...
[Newest]You can't better perfection.

3Jennifer Lopez
She is to most beautiful person I have ever seen beautiful is just a word Jennifer gives a meaning to it her voice is not strong is is very sweet she is beyond awesome love her so so much! She can sing she can dance she can act what can't she do she's a mom and she is the highest paid Latin actress she is the queen of scents!
She is one of the most talented artists in the world! She acts, she sings and she dance so so wonderfully! I LOVE HER!
Jennifer Lopez can't even sing a single song without it making me vomit. She should really stick to acting not singing. Because really she can't sing at all. Her songs make no sense and there horrible. Her songs have no feeling or effort in them. She should sing with her real voice not lip sync.

4Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan is a class act! She is an amazing singer, performer, and person. She always gives each and every performance her all as well as her albums. She just released her new album Miss Little Havana today and it is amazing in every was possible.
Appeals to all music lovers, great energy and great great voice. #1 and probably top 5 of all female singers across all genre. Plus her enthusiastic approach to everything makes her a first class entertainer. One who has lasted as a top performer for years, and will continue to do so.
The best and so tough to come back after the horrible accident
[Newest]She sings horrible. She needs to go back to Cuba with her old husband. Thalia and Selena have been the best.

5Demi Lovato
She should also be there on the list.
Ben through so much...came so far...what an inspiration!
Best Disney star ever!
[Newest]She is very common

from her first album to now every song has a meaning and not many latin singers have that humble factor and she has the total package, listen to her new album primera fila and you will see why shes good,
Thalia is got it all, beauty, talent & intelligence. what else can she ask for?
thalia is one and only marimar awww


[Newest]Best singer with great showmanship. Wonderful!

7Selena Gomez
This young lady not only does she have a great voice but it is a great actor. Beautiful Mexican American beauty.
She's so SEXY And she is an AWESOME SINGER I LOVE you Selena
Her music wants you to feel good. She always has somthing different to share like love like a love song had a Japanese vibe to it while come and get it has a middle eastern vibe to it.
Stars dance is very dancy but a year without rain is very different. She also grew up in a very elegant way. It is hard to grow up in front of cameras. It's even harder to go gracefully.

8Christina Aguilera
Christina is just amazing I can't find a word to describe her. No one can sing like Christina her vocals are amazing she is incredible And after everything she has been through you can say that Christina is a hero in every single way love love love Christina ♥
Great voice. A giant of a voice, this beautiful Mexican American lady. Just love her in Burlesque.
She has a voice like no other... only comparable to Mariah Carey in strength and notes! Amazing!

9Celia Cruz
She has such an amazingly soulful and sultry voice, its surprising she isn't first on this list.
To not see this women listed at the top totally makes this list a joke. How can you have Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and two other unknowns like Jenny Pena and Shelley w/e her name is and NOT CELIA CRUZ?
The Cuban queen of latin music is the reason why a new door was opened for latin music to enter American culture. Celia Cruz had a positive and humble way in looking at the reality of life, no matter the obstacles she believed that every person has to experience difficulties in ordet to truly tast the fruit of life.
[Newest]She should be on the top of the list

10Paulina Rubio
Always making new things! love her!
She's so fine the "f" fell off!
Paulina is a great Mexican actress. She is beautiful and sings beautifully. Love ❤

The Contenders

11Jennifer Pena

India is a powerhouse when it comes to her voice! Second to none, she has proved that her range along with the emotion behind each and every word is not to be reckoned with. She not only has shown that she can master the salsa genre, but she is currently working on a CD of ballads which is being produced by none other than the Mexican super star Juan Gabriel. She will be around for a long time and I can only imagine the success that she will be walking into with her great personality and her versatility for music. India, you are number 1 in my book!
She had the most powerful voice and an incredible range
India is amazing. She makes all who hear her energy submit to falling into the groove she displays. She does not receive the exposure via the media in the US she can establish.
[Newest]Than you for been you and good bless you

13Vikki Carr
Vikki Carr is a four-time Latin Grammy winner and is extremely popular and loved throughout Latin America! Still recording in the studio and has a new CD out called "Viva La Vida"! Pickup your copy today and/or any of her other latin CD's and you'll hear why she is The Best!
Vikki is a great performer. A great Mexican American woman who makes very proud of her. She is from my hometown so that makes me extra proud. Love ❤ you Vikki.
Has a voice that is hard to beat. Dean Martin described her as "the best girl singer in the USA," and it's hard to disagree with that.

14Jenni Rivera
Jenni, you did open barriers for Mexican Americans. It's a shame that you didn't start in the you S with English music. Like Selena you had to sing in Spanish first which shows how Mexican Americans are highly discriminated upon in their own country. Hopefully it will change in the near future. RIP, we will always love ❤ you.
Jenni where do we start she is the best woman singer out there she was the best at singing Mexican music she loved her fans she had a tough life and a lot of haters she exceeded them all she was everyones favorite and no one ever beat her R.I. P DIVA DE LA BANDA
No one word can describe this beautiful strong woman. She did so much not just gor her community but for people everywhere. Mainly for woman. She was and still is such an inspiration to us all. She will always be remebered and loved
[Newest]She is the best none can take her place

15Alicia Villarreal

16Shelly Lares
Love Love Love Shelly. She doesn't get the recognition she deserves.

17Mercedes Sosa
Mercedes Sosa's "Gracias A La Vida" is one of the top unforgettable latin songs of all time. A lot of the current nominees and contenders would likely be inclined to agree.
Legend of legends... Masterful voice range, power, grace. Sang "Gracias a la Vida, " one of the greatest songs of all-time.
Buen gusto, gran voz, gran mú poco lo que se puede decir.

18Laura Pausini
Laura has 10 albums. Countless awards:
5 ASCAP Latin Music Awards
2 Billboard Latin Music Awards
1 Grammy
3 IFPI Platinum Europe Awards
3 Latin Grammy Awards
Plus a dozen others. She sings with passion. Not just dance tunes but pure ballads. I can't believe she isn't higher on the list. She's had a successful 20 years in the business. As much as I <3 Demi and Selena they are not true latin singers if they are only having a couple of latin songs. Most of there stuff is in English. But Laura she can speak Italian, Spanish, Porteugese, French and English. She also has a lot of Italian albums, then she made one completely in Spanish and one in English. She's the best.

She is the best latin singer these days!
Just nominated best new Latin Artist
Best new latin singer

20Naya Rivera
Okay if you don't know who she is then search these performances:
Glee Nutbush City Limits
Glee Girl On Fire
Glee Valerie
Glee Back to Black

If you don't like her after hearing those songs than just watch her character Santana on Glee.


Best version of "Girl on Fire" I've ever heard, including Alicia Keys

21Rocio Durcal
Lovely classy lady great style, the songs that she sang we're beautiful I miss her very much. I'm glad she recorded a lot of songs in her life.
I wish I would have discovered her earlier in my life. A gringo, it took me a while to get into researching the great talents from Mexico and Spain. This lady was tremendous talent.
I loved her singing and the way she holds her self when she sings

She is a very good actress. She sings good and is very pretty.

23Manoella Torres
One of the sweetest and beautiful voices that I have ever heard for me she's number one, I wish she had more songs recorded especially Trio and mariachi songs
The most beautiful voice in the world, I knew her back in the 1970s she puts so much feelings in the songs that she sings her singing makes the beast in me calm down.
Great female singer has the prettiest voice I've heard. Very soothing. I love the songs that she sings.
[Newest]She puts so much feelings in the songs that she sings. Who does that?

24Maite Perroni
She is a good singer I like the song eclipse Luna wow amazing song
Very talented and a good singer. She is beautiful.
The best and pretties singer and actor.

25Gloria Trevi
She is the latin queen of pol

26Olga Tañón
Olga is the best singer in her generation. Her vocals are absolutely amazing. She has it all as a performer. She is the ultimate role model for any young artist!

27Dulce Maria
Dulce Maria is a great latin singer and songwriter
She is so pretty

28Ednita Nazario
I'm in shock that this singer was not added. Her voice is very soothing and the quality of her work is impeccable. She is a true singer, timeless and current. She is not as young as the rest listed which leads me to believe your comments are added by a younger generation.
Love Ednita! Great songs, wonderful interpretations full of passion...

29Irene Cara

30Caro Esmeralda
Considered the "Queen of Mambo, " this highly talented Jazz star from Amsterdam in the Netherlands sings "A Night Like This, " and "That Man. "

She is also known as Caro Emerald and Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw.

31Lucha Reyes
Another wonderful singer who's hardly mentioned any more. Great voice.

32Sheila E

33Rocio Banquells

34Kika Edgar

35Paula Fernandes
"Sertanejo" singers, well-known in Brazil and Portugal.

36Ana Gabriel
Cannot believe she isn't in the listing! Should be at, or near, the top of the list!

37Rosita Serrano
Better than any other female Latin singer

38Concha Buika
You can listen to her and make her nr1, or make mercedes sosa nr1 and buika nr2 I don't know but you should listen and reconsider. come on!

39Daniela Mercury
One of the best selling singers in both Brazil and Portugal

40Edyie Gorme
The very best of all. With trio los panchos

41Edith Márquez

42Natalia Oreiro
I remember 'Tu veneno' from concert. She is beautiful.

43Vanessa da Mata

44Ivete Sangalo
One of the greatest singers from Brazil

45Rita Lee
Rita Lee is one of the most alternative and innovative artists in Brazilian music. In 1966, she became the lead singer of the Rock band Os Mutantes. Because of this, she was also an important figure of the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. Some of her most famous songs include "Lanca-Perfume" and "Mania De Voce."

46Danna Paola

47Sara Ramirez
When Grey's Anatomy ends, let's hope she goes full guns after a full time music career!

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